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Is Lori Harvey Steve Harvey’s Biological Daughter

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Steve Harvey Shares His Dating Advice For Daughter Lori Harvey

Steve Harvey, 64, doesnt just have a massive career hes got a big family, too! The talk-show host is a proud father to seven children, who have all grown into beautiful and successful adults. Of the seven kids, four are Steves biological children from his past marriages to and . Steve then married current wife , and he adopted her three children. And from that moment on, Steve was officially a dad of 7!

Below, everything you need to know about Steves kids including the daughter that is dating an A-list Hollywood movie star.

About Steve Harveys Daughter

In 2007, Steve Harvey married Marjorie Bridges, a woman he had previously been connected to in the early 1990s.

After the couple got married, Harvey decided to adopt his wifes three children, Lori, Morgan, and Jason. It is not known who Loris biological father is.

Lori was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and moved to Atlanta after joining the Harvey clan.

She began her early life as a competitive equestrian, hoping to compete as an Olympian in the future.

Loris dreams of being an equestrian were quickly shattered after an injury prevented her from being able to continue competing.

Of her large and famous family, Lori told Vogue:

My parents did a good job of keeping us out of the spotlight and letting us have a normal childhood so we could be kids and not live life under a microscope, they let us decide if we wanted to be in the industry.

After the untimely demise of her sporting career, Lori turned her attention towards the world of high fashion.

At just 13, she became fascinated with the intricacies of working with makeup, often watching her mother get ready and asking the makeup artist multiple questions.

Lori then stated she would go go in bathroom and try to recreate those looks.

Her burgeoning love for the industry began to shape her future, and in 2015 Lori signed two major modeling contracts one with LA Model Management in the United States and with Select Model Management in Europe.

So How Did Diddy Enter The Picture

Only a month after rumors began to surface about Lori and Justin, Lori and Diddy were first spotted together in March of 2019. They were seen going to several events as a couple and they even had coordinating outfits while going out for a stroll on one occasion. But because of this, fans started to assume that she “upgraded” from Justin to his father. And unfortunately, the trolls started to come after Lori on social media.

Only a week after Diddy’s ex, Cassie, announced that she was expecting her first child with her new boo, Lori was spotted with a huge ring on her wedding finger and she teased on Instagram that she was “somebody’s wife.” Naturally, the fans took this as confirmation that she and the 49-year-old artist would be heading down the altar soon, but Lori shut down those rumors right away.

On June 23, she wrote on her Instagram story: “I’m not engaged. Stop believing everything y’all read on a blog.”

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Who Is Lori Harveys Biological Mother

She was born to Donnell Woods and Marjorie Harvey who later split. She was born in Memphis, Tennessee in America and has two biological brothers.

Is Steve Harvey South African? Describing South Africans in three words, Steve says: Just like me.I dont see no difference. Youre African I am African American.

Who are Steve Harveys grandchildren? Steve Harveys Grandchildren:Everything To Know About His 7Grandkids

  • Rose, Ezra, Noah, and Joey Harvey.
  • Elle and Marley Hawthorne.
  • Benjamin BJ Raymond.

How old is Steve Harvey stepdaughter?

Jordan is officially taken. In a series of Instagram photos posted last December, the Black Panther star confirmed his relationship with actress and model Lori Harvey, the 24-year-old stepdaughter of comedian and host Steve Harvey.

Loris Rumored Father: Jim Townsend

Marjorie Harvey Steve Harvey Lori Harvey

Loris rumored father, Jim Townsend, was sentenced to imprisonment because he approached to buy 40 kilos of cocaine. He was also reprimanded by former President Barack Obama in 2017, who pardoned Jim. What is interesting to note is that Jim was given a lifetime of imprisonment sentence in 1992, while Lori Harvey was born in 1997.

Thus, it seems highly unlikely that Townsend is her biological father. Marjorie split from Jim when he was hardly into five years of his sentence.

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Michael B Jordan Throws Surprise Party For Lori Harvey But Doesnt Attend

New year, new baby?

