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Why Did Everybody Hate The Diaper Thief Math Worksheet

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The Diaper Thief: Who Are They And Why Do They Do It

Comedian Aaron Kleiber

Recently, a math teacher at a local high school posted a question on an online forum asking for help with a problem on a worksheet. The question, which stumped many of the respondents, was this: ufffdA diaper thief stole $3 worth of diapers from a market. If the thief follows the following pattern, how much will he have stolen after 7 days?ufffd

The answer, of course, is $21. The math is simple enough, but the question raises some important questions: who is this diaper thief and why do they do it?

The diaper thief is most likely a young man between the ages of 18 and 22. This is the age group that has the highest incidence of stealing diapers, according to data from the FBI. The vast majority of diaper thieves are male, and most have no prior criminal history.

So why do they do it? There are several possible explanations. Some experts believe that diaper thieves suffer from a condition called paraphilic infantilism, which is characterized by a sexual attraction to babies or babylike objects. Others believe that diaper theft is simply a form of kleptomania, or compulsive stealing. Still others believe that diaper theft is motivated by financial need diapers are expensive, and some families canufffdt afford to buy them.

How To Prevent Diaper Theft

In order to prevent diaper theft, it is important to understand how the thief works. The thief is looking for an easy target, such as a mother who has just put her baby down for a nap. The thief will then take the diaper and run away with it. To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep your baby in a safe place, such as a crib or playpen, while they are sleeping. Additionally, it is important to keep an eye on your diaper bag and make sure that it is securely closed. If you have a key to your home, make sure that it is hidden so that the thief cannot find it. Finally, if you see someone acting suspiciously near your home, do not hesitate to call the police.

How To Cut Up Photos For An Instagram Collage Step #: Choose The Slice Tool

Now that youve decided your ratio and either cropped or resized your photo to the proper size, lets move on to the slice tool.

Choose the Slice Tool from your Toolbar. It should be nested with your Crop Tool . If you still dont see the slice tool, check the 3 dots at the very bottom of the toolbar. The slice tool may be hiding in there. Mine was.

Once you have the Slice Tool selected, right click on your image and choose Divide Slice.

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Signs You Should Take A Break From Social Media

Youve heard of the city that never sleeps, right?New York City.The subway runs 24/7 all 365 days of the year. The lights dont go out. At least not all at once. And while you cant peruse the clothing racks of Bloomingdales past 9pm, you can shop their website at any time and on any day you please.Thats because much like New York City, the internet never sleeps.We awaken each morning to a slew of new images. New products. New launches. Grand Openings. An inbox full of new messages, and the list goes on. If theres a social event happening, we know about it. Before we buy anything, we price shop online. The first thing we do at work each day is check our emails. In fact, were so connected to the internet that many claim weve forgotten how to live in reality. While were busy curating the perfect social media presence, were more anti-social than any generation before us. Ask yourself: is that really how you want to be remembered?

Dmca Complaint To Google

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    Why Did Everybody Hate The Diaper Thief Worksheet Answers

    Everybody hate the diaper thief because he left sixty babies with no place to go.

    You can decipher the puzzle by simplifying each expression and finding your answer in the corresponding answer column. The word puzzle solution is made up of 32 letters, of course, excluding “because”.

    Answer: Because of the coronation.


    Priests during the Middle Ages were authorized to crown kings. Charlemagne, as one of the most powerful rulers of the Middle Ages, respected priests. The ruler was believed to have come to this position by God’s will as it was more specifically called “HIS determination” . Therefore, the priest was a kind of mediator between the spiritual and the secular. That is why kings respected priests.


    In 1944-1945, Soviet Soldiers liberated many prisoners from the concentration camps. First, they started from Majdanek camp in Poland in 1944 and then in Auschwitz in 1945.

    < u> After being liberated, the survivors of the concentration camp had mixed emotions towards their newfound freedom. Some survivors looked forward to being reunited with their family and friends while others were unfortunate to lose their family in the camps. Many others were overwhelmed< /u> .

