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What Is Energy In Quantum Physics

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The Quantum World Is Lumpy

What is Energy?: 5 Minute Quantum Physics Part 5

The quantum world has a lot in common with shoes. You cant just go to a shop and pick out sneakers that are an exact match for your feet. Instead, youre forced to choose between pairs that come in predetermined sizes.

The subatomic world is similar. Albert Einstein won a Nobel Prize for proving that energy is quantized. Just as you can only buy shoes in multiples of half a size, so energy only comes in multiples of the same “quanta” hence the name quantum physics.

The quanta here is the Planck constant, named after Max Planck, the godfather of quantum physics. He was trying to solve a problem with our understanding of hot objects like the sun. Our best theories couldnt match the observations of the energy they kick out. By proposing that energy is quantized, he was able to bring theory neatly into line with experiment.

The World Of Quantum Physics: Everything Is Energy

Nobel Prize winning physicists have proven beyond doubt that the physical world is one large sea of energy that flashes into and out of being in milliseconds, over and over again.

Nothing is solid.

This is the world of Quantum Physics.

They have proven that thoughts are what put together and hold together this ever-changing energy field into the objects that we see.

So why do we see a person instead of a flashing cluster of energy?

Think of a movie reel.

A movie is a collection of about 24 frames a second. Each frame is separated by a gap. However, because of the speed at which one frame replaces another, our eyes get cheated into thinking that we see a continuous and moving picture.

Think of television.

A TV tube is simply a tube with heaps of electrons hitting the screen in a certain way, creating the illusion of form and motion.

This is what all objects are anyway. You have 5 physical senses .

Each of these senses has a specific spectrum .

In other words, your set of senses perceives the sea of energy from a certain limited standpoint and makes up an image from that.

It is not complete, nor is it accurate. It is just an interpretation.

All of our interpretations are solely based on the internal map of reality that we have, and not the real truth. Our map is a result of our personal lifes collective experiences.

Look around you.

You literally become what you think about most.

Your life becomes what you have imagined and believed in most.

What is your body made of?

It Stops Dead Stars Collapsing

Eventually fusion in the sun will stop and our star will die. Gravity will win and the sun will collapse, but not indefinitely. The smaller it gets, the more material is crammed together. Eventually a rule of quantum physics called the Pauli exclusion principle comes into play. This says that it is forbidden for certain kinds of particles such as electrons to exist in the same quantum state. As gravity tries to do just that, it encounters a resistance that astronomers call degeneracy pressure. The collapse stops, and a new Earth-sized object called a white dwarf forms.;

Degeneracy pressure can only put up so much resistance, however. If a white dwarf grows and approaches a mass equal to 1.4 suns, it triggers a wave of fusion that blasts it to bits. Astronomers call this explosion a Type Ia supernova, and its bright enough to outshine an entire galaxy.

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How Quantum Mechanics Explains The Invisible Universe

  • M.S., Mathematics Education, Indiana University
  • B.A., Physics, Wabash College

Quantum physics is the study of the behavior of matter and energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear, and even smaller microscopic levels. In the early 20th century, scientists discovered that the laws governing macroscopic objects do not function the same in such small realms.

In Other Words There Is Nothing That Energy Is Not

The basics of quantum physics

Looked at in another way, you could say that we exist in what could be considered to be an “infinite” field of quantum energy soup, just as an individual drop of water exists independently yet at the same time “collectively” within the ocean.

You could also say the drop of water is an integral part of the One body of water we call the ocean.

Now that may not mean much to you at this point but stay with me because it get’s REALLY exciting and you’ll see in a very clear and PROFOUND way how it DOES pertain to not only you, me and EVERYONE else, but EVERY THING, including EACH and EVERY aspect of your life…bar nothing.

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Bear With Me We’re Almost Therea Few More Facts First

The bottom line is this. Everything that exists, whether nature, sound, colors, oxygen, the wind, thoughts, emotions, the chair your sitting in, your house, your car, your physical body, the stars, your dog, your ability to see, hear, smell, taste, touch, etc. etc., exists and is only made possible as a result of this verysame energy.

ONE and the same energy.

Now before I reveal and get to the granddaddy discovery of ALL the potential benefits, let’s get back to the disagreement between Einstein and Young regarding energy being waves or particles.

This since resolved disagreement is known today as wave/particle duality.

This is where Quantum Physics gets REALLY exciting, potentially transformational and what some might “perceive” to be either REALLY REALLY AWESOME, or REALLY REALLY weird!!

If it seems weird to you, it’s ONLY because the “perception of weirdness” stems from what we’ve been taught in traditional education venues. I’ll assure you, that form of education only provides, at best, a very limited world view of a much greater and far more PROFOUND picture of how life unfolds.