Lori Harvey sent fans into a tizzy of speculation on social media over the weekend, after calling boyfriend Michael B. Jordan her babydaddy as they celebrated New Years Eve together.

Babydaddy, the model, 24, wrote on a of herself and Jordan, 34, all dressed up to ring in the New Year.

Harvey wore a gold and brown halter dress with her hair pin straight, while Jordan dressed in all black for the evening.

Needless to say, Harveys caption left fans wondering whether the notoriously private couple could be expecting a child together.

Okay so, okay. So. MBJ gave Lori a baby or nah?one fan tweeted, adding a crying emoji.

Lori having MBJs baby would be my 13th reason,another wrote, along with a gif of Kermit the Frog jumping off of a building.

Whaaaaattt MBJ locked Lori down??a third person asked.

Its worth nothing that while the name baby daddy does, technically, refer to the biological father of someones child, its often used by young couples as a term of endearment.

Reps for Jordan and Harvey did not immediately respond to Page Sixs request for comment.

The latest post comes after Harvey and Jordan celebrated their one-year anniversary in November with a series of selfies shared to social media.

Jordan previously received Steve Harveys blessing. I have tried not to like him, the Family Feud host joked during a March 2021 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, later adding that he thought Jordan was one of the nicest guys.

Is Lori Harvey Related To Steve Harvey

Lori’s mother, Marjorie Harvey married Steve in 2007. The couple met in 1990.

Steve adopted Lori and her two biological siblings.

Lori’s biological father isn’t known, but it seems she’s close with Steve and has posted pictures with him on social media.

Of Steve’s children, she’s arguable the most famous due to the people she’s been romantically linked to which includes music mogul Sean Diddy Combs, his son, Future, and Trey Songz.

She was engaged at one point to soccer player Memphis Depay too.

She’s also a model and has worked for Dolce & Gabbana.

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Lori Harvey And Michael B Jordan

Michael B Jordan is an American actor famous for playing Erik Killmonger in Black Panther, Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station, and boxer Donne Creed in Creed. He is ten years older than Lori.

The couple started dating in 2020 but can still be seen gushing about each other in interviews. Lori has revealed that Michaels best feature is that he listens when she talks and balances her. On the other hand, Michael has stated that he finds Loris humor as the best feature.

Michael often makes a big gesture on surprising his girlfriend on several occasions such as Valentines Day, birthday, and even on a regular Sunday.

Lori spends more time on the West Coast with Michael than in her home in Atlanta.

Both Lori and Michel were spotted boarding the same plane to Atlanta with matching sweatshirts and cozy grey sweatpants to visit Steve and Marjorie for their Thanksgiving holiday in 2020.

Lori Harvey Is Instagram Famous

Steve Harvey Praises Daughter Lori’s Boyfriend Michael B. Jordan: ‘He’s a Great Guy’ | People

Lori Harvey has over 3.4 million followers on Instagram, and it’s probably because of her sexy bikini pictures. The model regularly updates her feed with work and personal photos . She even revealed her relationship with Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan on the social media site, and fans couldn’t help but gush over their budding romance.

Both Harvey and Jordan are open with their relationship, and even the latter shared snippets of their romance on his Instagram page. The couple had spent the holidays together and went together on vacation last January. Harvey posted pictures from their trip on her feed and tagged Jordan’s account.

Harvey also promotes the brands that she’s partners with on Instagram, including Dior, Versace, and Balenciaga. And being an influencer, it’s possible that she gets paid through posting as well. At such a young age, she’s already a millionaire and has achieved so much in life. Her net worth will undoubtedly continue to rise as her career grows.

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Steve Harvey Reveals How Daughter Lori’s Boyfriend Michael B Jordan Compares To Her Exes

Steve Harvey wouldn’t be a regular dad if he didn’t give daughter Lori Harvey a hard time about her exes.

The 64-year-old Family Feud host appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show‘s Monday, March 22 episode. During the visit, Steve shared his thoughts about Lori’s current boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan.

