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What Makes You Beautiful Math Parody

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Parodying An Existing Song

One Direction – Your Math Skills Are Terrible
  • 1Pick a good song to parody. It needs to be a song that people recognize instantly, so a current pop hit or an old standard would be a good choice. Again, make sure its also a song that appeals to your target audience. If youre writing a parody song for your friends who love hip hop, you might pick a Kanye West song instead of a Katy Perry song.XResearch source
  • Pick a song with a distinct chorus and verses. The more separate and obvious the verses and choruses of a song are, the easier it will be to write your parody. The chorus can be repeated multiple times, and youll only need to write new words for the verses.
  • Pick a song you like. Parody writers generally admire the songs that they parody, and decide to make them funnier. You’ll also have to listen to the song many times to write the lyrics, so don’t pick a song that you dislike.
  • 2Listen to your song. Listen to the song a few times to get a feeling for the beat and the flow of the lyrics. Start thinking about good substitutes for words in the songs. Some parodies will come naturally, because the words may sound like other, more funny words or plots. For example, Weird Als “Eat It” and “White and Nerdy” started out as “Beat It” and “Ridin Dirty.”XResearch source
  • Rapping Up The School Year

    Flash forward to this past March, and the beginning of what would ultimately be the end of my 11th year teaching middle school. All at once, the in-person schooling was paused and we were forced into an all-remote world that I dont think anyone was prepared for. I knew how to create entertaining and dynamic lessons for in-person instruction, and I had dabbled with educational technology but was by no means a master. I used all of the resources I had and put in countless hours creating video lessons and activities that I was certain would keep students engaged and learning. Spoiler alert: it didnt. The more I checked in with students the more it became clear: what they were missing was not the content, it was the connection to their goofy and entertaining teacher.

    The goal for each video was simple: connect to students in a meaningful and personal way that not only included topics from math class but reinforced messages that I had sought to instill in them throughout the year: they are brilliant and capable mathematicians and that I believe in and care about every one of them. I would be lying if I said that every video was great, which is to be expected from someone who is certainly not a professional entertainer. In some videos, I would try to sing more, in some I would try to rap more, and, in one of the best-received videos, I even tried speaking a little Spanish.

    Socially Distant Social Networking

    Even though they were created with the students in mind, when I showed a friend the first video, I was urged to share it on social media. Now, Im not one for sharing personal things online, but I figured it was one video so it couldnt destroy my image that badly, so I Tweeted it out and posted it on Facebook. The results were, well, unexpectedly positive. There was certainly some laughter, but the feedback was overwhelmingly supportive, especially from the students parents that followed me on Twitter. Everyone seemed to have the same message: keep making the videos for the remainder of the school year, stick to rap over singing, and include my son as much as possible. The result was a video called Teacher, a parody of Savage by Meghan Thee Stallion, which ended up being the favorite of students and parents alike!

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    How To Write A Song Parody

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    Song parodies are great projects to show off your creativity and lyrical skills. Parodies can be humorous, educational or just plain weird: its up to you. Select a good song to parody, write new lyrics, record your parody and show it off to friends.

    Making A Genre Parody

    Oh Harry. :)
  • 1Pick a genre with lots of stereotypes that are funny and easy to exploit. Every style of music has its own idiosyncrasies and stereotypes that are easy to make fun of. Pop music is repetitive and silly metal is loud and angry country musicians sing about ex-partners and trucks.
  • Remember your target audience too it won’t make any sense to parody a classic rock song if none of your audience is old enough to remember AC/DC or Queen.
  • 2Find or record a generic instrumental. A genre parody will require different resources than a song parody. Since you’re making fun of a style of music instead of a single song, you will be able to use any instrumental track in that genre and it won’t have to be well known or recognizable. Check online for databases of instrumental tracks. Some are free, while others you’ll have to pay for.XResearch source
  • If you’re a musician, record or make the track yourself. If you make the track, you’ll have a little more creative control over your parody. You’ll be able to ham up silly elements of a genre, like long breakdowns or over-the-top synthesizer choruses.
  • 3 There are many things about music genres that make them irritating or fun to parody. Subject matter of songs, attitudes of performers or aspects of the music itself can be parodied.
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    One Directions Maths Song Its Good

    One Direction were in the news yesterday for postponing a concert, but the Mathemateer is more interested in the groups Maths song. Yes there is one, and its good !As described below can you do the mental Maths? ! Hear it here.