    After coming out of the camps the survivors, though received freedom but could not grasp it, as stated by one survivor.

    So, the correct answer is option B.

    Sign #3 You Should Take A Break From Social Media: You Can Scroll For Hours Without Noticing The Time

    You know the phrasetime is money? It means your time is valuable. It implores you not to waste this precious resource. If you havent peeled your eyes away from the screen even to turn on a light while the sun went down around you, youre probably addicted to your phone. So ask yourself: are you spending more time on social media than youre willing to admit to your closest friend? Do you feel a twinge of guilt when the Screen Time Report appears on your iPhone? Did you play along and tease your coworker whose daily average was 3 hours, yet failed to admit yours is 6.5 hours? McDonalds wouldve paid you $47 minimum for that! Thats 10 Starbucks frappuccinos you couldve bought for you and 5 different friends while you swapped stories over coffee.

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    Sign #6 You Should Take A Break From Social Media: You Want To Be Someone Else

    You want the life of an Instagram Influencer, and youre willing to go into great debt trying. People are doing it, after all, and that means its possible. Maybe youll get there one day. But do you know the hard work that goes into becoming an online influencer in the first place? Youre focused on the end result only, not the part that actually involves posting up behind a computer screen for hours on end while you sort out website malfunctions, or banging your head against the keyboard because the algorithm has changed yet again, taking 4,000 of your monthly website views with it.Besides, will that work truly satisfy you? What if your true gift lies in working with the elderly? Or in sales? What if your greatest life is the mundane day-in day-out of raising your children and loving your husband? Youre valuable no matter what your career-or lock thereof. Youre unique. You have gifts and talents specific to YOU. Embrace them, Use them well. Because a life of leisure is not always what it appears to be, and even if it was something to aspire to it still wouldnt be as rewarding as the love of your family and friends.

    Sign #4 You Should Take A Break From Social Media: Your Daily Screen Time Average Is Greater Than Your Time Spent With Actual Humans


    A Daily Screen Time Average of 5+ hours is only humorous until the tears set in. Because you suddenly feel all alone. Been there! And friend, youve been neglecting your friends and family. How to remedy this? Quit waiting around for an invite. Extend one instead, even if your mom is the only taker. Shell appreciate it, promise.

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    How To Cut Up Photos For An Instagram Collage Step #: Save The Images Individually

    Great! Were nearly done. The last step in Photoshop is to save our Instagram Collage as individual photos.

    Go to File > Export > Save for Web

    Zoom out so you can see the whole image. By default, only the first square is selected, so hold down Shift and click on all of the squares so that the whole image is selected.

    Im choosing Preset: JPEG , then Press Save.

    The Victims Of The Diaper Thief

    It was a quiet day in math class when the teacher asked the students to turn to the following page in their worksheets. The answer key was at the back of the room, so everyone turned around to get it. But when they turned back around, the answer key was gone! Someone had stolen it!

    The teacher asked everyone to look for the answer key, but no one could find it. Finally, she asked if anyone had seen the thief. One student raised his hand and said that he saw someone in an Orgo T-shirt take the key and run out of the room.

    The teacher didnt know what to do. She couldnt give everyone the answers without giving away the game, but she also couldnt let the thief get away with stealing. She thought for a moment and then had an idea.

    The next day, when class began, the teacher announced that there would be a special prize for anyone who could solve a math problem correctly. The student who had seen the thief raised his hand and said that he knew the answer. The teacher smiled and said that he could have his prizeufffdan Orgo T-shirtufffdif he could solve the problem correctly.

    The student got the answer right, and as he put on his new Orgo T-shirt, he realized that he had just solved a different kind of math problem: catching a thief!

