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Where Can I Take Algebra 2 Over The Summer

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Should I Take Algebra Ii Over The Summer

Be Careful When Taking Algebra 2 In the 10th Grade

< p> I am a current freshman in Honors Geometry. I was thinking of taking Algebra II in an online summer course that would take 120 hours to complete. I want to do this to take precalc as a sophomore and then Calc as a junior and senior. Is this a good idea or should I just take Alg 2 in school?< /p>

< p> Yea go for it. Theres not much youll have to cover anyway. Plus, a lot of the stuff in Algebra 2 will be covered in Pre-Calc. I took pre-calc over the summer a couple summers back and did fine in calc. Good luck.< /p>

< p> Theres no point unless it allows you to get farther in math by the end of your senior year than you would have gotten otherwise, unless youre really fascinated by Algebra II and just want to study it on your own. < /p>

< p> I think itd be easier to do Pre-calc over the summer rather than Algebra 2, but I have never skipped a math class so I dont know for sure.< /p>

< p> After you take that summer course, you can do what I did. Self study Calculus AB in freshman year. Take the AP exam. Get a 5. Go take Multivariable Calculus in Sophomore year. < /p>

< p> Yes you should do it. Algebra 2 is probably one of the easier math classes to take over the summer< /p>

< p> Some people argue that pre-calc is easier to do over the summer and others say Algebra II. Which one should I do?P.S Algebra I i had a 98 average and geometry I have a 96< /p>

< p> It was a lot of work , but I believe it was worth it to get ahead.< /p>

What If I Change My Mind After Requesting A Math Class

In the spring of 8th grade you will take a diagnostic test that will give you information about your readiness for high school math courses. You will take this test in your 8th grade class. You should consider the results of this diagnostic test as one piece of information, along with your 8th grade math course performance, your interests, and your plans for future math courses, to help you make your math course selection. Your high school will provide additional information about course selection during guidance presentations for incoming students and parents.

Later in the spring, you will receive confirmation of the courses which you have requested for 9th grade. At this time, you will know more about how you are doing in your 8th grade class and you will also have your MDTP results. Using that information, you should consider once again whether you have selected the right course for you.

If you are confident of your choice, you can expect to be assigned to that math class. If for any reason, you wish to reconsider your original choice, you will have the opportunity to do so during the course verification process.

Summer High School Original Credit And Honors Courses

Accelerate coursework. Learn another language. Enrich your learning experience. Explore new interests or master new technologies. Pearson Online Academy allows motivated high school students the opportunity to continue learning and growing throughout the summer with original credit courses. High school original credit courses require the equivalent of about four hours of work per day, five days a week for the duration of the course.

For high-achieving high school students, Pearson Online Academy offers a broad selection of honors courses that fulfill basic graduation requirements in English, history, math, and science while providing a more challenging academic environment.

Students in our online summer high school honors courses can expect to work harder and commit more time to their studies. They will explore concepts in depth, engage in independent research, and sharpen their critical-thinking skills. Students in each course will develop their ability to question, analyze, interpret information, and communicate ideas to others.


  • Honors Biology B

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Advancing Over The Summer

Summer school isn’t always for catching up on courses missed or failed during the school year. Some students choose to take courses to study for AP tests or take placement tests to opt out course work. Pass a placement test to opt out of the lower levels of a class, such as first year Spanish. Arrange for a placement test by speaking to a teacher of the class for which you will be testing. Find out if you can receive credit for the class even if you don’t have to take it after passing the test. Taking a math class over the summer can accelerate the high school math path. Check with your high school and the college you want to attend for information concerning their specific credit amounts and score requirements.

What Math Comes After Algebra 2

Math 1

In our school, a student can take PreCalculus after Algebra 2 or two separate semester classes called Finite Math and Probability and Statistics. Some schools have an entire class on Trigonometry after Algebra 2, but thats part of PreCalculus at our school. Those are the three most common options after Algebra 2.

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Can You Homeschool An Entire Grade Over The Summer

Over the years, Ive been asked if I thought it was possible to catch a child up over the summer. Often, the mama asking me this question is wondering about a child who is behind in math or needs to work on reading skills. I can easily say, Absolutely! to this question because all it takes is a concerted effort, a plan, and focused energy.

But, a couple of months ago, I was asked if I thought a mother could homeschool through an entire grade over the summer. This particular mother wasnt sure if she would want to return her child to public school or continue to homeschool, but she felt desperate to get her child caught up, and wanted to know if I thought she could do it.

How Are Expectations In High School Courses Different Than In Middle School

In high school, your grades have consequences. In middle school, if you did not do well in math in 7th grade, you still moved on to 8th grade math. In high school, if you do not pass a class that you need for graduation, you will have to repeat it and pass it in order to earn credit. You need to earn credit for at least Algebra I and Geometry in order to graduate. If you want to be eligible for a four-year college, you will need to have passed at least Algebra II and you probably will want to consider taking higher level courses, too.

