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Who Is Colin Kaepernick’s Biological Father

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Colin Kaepernicks Relationship With His Adoptive Parents

Colin Kaepernick is a dad

Colin Kaepernick has a really good relationship with his adoptive parents, Rick and Teresa Kaepernick. The couple, who already had a son, Kyle Kaepernick, and a daughter, Devon Kaepernick, were not really desperate for another child. In fact, it has been revealed that they actually wanted a white baby and there was none available. They agreed to take Colin after falling in love with him immediately they set their eyes on him.

Growing up in a predominantly white family and by extension, a predominantly white neighborhood wasnt an easy experience for a young Colin who struggled to express his innermost feelings about his skin color. The experience became easier as time progressed because of the love and support he got from his parents and siblings. It is an experience Colin has said he could only go through with his family, the Kaepernicks by his side.

How Much Are Colin Kaepernick’s Parents Worth

Rick and Teresa are private people. As a result, have not revealed their net worth to the public. However, their adopted son is wealthy.

Colins Kaepernick’s net worth is a whopping $20 million. He has made his fortune from playing football. He showed a passion for the game when he was young.

At eight years old, Kaepernick began playing youth football as a defensive end and punter. When he was nine, he became the starting quarterback on his youth team. He had an impressive NFL Draft career that lasted five years with the San Francisco 49ers. He earned more than $43 million in salary during his active years.

Is Colins Biological Mother Still In Contact With Him

Colins biological parents were not in his contract, but his mother tried to contact him by using her social media account. When Russo found out that Colin had started playing, she began to chat with Colin on Twitter. Russo expressed her excitement to meet with her son, but Colin never gave affection or any importance to her. Instead, he just stated his adoptive parents and gave all his success credit to his adoptive parents.


After analysing all the details about Colin Kaepernick Biological Parents, you can say Russo is the biological mother, and his fathers name was unknown. Colin is living with his adoptive parents, who never hid any facts about his life and were always open about adoption. Colin always gets support from his adoptive parents.

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Where Is Heidi Russo Now

After Heidi Russo gave up Colin for adoption, she went on and finished her nursing degree. Currently, she is happily married and is a mother of three of her children.

She is married to her husband, Heath Russo, about whom not much information is known.

Likewise, Heidi has not said much about their family. At the moment, they have three children together, Michael, Ethan, and Alex.

Heidi with her husband.

The new family is also living a blissful life in Denver, Colorado, the United States of America.

Aside from that, Russo is also a co-founder of Three Strands, a humanitarian organization that focuses on empowering birth mothers.

Moreover, she also works at Linked Thru Love, another organization aiming to end stereotypes associated with adoption and birth mothers.

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Colin In Black & White: Who Are Kaepernick’s Biological Parents

Colin Kaepernick Faced Racist Comments Growing Up With White Adoptive ...

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick rose to stardom after taking a knee in 2016, to help bring awareness to police brutality and deeply rooted racism prevalent in the United States. More recently, he has released a documentary series that gets into every detail about his life. The show, entitled: Colin in Black & White, takes viewers on a journey into the deepest part of his life.

It is no secret that Colin Kaepernick was adopted, but that left many to wonder who his biological parents are, as Colin had never mentioned those details in any interviews before.

Details about where Colin came from were shown in an episode of the show.

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‘colin In Black And White’: Who Are Colin Kaepernick’s Adoptive Parents Rick And Teresa

Colin Kaepernick’s personal story is outlined in the new Netflix series Colin in Black & White, and he shares the spotlight with his adoptive parents, Rick and Teresa Kaepernick.

The new series, co-created by Kaepernick and Ava DuVernay, highlights Colin’s high school life as an African American growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood. Colin also appears as himself, narrating the ongoing story and performing pieces to camera.

While he and his story are the focus, his parents are featured throughout. Rick Kaepernick is played by Parks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman and Teresa is played by Weedsstar Mary-Louise Parker.

Colin Has Refused To Meet His Birth Mother Heidi Russo Who Gave Him Up At Five Weeks Old

Colin Kaepernick was born on 3rd November 1987 to Heidi Russo, a white woman. Kaepernicks dad was an African-American man with Ghanaian, Nigerian, and Ivorian roots. His identity is unknown, as he separated from Heidi before Colins birth.

Heidi was 19-year-old, broke, and without a partner to help raise Colin. She decided to give him up to a financially stable family with other kids and a passion for sports. The Kaepernicks fit the bill perfectly.

Teresa was a nurse, and Rick worked as a plant operation manager. They had two children, Kyle and Brown, and had lost two sons, Lance and Kent, to heart defects. They wanted a son, and Kaepernick was the perfect fit. Teresa told ESPN:

Ill never forget that day. They brought him in an infant carrier and set him down. The birth mother was there. I looked at her and she nodded and I just picked him up out of the carrier. The minute I picked him up, I just cried. We gave her a big hug. And she needed a couple more minutes. And then we left.