“You know, I have tried not to like him,” Steve quipped to Ellen DeGeneres, as seen in preview footage. “I have tried to find something wrong with him that I could dig in and go. ‘Cause I done got rid of all of them. All of them. Some of them that snuck in the back door on me and lasted a lot longer than I wanted it to.”

Steve did not specify which of Lori’s exes weren’t his favorites, or why he didn’t think as highly of these previous suitors. Lori, 24, was with rapper Future in 2019, and was rumored to have dated Sean “Diddy” Combsand his son Justin Combs in 2018.

The tough-to-please papa went on to tell Ellen that he has spent plenty of time bonding with the 34-year-old Just Mercy star, and he has yet to notice any flaws.

“This guy is such a good guy, man,” the comedian continued. “He is one of the nicest guys, man. I’ve met his father. I’ve set up with him, we’ve talked for hours. I just can’t find nothin’ wrong with him. Between me and you, I’m hoping this lasts ’cause this is a really, really good guy, man. I can’t whoop him. Most guys, I say I can jump on ’em and take ’em out, but he just looks like a real ass-whoopin’ in the making. So I’m just hoping they make it.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Lori Harvey

  • How Did Michael Jordan and Lori Harvey Meet?

Lori and Michael met with each other through their mutual friends. Jordan went on to rent an aquarium in the first valentine together.

  • Is Lori Harvey Steve Harveys Daughter?

Lori Harvey is not the natural daughter of Steve Harvey. Meanwhile, Steve is the stepdad to Lori. But both of them share a pretty good bond.

  • Who Is Lori Harveys real Dad?

Lori Harveys biological father is Donnell Woods. She isnt too close to him at the moment.

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Is Steve Harvey Still Doing Family Feud In Africa

Family Feud South Africa is a South African game show produced by BBC African Rapid Blue and American Steve Harvey Global, distributed by Fremantle, broadcast on, starting from April 5, 2020.

External links

What did Steve Harvey say about South Africa? What I love about SA is that I dont have to wake up thinking that I am a minority.Its an amazing feeling. Its not about racism, its just not having to factor in being black everywhere I go, he said. Harvey believes he brings hilarious moments to the game show making him a great host to watch.

Where is Family Feud Africa taped?

The local version of Family Feud will commence production in Johannesburg in the last quarter of 2019, and begin airing in Africa the second quarter of 2020. It will be produced in South Africa by Rapid Blue.

How many grandkids does Marjorie Harvey have? According to the magazine, Marjories words stuck to the children and their relationships are much better today. Now, Marjorie and Steve even have five grandchildren together Benjamin, Elle, Noah, Rose, and Ezra. Steve admitted on his show once that while he loves his grandkids, he wants to be an empty nester.

Lori Harvey Boyfriend Michael B Jordan

Steve Harveys daughter Lori thwarts carjacking with quick ...

The Model is cuurrently in a publicized relationsip with Michael B. Jordan. Loris partner, Michael Bakari Jordan is an American actor and producer. He was born on February 9, 1987 making him about 10 years older than Lori.

The couple began dating towards the end of 2020 and have been going steady ever since.

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What Happened To Trey Songz And Lori Harvey

Per OK!, Lori was reportedly first linked to Trey Songz in December 2018. By February 2019, rumors of a breakup emerged as Lori reportedly erased all traces of Trey from her Instagram. … “Awww that little foot,” she commented alongside a heart-eye emoji on his Instagram announcing the news. “Happy for you T!!!”

Is Steve Harvey Daughter Adopted

Steve is a proud papa to seven children, including the three Marjorie had when they got together, all of whom Steve ultimately adopted. He shares twin daughters Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey, as well as son Broderick Harvey Jr., with first wife Marcia he had a second son, Wynton Harvey, with second wife Shackelford.

