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How Technology Is Shaped By Physics

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Quantum Wavefunction | Quantum physics | Physics | Khan Academy

4. If earth somehow expanded to a larger radius with no change in mass how would your weight be affected? How would it be affected if earth instead shrunk?Ans) As we know

g= Re The above equation show that value of g does not depend on mass of the body so heavy and light object fall with same acceleration.

7. The value of g changes it with location on earth however we take same value of g is 9.8ms2 for ordinary calculation. Why?Ans) The value of g changes slightly with height as the height as compared to theradius of the earth is negligible therefore the change is value of g is very small so wetake the value of g as 9.8 ms2 for our convenience.

How Is Physics Related To Technology

Every kind of technology makes use of principles articulated by the scientific discipline of physics. Even very simple technology, such as the wheel or the lever, have actions that can be described in terms of basic forces and matter interactions.

More complex technology, naturally, makes use of more rarefied physical concepts. GPS satellites, for example, adjust their internal timekeeping to account for the relativistic effects of their motion. Einsteins theory of Special Relativity describes the dilation of time that fast-moving objects experience. Without taking steps to correct for this change in the rate that time passes, GPS coordinates would be inaccurate by an unacceptable factor.

In general, physics describes the sort of things that are possible in the universe, and technology is eventually built to do work within the confines physics has discovered. This interplay works in reverse, as well. While early physicists may have been able to articulate basic principles with little more than thought experiments, modern physicists frequently make use of extremely high-tech machines and processes. The Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, for example, is the worlds largest particle accelerator. It operates at higher energies than any previous collider, and it was built explicitly for the purpose of conducting experiments in particle physics.

Significance Of Physics In Modern Engineering

Physics lies at the core of designing, science, and technology. From the development of the light to the plan of a progressive new shuttle, Physics assumes an essential part in current advances.

To understand the significance of Physics in current designing. The student should refer to a couple of points of Physics:

  • Physics is a part of science that plans with different logical standards.
  • Physics has two disciplines, which are Classical Physics and Modern Physics.
  • Classical Physics, likewise calls Newtonian Physics, was create by Isaac Newton. A part of science manages the study of matter and energy regarding their interaction and kinetic effects. It is represents by Newtons laws of movement, attraction, and traditional mechanics.
  • Modern Physics is a part of science that deals with the investigation of matter, energy, and their interaction.
  • Coming up next are a few fields in Physics: Atomic Physics, General Physics, Classical Mechanics, Geophysics, and Nuclear Physics.

The students seeking after a college certification in designing should enroll in a class to study Physics. This is on the grounds that Engineering studies depend on the ideas of Physics.

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Importance Of Physics In Meeting Future Energy Requirements

In 1999 during the World Conference on Science , the UNESCO-Physics Action Council considered physics an important factor in developing solutions to both energy and environmental problems. Physics seeks to find alternative solutions to the energy crisis experienced by both first world and developing nations. As physics help the fields of engineering, bio-chemistry and computer science, professionals and scientists develop new ways of harnessing preexisting energy sources and utilizing new ones.

Engr Miraj Ahmad 03329177174 / 03129177174

Advancing Physics Research with Supercomputers

Chapter No 1:1. How technology is shaped by physics?Ans) Most of the Technologies of modern society are related to Physics for example Ibnal Haitham constructed a pinhole camera Alberuni determined the circumference of the earth. Due to invention of heat engine vehicles can be drive Due to electricity we can operate electrical instruments at home We can talk on phone due to satellite communication computer is used in the modern world which works on the basic principles of P Electronic world like radio television mobile and many other devices are ruled by physics Means of transport like aero planes, cars, motorcycles and many other vehicles are based on the mechanical principles of Physics. electrical devices like Transformer generator and motor also best and principle of Physics

2. Physics and biology are consider different branches of Science,, how Physics links with biology?Ans) Physics and Biology are highly linked with each other, because Lenses are the invention of Physics which are used to control side effect in eyes. Thermometer used to check the temperature of a person is also the invention of Physics Human blood pressure measuring is also the application of Bernoulli’s equation which is related to fluid dynamics in Physics radioactive radiations are used in different field of Biology and also in medical field

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Significance Of Physics In Meeting Future Energy Requirements

This is a period for change and for change. A period of progress need not be a dim season of difficulty. All things considered, it very well may be a period of colossal development and experience. Change is the main steady throughout everyday life. Only except the improvement we procure from change makes daily routine worth experiencing.

Physics assumes a huge part in gathering the future energy prerequisites for current urban communities. They are used to foster effective systems that use the accessible resources and convert them into most extreme utility. In present day times, various sciences have been created. Furthermore, this has prompted the improvement of strong developments. Thusly, these developments have impacted the manner in which we live today. Certain individuals venture to say that technology defines our ongoing period.

