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Is Sakura Sarada’s Biological Mother

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Sarada Uchiha Sharingan Eye

After Sarada Finds Out Karin Is Her Real Mother Naruto Gets Angry At Sasuke

As an Uchiha, Sarada is blessed with Sharingan, one of the most powerful Dojutsu. Sarada awakened her Sharingan at the age of 11 when she saw her father for the first time.

Sarada has the ability to copy any jutsu similar to Kakashi. Also, she is quite good at putting her opponents to genjutsu with her Sharingan. She later got the full Sharingan during the Chunin exam.

Her actual power of the Sharingan is yet to be reveled. According to the Manga, her Sharingan can look at every particle clearly, which we think is one of the powers of Saradas Eye.

Naruto Is Sarada’s Role Model

Sarada admires Naruto because he is the Leaf Village’s Hokage, a dream that she aspires to achieve one day. Sarada even wonders how her life would be different having Naruto as a father rather than her own.

Though he is Hokage, he treats everyone in the village like family, and Sarada not only views him like family but as a friend. Naruto plays a big part in helping Sarada reconcile with her parents, and provides her with inspiration and guidance.

Kawaki Learns About Friendship From Sarada

Sarada meets Kawaki after Team 7 discovers him near the downed airship outside of Konoha. Once Naruto takes Kawaki in as part of his family, Sarada treats him no differently than she does any of her other friends.

During an outing with Naruto, Sarada helps to show Kawaki around the Leaf Village and what it’s like to have a friend. Though different, Kawaki and Sarada actually share a commonality in their mutual admiration for Naruto.

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Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage And The Scarlet Spring

Upon hearing that she and the rest of the class will be going through graduation exams in a week, 11-year-old Sarada questions the very meaning about becoming a shinobi and doesn’t see why it was important. Soon, Sarada becomes depressed that everyone is training with, or spending time with, their fathers while she has never formally met her own father, who left when she was still an infant. When questioning the validity of her mother’s marriage to her father, Sakura gets angry and accidentally destroys the house , causing her to faint. Moving her mother to Shizune’s place, Sarada returns to her home’s ruins to retrieve their important belongings, only to discover that the picture of her mother and father together is a fake. This discovery leads Sarada to discover the existence of Karin who, like her, wears glasses and has an association with her father, visually disturbing her.

Did ‘boruto’ Just Confirm A Major Twist About Sarada’s Parentage

Who is the mother of Sarada?

Warning! Spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generation’s 22nd episode lie below!

Sarade Uchiha has no doubt about who her father is, but the girl isn’t so sure about her mother. The young Uchiha came to doubt her connection to Sakura Haruno once she entered Konoha’s Ninja Academy, and Boruto just answered whether the two are blood-related.

And, if the anime‘s latest episode is to be believed, then Sarada was right to be doubtful all along.

Boruto released its 22nd episode earlier today, and it follows Sarada as she gets a much-wanted answer about her parentage. After arriving to Orochimaru’s hideout with Naruto and Sasuke, Sarada forces Suigetsu to do a blood test on her. Sarada wants to know if her DNA matches up with Karin since the Uchiha saw her standing next to Sasuke in a photo.

Of course, Suigetsu bends to the girl’s will after she corners him, but the Uchiha wishes she had not been so firm. The results come back positive, confirming Sarada and Karin share the same DNA.

“Seems your mom is definitely Karin. Well, you have similar glasses too,” Suigetsu says before running away as Sarada begins crying.

For anime-only fans, the reveal comes as a shock. Sarada’s features and use of the Sharingan make her a replica of Sasuke, but her attitude did liken her to Sakura. Sarada is as headstrong as her mother, so the idea of Karin actually being the girl’s mother is a shock. Even Naruto seemed taken back by the sudden revelation.

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Konohamaru Is Sarada’s Sensei

Sarada is under Konohamaru’s leadership when she is placed on Team 7 with Boruto and Mitsuki. Konohamaru is Sarada’s sensei and superior, he can also be considered a close friend.

Konohamaru, as the sensei of Team 7, is charged with protecting and teaching his young team members. Though Konohamaru often feels he has failed his students, they greatly admire him. In the fight against Ao, Sarada helps him get away when he is injured, and when he faces Koji and is engulfed in flames, the team is greatly distraught.

Sumire Questions Sarada’s Feelings For Boruto

Sumire is one of Sarada’s classmates at the academy and is always shown sitting next to Sarada and Chocho. When Sumire believes she has a stalker, Sarada and Chocho are the ones who jump to her aid to protect her from him.

Despite her friendships, Sumire decides to leave the academy and Team 15 to join the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team. Sarada sees her again when Team 7 is sent to test scientific ninja tools.

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How Does Boruto & Naruto’s Relationship Develop

One of the central themes in Boruto appears to be the link between the generations and forging a new path past the old. At the center, of course, was the relationship between Boruto and Naruto, which at the beginning of the series started off rocky for father and son.

