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What Kind Of Person Am I Psychology Test

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Is Your Personality Genetic

What Type of PERSON Am I? – Taking Personality Test (16 Personalities)

Is your personality nature or nurture? Did you inherit your traits from your parents or create them in your childhood? The answer isboth.

Our personalities are complicated, multi-dimensional beasts. Based on four different twin studies, researchers believe certain traits are more heritable than others. For example, how adventurous you are is the most heritable trait, while how easy going you are is the least heritable. In other words, if your parents love trying new foods, you are more likely to enjoy that as well. But if your parents are laid-back hippies, you have less of a chance of being a hippie.

Here is an overview of the 5 traits and how heritable they are.

Personality Trait #: Extroversion

Extroversion describes how you interact with people. People who rate high in extroversion are;outgoing and energetic. People who rate low in extroversion are more;solitary and reserved.;Do you agree or disagree with these statements?

  • I am the life of the party.
  • I dont mind being the center of attention.
  • I am usually the one;to start a conversation with someone.

If you agreed, you probably rate high in extroversion. If you disagreed, you probably rate low in extroversion.

  • Extraversion has 54% genetic influence

Special Note: If you rate low in extroversion, be sure to not force yourself to try being extroverted. Honor your introversion. You never want to try being something or someone you are not. Think of the places and people who get you excited and stick to those nourishing spots. This helps you stay true to yourselflet the extroverts go to the nightclubs!

Fast And Accurate Jung Personality Test

The Jung personality test measures your preferences for dealing with and relating to people, processing information, making decisions and organizing your life. Its results give you a good overview of your personality and behavior. You can then see how your Jung types match up with a potential employer’s requirements.

The Jung typology is the result of the work of Carl Gustav Jung, an eminent Swiss psychiatrist who originated Jungian Psychology. This is one of the world’s most established and well respected models on personality and behavior. Tests using the Jung typology model are widely used by organizations for assessment centers, team building, coaching and personal development.;The Jung test is, together with the;Personality test;and the;DISC assessment, one of the most well known personality tests worldwide.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and MBTI are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Myers & Briggs Foundation in the United States and other countries.

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Are You A Leader A Follower Or A Tyrant

Do you secretly enjoy the fact that other people are afraid of you? Is it important for you to convince everyone to accept your point of view even when it comes to small and insignificant matters? Do you enjoy being in the center of attention?

Or maybe you are a complete opposite of that: Do you prefer following orders and being told what to do? Or do you prefer to work alone without being told what to do or having anyone to lead? Find out whether you are a leader, a follower or a tyrant here »

How Quizzes As Interactive Content Can Change Your Marketing Strategy

Free personality test online that analyzes your ...

Using quizzes can add a smart and entertaining edge to your marketing campaigns. They can really boost engagement and create a lot of awareness. Here are some good-to-know insights on how beneficial interactive content and personality quizzes can be for your company.

For more information, you can check the other Statistics from CMI.

Interactive content is a fast-growing trend in content marketing. Its providing great results and insights for people who leverage it correctly. Again, there are lots of ways to create interactive content, but I think that online quizzes are one of the easiest and most accessible ways to do it.

Sidenote: Can your Facebook page benefit from a customized personality quiz?

Well, a quiz can bring you the viral effect and instantly boost your engagement levels. Quizzes are 40 times more likely to be;shared on social media networks. Crazy, right?

The Heineken Go Places;is one of my favorites because it uses an outcome quiz that invites potential prospects on an interview, where they are led through a Heineken Neverland and asked to answer 12 spit-fire questions in under five seconds each.

At the end of the quiz, a personality assessment is offered to the viewer and can be easily shared on their social media.

In conclusion:

Creating that personality quiz is not only entertaining for you and your respondents. It has a lot of benefits for your business as well. 3 birds with one stone am I right?

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To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is just as important as IQin and out of the office.

So what is it? EQ is the ability to process and manage your own emotions, as well as understand and influence the emotions of others. Use these online tests to see how well you fareand what you should work on to become better at it.

Creating A Personality Questionnaire

Psychologists often assess a persons personality using a questionnaire that is filled in by the person who is being assessed. Such a tests is called a self-report inventory. To get into the spirit of personality assessment, please complete the personality inventory below. It has only 10 questions. Simply decide much each pair of words or phrases fits you.

The questionnaire you just completed is called the TIPI: The Ten-Item Personality Inventory. It was created by University of Texas psychologist Sam Gosling as a very brief measure of five personality characteristics: Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability, and Openness to Experience. These five personality dimensions are called The Big Five and, taken together, they have been found to be an excellent first-level summary of peoples personality.

