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How Well Do You Know Your World Geography Game

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World Geography Quiz Questions And Answers

Geography Trivia Quiz #1 | 40 Geography Questions with Answers | Multiple choice test | Pub Quiz
  • After Brazil, what is the second largest country in South America? Argentina
  • Which river flows through Paris? River Seine
  • The Beatles recorded at which famous studio in London? Abbey Road
  • Denali is the highest mountain in which continent? North America
  • Alnwick Castle in England is used for the exterior shots in which film series? Harry Potter
  • Sofia is the capital of which European country? Bulgaria
  • Which English city has more miles of canals than Venice? Birmingham
  • Mount Vesuvius overlooks which modern Italian city? Naples
  • The Seychelles are located in which ocean? Indian
  • The region of Siberia occupies approximately three quarters of which country? Russia
  • In the United States of America, which is the only state to have a one syllable name? Maine
  • Before the Euro, what was the currency of Greece? Drachma
  • Which country ends with the letter Q? Iraq
  • What are Japanese Shinkansen better known as? Bullet trains
  • What is the most southerly capital city in the world? Wellington
  • Which country has the longest coastline in the world? Canada
  • Which European capital was built across 14 islands? Stockholm
  • What does the DC stand for in Washington DC? District of Columbia
  • If Im visiting the ancient city of Petra, which country am I in? Jordan
  • By what name is the parallel of latitude 23.5 degrees North of the equator commonly known? Tropic of Cancer
  • What are the northern lights also known as? Aurora Borealis
  • Pho and banh mi are dishes from which country? Vietnam
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    What Is Worldle And Is It Different From Wordle

    Worldle was inspired by Wordle, according to its creator, Antoine Teuf, a 31-year-old Web and video game developer who lives in Montpellier, France but it is not the same game.

    Wordle and Worldle are, of course, similarly named,which has some social media users confused. But Teuf, in an interview with The Washington Post, said he doesnt want Worldle to be seen as a copy of the original Wordle game but rather a tribute to it.

    Where Wordle gives players six chances to guess a dailyword, Worldle users have six tries in which to guess one country or territory based on anoutline of its shape alone.

    When Worldle players guess a country that is not correct, they are told how far and in which direction it is from the correct country on a map.

    Worldle users can make the game more challenging by choosing to either hide the image of the country or territory, or to rotate the image in a random direction.

    Like Wordle, Worldle can beplayed once a day, and users can share their results on social media in little green, yellow and black square emoji that symbolize how quickly they got the correct answer.

    Players from around the world have shared their Worldle results on Twitter under the hashtag #worldle, showing the games global reach, along with jokes and memes comparing the two games.

    Dany Gualtieri

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    Do You Love Geography Games Check These Out

    Traditional board games are awesome for families to play together, while brushing up on their geography skills:

    Here are my 8 favorite apps to learn geography for kids and adults!

    These 5 Map Apps help kids practice reading maps, and locating famous places!

    Finally, this awesome Geography Stars Program is a school program for kids to learn a little about a country each week. It comes with passports and country information sheets, quizzes, a certificate, and more!

    Geography Game Based On Google Maps

    Tech Coach: How Well Do You Know Your World?

    The release of Google Maps in 2005 also inspired a host of . Google Maps is an online map application that allows users to access views from around the world using satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, and 360° interactive panoramic views of streets.

    Google Maps has many practical applications ranging from looking up an address, getting driving directions, seeing traffic, finding the location of businesses, and even seeing wildfire boundaries.

    The has also inspired different developers to create geography games using Google Maps. One of the more popular games is Geoguessr, a Google Maps-based game that challenges you to figure out where in the world a location is based on Googles Street View imagery.

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    Do You Know Your Geography

    See how well you know your geography. I know mine very well.

    • What is the only country with people on the flag?
    • A.& nbsp
  • Chad has a plain green flag.
  • A.& nbsp
  • The capital of Japan is _____.
  • 4. What is the capital of France?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What is the capital of USA?
  • A.& nbsp
  • The leaning tower of Piza is in what country?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What country has two kinds of languages Mandarin and Cantonese?
  • A.& nbsp
    • Sample QuestionWhat metropolitan area is the largest in the world, not bordering a body of water?Johannesburg, South Africa

    How To Play The Game

    Head to the GeoGuessr website and youll see instructions on how to play. You click on the screen to reveal the image of the location and a map of the world in the upper right corner. The images youre greeted with range from stunning scenery to barren walls, but the excitement of the unknown is part of the fun!