Rick told ESPN that Colins adoption went as smoothly as they had hoped: I know its not usually smooth with adoptions, but it was. Colin never had adoption issues at all. The only difference is his skin is a little bit browner than ours.

Heidi believed she had no choice but to let Colin go. I couldnt move forward with my life, she told KDVR. Teresa sent Russo letters and photos to update her on Colins progress. Heidi eventually told Russo to stop: She couldnt stomach the pain.

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Who Are Colin Kaepernick’s Parents

Kaepernick, 33, was adopted by Rick and Teresa Kaepernick when he was only 5 weeks old.

The couple adopted him after they had lost two sons at birth to congenital heart failure.

While not much information is available on his parents, Teresa is known as a nurse while Rick is known as the vice president of operations for a cheese company in California.

In 1987, Kaepernick was born to Heidi Russo before she gave him up for adoption at the age of 19, but it remains unclear who his biological father is.

Heidi And Colin Have Never Met But Were Connected Once Through Emails

Kaepernick family gathers in New Orleans

In the same interview with Fox Sports, Heidi revealed that she couldnt distance herself entirely from her child. She told the outlet that she continuously kept in touch with Teresa and Rick after the adoption. But soon the letters and messages became rare as it was putting her life on hold. She said:

I couldnt move forward with my life. I would wait for her letters. Id wait for a lot of things like pictures, it was really hard.

Until 2016, Heidi hooted for her kid from the sidelines or through her TV set. And, although she has met Rick and Teresa, she is yet to meet Colin personally.

However, this hasnt stopped Colin and Heidi from exchanging emails. In a series of back and forth email conversations, Colin asked Heidi about the identity and whereabouts of his biological father. But she had no answer to it as his father had been a mere ghost after Russos pregnancy.

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Who Is Colin Kaepernick’s Father

Rick Kaepernick

Rick Kaepernick is Colins adoptive father. After losing two sons to heart defects, Rick & Teresa first held their new son at only 5 weeks old at the Lutheran Social Services office in Appleton, Wisconsin. Ricks family of 5 lived in Fond du Lac, before moving to California when Colin turned 4 years old so that Rick could take a job as an operations manager for the Hilmar Cheese Company. Because of his different skin color, the Kaepernicks reaffirmed that it was perfectly alright, and always stood up for their youngest son. When Colin was a teenager, they even drove him an hour out of town to get him cornrows.

Colin Kaepernick Never Forgot His True Roots

Despite being raised in a white family, Colin Kaepernick never forgot his roots. He supports the black community and even highlighted the issues that they are been facing.

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During his time in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers, he protested to shed light on those social injustices. Those protests didnt receive a positive reaction from everyone, but Kap sparked a huge debate. Since then, what he did has been seen as inspiring by many.

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Colin Kaepernick Ethnic Background Where Is He Now

Colin Kaepernick was adopted by an American couple and lived in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin until he was four years old.

Later he moved to California with his family, and when he was eight years old, he began playing football.

An American activist Colin Kaepernick was talented in studies as well. He studied at John H. Pitman High School in Turlock, California, where he was a brilliant student.

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Colin Kaepernicks Parents Were Looking To Adopt A White Son

Colin Kaepernick Parents 2021: Adopted Mom, Dad, Birth Mother, Father ...

Colin Kaepernick’s name will go down in history as his story is one for the books. The former NFL player changed the course of his life when he took a knee during the national anthem at one of his 2016 games.

When he was a five-week-old infant, Colin Kaepernick was adopted by Teresa and Rick Kaepernick. Although Kaepernick expressed that he grew up in a loving home from a young age, the former San Francisco quarterback could never really shake off the feeling that he was different.

Besides being biracial and his parents being white, Colin understood that his world experience was different from his family’s. But, what do we know about his upbringing? Who are Teresa and Rick Kaepernick?

Rick Kaepernick, Teresa Kaepernick, Colin Kaepernick and Nessa Diab posed at the VH1’s 3rd Annual “Dear Mama: A Love Letter To Moms” – Cocktail Reception in Los Angeles | Source: Getty Images


There are only a few details of Colin Kaepernick’s parents’ lives. However, per The Sun and Newsweek, Teresa and Rick Kaepernick lived in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, when they adopted Colin.

A few years later, when Kaepernick was four years old, Rick was offered a job at Hilmar Cheese Company in Turlock, California, where he took the role of Senior Vice President of Growth and Development. Kaepernick’s adoptive mom worked as a nurse.

“My parents just wanted to let me be who I needed to be.”

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Who Is Colin Kaepernick Biological Father

Rick KaepernickColin Kaepernick/FathersColin Kaepernick was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 3, 1987. When only a few weeks old, Colin was adopted by Rick and Teresa Kaepernick. His adoptive parents had already lost two of their children from a heart defect. When young Colin was born, his biological mother, Heidi Russo, was 19.

