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How To Use Reverse Psychology

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Show Initial Discouragement And Argue Against The Option

How Does Reverse Psychology Work?

In this stage, start by showing an initial dejection or argue against your preferred option. You can tell your partner to drop the idea of seeing the comedy movie till next weekend.

This initial no from you gives an extra nudge to manipulate his thoughts and feelings. As he is a little hesitant about which one to choose from, he will look into the choices more closely.

If you pull back at this point, chances are that your resistant husband may likely accept it because he feels that his freedom of choice is taken away from him.

Know The Personality Types That Respond Well To This Technique

People with a rigid mindset and resistant personality can easily be manipulated by using the technique of reverse psychology.

So, know the type of person you are dealing with. You need to understand whether the person concerned is readily agreeable and free-flowing with the available options or tends to resist it.

If they are resistant, stubborn you can use persuasion more easily and make them comply with their wishes.

Start By Presenting An Option

You can change someones mind by presenting them with an option. Try to get this option fixed in another persons brain and also make sure that your friend is aware of the option which you want. Find so many different ways that can make the option desirable. Give your friend so many hints so that it can create a sense of desire in the other person. You can also use non-verbal cues.

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You Want Your Boyfriend To Go To An Event

What You Usually Do:Your boyfriend gets very stubborn when it comes to social events, not making any efforts to go and backing out at the last minute leaving you to go all alone. You either plead with him or have an argument with him about wanting to go but to no avail.

Using Reverse Psychology:When using reverse psychology on your boyfriend, it is important that you dont use any emotional threats or blackmailing, he will read into it sooner than you think and that will be the end of the eve. Instead of pleading and begging or using threats, simply strike up a conversation and sayAngie was asking if we were going to XYZs party, I said you wont. She asked whether you have any pressing work for missing the function, and I said you dont like parties and would rather spend your time sitting at home. And then she started laughing and said you wouldnt know how to behave at the party any way because you never attend any.

How it Works:By using an example of your friend and stating her views about him, youve taken the issue beyond the parameters of you two and into the world. Spited by her words and her opinion about the inability to attend and display appropriate behavior at a party, your boyfriend will be geared up to show that he can not only attend the party but also be at his charming, social best

Analyze The Person To Whom You Will Do It

What are the best examples of reverse psychology?

Using reverse psychology involves a number of risks so before doing so it is important that you analyze the person to whom you will apply it.

And is that before using reverse psychology you have to be very clear that the use of this technique does not offer a double chance.

For example, if when you tell your child to study for the exam and he does not listen to you, you decide to use reverse psychology and tell him not to study, you will not be able to sneeze at what you just said, so you will have to Keep the message from not studying.

Obviously, if you apply this strategy in a case where it is not appropriate to do so, what you will get is that your child has more reason not to study and stop having a stimulus that prompts you to do so.

For this reason, it is important that you analyze well the person to whom you want to apply reverse psychology and try to find out if it could work or not.

What are your reasons for not listening? Can you feel that the accomplishment of the task you have to do is being imposed and your autonomy or freedom cut off? Could this be why he refuses to do so?

All these questions you have to do prior to the use of reverse psychology.

As we have said before, this technique is based on psychological resistance.

Thus, before using reverse psychology you have to make sure that the fact that the person refuses to do a certain behavior is motivated by the difficulty that we put people to do something that is imposed on us.

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Avoid Using Reverse Psychology In Serious Situations

When it comes to dealing with serious situations, you should never use reverse psychology to get things your way.

I know that it would feel amazing to have everything the way you want all the time, but thats just not the way life works.

Lets say that you and your partner are talking about taking the next step in your relationship.

Maybe he needs more time while you already feel ready and want to get things going right now.

If you use reverse psychology on him then, it means that youre going to push him into something he isnt ready for.

And sooner or later, that will backfire on you.

If he finds out that you lured him in, hes probably going to get upset.

He might even break up with you because he feels that you played with him to get things the way you want.

So, no matter how appealing it looks, dont ever choose to play with serious things.

In those cases, forget about reverse psychology and pretend like it doesnt exist.

You know what they sayIts better to be safe than sorry.

