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What Is Ba Psychology Course

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Advantages Of A Bachelor Of Arts Degree In Psychology

BA in Psychology Course, colleges, Fee, Scope and Salary after Course | Allschoolscolleges

A bachelor of arts in psychology includes courses in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Many BA programs in psychology also require a foreign language component. A BA typically allows students more flexibility in the curriculum than a BS in the field, as it requires fewer psychology courses and more classes in related fields. A BA in psychology prepares students for graduate school to train as psychologists or to work in a setting that requires knowledge of human cognition and behavior. BA programs in psychology also provide students with communication and analytical skills applicable to careers in journalism, human services, social work, and law.

Ba Psychology: Eligibility Criteria

Students interested to apply for this Course must match a few Eligibility criteria as per the colleges. The basic eligibility of an individual which is compulsory is that he or she must have passed 10+2 with minimum of 50%-55% marks from any recognized board and the candidate must have passed every subject in class 12. The detailed list of eligibility criteria is given below:

  • Candidates have to pass in each and every subject in 10+2 level
  • Candidate must have completed 10+2 from any recognized board or its equivalent
  • Candidates should have at least scored 50% – 55% aggregate marks in 10+2.

Preparation Tips For Ba Psychology

BA courses not only demand a detailed reading into the specialization but also a very dynamic approach to the subject matter. When pursuing a BA course, irrespective of the specialization, students should download the course details so as to gather a full-fledged understanding of the course tenets. Some of the important tips for a BA in Psychology course are mentioned below:

Regular Practice: Practicing regularly all the important concepts throughout the course duration ensures a complete understanding of the topics.

Improvise Your Skill: Students need a certain set of soft skills such as communication and interpersonal so as to excel in the field. They need to develop at least one such skill during the course.

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Advantages Of A Bachelor Of Science Degree In Psychology

Bachelor of science in psychology degrees emphasize biology, chemistry, and other natural sciences alongside mathematics and statistics. Students who seek to train as psychiatrists often earn a BS in psychology, as do learners interested in pursuing healthcare or organizational careers. Many BS programs feature degree tracks in business with additional coursework in leadership, management, and human resources.

A BS program serves as a stepping stone to graduate study in psychology by training students in research methods and data analysis. Learners may have the opportunity to observe psychological professionals and gain insights into the field, as well as take extensive upper-division coursework in psychology.

Transferring Credits From A Community College Or Other Institution

12 Jobs for Psychology Majors

If for financial, geographical or personal reasons you opt to attend either a city or community college, or possibly an online program to satisfy your general education requirements, there is a caveat: confirm with the college or university you want to attend the credits from the community/online college will be transferable. Students failing to cover this base have spent hundreds of dollars, hours and energy passing classes which were not accepted by the Bachelors in Psychology Program they had anticipated on attending. To ensure your efforts will be realized, contact the admissions office of the degree-granting college you want to attend and speak with an admissions counselor as to what units they accept and from which junior college or online institution.

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Salary Of A Ba Psychology Graduate

The average salary of a BA Psychology graduate is INR 4.9 LPA . This figure only increases as the candidate gains more experience and skills. The salary pay that a graduate receives upon joining the workforce depends on a variety of underlying factors. Some of the governing factors that impact the salary pay include knowledge of the core subject, area of specialization, experience, soft skills, etc. With higher education after BA in Psychology, students can attain a higher starting salary.

Ba Vs Bs In Psychology: Which Is Right For Me

Both BA and BS degrees are extremely useful and comprehensive. The degree that is right for you will depend on your future education and career goals.

Students should consider a BA in psychology if they:

  • Prefer a course load that is focused more on the arts and humanities.
  • Are interested in working as a counselor, psychologist, social worker, or therapist
  • Want to go into the workforce right after completing their undergraduate degree.
  • Are planning on pursuing a graduate degree in a non-psychology field.

Students should consider a BS in psychology if they:

  • Prefer a course load that focuses more on the science-oriented curriculum.
  • Want to continue their career and studies in the medical field.
  • Are interested in behavioral health, neuroscience, psychiatry, and similar areas of study.
  • Are planning to earn a graduate degree in psychology.
  • Are planning to go to medical school.

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Can I Apply To Grad School

Admission requirements for graduate programs vary by institution and program. If your education goals include attending grad school, we recommend that you speak to the receiving institution and compare our programs to their admission requirements. It is currently not possible to complete an Honours degree in Psychology online at Queen’s.

Benefits Of Studying Ba Psychology

Psychology (BA) degree, Faculty Advice Video from

Psychology is an area of study that is based on research. As an outcome, a scientific perspective and technique are required when working with concepts or investigations. The ability to think logically is significantly improved. Students pursuing a BA in Psychology are expected to offer regular explanations and reports. Logical, scientific, and rational reasoning are all important components. Psychology enables students to investigate the unknown in a logical and systematic manner. BA Psychology also aids us in resolving the difficulties that our emotions or minds bring, as well as the complexity of our daily lives.