Who Is Colin Kaepernick’s Mother

Teresa Kaepernick

Teresa Kaepernick is not Colins birth mom. She worked as a nurse when Colin was adopted by her and her husband, Rick. She has two other children – son Kyle and daughter Devon. She gave birth to two sons who she lost to heart defects, Lance and Kent. They would have been 34 and 32 now.

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Who Are Colin Kaepernick’s Birth Parents

Colin Kaepernick’s birth mother is a nurse from Thornton Colorado named Heidi Russo. Russo, a Caucasian woman, gave birth to Colin in Milwaukee in 1987 when she was 19 years old. Colin’s birth father is an African-American man whose identity is unknown.

Russo has been outspoken about being Colin’s birth mother and sent him multiple correspondence over the years but was asked to stop by Teresa, according to ESPN.

Colin has never met his birth mother. Explaining his decision to keep his distance prior to Super Bowl XLVII, he said: “It’s not really a respect thing. It’s just, that’s my family. That’s it.”

Russo has spoken out against Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the national anthem and tweeted multiple times about doing so.

Speaking to Denver publication Westword in 2020 after the George Floyd tragedy, Russo said of Kaepernick: “I completely support and agree with what his protest is all about, and I always have. I just never agreed with the manner in which he chose to do it. There are other ways he could have done it instead of kneeling while he was playing football.”

More details of Kaepernick’s upbringing are shared and dramatized in Colin in Black & White.

All six episodes are available to watch on Netflix now.

Heidi Doesnt Want Any Part Of Colins Fame Or Money

Before he was Colin Kaepernick

Now many may speculate that Heidi is jumping the bandwagon because of the rise in fame of her son, Colin. But thats not the case at all. She has clearly told in various interviews that she isnt after his money. In fact, when Colin was 7 she took a big step and asked Kaepernicks to stop sending her pictures of Colin because it was too painful for her. She simply cared a lot about her child.

Colin has made his wishes very clear, and Im just respecting his wishes. For 26 years, its a journey of pain of loss. And that doesnt change. It might lighten, but it doesnt change, Russo said.

In a guest post on America Adopts she said over the years, she has grown, changed, and healed but the pain doesnt go away from her.

As much as I believed over the past 26 years that my heart healed after placing Colin in Rick and Teresas arms, Ive come to realize there will always be a piece missing. There isnt a day that goes by, if even for a second, that Colin doesnt cross my mind.

She simply wants to reignite her relationship with her long-lost baby boy. Thats all.

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Colin Kaepernick Biological Parents

Friends, we are going to talk about a famous NFL Colin Kaepernick. If you are his fan and want to know more details like who the parents are and many more. Then start to read our article based on Colin Kaepernick Biological Parents.

The NFL is one of the major tournaments whose fans are always crazy about football players and always want to know more in-depth about their personal lives. But, of course, most of them are familiar with Colin Kaepernick, the former best player of the NFL.

Now lets talk about the details of his personal life and Colin Kaepernick Biological Parents. Most people from the United States are curious to know about his life.

Do Rick And Teresa Have Any Other Children

Kaepernick is one of three children Rick and Teresa have.

His siblings include, his brother, Kyle and his sister Devon.

Despite having a high profile brother, Kyle and Devon have both stayed out of the spotlight over the years as not much information is available on them.

They both reportedly still reside in California where Devon is raising two children of her own.

She is also seen posting about her family often on social media.

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Is Colin Kaepernick Still With Nike 2022

The possible 2022 NFL return will be due to their successful association and work together over the years. It will be up to Kaepernick to show his doubters that he is an NFL player beyond his Nike campaigns. While the interest in recruiting him remains high, things are looking up for the 34-year-old NFL QB.

More On His Biological Mother

Colin Kaepernick net worth, bio, age, height, family

Colin Kaepernick had garnered much criticism as well as an appreciation for his involvement on the field, and off-field. He not only sparked a controversy in the realm of the NFL but ensured that his movement gained some traction in the right way. That is towards the path of justice. He protested against social injustice, especially the deaths of African-Americans at the hands of police. However, his parents are the one who has supported him through this. Sources have revealed that his parents stand in solidarity with him and support the decision their son has taken so far.

Colin was born on November 3, 1987, to Heidi Russo. She is of Italian descent. Many have confirmed that he was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As Russo was just 19 years old, she put him up for adoption. Soon she placed him under the care of Rick and Teresa when he was just five weeks old. The couple has two older children. One of them was their son, Kyle, and the other was a daughter, Devon. Moreover, as we have already mentioned, the couple had lost two sons at birth. Due to congenital heart failure, they lost both their sons. Soon after the tragedy hit them, they moved from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, to Turlock, California.

When Colin Kaepernick was growing up, he played football, baseball as well as basketball. This showcases his athletic accountability. Therefore, his family called him âBoâ as an ode to Bo Jackson.

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