A New Experiment Has Broken The Known Rules Of Physics Hinting At A Mysterious Unknown Force That Has Shaped Our Universe

An unknown force seems to be making subatomic particles called muons act weirdly. That same force could be behind dark matter.

Based on Teubner, it is possible that some pressure thats away from the Standard Type of physics could explain the muons whack-a-doo wobbles. That pressure, he stated, might also explain the presence of dark matter, and perhaps even dark energy which plays a key role in speeding up the development from the world. Theorists would think it is attractive to solve several problem at the same time, Teubner stated.

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Importance Of Physics In Economic Development

In the United Nations Millennium Summit held in 2000, it was recognized that physics and the sciences will play a crucial role in attaining sustainable development. Physics helps in maintaining and developing stable economic growth since it offers new technological advances in the fields of engineering, computer science and even biomedical studies. These fields play a crucial role on the economic aspect of countries and finding new and better ways to produce and develop products in these fields can help boost a countrys economy. Similarly, the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics asserted that physics will generate the necessary knowledge that will lead in the development of engines to drive the worlds economies.

In Rwanda, the education ministry was mandated to develop the countrys scientific and technical know-how. Medical physics and information technology benefited the country by developing a national nutrition program and an epidemic surveillance system. Physics and engineering helped rural areas gain safe drinking water through gravimetric techniques, irrigation techniques and rainwater harvesting.

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10)Can a single force applied to a body change both its translational and rotational motion? Explain.Ans) yes, it is possible if the force is applied on the center of the mass of the body thenthe body will perform translational motion and if it is applied on point other than centerof mass then the body will perform rotation.

11) Two forces produce produces the same torque. does it follow that they have the same magnitude? Explain.Ans) if two forces produce the same torques then it does not mean that they will have thesame magnitude because toque bot only depend on force but also depend on moment armfor example.

1. If there is an attractive force between all objects, why don’t we feel ourselves gravitating toward nearby massive buildings? Engr Miraj Ahmad 03329177174 / 03129177174

Ans) we dont feel ourselves gravitating towards the nearby massive buildings becausethe value of gravitation constant is very small which is equal to 6.67 x 1011 Nm2 kg2 andalso the mass of the building is small as compared to the earth.2. Does the sun exert a larger force on the earth than that exerted on the sun by the earth? ExplainAns) As the gravitation force between sun and earth depends on mass of both sun andearth and both exerts equal force on each other but both these force are equal inmagnitude but opposite in direction. Let the force exerted by sun on earth is F so and forceexerted by earth on sun is F os. Then F so=F os

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9. Why does a boatman tie his boat to a pillar before allowing the passenger to step on the river bank? When a passenger from the boat move towards the river bank, pushes the boat inbackward direction with his feet. From Newtons third law of motion the reaction of the Engr Miraj Ahmad 03329177174 / 03129177174

boat is in opposite direction. However, when the boat is tie with pillar it cannot moveand hence the passenger move out from boat easily.

10. In uniform circular motion, if the velocity constant? Is the acceleration constant? Explain In circular motion the velocity direction changes continuously on eac point whichis tangent at that point, so we can say that the velocity does not remain constant incircular motion.

T = 0 N-mThis shows that gravitational force acting on satellite do not produce any torque.

6) Can we have a situation in which an object is not in equilibrium, even though the net force on it is zero? Give two examples.Ans) for complete equilibrium the two conditions of equilibrium must be satisfied, if netforce become zero and net torque become not zero then the body will rotate an dwill notbe in equilibrium, for example. Engr Miraj Ahmad 03329177174 / 03129177174

Importance Of Physics In The Current Society

The current world has seen marvelous development concerning technology dangerously fast. This has been made conceivable simply because of Physics. Without this science, there would be no use of communication gear, transport systems, TV, and a lot more such offices.

The progressions in this science have prompted improvement in expectations for everyday comforts and have saved many individuals lives. For instance, an application known as sonar is used for route underwater. This creation has brought about fast salvage from mishaps. And boats can now track down submerged mines and ammo.

The development of this science has been instrumental in speeding up trains. And speeding up different vehicles from 20 to 100 miles each hour. The development in coordinated factors has prompted expanding flourishing as people. Moreover, food products could be shipped to far off places inside a brief timeframe.

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Six Ideas That Shaped Physics: Unit Q

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Is Walking A Physics

Proving quantum computers feasible

It has a lot to do with forces. Newtons laws of motion are involved. This is relevant to walking because when you put your foot on the ground, you are applying a force to it. In doing this, the ground also actually applies an equal force onto your foot, in the opposite direction, pushing you forward.

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Can An Object Have Different Amounts Of Gravitational Potential Energy If It Remains

6. Why do roads leading to the top of mountain wind back and forth?Ans) the roads leading to the top of mountain wind back and forth in order to reduce thepossibility of slipping. Due to such arrangement the angle of inclination is decreased andthe vehicle can easily move by taking less power.