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Earn Your Psychology Degree At Suny Empire State College

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology is a 124-credit program listed with SUNY and approved as a registered degree program through the New York State Education Department. Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior the discipline covers major broad topics and employs specific social science methodologies for understanding humans, ranging from simple observation to rigorous experimentation. Subjects include, but are not limited to, how people develop and learn how behaviors, relationships, and beliefs are motivated how the brain, behavior, and environment interact how people develop cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems, as well as how to intervene how people interact with the world around them, including how they perceive it, how they respond to it intellectually and emotionally, and how these processes change throughout the lifespan and, how all of these processes are integrated into personality under interpersonal, social, and cultural influences.

The B.A. in Psychology includes study in biological, cognitive, developmental, social, cultural, and individual aspects of people, as well as specific study of research methodologies employed within the discipline and how psychology can be applied in real life. Students must complete at least 40 credits spread among the major subfields of psychology, with at least 24 credits being from advanced psychology studies.

Note On Honours Courses

Courses designated with are designed for students in a psychology honours specialization. This includes B.A. Honours Psychology major or minor, B.A. Information Systems and Human Behaviour * major, B.Sc. Psychology: Brain and Cognition *, major or minor, and the Neuroscience major or minor. courses are Honours level requiring for registration a cumulative average of at least 70% in all course attempts in Psychology or registration in the ISHB* major, NEUR major or minor, or PBC* major or minor. Unless otherwise specified, all other courses may be taken by students in a general or honours program, providing the prerequisites are met.

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Faqs About Ba In Psychology

Some of the top specialisations for BA Psychology are Human Development, Food & Nutrition, Statistics, MBBS, Italian etc.

Yes, some of the entrance exams to pursue BA Psychology are Lovely Professional University National Eligibility and Scholarship Test, Delhi University Arts, Maharshi Dayanand University Common Entrance Exam, Delhi University Entrance Exam, English and Foreign Languages University Entrance Test, etc.

Some of the top colleges for BA Psychology are the Institute of Management-Christ University , Gargi College , Miranda House University College for Women , Kishinchand Chellaram Law College , College of Social Work , etc.

The average fee for BA Psychology is INR 50,000 to 60,000.

Some of the major subjects in the syllabus of BA Psychology are Human Behaviour, Human Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychological Disorders, etc.

A minimum aggregate of 50% in the qualifying exam is required to pursue BA Psychology.

To pursue BA Psychology, the candidate must have pursued 12th in aby stream or equivalent from a recognised board.

BA Psychology is a UG level course.

BA Psychology is of a total of 3 years duration.

BA Psychology course is about the study areas like health, personality, human development, social behaviour, cognitive processes, etc..

Lower Division Psychology Course Examples

Bachelors In Exercise Science
  • Psychology 1 This basic psychology course strives to give the student a general perspective on the study of the human mind how individuals process information, the mechanics of learning and memory, what motivates people, how they learn languages, how they interact and what components comprise the human personality.
  • General Biological-Based Psychology In this class psychology is examined from the perspective of how the brain and its functions affect and influence human behavior. Specific elements highlighted are hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell as well as a general integration of Psychology 1 topics from a biological foundation.
  • General Cognitive-Based Psychology This course introduces the basic precepts found in cognitive psychology with relationship to human perception and attention short and long term memory, languages and the notion of human thought. Cognition as science and neuropsychology are introduced.
  • General Behavior-Based Psychology Students learn the elements of behavioral psychology the concepts of conditioning, animal behavior, the psychology of human motivation and behavioral modification.
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    Its A Flexible Degree

    Earning a bachelors in psychology degree grants an overview of psychology topics and specialties that encourages the development of career goals and pathways. The bachelors degree in psychology students earn gives students a strong basis to progress to either a career or further educational pursuits.


    Prepared for further education, bachelors in psychology holders can enter workforce in a variety of career paths


    Often need more education to pursue licensure in clinical fields

    Many Employers In Psychology Insist That Applicants Hold A Bachelors In Psychology

    Once students have earned a bachelors in psychology, a number of competitive career opportunities become available.


    A diversity of careers to choose from, especially when compared to associate in psychology degree holders.


    The bachelors in psychology may be the minimum degree required by an employer, meaning applicants with more advanced degrees or specializations will be favored.

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    Eligiblity Criteria For Ba Psychology

    Varsities across the world have set some basic conditions that candidates need to fulfil before getting a place in the course. Enlisted below are the requirements to study BA Psychology:

    • Applicants must have completed their class 12th from a recognized board of examination. Transcript of the same will be required at the time of application.
    • Candidates must possess a valid score of any of the following language proficiency tests IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.
    • Students need to have subject proficiency exam scores as well. Usually, the SAT and ACT are widely accepted by most of the universities.

    Course Curriculum For Psychology

    Psychology (BA/BS) degree, Faculty Advice Video from

    Human mind and behaviour are studied in psychology courses. It also deals with how the human mind acts in different circumstances. As humans are becoming more stressful over the years, and many are falling into the pit of depression and mental sickness, psychologists study in-depth about the human perception of life and every situation.