Tests of the Big Five personality dimensions are widely used by researchers and by people in business and education who want a general view of a persons personality. There are several different self-report inventories that have been developed to measure the Big Five traits, most with 50 or more questions. The TIPI, which you just took, was developed for situations where time is very limited and the tester needs a good enough version of the test. One of the longer versions would be used by someone needing a more reliable and nuanced view of someones personality.

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Write Questions That Are Fun To Answer

When youre writing your questions. Use someone, preferably a teenager, to read them and watch their reaction. Teenagers are kind of a hard crowd to please. They also know the lingo and whats hip and trendy. Youll always benefit from asking a teenager to read your quiz questions. Additionally, its a good check for you to make sure your use of language isnt too difficult.

If the target audience for your quiz is far from the teenage demographic, of course, youd do well in making sure you pick someone from that demographic instead.

If your test-respondents smile or act pleasantly, youre on the right track. If they arent, you might have to rethink your questions. Rewriting your quiz is a big part of the process. Dont settle for your first version. Copy the first version, adjust it, and compare which version is the best, in the end.

Doug Villhards Tips on building Great personality quizzes were a big inspiration. Below you can find my take on them.

So lets see how to make a personality quiz:

  • Use fun interjections to liven up your quiz! Itll help you make the content feel more like a human conversation than just a list of questions. Check out our Interjection list for some great examples, ooooooooh yeah!
  • You can add as many questions as you want to, but be careful. You dont want your respondents to quit halfway. The ideal number of questions is 7.

For example:What do you do when you see someone cute on the street?

Big Five Personality Traits

A Test That Can Accurately Say Who You Are

Human resources professionals often use the Big Five personality dimensions to help place employees. That is because these dimensions are considered to be the underlying traits that make up an individuals overall personality.

The Big Five personality traits are:

  • Openness
  • Neuroticism


  • Openness – People who like to learn new things and enjoy new experiences usually score high in openness. Openness includes traits like being insightful and imaginative and having a wide variety of interests.
  • Conscientiousness – People that have a high degree of conscientiousness are reliable and prompt. Traits include being organized, methodic, and thorough.
  • Extraversion – Extraverts get their energy from interacting with others, while introverts get their energy from within themselves. Extraversion includes the traits of energetic, talkative, and assertive.
  • Agreeableness – These individuals are friendly, cooperative, and compassionate. People with low agreeableness may be more distant. Traits include being kind, affectionate, and sympathetic.
  • Neuroticism – Neuroticism is also sometimes called Emotional Stability. This dimension relates to ones emotional stability and degree of negative emotions. People that score high on neuroticism often experience emotional instability and negative emotions. Traits include being moody and tense.

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Creating The Blirt Scale

One of my closest friends is sometimes annoying and usually entertaining, but he never holds back; you always know what hes thinking. His wife is kind and friendly, and she is first to arrive when help is needed, but she hides her feelings and opinions. It is not easy to know what she wants or where she stands.

Consider your own closest friends. Where do they fall on the continuum between my friends? Who is open and easy to read, and who is private and guarded?

Back in the early 2000s, social psychologist William Swann and his colleagues became interested in the impact of self-disclosurethe process of communicating information about ourselves to other peopleon personal relationships. In one paper, the researchers wrote about blirters and broodersgood labels for my two friends. Early in their research, the psychologists realized that the story was not going to be simple. Enthusiastic self-disclosure is sometimes good for relationships and sometimes bad, and the same is true about reluctance to self-disclose .

The researchers also realized that they didnt really have a good way to sort people out on the self-disclosure continuum. Self-selection often doesnt fit with how other peopleincluding your friendssee you. And researchers first impressions are extremely unreliable. They needed a better way to measure peoples willingness to self-disclose.

Personality Trait #: Conscientiousness

Conscientiousness describes how organized and dependable you are. People who rate high in conscientiousness are efficient and organized. People who rate low in conscientiousness are more easy-going and laid back. Do you agree or disagree with these statements?

  • I am highly self-disciplined.
  • I am very organized and always come prepared.
  • I like to know the plan rather than be spontaneous.

If you agreed, you probably rate high in conscientiousness. If you disagreed, you probably rate low in conscientiousness.

  • Conscientiousness has 49% genetic influence

Special Note: If you rate high in conscientiousness, you want to make sure the people around you respect your desire to have a plan. But dont get too frustrated with people who rate low in conscientiousnessyou cant blame them for not being organized. It just doesnt come as naturally.

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Why Personality Quizzes Work

A Personality Quiz is a great way to create a personalized content experience for your readers thats truly all about them. Quizzes give you the chance to reveal something interesting or surprising about each of your readers that will make them want to share their results with their peers. This means that the results you create in your quiz are an ideal medium to communicate your message to your readers, packaged in a revelation about them!

