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2.2 Beta Geometry Dash

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I Beta Tested Geometry Dash 2.2 [April Fools]

Geometry Dash is a tough game that has formed a large community since launching over seven years ago. f youre curious what might be awaiting you in the games next update, weve had a trawl through the information thats out there.

Many fans are eagerly anticipating the Geometry Dash 2.2 update, but when is it coming? Unfortunately there isnt a solid Geometry Dash 2.2 update release date set in stone yet, but past updates brought fresh levels, achievements, and a new game mode. The last major update came over three years ago and primarily focused on quality-of-life improvements like bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, and improvements to the in-game editor, but weve got big expectations for the upcoming release. Keep checking back, as well be sure to keep this page updated as new information drops.

If youre a big Geometry Dash fan and want to know more about the game, be sure to take a look at our Geometry Dash APK mod and Geometry Dash Scratch guides.

Qu Es Geometry Dash Para Android

Este juego basado en el ritmo tiene una gran música de fondo y muchos niveles. Para progresar, debe tocar la pantalla. La música de Geometry Dash APK es fantástica y es una maravillosa distracción del ajetreado mundo. Te encantarán los múltiples modos del juego, cada uno de los cuales presenta diferentes niveles. Geometry Dash Mod Apk tiene una amplia gama de personajes y pistas de música, y puedes elegir entre diferentes tipos de juego según tu estado de ánimo.

Los desafíos del juego están cuidadosamente colocados y tienen un propósito, lo que te obliga a pensar rápidamente. El editor sabe cómo reacciona la gente ante los desafíos y coloca obstáculos en lugares inesperados para que los jugadores tengan que ser rápidos y dominar el arte del espacio. Las recompensas del dominio son abundantes e incluso puedes crear y compartir tu propio mapa. Este juego definitivamente vale la pena descargarlo. Solo asegúrate de tener un dispositivo Android. Después de descargar Geometry Dash APK, puedes jugar gratis y disfrutarlo durante muchas horas.

Why Should I Play This Game

Play Geometry Dash APK with friends and family if you’re looking for a fun mobile game. It has a simple yet addictive interface that will keep you hooked for hours. In Geometry Dash, you must reach the endpoint at the end of each level. It’s easy to get stuck in this game, and your skills will be tested. There are numerous levels, a practice mode, and different characters in this game.

Geometry Dash is an action platform game that tests your wits and mental stability. Throughout each stage, you will be mentally evaluated and gradually introduced to new features. While it’s fun to play, you’ll also need to exercise judgment and pay attention to details. Your mental toughness will be tested and your creative thinking skills will be developed when you play Geometry Dash. You might like Geometry Dash if you’re looking for a challenging game.

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Qu Incluye La Geometry Dash 22 Beta

La nueva versión incluye niveles más desafiantes, y no hay compras en la aplicación. El juego es de los más entretenidos, por lo que los jugadores pronto podrán disfrutar de las características más recientes de los juegos sin tener que comprar nada en la aplicación. Ahora tienes, hay 48 iconos, incluidos cinco barcos, seis bolas, una OVNI, cuatro olas, un robot, dos arañas y varios otros.

La última versión de Geometry Dash presenta muchas mejoras en el juego y es compatible con Android. Descargar Geometry Dash 2.2 APK es muy fácil y puede descargar la última versión usando cualquier navegador web. Solo asegúrese de habilitar fuentes desconocidas al descargar la aplicación. Después de haberlo hecho eso, Geometry Dash 2.2 se almacenará en la tarjeta de memoria de su dispositivo o la memoria del sistema. Puede usar este APK cuando lo desee, y incluso puede instalarlo varias veces sin tener que volver a instalarlo.

What Is Geometry Dash Apk

Geometry Dash Meltdown 2.2.11 Descargar APK Android

With lots of levels and beautiful background music, this rhythm game has something for everyone. You must touch the screen to progress. Geometry Dash APK’s music is fantastic, and it’s a wonderful distraction from the busy world. You’ll enjoy the game’s multiple modes, each of which features a different level. There is a wide variety of characters and music tracks in Geometry Dash Mod Apk, and you can pick from different game types depending on your mood.

