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Geometry Unit 5 Study Guide Answers

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Geometrytrig Name Unit 5 Study Guide Date Section

Geometry Final Exam Review – Study Guide

Geometry/Trig Name: _____________ Unit 5 Study Guide page 2 Date: ______________ Section 5 -5 Definitions: Trapezoid, Base, Leg, Isosceles Trapezoid, Median of a Trapezoid Theorems: 5 -18: Base angles of an isosceles triangle are congruent. 5 -19: The median of a trapezoid 1. is parallel to the bases. 2. has the length equal to the average of the base lengths. Know How To: Determine whether a given quadrilateral is a trapezoid determine whether a trapezoid is isosceles calculate the length of the median of a trapezoid apply theorem 5 -19 by setting up and solving algebraic equations. Suggested Exercises: p. 192 C. E #1 -11 p. 192 -3 #1 -11, 14 -18 Other Suggested Exercises: p. 197 -8 Chapter Review #1 -8, 13 -16, 19 -22 p. 199 Chapter Test Additionally: There will be problems on the test that involve systems of equations and factoring.

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How to Study for Math:Always go into an assessment feeling confident that you did all you could to prepare, and that you were able to get the answers correctly in the study materials. The hardest part of an assessment is recognizing WHAT the problem is asking. While studying, take time to understand WHY you are doing the formula/equation on that particular problem .

  • Review the notes before you start the study guide problems.
  • Complete the study guides with the aide of your notes initially, checking your answers along the way.
  • THEN, do the problems in a test environment = take away all distractions, notes and study aides. Just you, a calculator and some paper. See if you can do the work correctly in the testing environment you’ve created for yourself. Now, if you are not getting the answers correct, then you need to go BACK to step 1, rinse, and repeat.
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    Geometry Unit 5 Test Study Guide Review The Following

    Geometry â Unit 5 Test Study Guide Review the following …

    Geometry â Unit 5 Test Study Guide Review the following …

    < strong> Geometry< /strong> < strong> Unit< /strong> 5 < strong> Test< /strong> < strong> Study< /strong> < strong> Guide< /strong> < strong> Review< /strong> < strong> the< /strong> < strong> following< /strong> items: ü Class Notes ü Homework Assignments ü Socrative Quiz Website Room 50487 ü Quiz Problems & Solutions

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