And because it is so limited nature, it’s also WHY so many “believe” that the events, conditions and circumstances that we each experience in life happen in a less than profound kind of way!!

Quantum Physics is FAR different and far more expansive than ANYTHING learned in traditionalschool to this point…no doubt.

We’re getting there I PROMISE.

Ok, back to wave/particle duality.

Overview And Fundamental Concepts

Quantum mechanics allows the calculation of properties and behaviour of physical systems. It is typically applied to microscopic systems: molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles. It has been demonstrated to hold for complex molecules with thousands of atoms, but its application to human beings raises philosophical problems, such as Wigner’s friend, and its application to the universe as a whole remains speculative. Predictions of quantum mechanics have been verified experimentally to an extremely high degree of accuracy.

A fundamental feature of the theory is that it usually cannot predict with certainty what will happen, but only give probabilities. Mathematically, a probability is found by taking the square of the absolute value of a complex number, known as a probability amplitude. This is known as the Born rule, named after physicist Max Born. For example, a quantum particle like an electron can be described by a wave function, which associates to each point in space a probability amplitude. Applying the Born rule to these amplitudes gives a probability density function for the position that the electron will be found to have when an experiment is performed to measure it. This is the best the theory can do; it cannot say for certain where the electron will be found. The Schrödinger equation relates the collection of probability amplitudes that pertain to one moment of time to the collection of probability amplitudes that pertain to another.

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Not To Get Sidetracked But Do You Know What’s Really Cool And To Me Equally Funny About That

The really cool and REALLY funny thing is, as those who have personally experienced what I’ll call a transcendental experience ALREADY know, although many of these extremely “intellectually intelligent” quantum physicists who are trying their best and their hardest to figure out this field and what makes it tick at even deeper levels, will NEVER be able to fully figure it out.

How so?

The reason is simple. It’s because the Infinite field they’re exploring is just that…INFINITE and far more expansive than Quantum Physics or ANY quantum physicist will EVER fully know or understand in an intellectual kind of way. To KNOW how TRUE that is, you MUST experience it for yourself in a very PROFOUND and literally indescribable kind of way.

The really great news is, that you CAN…EVERYONE can, yet not everyone “chooses” to. Perhaps only because MOST don’t know that you can. Not to get sidetracked, but meditation is the vehicle that enables you to enter into such an experience.

For Illness Pain Inflammation Stress Energy Clarity And More Quantum Physics Frequency Healing

Understanding Quantum Mechanics #7: Atomic Energy Levels

Imagine your doctor scanning your body with a device to detect illness, disease, and energy blockages. This may sound a little futuristic but, the concept of quantum, spiritual, energy healing is centuries old. Bioenergetic meditation is one of the methods that has culminated from this beneficial collision of quantum physics and ancient healing.

Looking for spiritual energy healers near me? Want to learn more and understand the benefits of energy healing? From quantum physics to bioenergetic fields and meditation, plus who to contact are below.

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The Untold Benefits Of Quantum Healing

For all the good that quantum healing does, its still regarded by those in the allopathic world of medicine as pseudo-science despite many of the clear and irrefutable results that have been offered by those in the field.

Whats all the more galling is the very science that conventional medical practitioners look to defend is actually built on quantum healing through the use of the placebo effect. It does somewhat smack of naivety if not a certain amount of defensiveness due to the western medical establishment feeling threatened by something that could take away their livelihood.

The pharmaceutical industry is one such example thats predicated on creating repeat customers wholl buy their drugs on a lifetime prescription model. Its a billion-dollar industry that has no interest in giving up its share of the market. Health and healing should not;be viewed this way.

People whore suffering from chronic and degenerative dis-eases are not marks to be preyed upon by unscrupulous companies whose only real motivation is their bottom line. Its predatory salesmanship at its worst.

Because the truth is, the more these drugs fail, the more they can keep you on the line for more for that next magic bullet. The reason there is sometimes such a smear campaign against quantum in the mainstream media is that in all cases, its cheaper, quicker, non-invasive, more effective, and comes with zero side-effects.

Unless of course, you take the pills

Will You?

Energy Healing Yesterday And Today

This is not an entirely new discovery only the application is new. For centuries, energy healing has been a fundamental aspect of good mental, physical, and spiritual health. Ancient people, such as the Indian Brahmin, South American shamans and traditional Chinese healers have all worked with the bioenergetic field of the human body.Take, for example, Indian Brahmin priests. They conducted rituals and energy healing with the use of chanting, bells, drums, fire, water, and chakra meditation. What they were doing was activating the human bodys energy field the bodys life force energy .

Chakra mediation cleanses the life force in a similar way, which is why these two methods pair well together. Learn more about chakra meditation here.

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There Is No Place To Travel To

A projection of energy in the U.S. can and does effect energy around the world instantaneously!!