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    Sign #9 You Should Take A Break From Social Media: You Dont Have Any Hobbies Anymore

    When was the last time you baked from scratch or rode your bike? If a date asked you what your hobbies are, do you even have an answer besides scrolling Instagram and tagging my friends in memes, lol?So date yourself! Ask yourself, What are my hobbies? If you dont have any, it isnt too late to get some. Just imagine how cool your date will think you are when you can answer, Ive been brewing my own craft beer. Want to try it? Have you ever had to take a break from social media? Leave me a comment or send me an email about how you benefited.And remember: social media is a highlight reel. It isnt always real. So if its causing you to be someone you dont like, dont hesitate to delete it altogether! It will still be there if and when you decide to come back. And in the meantime, soak up all the face-to-face, complex, emotional, messy, fun human connections you can get. Whats next? Read my Best Tips for Choosing a Blog Topic and Download my FREE Worksheet: Find Your Niche.

    Want to learn Graphic Design using Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop? Check out my Tutorials:

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    How To Cut Up Photos For An Instagram Collage Step #: Decide Your Aspect Ratio

    A note before we begin cutting/slicing the photo: you need to decide on a size for your Instagram collage. The photo has to be cut into equal little squares across and down.

    As you mightve guessed, weve got some math to do. So if youre one of those people who complained in Geometry/Algebra class, wondering when wed ever use it in real life, this is the moment, my friend.

    Instagram only displays 3 squares across, so you know the width of the photo needs to be divisible by 3. Thats a given. But now you need to decide how many rows you want it to span. Technically you can make the photo as many squares in length as youd like, but the best practice is to keep it between 3 4 squares in length. That way people will be able to see the whole picture at once when they arrive to your profile or scroll through your feed. Some phone screens are larger, so for example, I can see 5 rows at once when I start scrolling. But not everyone can.

    Sign #1 You Should Take A Break From Social Media: You Cant Quit Comparing

    We all suffer when we play the comparison game.Comparison is the thief of joy, if you havent heard. Yet we do it so often we hardly recognize it in ourselves. Imagine this: youve been scrolling Instagram for the past half hour. When you put your phone down, you announce, Thats it, diet starts tomorrow! Only to pick it back up five minutes later and double tap a pint of edible cookie dough being consumed by none other than Kim Kardashian. How can she eat that and look like THAT, you wonder.Listen. No matter how hard we try, we werent all born with the hips to waist ratio of Kim Kardashian. Heck, are we even certain that Kim was?Celebrities have a lot of help. And the rest of us have a lot of help from Facetune. But if youve forgotten that 100% of what you see online has been modified. If you actually believe Instagram is reality, then its time to log out. Delete the app and feast your eyes on real bodies in 3D until you see social media for what it is: pretty but mostly fake.

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    The Impact Of The Diaper Thief On Their Victims

    When the diaper thief was caught, their victims were relieved but also angered. The thief had been stealing diapers from a local market and math teachers workspace. The following are the impacts of the diaper thief on their victims.

    The local market had to increase security and surveillance after the diaper thief was caught. They had been losing money due to the theft and were glad to finally catch the thief. However, they were angry that it took so long to catch them.

    The math teacher was also angry that it took so long to catch the thief. They had been losing diapers and other supplies that they needed for their work. They were also worried about their students safety, as they believed that the diaper thief might have been stalking them.

    Sign #7 You Should Take A Break From Social Media: Youre Jealous

    How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking

    You see everyone on Instagram with their Louis Vuitton Neverfull, and you want it, too. The problem is you can never afford it. Still, youre so fixated on it that every thought in your head has become negative, and every word out of your mouth is negative, too. You cant think of a single nice thing to say about Heather from your book club because she has the Neverfull in multiple colors and sizes, but youre happy to spread the rumor about how she sold her soul to afford them. In fact, youve become downright toxic. You steal the joy from others, not wanting them to be happier than you. You hate everyone because they have what you want, and you hate yourself because you dont have what they do.If social media is causing you to have these thought patterns, then its time to cut the cord. And count your blessings.

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