    You can choose to see images from around the world or from a certain area, such as a continent, country, or city.

    You can look at the image, zoom in, rotate it 360°, move it forward and backward, up and down to help you determine your location. When you think you know where the image was taken, click on the Google map to place your marker. Make sure you zoom in on the Google map to place your marker more accurately. If you get disoriented, you can click on the Return to start location button.

    Once youre satisfied with the placement of your marker, click on the Make Guess button at the bottom of the map. A new screen will pop up, showing you how far your guess was from the actual location. Youll also learn how many kilometers off you were and how many points you earned.

    Give yourself a pat on the back if you guessed the correct continent. You can do the happy dance if you guessed the right country. If you were way off the mark, you can smile and marvel at how similar the world is in many places.

    Theres no leader board nor prize money, but you can share your scores with others on social media and challenge them to beat your score.

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    Fun Geography Flash Game: How Well Do You Know Your World

    So, just how much do you remember from high school geography? This is a fun, fast little game that’ll test your reflexes as well as your recollection of capitals and famous places and maybe you’ll learn a few things as well. But I’d suggest you practice a bit before you challenge your kids! Link, via Neatorama.

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    Think Youre A Geography Expert Try Geoguesser

    Geography Quiz Trivia | 50 Questions | Do You Know | Pub Quiz

    Utilizing images from Google Street View, BBC Travel has put together a fun online game called Geoguesser. You are given an image like a peak from a small window from Google Maps of somewhere in the world.

    Then you have to place a pin on the world map by clicking on the spot you think the picture is from. Youll see how far off you are and the closer you get, the higher the points earned. You can let others challenge your score too. This is a fabulous activity for families!

    The game challenges your geographic knowledge by having you guess the location of a street view image. You can pan and walk through the images to try and extract clues from where you are. Click on a location on the small inset map and click the Make a guess button to submit your best estimate of the images geographic location.

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    The Best Geography Quizzes

    Up for a challenge? Here is a collection of the best geography quizzes. Try the 36 different geography tests and games here!

    1. Geography Bunker: The Geography Bunker Quiz from will test your knowledge in a fun way. The quiz ends when you provide an incorrect answer. How far can you go on this quiz?

    2. Central America: This quiz will test your knowledge of the geography of Central America.

    3. Flags of the World: How well do you know the flags of the world? This Traveler ID Challenge quiz will test your knowledge. Click as close as possible to the location on the map.

    4. Match the Countries: This geography game comes from In this game, place 21 random countries on the correct spots of a world map as fast as possible. If working with the entire world seems daunting, the game can be configured to placing countries on a specific continent map. Either way, it is a fun way to learn more about the location of countries around the world.

    5. Find the 35 Most Populated Countries: Test your skill in finding the locations of the 35 most populated countries in the world. Good luck on this quiz!

    6. World Trivia: How well versed are you in the Total World category of geography? Try this World Trivia quiz!

    8. Europe: How well do you know all the countries of Europe? This quiz challenges you to identify them all!

    11.The Atlantic Ocean: Here is a quiz specifically about this ocean.

    How To Play Geoguessr For Free

    For those that dont want to pay a monthly fee or register, Geoguessr does offer a limited free version. The free Geoguessr version is 2D only and uses a baseman from Mapillary, a crowdsourced stree-level imagery platform. You can play this version unlimited times and it doesnt require setting up an account.

    All of five guesses are worldwide on the free version.

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    How Well Do You Know Your World Geography

    We love geography! It is fascinating to learn about other cultures and to learn how the physical geography has influenced different peoples around the world.

    A few weeks ago, I shared a post detailing how we use the sidebars in North Star Geography to explore the diverse cultures of the world ~ Cultural Diversions with North Star Geography. We love comparing the cultural points with our own life experiences and have delighted in the many similarities we have discovered.

    We live in an ever connected, global world, so its important that we teach our children that the world is bigger than they are, larger than just their community. One way to get kids excited about geography is to make it as interactive as possible.

    This post contains affiliate links.