And trust me, if you use reverse psychology while dealing with more serious things, you could end up being sorry.

What Is Reverse Psychology

Reverse psychology, also known as strategic self-anticonformity, is a tactic that involves advocating for a behavior that is different than the desired outcome.

The idea is that by pushing for the opposite of what you really want, the other individual will actually choose to engage in the behavior that is truly desired.

While it can be seen as a way of managing another person’s behavior, it can also be used as a form of manipulation. The person who is the subject of this tactic is generally unaware of what is happening and may not be fully aware of what the other person’s true motives are.

Even if you weren’t aware of it at the time, chances are that you have used reverse psychology to try to get someone to do something at some point in your life. While it may not always be easy to recognize, understanding what it is and how it works may help you identify it in your own life and understand when it may be best applied.

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All Examples Of Reverse Psychology

Here are the other examples of the technique for using reverse psychology in your language. These techniques make use of modal operators from the Milton Model . Note that, thanks to the soothing effect of reverse psychology, you can put extra emphasis on the command you are giving without scaring the client.

Work On Yourself For Yourself

How To Use Reverse Psychology in Sales

Were so used to changing up our routines for our love interests that we neglect our own needs. Theres always time to work on yourself for yourself. That way, youll show that youre an ambitious person with your personal agenda to work towards. Get involved in fitness, cooking, arts and all kinds of alternative hobbies to help enrich yourself as a person.

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Always Use A Little White Lie To Encourage In A Positive Way

The best method of using reverse psychology on a man or a woman who is your partner is telling a few white lies. If your partner is someone who might be stubborn and stern, it works well! If they tell you that they have proved you wrong, praise them with white lies.

Watch this video to understand whether white lies are good:

How To Use Reverse Psychology To Win Your Ex Back For Good

John Alex Clark

Everyone knows that reverse psychology essentially involves trying to get someone to do something by suggesting they do the opposite. For example, if I was to ask you to stop reading this article right now and not another sentence what would you do?

Most likely you would continue to read down to this next paragraph. Yay! So reverse psychology works. And when it comes to making your ex want you back, reverse psychology is a very effective tool.

In my book, The Lovemap Code: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology, I reveal the psychology of how to program someone to fall in love with you. I also show how to implement this process in a situation where you are trying to get an ex back after a breakup. And one of the key ways I show how to do this is with the use of reverse psychology.

In psychology, Reactance Theory states that when a person feels their sense of control is being taken away, the person will immediately try to regain that control by doing the opposite of what they are asked.

The persons subconscious sees that something important to them is being taken away, and so it looks for a way to stop this. By doing the exact opposite of what the person is being asked to do, the subconscious reasons that the person can regain control. And so the thing that is important to the person is maintained.

Now, while reverse psychology can be a very effective tool at making an ex want you back, reverse psychology also comes with a risk.

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Ethical Issues In Using Reverse Psychology

The theory of reverse psychology holds good in our daily lives in a number of ways. Its efficacy is determined by ethics and moral codes that one needs to follow.

If the technique is used on someone for their betterment and teaches ideal ways of behaving, as used by parents on their children we can consider it as ethical.

On the contrary, if the motive is to manipulate someone to do something not worthy it will leave a bad taste in the mouth forever.

If the victim feels resentful and anguished, it will be an unethical practice. You cannot threaten someone to do something against their wish. It too is unethical.

Thus, the trick lies in using it with caution and expertise. It should challenge the victim to bring out their best self. It should bring positive transformation and the victim should not feel hurt or humiliated.

The link given below mentions the procedure of using reverse psychology on men.

What Are Examples Of Reverse Psychology

Why is reverse psychology such a popular term?

Reverse psychology can take many different forms. Still, all examples share one common goal: getting the other person to do something they would not normally do.

Reverse psychology typically appears in many spheres of life, including:

  • In the workplace

Lets look at some examples of reverse psychology in each situation.

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Keep Being Your Best Self

We might ask you for a bit of a drumroll here, because this is the main part of the whole reverse psychology plan

You need to continue striving to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Work towards all those goals youve put off.