    Psychology courses are three years long, and postgraduate courses are for two years long. Domains motivation, crisis management, group thinking and feelings are dealt with in this course. During Psychology courses, students are trained to be emotionally stable and discover ways to come up with a speedy recovery plan for patients.

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    A Ba Degree In Psychology Is A Good Fit For Students Who Are:

    • Interested in related topics beyond general psychology
    • Looking to go directly into the workforce immediately after college
    • Interested in pursuing psychology-adjacent careers such as law, journalism, political science, counseling, social work, or business

    Many schools offer only one bachelors program in psychologyeither a B.A. or B.S. depending on the focus of the school.

    Some schools, like The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, combine the best of each degree by offering required and elective courses that will expose students to a variety of topics in addition to building research and analytic skills.

    At The Chicago School, the B.A. in Psychology program is specifically designed to prepare students for future careers and help build a bridge for undergraduate students to graduate programs in psychology. The Chicago School offers the following B.A. in Psychology programs:

    See Yourself Succeed As A Psychology Major

    As a psychology major at SNHU, you can tailor your BA program with electives focused on your area of interest in psychology. Each path prepares you for careers in community, school and business settings and creates a solid foundation for graduate studies.

    Elect the BA in Psychology alone or choose a concentration in:

    • Child and Adolescent Development
    • Forensic Psychology
    • Mental Health

    As a private, nonprofit university, SNHU has one mission – to help you see yourself succeed. The benefits of majoring in psychology at SNHU include:

    • Supportive community. Join the SNHU campus community of students who are closely connected with faculty and staff dedicated to your success.
    • Affordability. Its our mission to make higher education more accessible. Thats why, SNHU is one of the most affordable private, nonprofit universities in New Hampshire.
    • Innovative programs. Study abroad at little or no extra cost.
    • Accessible faculty. Learn from highly credentialed faculty who are experts in their fields and interact with you in the classroom, dining hall, fitness center and the stands.
    • Opportunity. Tap into our nationwide network of alumni and strong connections with employers for internship and career opportunities.
    • Campus experience. Enjoy more than 50 student clubs, champion Division II athletics and fun events on our 300-acre campus in Manchester, NH, named a “Best Place to Live” by Money magazine.

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    Who Should Pursue A Ba Psychology

    • Post Completing BA in Psychology, various job opportunities like Researchers, Associates, Writers, Social Workers, Teachers & many more are available for a Candidate
    • After B.A in Psychology, candidates can go for further higher education in the same specialization which will develop their knowledge regarding the subject as well as increase job opportunities.
    • Candidates can get placed in Top-Notch Private companies Post Graduation in BA arts
    • Candidates can also prepare for Government Jobs after completing BA in Psychology

    Republic Of Ireland Access Bursary

    BA Psychology: Course Details, Top Universiites &  Careers ...

    Glasgow has a long and proud tradition of providing financial support to talented students who, for reasons of financial hardship, might not be able to take a place at university. Our RoI Access Bursary is part of our commitment to continue to attract and support students from a diverse range of backgrounds. The RoI bursary will be up to£2,000 for your first year of study and £1,000 for continuing years.

    Payments of the RoI Access Bursary will be detailed in your Award Letter.

    • The RoI Access Bursary will be awarded as a cash payment.
    • The RoI Access Bursary will be paid in 10 instalments from October until July this award is based on household income
    • The RoI Access Bursary will only be awarded in years where tuition fees of £9,250 apply .

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    What After Ba Psychology

    After completing Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Candidates will have various scopes available in every sector. Candidates can prepare for government sector jobs or can apply in the Private sector. Candidates can also continue doing higher education in psychology for better job opportunities in the future.

    Learn More About A Bachelors Degree In Psychology

    A bachelors degree in psychology builds critical thinking and analytical skills employers value while preparing students for graduate study in the field. Learners can pursue a BA and explore psychology alongside other liberal arts, or they can earn a BS and build additional science and mathematics competencies. Additional considerations including cost, degree concentrations, and credit hour requirements all contribute to choosing the right program.

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    University Of Iowa Honors Program

    In addition to honors in the major, students have opportunities for honors study and activities through membership in the University of Iowa Honors Program. Visit Honors at Iowa to learn about the University’s honors program.

    Membership in the UI Honors Program is not required to earn honors in the psychology major.

    The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences GE CLAS Core requirements provide students with a broad foundation of knowledge and a focused practice of transferable skills necessary for a lifetime of learning.

    GE CLAS Core courses are particularly valuable for students making the transition into the University of Iowa. They help students understand the academic expectations of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences while providing the knowledge and skills needed for more advanced work in the major.

    All students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who wish to earn an undergraduate degreeBachelor of Arts , Bachelor of Science , Bachelor of Fine Arts , or Bachelor of Music must complete the requirements of the GE CLAS Core.

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