Challenges in the game are carefully placed and purposeful, forcing you to think on your feet. Due to the editor’s understanding of how people react to challenges, obstacles are placed in unexpected places, so players must be quick and master the art of space. In addition to mastery rewards, you can even create your own map and share it with others. Downloading this game is definitely worth it. Make sure you have an Android device. You can play Geometry Dash APK for free and enjoy it for hours after downloading it.

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Geometry Dash 22 Beta: What Is It

The term “Geometry Dash 2.2 Beta” has been thrown around quite a lot. But what does it really mean?

Geometry Dash 2.2 Beta is used to describe methods of getting early access to Geometry Dash 2.2. This includes using the 2.2 Geometry Dash Private Server, or abusing bugs to access 2.2 content from any of the following updated games:

  • Geometry Dash SubZero
  • Geometry Dash Meltdown
  • Geometry Dash World

Each of the above games feature different versions of Geometry Dash 2.2, with Geometry Dash SubZero featuring the most up-to-date version.

In fact, not all of the 2.2 features in these games are hidden!

Some of the intentionally accessible 2.2 features in Geometry Dash SubZero include:

  • New icon and color selection menu
  • New portal textures

Geometry Dash 22 Update Release Date Speculation

RobTop Games has a track record of teasing upcoming updates well in advance of their release date. For example, work in progress images for update 2.0 were posted to the developers social media channels in December 2014, over eight months before the update was released.

The same is true for 2.2, which fans have been anticipating for years. A cryptic image hinting at an upcoming song was uploaded almost three years ago in February 2018. More recently, a new level editing system was showcased on the developers YouTube channel last January, teasing features like an auto-draw function.

RobTop Games also held an icon designing competition which ended in December, writing on Twitter last October that after 2.2 there will be another Icon Contest. Separately, a jet pack mode has been showcased on the developers Twitch channel.

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What Will Geometry Dash 22 Contain

The developer has said little officially on what the update will contain and didnt immediately respond to our request for comment.

The problem with 2.2 is its a bad cycle. I add stuff and then it takes long and expectations get higher so I add new stuff and then I have a lot of new stuff, the developer said in an interview with GD Colon and Geometry Dash community members in December 2019.

During this interview, the developer hinted at a challenge mode potentially coming with the update, saying you wont see other people and play together you play against each other but you dont see each other so its like live multiplayer. However, the mode was still a bit rough at the time.

In August 2021, we were treated to this sneak peek at the upcoming update. Check it out below.

Porqu Jugar Este Juego

How to get Geometry Dash 2.2 Early/Beta

Si está buscando un juego móvil divertido para jugar con amigos y familiares, Geometry Dash APK es definitivamente para usted. Cuenta con una interfaz simple pero adictiva que te mantendrá enganchado durante horas. El objetivo de Geometry Dash es llegar al punto final en cada nivel. Es fácil quedarse atascado en este juego y pondrá a prueba tus habilidades. Tiene numerosos niveles, modo de práctica y diferentes personajes.

Geometry Dash es un juego de plataformas de acción que pondrá a prueba tu ingenio y tu estabilidad mental. Serás evaluado mentalmente a medida que avanzas en cada etapa y avanzas gradualmente a través de nuevas funciones. Es divertido de jugar, pero también necesitará ejercer su juicio y un buen ojo para los detalles. Geometry Dash pondrá a prueba tu resistencia mental y desarrollará tus habilidades de pensamiento creativo. Y si está buscando un juego desafiante, Geometry Dash puede ser la opción adecuada para usted.

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Geometry Dash 22 Editor Unlocked: How To Get The 22 Level Editor

The Geometry Dash 2.2 editor has become available after modders restored it from Geometry Dash Lite, Meltdown, SubZero, and World. With this, they have made the beta Geometry Dash 2.2 editor available.

But first, its important to note that this is not the official 2.2 update, as we’ve covered before. What most people are using to try out the 2.2 editor is a Geometry Dash Private Server called GDPS Editor.

We’ve written an article on this before, so check that out for more information. What you are reading now is an updated guide on how to install the 2.2 private server, GDPS Editor.