Robert Simmermon explains in The Huffington Post that personality quizzes give the illusion of authenticity, as these assessments can offer an opportunity to reaffirm the judgments weve already made about ourselves. It reinforces a sense of yourself, whether it has any legitimacy or not, says Simmermon, who was pegged as Obi-Wan Kenobi in one online test. We know its not literal, but we hold out maybe a little secret part of ourselves that hopes it is true.

Whats more, people are always looking for venues for self-awareness, explains Steven Meyers, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Ill. You could introspect and think about yourself, however, that has its limits, he says. When we take these self-assessments it gives us another mirror inward.

We are all trying to make sense of our lives and we are all asking the same questions: Who am I? Who do others think I am? And who do I want to be?

How Do You Cope With Lifes Challenges

Who am I

Life can be tough at times and we all have our unique strategies of dealing with fear, anxiety and negative emotions whether we are aware of them or not. How do you personally cope with these challenges?

Do you lie to yourself? Do you deny the obvious? Do you overeat? Do you become aggressive and direct that aggression towards someone weaker than you? Do you come home and kick your cat because your boss is being mean to you? Seriously! You might be doing these things without realizing. Our defense mechanism test takes a while to take, but its one of the best tests on this website. Find out all about your coping strategies now »

While the above test measures your unconscious coping techniques, this test analyzes your conscious coping strategies. When faced with a serious problem, do you decide to deal with it, or do you seek social support, or perhaps, you consciously avoid it? Find out now »

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What Youll Learn To Do: Explain The Use And Purpose Of Common Personality Tests

Personality tests are techniques designed to measure ones personality. They are used to diagnose psychological problems as well as to screen candidates for college and employment. There are two types of personality tests: self-report inventories and projective tests. The MMPI is one of the most common self-report inventories. It asks a series of true/false questions that are designed to provide a clinical profile of an individual. Projective tests use ambiguous images or other ambiguous stimuli to assess an individuals unconscious fears, desires, and challenges. The Rorschach Inkblot Test, the TAT, the RISB, and the C-TCB are all forms of projective tests.

Your Personality Can Change Your Vote

Your personality shapes your political opinions more than we realize.;What do you think:

Who is higher in openness? (Openness is;How much we like new ideas, imagination and trying new things.

a) Liberals

b) Conservatives

Who is higher in conscientiousness? (Conscientiousness is;How organized we are, how much we like details and plans.

a) Liberals

According to a study in the;Journal of Applied Social Psychology;here is the answer:

Who is higher in openness?

a) Liberals

Who is higher in conscientiousness?

b) Conservatives

Liberals are more likely to be:

High open

Conservatives are more likely to be:

High conscientious

This tells us a lot. It tells us why:

Make America Great Again

Resonates with conservatives and not liberals. If you are low open you do not want change, you want to bring back the good old times.

This tells us why:

Resonated with liberals. They are high open and crave change.

There are so many forces that affect our choices.

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Personality Trait #: Agreeableness

Agreeableness is how you feel toward others. People who rate high in agreeableness are;friendly and compassionate. People who rate low in agreeableness are more;analytical and detached.;Do you agree or disagree with these statements?

  • I tend to trust people and give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • I am extremely empathetic.
  • I like to make other people feel at ease.

If you agreed, you rate probably high in agreeableness. If you disagreed, you rate probably low in agreeableness.

  • Agreeableness has 42% genetic influence

Special Note: If you rate low in agreeableness, empathy doesnt come as naturally to you. So, your partner might say things such as, Dont you understand me? or, Why dont you get me? Thats okay. Know that you have to make more of a mental effort to put yourself in their shoes.

Learn More About Yourself With A Counselor

What Personality Type Am I? | 16 Personalities Quiz

While a “who am I” personality quiz can tell you a lot, it’s of course not really a substitute for sitting down with a someone to help you understand why you act the way that you do. You can take a bazillion “who am I” quizzes, and while it’s great to know that you’re “personality X” what can you really do with that? Sometimes the answer comes in the form of another person, and interacting with a second person to help you grasp who you are.

Another way to learn more about yourself is by going to see a counselor. Counseling can help you learn about your thought patterns and help you heal emotional scars so you can become the person that you want to be. BetterHelp is a great option that is affordable and lets you chat with a professional counselor online rather than having to worry about finding in-person counseling that is often time-consuming and costly. You can see just how helpful BetterHelp counselors are with some of the reviews below.

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Asian Americans Or European Americans

How blirtatious a person is can be influenced by a lot of factors, including cultural normsways of acting that we learn from our families and the people around us as we grow up. Although we shouldnt overstate the difference, Asian cultures tend to emphasize restraint of emotional expression, while European cultures are more likely to encourage direct and rapid expression.

The researchers were able to get BLIRT scores from 2,800 students from European-American cultures and 698 students from Asian-American cultures. What would you predict about the BLIRT scores for these two groups?

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