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Steve Harvey Abandoned Daughters Brandi And Karli

When twins Brandi and Karli Harvey were young, they were admittedly abandoned by their soon-to-be famous father, who chose to pursue his comedic dreams over his family. While speaking with People in 2016, Steve Harvey revealed how he quit his stable gig as an insurance salesman after winning a $50 first place prize at his first-ever stand-up show: “I’m married, I have twins, I’m supposed to provide for them, but I had to take this chance.”

His first marriage fell apart and he became estranged from his daughters, but the trio thankfully reconciled years later, giving Harvey a second chance with his eldest kiddos. Having since rebuilt a strong relationship, the comedian recalled how his daughters had told him, “‘Dad, we didn’t understand why you left us, but we know now you had to go. You didn’t just belong to us. You belonged to the world.'”

When Karli tied the knot in 2015, Harvey walked her down the aisle. “You’re an amazing dad. No matter what,” the bride gushed on the Steve Harvey show . “You are an amazing man. I wouldn’t trade you for the world. I just love you so much.” And the feeling is mutual. While celebrating the twins’ birthday in 2019, Harvey wrote on , “Along with my mother these girls of mine were the first time I ever loved anyone more than myself. @iambrandiharvey and @iamkarliraymond I love you with all my heart.”

Everything You Need To Know About Lori Harvey

Steve Harvey ‘Uncomfortable’ After Seeing Photo Of Daughter Lori On Michael B. Jordans Lap

Lori Harvey is an American model, entrepreneur, and socialite who is making buzz on social media after one of her steamy photos went viral.

She is seen sitting on American actor and film producer, Michael Jordans lap. Loris arm was wrapped around the star and he was seen resting his hands on her thighs in the pic.

If you have been hovering around to find more details about Lori Harvey, read on as we have shared about her life, career, personal life, and more!

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Lori Was Engaged To Soccer Player Memphis Depay

Lori caught the eye of Memphis Depay, the Dutch soccer player who is signed to the French club Lyon, at a beach some years ago. He approached her then and asked for her number.

Lori was initially reluctant, but gave him her number anyway. However, she ignored his calls for a whole year.

Depays persistence paid off and she finally answered his call. They hit it off and began dating in January 2016.

A post shared by Lori Harvey on Aug 2, 2018 at 8:01am PDT

The Dutch-Ghanaian Depay went through the customary screening by the dad. Steve wanted to be double-sure about his daughters boyfriend, and had Depay followed!

Harvey confessed on his show that he had Depay followed and did not guilty feel about it. She didnt know. She knows now. But when she found out, she was upset What you trippin for? Im trying to help you. You think he cute, I dont. You find him attractive. The boy is just a boy to me.

When Depay invited Lori to his game in Manchester, England, Steve and Marjorie refused on her behalf. But in a rebellious phase, Lori went anywayand Steve was not happy!



Depay eventually got Harveys stamp of approval. He went on to propose to Lori in June 2017, and she said yes!

The Lori-Memphis sightings have become rare in 2018, fueling speculation that theyve broken up. According to several reports, their engagement didnt last long and they quietly split up in 2017.

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Steve Harvey’s Daughter Brandi Is Also A Published Author

In addition to motivating her Instagram followers and running Beyond Her, Brandi Harvey officially added “author” to her list of achievements when she announced the October 2019 release of Breakthrough Sold Separately: Get Out of the Boat of Mediocrity and Walk on Water. This self-published, 115-page book built on Beyond Her’s mission. “Shake off the chains of your past and step into your divine destiny,” read its official Amazon description, as Brandi’s first book offered up: “A blueprint to: Lose the victim story and take 100% responsibility for your life Feel the emotions you’ve tried so hard to suppress and come out better on the other side Renew your mind and choose the principles you want to live by Set clear boundaries with your time and space to get the life and relationships you desire.”

Ranked at No. 194 in the Motivational Self-Help category in the Kindle store shortly following its release and at the time of this writing, Breakthrough Sold Separately perhaps hasn’t exploded as Brandi may have hoped but it certainly hasn’t been dormant either.

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