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What Is Erect In Physics

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Types Of Images Formed By Convex and Concave Lens : Erect,Virtual OR Inverted,Real

Every possible way of a convex lens forming images

jtbell said:What about virtual objects?



My question is, are real images always inverted and virtual always erect?

jtbell said:I said virtual object, not virtual image. In all of your diagrams, the object is real, to the left of the lens, with u < 0 in the Cartesian sign convention that is using. A virtual object is to the right of the lens , with u > 0 in the Cartesian sign convention. You can see a diagram of one example of a virtual object here:By “always”, do you include virtual objects, as described above?

Young physicist said:For a single convex or concave lens,yes.Real images are always inverted and virtual images are always erect,but when there are multiple lenses that doesnt hold true.

Krushnaraj Pandya said:The purpose of my question was to get informed of any cases at all – virtual objects or real- to be forming a real erect OR virtual inverted image. Is that possible in a single lens/mirror system?

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Calculations Using Lens Equations

As promised, there are no new equations to memorize. We can use equations already presented for solving problems involving curved mirrors. Careful analysis allows you to apply these equations to lenses. Here are the equations you need

where hi and ho are the image height and object height, respectively. Remember, also, that a negative di value indicates a virtual image and a negative hi value indicates an inverted image.

These are the steps to follow when solving a lens problem:

All problems will be solved by one or more of the equations just presented, with ray tracing used only for general analysis of the problem. The steps then simplify to the following:

  • Identify the unknown.
  • Choose an equation, plug in the knowns, and solve for the unknown.
  • Here are some worked examples:

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    How Do You Find Time Reversal Symmetry

    Time reversal invariance in this context means that, given some force F, if x is a solution to Newton’s equation, then so is its timereverse x. One can easily check that, if the force vector F is a function only of position in space, then Newtonian mechanics is time reversal invariant on the standard account.

    Is Real Image Formed By A Single Optical Element Always Inverted And Virtual Image Always Erect



    Is real image always inverted and virtual image always erect with respect to the object? Is there any single optical device which could produce a real and erect image or a virtual and inverted image? Till now, I haven’t encountered such a device. Does it mean this is not possible? Is there any fundamental law which prevents the existence of an optical device which could produce a real and erect image or a virtual and inverted image?

    I know that we could produce a real and erect image by using two convex lenses by placing them one after the other, where the inverted image formed by the first lens acts as an object for the second lens which again inverts it to give a resultant erect image with respect to the original object. Here we get an erect image due to two inversions. This question is about a single device which could produce a real and erect image without any intermediate inversion steps.


    It was asked in the comments what is meant by a “single optical device”. By this term, I meant that the device is made of a single piece of material of same refractive index throughout. So a combination of lenses or mirrors which may produce real and erect images do not count.

    This image is one frame from a video on the Stemmer Imaging website, though there are several companies who provide gradient index rod lenses. This sort of device is sometimes called a “Contact Imaging Sensor”, and would be one element of a “line scan bar”.

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    What Is The Time Reversal Test

    The time reversal test requires that the index for the later period based on the earlier period should be the reciprocal of that for the earlier period based on the later period one of the desirable features of the Fisher Ideal price and volume indexes is that they satisfy this test (unlike either the Paasche or …

    Plane Mirrors And Reflection

    A mirror is a reflective surface that does not allow the passage of light and instead bounces it off, thus producing an image. The most common mirrors are flat and called plane mirrors. These mirrors are made by putting a thin layer of silver nitrate or aluminium behind a flat piece of glass.

    When you place an object in front of a mirror, you see an image of the same object in the mirror. The object is the source of the incident rays, and the image is formed by the reflected rays. An image formed by reflection may be real or virtual. A real image occurs when light rays actually intersect at the image, and become inverted, or turned upside down. A virtual image occurs when light rays do not actually meet at the image. Instead, you see the image because your eye projects light rays backward. You are fooled into seeing an image! A virtual image is right side up .

    In flat, or plane mirrors, the image is a virtual image, and is the same distance behind the mirror as the object is in front of the mirror. The image is also the same size as the object. These images are also parity inverted, which means they have a left-right inversion.

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    What Is A Simple Microscope

    A simple microscope is used to see the magnified image of an object. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch, invented the first simple microscope, consisting of a small single high-powered converging lens to inspect the small micro-organisms of freshwater. It is chiefly designed from the light microscope. The main property of the convex lens is to produce a virtual, erect, and enlarged image when the object is placed within the focal length. A biconvex lens is used to construct a simple microscope. A convex lens is most widely and popularly used as a reading glass or magnifying glass. Now, to obtain higher magnification, combinations of two or more convex lenses are used to form a compound microscope.

    Mastering Physics Solutions Chapter 26 Geometrical Optics

    An erect image 3 times the size of the object is obtained with a concave mirror of radius of cur…

    Chapter 26 Geometrical Optics Q.1CQ Two plane mirrors meet at right angles at the origin, as indicated in Figure. Suppose an L-shaped object has the position and orientation labeled A. Draw the location and orientation of all the images of object A formed by the two mirrors.Solution:

    Chapter 26 Geometrical Optics Q.1P Alaserbeam is reflected by a plane mirror. Itis observed that the angle between the incident and reflected beams is 28°. If the mirror is now rotated so that the angle of incidence increases by 5.0°, what is the new angle between the incident and reflected beams?Solution:

    Chapter 26 Geometrical Optics Q.2CQ Two plane mirrors meet at right angles at the origin, as indicated in Figure. Suppose an L-shaped object has the position and orientation labeled B. Draw the location and orientation of all the images of object B formed by the two mirrors.Solution:

    Chapter 26 Geometrical Optics Q.2P The reflecting surfaces of two mirrors form a vertex with an angle of 120°. If a ray of light strikes mirror 1 with an angle of incidence of 55°, find the angle of reflection of the ray when it leaves mirror 2.Solution:

    Chapter 26 Geometrical Optics Q.3CQ What is the radius of curvature of a plane mirror? What is its focal length? Explain.Solution:

    Chapter 26 Geometrical Optics Q.4CQ Dish receivers for satellite TV always use the concave side of the dish, never the convex side. Explain.Solution:

    Chapter 26 Geometrical Optics Q.61PSolution:


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    What Is Erect Image In Physics

    Kannur, India

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One of the common examples of an erect image is the image of a person in a standard plane mirror. What is virtual and erect image ? Answer Verified. The word erect means upright or straight. It is the image which: 1. Types Of Images Formed By Convex and Concave Lens : Erect,Virtual OR Inverted,Real.

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  • G is the universal gravitational constant, G = 6674 x 10 – 11 m 3 kg – 1 s – 2
  • M is the mass of the body measured using kg
  • R is the mass body radius measured by m
  • g is the acceleration due to the gravity determined by m / s 2
  • What is no work in physics?

    What is inx in physics?

    Why do we study physics in secondary school?

    What is slope in physics?

    What is frequency in physics?

    What is zeeman effect in physics?

    What is rho in physics?

    What is mechanics in physics?

    What is no workforce in physics?

    Voluntary And Involuntary Control

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    What Happens If You’re Shot With An Inverted Bullet

    The assumption underlying the film is that the sequence of events it shows us make logical sense forwards and backwards. When the Protagonist waves his hand over an inverted bullet, summoning it into his hand, it makes as much sense as the Protagonist dropping the bullet when the footage is played in reverse.

    What Is Dq In Physics

    The image formed by plane mirror is A Erect and diminished ...

    Bhilai, India

    Typically dq will be a charge density multipled by a differential length, area, or volume. Now we have a distribution of charge and we must replace Q by dQ and E by dE — and take care of the direction of E. As mentioned by other’s, if ‘Q’ is some function of lengthor say function of anythingthen dQ / dt represents a infinitesimal or say a. actually calculate this integral, the trick is to convert dq into some quantity you can integrate over.

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    How to find k constant physics?

    The formula to calculate the spring constant is as follows: k= -F/x , where k is the spring constant F is the force and x is the change in spring’s length The negative sign indicates that work is done against the restoring force

    What is pgt physics?

    What is becquerel in physics?

    What is mass in physics?

    What is erect image in physics?

  • G is the universal gravitational constant, G = 6674 x 10 – 11 m 3 kg – 1 s – 2
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    Difference Between Real Image And Virtual Image

    A real image and a virtual image are different forms of image. The main difference between real and virtual images lies in the way in which they are produced. A real image is formed when rays converge, whereas a virtual image occurs where rays only appear to diverge. Let us look at more differences between real images and virtual images in this article.

    What Do You Mean By Erect

    1a : vertical in position also : not spread out or decumbent an erect plant stem columns still erect in the ruins. b : standing up or out from the body erect hairs. c : characterized by firm or rigid straightness in bodily posture an erect bearing. 2 archaic : directed upward. 3 obsolete : alert, watchful.

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    What Are The Parts Of The Simple Microscope

    A simple microscope is constructed with the help of various optical parts and supporting mechanical components. A few of these components are listed here along with their unique functions:

    Eyepiece: It is the lens that is utilised in a simple microscope to study the samples and it is generally positioned at the top. An eyepiece of a simple microscope will have magnification power ranging from 10X to 15X.

    Base: The base of a simple microscope provides support to the entire microscope structure.

    Objective Lenses: The objective lenses are used to precisely view and observe the specimen/ object. The objective lenses are found with magnification ranges of 10X, 40X, and 100X. The shortest objective lens is the lower power lens while the longest lens is the higher power lens.

    Diaphragm: The right quantity of light that passes through the stage will be controlled with the help of the diaphragm.

    Specimen Stage: It is used for placing the slides with samples.

    What Is Virtual And Erect Image

    In which of the following the final image is erect? | 12 | OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS | PHYSICS | HC VE…
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    Aditi Nayak answered this

    an image that is formed behind the mirror and is not real is called virtual image and erect image is the image that is straight n not upside down

    hope that helps



    An image in which directions are the same as those in the object, in contrast to an inverted image.

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    Lazy Yash Lazyness answered this

    virtual means which is imaginary i.e. look into mirror u see in mirror that u r behind it but acutallly it is not it s just only seeing not happening

    and erect means as object position as image position either upward or downward depending on object

    • -6

    1. it cannot be caught on the screen.

    2. it is always errect image.

    3. image is formed behind the mirror.

    1. it can be caugt on the screen.

    2. it is always inverted.

    3. image is infront of the mirror

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    nice one..i want to continue my ans…from here..plz

    An image in which directions are the same as those in the object

    lyk this

    this is the example of erect image.

    in simple language the direction of the forming image is same to the given called erect iamge


    virtual image are those images which always formed behind the mirror or lens.As its name is virtual.Virtual means not real.And virtual images are also not real. they always formed by extending the two diverging rays.

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    What Is Erect Image In Simple Words

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In optics, an erect image is one that appears right-side up. An image is formed when rays from a point on the original object meet again after passing through an optical system. In an erect image, directions are the same as those in the object, in contrast to an inverted image.

    Is Time Inversion A Real Theory

    What Is Time Inversion According To Physics? Time inversion or time reversal is an actual concept that has been studied by physicists, namely with the work of Nobel-prize winning Val Logsdon Fitch. Physicists used to believe that nature was characterized by symmetries in a mirror world where time moves backwards.

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