The University of California and the California State University System require that you pass a class with a C or better in order to have that class count in your application for admission.

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Can Juniors Take Calculus

Students who take Algebra 1 in 7th grade can complete Calculus in the 11th grade and take an even more advanced math class, such as college-level Linear Algebra, in grade 12. On the other hand, students who want to jump off the Calculus track have other course options, such as Trigonometry or Statistics.

How Do You Teach Algebra Fun

Welcome to Summer School 2017

Check out these 4 classroom activities to tackle algebraic concepts and topics in an engaging way.

  • Riddle Me This. Riddle Me This is a fun classroom activity for students.
  • Hexagon Calculation Game. This hexagon puzzle is an algebra challenge that can be played by multiple players.
  • Balance Math.
  • Prodigy.
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    Should I Take Algebra 2 Over The Summer

    I am currently in the 8 th grade taking Geometry with an A. I want to consider taking algebra 2 over the summer and start pre-calc/trig. starting my freshman yr of high school. Do you think this would be a good idea? If so, how should I go about doing it without the help of my school.

    Youre already well ahead.


    how should I go about doing it without the help of my school.

    For me, warning flags go off if the school is not going to support you. They might have some insight that is not readily apparent to us.

    I took Algebra II over this last summer as a 9th grader. I would highly recommend, and if youre willing to spend 4+ hours a day working at your own pace, you could even try doubling up on PreCalc and Algebra.

    For some context, I found out the textbook my school uses and self-paced my progress. By the end, after having worked for around 60 days with 3.5+ hours of study time, I was able to consistently score 99 or 100 on NY Regents Algebra II exams.

    Let us say you do this. What would be your math classes for the four years of HS? Would you be able to do dual enrollment?If you would run out by senior year, then do not do this.

    You are currently on the +2 track:

    8: geometry11: calculus 12: more advanced math at a local college

    8: geometry10: calculus 11: more advanced math at a local college12: more advanced math at a local college

    Our advanced math track is9: Pre AP Algebra 210: Pre AP Pre Cal11: AP CAL BC12: Multi Variable Cal/ Linear Algebra

    Can You Skip Calc Ab

    Technically, you are not skipping anything, since, in BC calc, you learn all of Calc I in the first semester. The difference between AB and BC is the speed of the course. I would say that if you are prepared to keep up, BC will be just fine for you. You will still learn all of the same things, just at a faster speed.

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    Enrolling And Transferring Credits

    Students who plan to transfer credit from Pearson Online Academy to another full-time high school should be aware that the decision about whether to accept Pearson Online Academy course credits is wholly at the discretion of the school to which you hope to transfer the credits.

    We strongly recommend that you ask about your schools transfer credit policy and inform the school about your plans to take Pearson Online Academy courses prior to registering for a Pearson Online Academy course.

    To obtain credit for an Pearson Online Academy course at your full-time school, you may need the course description and . Please contact an admissions advisor at with any questions.

    How Will My 9th Grade Math Course Placement Be Determined

    Study math for free â Mathplanet

    Sometime between February and April of your 8th grade year, you and your parents will be invited to a meeting to learn about the course selection process for your high school. At that time, you will be advised to consider a number of factors in making a request for your ninth grade math class.

    Generally, 8th graders who successfully complete:

    Should take this course in 9th grade:

    Algebra Readiness OR Algebra Fundamentals OR

    Introduction to Algebra OR Common Core Math 8

    Algebra 1

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    What Grade Do You Take Calculus In

    Students who take Algebra 1 in 7th grade can complete Calculus in the 11th grade and take an even more advanced math class, such as college-level Linear Algebra, in grade 12. On the other hand, students who want to jump off the Calculus track have other course options, such as Trigonometry or Statistics.

    My Middle School Math Courses Have Recently Aligned To The Common Core Standards Will My High School Classes Also Be Aligned To These Standards

    All California schools are revising curriculum in relation to the Common Core in kindergarten through high school. The new standards will be incorporated into FUHSDs current courses. The Common Core State Standards are designed to focus math instruction and build skills and habits progressively over a students school career so that they understand mathematics deeply and can use it to solve authentic, real-world problems.

    Fremont Union High School District recognizes that the promise of the Common Core may not be realized until all students have experienced this curriculum throughout their elementary and middle school years. Students who are currently in middle school may have had the benefit of a few years experience with the Common Core. FUHSD is transitioning to Common Core curriculum in deliberate, gradual ways so that all students can be successful.