Even if your ex-boyfriend doesnt come rushing to sweep you off your feet again, hell see you for the diamond that you areor someone else will.

The thing is, we leave most breakups with a negative image of our exes. Hell have this picture of you in his head that highlights all your flaws its the easiest way for him to get over you more quickly.

But if you push yourself to overcome those flaws, hell see that the picture of you hes maintaining isnt accurate.

In fact, hell realize that youre looking way better than the mental image he has of you. And that is the key to making reverse psychology work and the secret of this Gemstone Strategy.

The better you look, the more hell want you, and the more hell work to get you back. This will all come from him thinking that you dont need him at all.

Women Dont Like Being Put Into A Corner

If they feel their freedom is being threatened, they will push hard to get it back unaware that theyre doing exactly what you want.

Reverse psychology works better on independent, competitive, stubborn girls and girls with big egos in general. Some girls will want you just because you seem like the forbidden fruit that no one can have. She wants to be that ONE to satisfy her ego, which can possibly bait her to like, or even, love you.

Ever thought about why some girls gravitate towards taken men? Wearing a ring is the equivalent of wearing a big band on your head that says dont touch. And the hotter, and more valuable you are, the harder it will be for other girls to resist not chasing you.

You should use reverse psychology in moderation and after studying the girls character. It shouldnt be your default attitude or girls will see through you. You must always pick the right moment with the right girl.

For instance, a famous reverse psychology technique that is often used is hinting to the guy that he makes a good friend. Personally, when I hear this, I move back instead of leaning forward because I like the feminine, not-a-player, heavily invested, Ill kiss you when I first see you, and lets fuck in my place type. This means that playing hard to get can sometimes backfire on you if do it with the wrong person.

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Consider What The Other Person Wants

It is vital that before using the psychology, always think that what the other person is likely to want in a situation. Like, if your friend is new in the city and want to attend a concert but you know that the place is not safe for your friend, but if you use simple reverse psychology here it wont work. Instead, if you say something to your friend like I know that place is not safe for you, but only you can decide whats best for you. Doing this youre encouraging your friend to think for himself here.

Reverse Psychology: Using The Explanation Tool

10 Ways to Use Reverse Psychology to Get What You Want

Another technique that has proven to be very effective for my clients is called the explanation technique. Tell him that youd love to go do something with him because you like the way he is, you think hes hilarious, and you feel like youd have a lot of fun together. When you do this, you make him think about whats developing between you and you bring his attention to the positive energy. I would love to go and try out that hiking trail with you because I always have fun with you. He then thinks about how fun it actually would be. Its not a game, its just logical. You can then bring flirt into the mix by challenging him. Tell him that youd love to go go-karting with him because youre sure that you could kick his butt.

Remember, men are motivated by challenges, and human beings are attracted to what they dont already have. If you tell him that youd love to do something with him and that youre sure that you would win, you will spark a very specific part of his brain that is closely linked to attraction. Once he starts to see you as an exciting challenge, his interest in you will grow. Using emotional and psychological triggers is one of the main elements of the art of reverse psychology.

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Reverse Psychology Make Yourself Stutter Hesitate And Get Tongue

If you are new here please read this first.

Human is a creature of conditioning the more often you find yourself in situations when your English fluency is compromised, the deeper your mind gets wired to make sure it happens when such conditions are met next time.

For example, if youve found it a bit harder to speak in English with a particular person on a couple of occasions, its highly likely that this person will cause the same English speech difficulties for you every time theyre around.

If you let it happen for long enough time, you get conditioned to stutter, mispronounce words and find it difficult to verbalize your thoughts whenever you speak to that person or even when speaking with someone else in that persons presence.

Sometimes the English fluency issue manifests itself in so seemingly random situations that it may look like a totally out-of-hand problem. You may find yourself making plenty of mistakes when speaking in English having had very fluent conversations with other English speakers the day before, for instance, and theres nothing you can think of that should trigger such behavior.

In order to overcome such issues I recommend different fluency management strategies starting from speaking slower and pronouncing words clearly, and ending with such non-standard approaches as speaking with a harder accent.

There will be moments, however, when you find it quite difficult to get back to your normal English speech regardless of what strategy you apply.

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