    One Direction were in the news earlier as they are rumoured to be taking a break in 2016. Recalling the excellent parody of their own song What Makes You Beautiful on Radio 1, the band wrote and recorded Maths Song whose main chorus is Your Maths Skills = Terrible

    It features a series of quick, simple, mental maths tasks whose eventual answer is 130. At GCSE level this would not constitute a genuine question but on the other hand the lost art of mental maths should not be underestimated. As a warm up exercise before a test you could do worse than follow this through. Well done 1D as I think I should call them!

    Selecting A Type Of Parody

  • 1Listen to other parodies. Weird Al Yankovic, Lonely Island, Tenacious D and Deathlock all parody songs and styles of music. Theyll give you an idea of what a good parody does and how the genre works. Listen to as many parody songs as you can to get a good idea of where to start.XResearch source
  • If you can, listen to parodies of the same genre of music that you are thinking of writing a parody for. For example, if you want to write a pop parody, listen to pop parodies.
  • 2Think about your target audience. The kind of parody you write will depend a lot on the people that will be listening to it. If you’re just going to show it to friends, it will make sense to choose a song that you all like. For larger audiences reached with a Youtube post, you’ll want to pick a more widely popular song.
  • Knowing your audience will help you narrow down what sort of song to write a parody for.
  • 3 Some parodies are funny, others are educational, and others parody entire genres instead of specific songs. The type of parody you write will depend on your personality and the kind of audience you want to reach.XResearch source
  • 4Choose a humorous parody if you want something easy. They are the most common type of parody song. For this type of parody, youll change the lyrics of a popular song or one thats easy to recognize. The new lyrics will be silly, offbeat or downright hilarious. Examples include:XResearch source
  • “White and Nerdy” by Weird Al Yankovic
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    How Parody Songs Helped Teach Math During A Pandemic

    Nate Melbourne graduated from BUs Wheelock College of Education & Human Development with a BS in Math Education in 2008 and with a Masters of Education in Math Education in 2009. He has taught math at the middle school level for the past 11 years, while also working in math content and assessment development. In the wake of the pandemic, Nate began to record math-themed parody songs. View a playlist of his top ten videos here or follow him on for updates and new video recordings.

    I was out of ideas. As someone who prided himself on teaching through building great relationships with students and injecting excitement into typically dry topics like fractions, I felt defeated. Staring blankly at the computer screen, I realized that it was time to throw caution to the wind, and risk making an absolute fool out of myself if it meant reaching the students.

    Your Math Skills Are Terrible

    One Direction “What Makes You Beautiful” Parody – Lyrics

    Your old brains are not what they were beforeAdd two threes. It’s fun for usCause we’re young and we can still remember stuffEveryone else can multiply by sixtyEveryone else can add twoNow take off one hundred, and add on 24Then divide by two and add on seven moreAnd if you’re struggling now it’s not hard to tellYou don’t know, oh, oh, your math skills are terribleIf only you had a mind like meYou’d understand how to divide the sum by threeAnd then just add on the age of this OAPYou don’t know, oh, oh, your math skills are terrible, oh, ohIt’s really kind of pitiful

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    Find Out What’s Happening In Crystal Lake

    Then at the end of the first quarter, the entire staff participated in the second lip-dub production, “Home” by Phillip Phillips, a much more mellow, sincere video telling students the school at 2109 Crystal Lake Rd. in Cary is their home, too.

    Continuing with the lip-synching theme, five Cary Jr. High teachers – all men – just released the third “Dragon Film Production” : “What Makes You Beautiful.”

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