So what does this mean? It means that EVERYTHING in the entire cosmos is nothing but a huge vibrating ball of interconnected infinite energy, which has the ability to communicate into infinity with no regard to space and time, and that what this energy joins together to form is based only on individual THOUGHT!!!

Even the U.S. Army conducted experiments and through the work of a scientist named Cleve Baxter, has since validated this more recent discovery by taking a DNA sample from a man’s mouth and as they manipulated his emotions through various visual productions on a TV while observing the DNA with sophisticated equipment, they discovered that the DNA responded and reacted immediately to the emotions of the man who it was taken from without ANY regard to space and time!!

Although the Army ended it’s research there, Dr. Baxter later performed the same experiment with the subject and the DNA hundreds of miles apart. Even when separated from the man by several hundred miles, the outcome was the same. The DNA responded without ANY regard to space and time.

Now that you have a little deeper understanding of Quantum Physics, you’re probably wondering what does all this have to do with you and what can you hope to gain from it that will enable you to begin using it to experience Abundance, Happiness and success in your own life?

But It Gets Even Better Than That

Quantum Relativity

With that being the case why haven’t you become aware of it until now? If Quantum Physics has existed and these facts known for that long of a period, why wouldn’t you already know about it?

Well…Unless you have taken an advanced college course in quantum physics you couldn’t know about it. Why? Simply because you have been inundated with many “partial truths” and in many cases, programmed, conditioned and limited by totally false beliefs and understandings of how things “truly work” since you were a child.

In fact as mentioned above, most public education systems today in many parts of the world still teach the long since outdated Newtonian Physics theory in their schools.

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How Is Information Related To Energy In Physics

I recently attended a talk by Dr. Ravi Gomatam on ‘quantum reality’, where the speaker suggested, that conservation of energy is not a fundamental law, and is conditional, but the conservation of information is fundamental. What exactly is the meaning of information? Can it be quantified? How is it related to energy?

If one measures lack of information by the entropy , and equates it with the entropy in thermodynamics then the laws of thermodynamics say just the opposite: In a mechanically, chemically and thermally isolated system described in the hydrodynamic approximation, energy is conserved whereas entropy can be created, i.e., information can get lost.

The main stream view in physics is that on the most fundamental level energy is conserved , while entropy is a concept of statistical mechanics that is applicable only to macroscopic bodies and constitutes an approximation, though at the human scale a very good one.

$H=-\sum_j p_j \log p_j$

If the base of the logarithm is 2, H is in bits. How this relates to the smallest defining document for the string is defined in Shannon’s noiseless coding theorem.

$S_ = S_ + M$

See also this answer, for an excellent description of entropy changes an irreversible change. The question is also relevant to you.

Quantum Mechanics And Energy Bands

That branch of physics known as quantum mechanics is complex, intricate and basically mathematical. It is not our purpose here to affect a complete and exhaustive review of the subject. However, we do need to review certain of the fundamental concepts of this subject, and so provide a basis for what will be said later about semiconductors, their properties and how they perform as solar cells. When considering an object, whether this object is a freight train, a soccer ball, an argon atom or an electron, quantum mechanics assigns to this object a wave function, .

The wave function, , contains all of the information about the object that is observable , but has no physically observable property in and of itself. If, however, we multiply the wave function, , for some object by its complex conjugate and integrate this over a given volume of space, V, the resultant value of the integral is the probability that the object exists in the volume of space, V. Thus:

where ki is termed the crystal momentum in the i direction.

The motion of electrons through a semiconductor crystal is of major interest to us. The potential energy of the region through which the electron moves is not constant , but is a periodic function , which leads to a wave function which, in one dimension, is the sum of a number of terms of the form:

where U is periodic in x with a period equal to that of the crystal.

G.E. Hawkes, in, 1999

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Quantum Healing Techniques That Will Change Your Life

Theres an almost inexhaustible amount of the modalities that can fall within the bracket of quantum healing. Its a description more so than it is defined form of healing in its own right. But there are some modalities that are better known than others in the field. Here are some of the most effective:

It Explains The Universes Large

Physics – Chapt. 66 Quantum Mechanics (7 of 9) Bohr – Quantized Energy States

Our best theory of the universes origin is the Big Bang. Yet it was modified in the 1980s to include another theory called inflation. In the first trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second, the cosmos ballooned from smaller than an atom to about the size of a grapefruit. Thats a whopping 10^78 times bigger. Inflating a red blood cell by the same amount would make it larger than the entire observable universe today.

As it was initially smaller than an atom, the infant universe would have been dominated by quantum fluctuations linked to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Inflation caused the universe to grow rapidly before these fluctuations had a chance to fade away. This concentrated energy into some areas rather than others something astronomers believe acted as seeds around which material could gather to form the clusters of galaxies we observe now.

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