However, as the series has continued, it appears that the father and son have managed to reach a deep respect for one another and understanding. While Naruto has tried to be a better father to his son and around more for his family, Boruto has come to understand the importance and grand pressure of his father’s role as Hokage, while also managing to cement his own different path.

Who Is Sarada’s Mom

Who Is The Real Mother of Sarada – Boruto Series

When Sarada got introduced at the beginning of the series, fans were immediately hit with a potential curveball dealing with the character’s parentage. It was clear that the latest Uchiha was the daughter of Sasuke. However, fans began to wonder if the young ninja was really also the daughter of Sakura.

It didn’t help matters that Sarada questioned her heritage, especially after finding a picture of Karin. At one point, fans were even fooled briefly thanks to a mistake with a DNA sample by Suigetsu. However, it was confirmed that Sakura is indeed Sarada’s mother. To think, this all could have been avoided if Sasuke had been around more.

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‘boruto’ Reveals Who Sarada Uchiha’s Real Mother Is

Naruto Gaiden has come to an end, with episode 23 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. In episode 22 fans were worried that Sakura was not the real mother of Sadara, however episode 23 cleared everything up for them.

For the past month, Boruto fans have watched as Uchiha Sadara started to doubt her heritage. This was largely due to her knowing nothing about her father and also the fact that the last time she had seen Sasuke, she was as a baby. Her mother Sakura wasn’t very helpful either, with the wife of Sasuke being very vague and giving little no information to Sarada when she asked her about Sasuke.Boruto fans have watched as Uchiha Sadara started to doubt her heritage. This was largely due to her knowing nothing about her father and also the fact that the last time she had seen Sasuke, she was as a baby. Her mother Sakura wasn’t very helpful either, with the wife of Sasuke being very vague and giving little no information to Sarada when she asked her about Sasuke.

However, Suigetsu made a mistake and actually used a DNA sample of Sakura while thinking it was Karin’s. Therefore, Karin is not the mother of Sarada and in actual fact, Sarada’s mother is Sakura. You can watch the full video where all is revealed in the video below.

Personality And Voice Actors

Sasuke is voiced by in Japanese media. At the beginning of , Sugiyama had difficulty voicing Sasuke because he knew little about his personality he began to understand the character at the point in the story where Sasuke encounters his brother, . Sugiyama read the manga and became particularly interested in Sasuke’s development when the character left Konohagakure he wanted to revoice some scenes from the , including Sasuke’s departure from Konohagakure. In Behind the Scenes of Uchiha, a feature about Sasuke and Itachi’s backstory, Sugiyama said he had become emotional during the recording sessions of the sixth season of , in which Sasuke learns the truth about his brother’s role in the massacre of the Uchiha clan.

, who voices Sasuke in the English , said he was honored to receive the role since many actors had auditioned for it, and he added that the job was stressful. Although fans were critical of deviations and mistakes in his recordings, he enjoyed voicing the character. His first impression of Sasuke was of “a serious guy dedicated to his training”, but his view changed as he learned about the character’s backstory. Lowenthal said that some of Sasuke’s lines, such as his use of the word “kill”, were changed as often censored parts of the series’ dialogue for Western viewers. As a result, he found the original Japanese version truer to the character.

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Naruto Shinden: Parent And Child Day

Main articles: Naruto Shinden: Parent and Child Day and Parent and Child Day ArcNOTE: In the anime, the events of this arc occur after the Mitsuki’s Disappearance Arc.

Sarada enjoys a meal with her parents.

During the new Konohagakure holiday, Parent and Child Day, Sarada resigned herself to spend the family-uniting holiday training with Boruto while Sasuke was still away on mission and Sakura had to spend much of her time at the hospital. Later, she found to her joy that Sasuke had indeed returned to the village. Having spent such little time with Sarada, the normally poised man struggled to connect with his daughter, simply trying to get inspiration wherever he could, instead simply embarrassing Sarada. Finally having enough, Sarada stormed off. She was then approached by Boruto. While Sarada feared that her father really didn’t know her, Boruto countered that Sarada didn’t know much about him either. At Borutos suggestion, he insisted to just enjoy the time she has with him. Later, while working on her shuriken skills, Sasuke approached her again, applauding her on the goal of becoming Hokage. He insisted that she would make a better Hokage than he ever could and would support her through her struggles, much to her delight. As the day ended, she and Sasuke returned home where the entire Uchiha family enjoyed a hearty meal together.

Karin Is A Mother Figure To Sarada

Who is Sarada

Sarada knows Karin to be a friend of her parents, and in turn, is somewhat of a mother figure and friend to Sarada as well. When Mitsuki goes missing, Karin helps Boruto and Sarada sneak into Orochimaru’s hideout.