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    Algebra 2 During Summer

    My 16 year-old would like to do Algebra 2 this summer in order to start Pre-Calc in Fall. Due to his learning disability, he would need a structured schedule but cannot do a class on his own. He does very well in math. He is familiar with the Alec online program, but would need to have an instructor/tutor. This is his one commitment during the summer.

    As a non-mathematically inclined parent, is this doable?

    Thank you!

    My son took Algebra 2 last summer at Tilden Prep. It was pricey, but he learned a lot with the one-on-one instruction . To receive credit, your son might need permission from his current school ahead of time, even if he takes it over the summer. We didn’t do that and I had to grovel with the registrar at Berkeley High to make sure he got the credit. Your son’s current school probably is familiar with Tilden Prep and will be able to let you know the process. Tilden is helpful too. Give them a call:

    The challenge is that Pre-Calc is much more abstract and less procedural than Algebra II, at most schools. Taking a class one-on-one with a tutor often allows a student to learn the material on a surface level, but not deeply enough to go on to the next mathematics class. Algebra II is the class where the understanding of functions is developed, so a student who doesn’t have a rigorous Algebra II experience will struggle in Pre-Calc and Calculus. In terms of UC Eligibility it is ok to graduate at the Pre-Calc level.

    Should Your Child Take Geometry This Summer 4 Questions To Ask First

    Sonne Algebra 1 Summer for STAAR day 5 Reporting Category 2 TEKS A 3

    I teach Algebra and Geometry at an educational enrichment company that focuses on helping students excel, so I get questions like this frequently from both parents and students. If theyre asking about taking Geometry with a program like ours before starting it in school, the answer is a definite Yes. Since Geometry takes a different set of skills and logic than previous math classes like Algebra, more experience beforehand will help students when they take the class in school. For the same reason, if the parent is asking whether the student should take Geometry at school over the summer to try to skip ahead, the answer is almost always, No.

    Very few students will excel in Geometry if they take it as a shorter class over the summer. And it doesnt matter how well they did in Algebra thats no guarantee theyll do well in Geometry. Students have been learning the logic and processes needed for Algebra since elementary school. Geometry requires additional types of logic and thought processes that few students have encountered before. That may change if schools continue to follow the Common Core however, for students approaching Geometry now, there are several very important details you should consider before enrolling the child in a summer Geometry course

    1. What Do the Teachers Recommend?

    2. What Will Your Students College Degree Require?

    3. How Is the Summer Geometry Course Taught?

    4. Is the Student Very Good at Support and Analysis?

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    Should I Take Calculus 2 During Summer And Other Questions

    symbolipoint said:Any of Calculus 1, or 2, or 3 in the summer session as an enrolled student — Bad idea. A better strategy is the review your Calculus 1 course in detail during the whole summer so that you can learn it better, and then continue onward into the Calculus 2 material if you still have enough time in the summer. This can help you be prepared for starting Calculus 2 in the Fall. Don’t let that A grade fool you! You will probably loose much of what you learned during the summer, and the Calc 2 course needs the number of months NOT the number of hours. The official summer session will be too short to learn adequately the Calc 2 course.Naturally, some forum readers will disagree with me about all that. Ask yourself this: Are you as academically effective as they are?

    clope023 said:actually some schools have the option of taking a regular semester during the summer, in my school they have two 6 week semesters but they also have a C summer semester that’s from may to june I’m going to be taking calculus III and physics II during that time, and I think that’s plenty for calc II in calc II I found the intergrals pretty easy , integration by parts, trigonometric integrals, integration by partial fractions and those were easy, series/sequence is a little tricky but not that much, I agree it’s easier than calc I a good website to go is Karl’s Calculus Tutor, makes the concepts very easy to understand.

    Should I Take Algebra 2 During The Summer

    As you all know, Algebra 2 is a full year course and if I take it during the summer they teach it within 1 month, so currently I am taking Geometry and I am planning on taking Algebra 2 next year, but I want to take AP calculus before I graduate, so I need to algebra 2, because there is no precalculus offered during summer and I need to precalculus in order to take AP calculus ab, so taking Algebra 2 during will be tough? Will I be able to get a good understanding on the concepts?

    Above and Beyond


    As someone who tested out of Geometry during the summer and got into Algebra 2 freshmen year, yes! Take that opportunity if you think that you can handle the rigor of the course.

    Algebra 2 mainly works on your quadratic, a few geometric, exponential, and trigonometric skills. It might be a little but paced, so I recommend that you use Khan Academy for resources, problems, and explanations if you need them. I have always found it helpful throughout that class, and it always delivers the concepts straight to the point.

    I think taking Algebra 2 also takes a bit of time because it will be difficult to understand Pre-Calculus without it and any course requires time to take in all the content, so I also suggest that you do some self-studying to achieve mastery in all parts of the curriculum.

    I hope that helps! 🙂

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