New Features In The Game

Update 2.2 is the twelfth major update of Geometry Dash. The main innovations it contains: icons from Icon Contest, new mode, new triggers, challenge mode, secret vault, also a built-in FPS Bypass will be added, a minimum of two levels.Interesting Facts:Update 2.2 will continue the series of updates with a new mode: 1.9 wave, 2.0 robot, 2.1 spider, 2.2 swing copter.The new update will have the most significant number of icons ever released in an update only one cube will have more than 300.In RobTops camera control video, you can notice a new background. You can also see this background in the Press Start level from Geometry Dash SubZero. This is it.Because of the Geometry Dash SubZero hack , you can go into the editor and see that two backgrounds were added. Recently the 3rd background from Sneak Peek was added as well. The new floor and location in the platformer mode demo video could also be seen.Update 2.2 is currently the update with the most releases and previews. It also has the longest wait time for any significant update.

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Advantages Of A Popular Game

This is one of the most complex and exciting arcade games. You expect crazy high-speed passages with a lot of challenging levels. The player controls only one regular cube, which is only able to jump! Great tension and dynamics will not leave us for a minute!In this unusual arcade game, Geometry Dash 2.2, you will have to control an infinitely moving square, which an obstacle can only stop. It would help if you pressed the left mouse button to jump over spikes and avoid pits. On the way, you will have not only the usual traps but also exciting portals that turn the game.At times you will have to roll and jump not only on the floor but also on the ceiling. Then your ordinary cube turns into a real ninja. Try to pass as many ways as possible, the first time may not be able to overcome the fundamental level, but by practicing, you can quickly be on the second.

How To Get The 22 Beta

Descargar Geometry Dash 2.2 Beta Para Pc

Since when can you play gd on xbox

play roblox geometry dash on xbox

You can get gd on consoles

If you beat Conical Depression 22 times in a row you get to use one 2.2 feature.

You could use GDPS 2.2

just search it on yt 2.2 gdps why so dumb

some people dont know what a GD private server is

thank you very helpful /s

I believe its a subzero mod/hack from years ago

Just search it up on YouTube.

works on android, windows 10 , windows 11, or chromebook

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Post By Megaman9 On Dec 14 : : 03 Gmt

“It’s all fun and games until you get a warning.” – repeater13Internet Kreygasm

Favorite Level: None of them they are all god awfulHardest Demon: Leyak , then Surge of CreationsMini-Profile Background: 000000
So i wrote a long essay about this feature, i scrapped it and decided to make a tl dr version of it, which is this.—-Essentially, the player would have to download the Beta version from Robtop’s website which allows the player to access a W.I.P version of an upcoming update. There would be a blatant bug report button in the main menu so players can report bugs to Robtop and would accelerate the time it takes to find bugs and eliminate them.Pros:– Players can check out the update before it officially releases rather than waiting a whole year for it to come out.- More bugs are found out and more are squashed thanks to the playerbase testing out the new update.- The released version of an new update would and should be all ironed out thanks to the numerous bug reports and bug patches wouldn’t be needed as much as now.Cons:– Hype would be spread out over moooonths and thus be nonexistent-You would be playing for no progress-It would be very hard to organize-Way too many bug reports for Rob to see them all, and rob would be overworked 99x more-I have a feeling Rob wouldn’t want to do this whatsoever
I have quit the game, if I occasionally come back here it’s because I’m extremely bored

Descargar Geometry Dash 22 Beta

Antes de instalar Geometry Dash APK en su dispositivo Android, debe descargarlo de un sitio web de terceros. Debe dar permiso a la aplicación para instalar y también habilitar la opción de seguridad. Una vez que haya otorgado el permiso, puede descargar el APK. Luego puede instalar el APK de Geometry Dash desde su administrador de descargas o desde la pantalla de su dispositivo móvil. Una vez que se completa la descarga, puede comenzar a jugar Geometry Dash APK en su dispositivo.

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Features Of Geometry Dash Apk

  • A rhythm-based action platformer!
  • There are a lot of levels with unique soundtracks!
  • Using the level editor, you can create and share your own levels!
  • Customize your character with new icons and colors!
  • Rockets, gravity, and a mush sea await you!
  • Practice mode will help you improve your skills!
  • Achievements and rewards are galore!
  • In-app purchases are not allowed!
  • Take on the near impossible!

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