After meeting Karin in person and seeing their similarities, Sarada considers the possibility that Karin is her biological mother. However, Sarada later learns that Karin helped deliver her and gifted her the glasses she wears, which is why she is so caring towards her.

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Boruto Is A Lifelong Friend

Boruto is someone Sarada has known all her life, due to the close relationship of their parents. Growing up around each other and spending their childhoods together, Boruto and Sarada are natural friends.

The two grow closer in the academy and when they are placed on Team 7 together. Boruto supports Sarada and wants to help her realize her dream of becoming Hokage. He is someone Sarada can trust and someone she cares for deeply, whether she is ready to admit it or not.

Chakra And Physical Prowess

Sarada decimating the ground with chakra-enhanced strength.

As an Uchiha, Sarada has powerful chakra with an adept control over that Sarada inherited from her mother. Even before graduating from the Academy, she could focus her chakra to , letting her lift and hurl massive structures with ease or release the collected chakra in her strikes on contact with a target for devastating effect, such as cratering the ground However, originally she had low chakra reserves as she nearly passed out from over-usage of the Sharingan shortly after acquiring it. By the fight against the New Seven Ninja Swordsmen, Sarada can use her Sharingan for an extended amount of time. In the anime, despite an innate talent for chakra control, it was still underdeveloped, wasting too much chakra for her various efforts and making the end results much weaker. As such, Sakura began training Sarada to refine her control. Eventually, her chakra enhanced punch became strong enough to slightly crack Deepa’scarbon defense.

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Naruto Gaiden Chapter 9 Discussion Thread

Bellville said:He very well could, but then he’d have the burden of explaining all the adults’ stuttering and moping when Salad asked them direct questions. What would cause these reactions if Karin is apparently alive and well and Sakura is the biological mother?

Considering this is probably the penultimate chapter, I’m thinking this chapter will definitely hit the mark on saying Sarada isn’t Sakura’s biological daughter. Of course… Shin basically gets taken out in 1-2 chapters, if you think about it. Though it would be nice, I’m not expecting the method Sasuke used to enter Kayuga’s dimension to be shown.

Bellville said:He very well could, but then he’d have the burden of explaining all the adults’ stuttering and moping when Salad asked them direct questions. What would cause these reactions if Karin is apparently alive and well and Sakura is the biological mother?


Hell even the Japanese fandom isn’t buying it.

against “oh sakura you’re not my real mommy but i love you anyways”

Source Of Arc Seventh Hokage And The Scarlet Spring

Naruto Gaiden : Sasuke and Sakura Kiss! Sarada’s Mother – BORUTO PART 3 Manga Chapter 708 Revealed

This arc was introduced in a spin-off manga called Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring. It was written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, unlike the Boruto manga, which he only supervises. The events of the arc were further adapted into the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation anime from episodes 19 to 23.

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In The Boruto Franchise

In the Naruto spin-off manga, Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring, and the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime , Sasuke has left Konohagakure sometime after Sarada’s birth on a secret mission to investigate a possible threat relating to Kaguya, traveling across the world and Kaguya’s dimensions for clues while aiding the other villages in secret. In the Boruto anime, Sasuke briefly returns to his village before the begins and asks Naruto to offer Sakura his apologies. He rejoins Naruto to oppose Orochimaru’s former test subject , who takes the Uchiha surname for his own while seeking to avenge Itachi and revive the Akatsuki to end the peace. After defeating Shin and his clone children, Sasuke bonds with his daughter for the first time and resumes his mission. A novel by Mirei Miyamoto focuses on Sasuke’s work in his village where he replaces as the leader of Boruto, Sarada, and ‘s team.

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Mitsuki Is Sarada’s Teammate

Mitsuki and Sarada are both members of Team 7, along with Boruto. When Mitsuki goes missing from the Leaf Village, even though she knows it is dangerous, she joins Boruto in leaving the village to find him.

Working side by side, the two become close and Mitsuki even risks his life to protect Sarada when he activates his Sage Mode. The two prove that they are willing to face danger for the sake of the other.

Does Naruto Have Another Form

Who is Sarada

By the end of the Naruto series, Naruto had managed to achieve such a great level of power, few could contend against it. Naruto’s Sage of Six Paths Mode was thought by fans to perhaps be his ultimate and final form. Fans even began to wonder if he could even reach that form again in the Boruto series.

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Not only could Naruto still transform into his Sage of Six Path’s Mode, but in the latest manga arc, the Hokage introduced a new form thanks to the Nine-Tails. The new Baryon Form visually looks as if the Demon Fox and Naruto are truly fusing together more so than before. And that makes sense as Naruto’s energy and the Kyubi’s energy work like nuclear fusion to produce a new type of energy. But it comes with a hefty cost as it will burn out quickly until Naruto’s, the Fox’s, or both of their chakra completely runs out, costing their lives.

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