    With the help of North Star Geography my kids enjoy exploring world geography studies with a variety of resources including books, videos, hands-on projects, and even online games. Here are some of our favorite online geography games for middle school:

    Geoguessr How Well Do You Know The World

    How well do you know your Geography? [Geo World Deluxe]App ...

    You could travel around the world in 80 days, or you could do it in the next few minutes with a cool new travel game called GeoGuessr. Test your knowledge of the world and virtually visit places far and wide with GeoGuessr, a fantastically fun geography quiz game thats easy to play but impossible to master. Geoguessr shows you images from Google Street View and you guess where in the world the image was taken.

    No matter how well-traveled you are, you simply arent as well-traveled as Google Street View. Those Street View cameras have been busy capturing images from around the globe.

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    These Geography Trivia Questions Are Guaranteed To Test Your World Knowledge

    You may love travelling, but how well do you really know the world? Are you up to date on flags, capital cities and languages? Do you know the highest mountains in the world or in which country youd find the longest river?

    Its amazing how lockdown has sent us into a quiz frenzy. These days when I look at my diary its empty apart from 2-3 quizzes per week. Despite not being all that good at them, Ive always LOVED a pub quiz. I used to play every few weeks with a group of friends nearby. It was a great way of catching up, and while we never won, we came in the top teams a few times. Usually it was my expert knowledge of 00s boybands that scraped us a place in the top 5!

    BRAND NEW: Check out my other fun quizzes including my brand new logo quiz, one all about food, a challenging art and literature quiz and my capital cities quiz. Theyll keep you busy!

    I love how knowing the most random of facts can be the difference between winning and losing. When it comes to geography trivia questions, you need to not only have a good vision of a world map embedded in your brain, but also have accrued all sorts of facts throughout your life.

    Names of mountain ranges, US state capitals, biggest countries, smallest countries, flags and more. Ill admit that my life as a travel blogger has certainly helped!

    No cheating, fingers on buzzers here we go!


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    World Geography Quiz Picture Round

    There are twenty points up for grabs in the picture round of this world geography trivia quiz. Were talking about flags and landmarks. I hope youve swotted up! Good luck

    So how do you think you did? Feel like you aced it, or you need to brush up on your countries of the world?

    Ready for the answers? Here we go

    World Geography Quiz Picture Round Answers

    Geography Trivia Quiz #3 | 40 Geography Questions with Answers | Multiple choice test | Pub Quiz

    World Landmarks Quiz Answers

  • Little Mermaid Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Great Wall of China China
  • Burj Khalifa Dubai / UAE
  • The Phillippines
  • So how did you get on with my challenging geography trivia questions? Are you feeling like a champion, or need to go away and stare at a map for a long time? Let me know how you got on. I loved coming up with the quiz and definitely learned lots along the way mainly on the flags round. It turns out despite travelling a lot, I barely remember the flags of anywhere Ive been to!

    Have you enjoyed these geography quiz questions and answers? Dont forget to share the quiz with your friends to play too.

    If you enjoyed this quiz, check out all my general knowledge quizzes, which cover geography, music, food, art, culture and more!

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    Worldle: It’s Not A Typo It’s A Geography Game

    If you’ve been online, and especially on Twitter, for the past few months, you’ve definitely seen the green and yellow boxes of Wordle. That’s the hit indie game that challenges you to guess the correct five-letter word in six tries.

    Now there’s a new guessing game that takes the same structure and applies it to world geography. It’s called Worldle and it shows you the shape of a country and gives you six guesses to get it right. When you begin typing, a dropdown list appears, which is helpful for making sure you’re spelling the name of the country right.

    After you guess, Worldle will give you three pieces of information about your choice: how far it is from the correct answer in kilometers, in which direction the correct answer lies from your guess, and a percentage score that tells you how close you are to being right. A 100 percent score means you’ve got the right country.

    It’s important to know that distances are measured between the geographical centers of countries. So even though the United States and Canada, for example, share a border, they are 2,260 kilometers apart according to Wordle.

    Worldle was created as a side project by a developer in Montpelier, France, who goes by @teuteuf on Twitter. They openly acknowledge being inspired by Wordle, and they even retweet other Wordle-based geography games, especially indies that are free to play and share. That’s some good gaming community citizenship.

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