7. Which would have a greater effect on the kinetic energy of an object doubling the mass or doubling the velocity? 21

How Technology Is Shaped By Physics Give Answer Consiss On 15 Lines


physics and technology are closely related. physics concern with the theoretical knowledge where the technology uses the theoretical knowledge of physics for the practical purposes.all the physical phenomenon is behind every technology. for example, the electric power which we use is generated at power station by using the principle of electromagnetic induction. all the electronic devices are the result of the research in the solid state physics. the automobile technology is based on the principle of thermodynamics Radar technology is based on the principle of reflection and detection of electromagnetic waves. thus physics has a key role in the progress of human kind and in the improvement of quality living.

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How Technology Is Shaped By Physics Explain

Asked by:Celine Hessel

For instance, physics explained how electrons are emitted from a heated cathode in a vacuum, and technology used that to make TV tubes. Physics explains the bandgap structure in semiconductors like doped silicon, and technology makes transistors and LEDs. Physics tells it to try a cloth envelope and a gas burner.

Does A Speedometer Measure A Cars Speed Or Velocity


3. If possible for an object to be accelerating and at rest at the same time? explain with examples.Ans) yes it is possible for an object to be accelerating and at rest at the same timefor example: if a body is thrown vertically upward then at the highest point the bodycomes to rest for some time. At this point the body still possesses acceleration which iscalled gravitational acceleration.

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Significance Of Physics In The Communication Industry

Physics is a part of inherent science that deals with matter and energy and their connection with one another. Moreover, the study of their collaborations influences the peculiarities of nature. Physics is the most essential of the multitude of sciences. Also, it has a wide scope of usage to present day technologies.

The significance of Physics in current technology can be understand on the grounds that it empowers cell phones or PCs. It also supports TVs, watches, and numerous other present day developments to work in a mechanized way. The different actual speculations have added to the innovation and progression of these developments.

For example, in communication, Physics has been use in various ways to foster remote communication, optical fiber innovation, and satellite telecom. Whats more, Physics likewise gives a hypothetical establishment to media transmission. The plan and execution of current systems rely upon grasping actual speculations.

Consequently, from the above conversation, it tends to be presume that Physics is a fundamental subject. It is important in the advancement of current innovations. Physics has been use in the advancement of electronic hardware. However, it has additionally worked on signal transmission.

How Is Physics Related To Biology

Physics provides the basis for biology. Without space, matter, energy and time components that make up the universe living organisms would not exist. Since biology has its foundation in physics, it applies physical natural laws to the study of living organisms, according to Muskegon Community College.

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Can An Object Have Northward Velocity And A Southward

8. As a freely falling object speeds up, what is happening to its acceleration– does it increase, decrease or stay the same?Ans) For any free falling objects the air resistance is ignore so the speed of the body willincrease due to the gravitational force of the earth but the acceleration of the body willremain the same which is equal to 9.8 m/ s2.

9. A ball is thrown upward with an initial speed of 5 m/s. what will be its speed when it returns to starting point?Ans) when a ball is thrown vertically upward with an initial speed of 5 m/s. Then it willreturns to its starting point with the same speed i.e 5 m/s. But in such Situation the airresistance is ignored.


1. Why does dust fly off, when a hanging carpet is beaten with a stick? When a hanging carpet is beaten with a stick it moves forward while the dustparticles tend to retain its state of rest due to inertia, As a result the carpet moverforward and the dust particle fly off.

2. If your hands are wet and no towel is Handy, you can you remove some of the excess water by shaking them why does this work? We can remove some water from our hands by shaking hands. it is due to theproperty of inertia. when we shake our hands, our hands comes into state of motion whythe drops of water are at rest and try to remain at rest due to inertia.AS a result of thisproperty the drops of water are removed from our hands.

Can A Centripetal Force Ever Do Work On An Object Explain

Pin on Physics &  Engineering

2. What happens to the kinetic energy of a bullet when it penetrates into a sand bag?Ans) When a bullet penetrates into the sand bags, retardation is produced because workis done to penetrate certain distance in sand bag, in this way the K.E of the bullet go ondecreasing due to work done against friction.

3. A meteor enters into Earth atmosphere and burns, what happens to its kinetic energy?Ans) When the meteor enters into earths atmosphere it burns due to the friction force ofthe air on it. As a result the kinetic energy of the meteor is converted into light energyand heat energy.

4. Two bullets are fired at the same time with the same kinetic energy. if one Bullet has twice the mass of the other, which has the greatest speed and by what factor? which can do the most work?Ans) As we know that 12

This equation shows that the first bullet will move with the velocity equal to 2 time the velocity of second bullet.

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