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What Are Some Important Reasons For Studying Biology

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Quick Answer: What Are Some Important Reasons For Studying Biology

Importance of Biology – Studi Biology

A biology major gives you an in-depth understanding of the natural world. It also helps you learn how to conduct research, problem solve, organize, and think critically. Youll find that graduating with a biology degree opens the door to many exciting job opportunities.

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What Careers Can I Do With Biology

Biology is a key subject for lots of STEM careers, particularly in healthcare, medicine and jobs involving plants or animals. The list is pretty long and includes: nursing, dentistry, forensic science, psychology, physiotherapy, botany, environmental science, zoology, geology, oceanography, pharmaceuticals, energy, teaching, science writing, genetics and research.

Lab science is one of many career paths for biologists

Rachel Lambert-Forsyth, director of education and training at the Society of Biology, says: biology opens up exciting career possibilities. From conservation to cancer research, biologists are tackling important 21st century challenges, and we need skilled young people to be part of this.

It is also important to remember that biology is excellent preparation for non-scientific careers, thanks to the skills it provides everything from analytical thinking to writing reports.

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Learning In Biology Opens Up Career Opportunities

The truth is that the subject of biology itself isnt nearly as important as what you can do with it. The applications for biology are nearly endless, which makes it a great field to get into. Whether you are motivated by getting a great, lucrative job, or doing work that will have a positive impact on a great number of people, biology will give you a good chance to find that.

Alane Lim provides some prominent examples of the fields you can work in with a biology major:

  • Research, whether in the lab, the field or both
  • Healthcare, as doctors, nurses, veterinarians, or developing drugs and vaccines for pharmaceutical companies
  • Conservation, by studying endangered species and finding out what causes their extinction and/or advocating to protect them and their environments
  • Art, by finding ways to depict biological systems that help us understand how theyre composed and how they function

Writing on After School Africa, Danjuma Musa provides another good example of how thinking about the cycle of life can have applications for farming, agriculture, food production, and other systems we depend on every day: We consume an infinite number of biological products for our survival. Livestock is an important source of food for humans, and we use them as raw materials for certain products. For example, dairy farms produce milk, beef, skin, oil, and other products.

Discover The Latest Research Methods

What is biology and Why study biology?

Scientific subjects like Biology not only incorporate concepts that have been proven in the past, they also work with a look into the future.

In a subject like Biology that is constantly evolving through innovation and new technology, educational courses are always looking to engage young Biologists with cutting edge ideas and methods that mirror the real-life subject evolution.

Biological techniques are the tools and methods you will have in your approach to biological research.

To study living things, you will be working with computational and experimental procedures, plus different tools and protocols to help seek new findings as well as work with existing findings.

In Biology class, you can richly benefit from going into detail about these methods and approaches, sometimes seizing the opportunity to carry out your own experiments and investigations using advanced techniques. Science students are blessed that their subject is in constant evolution.

Although you might not have access to hi-tech lab equipment at your school, they should still have an equipped Science lab that you can use to carry out small-scale experiments.

Not many other subjects allow you to have this kind of fun during the semester.

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Who Is Father Of Biology

Therefore, Aristotle is called the Father of biology. He was a great Greek philosopher and polymath. His theory of biology also known as the Aristotles biology describes five major biological processes, namely, metabolism, temperature regulation, inheritance, information processing and embryogenesis.

Why Study Biology 5 Benefits Of Studying Biology For Every Student

As a parent, it can be very concerning when your child comes up to you to say that theyre not interested in what theyre studying now, right?

Worse still, your childs lack of interest might heavily affect their grades

So, what should you do when your child comes up to you and says Dad/Mum, Im learning biology in school now and Ive no interest in it. Why am I being forced to learn it?

Dont get stumped when you hear these questions, lets find out how to answer these questions today!

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Is Biology A Good Course

Biology is a good degree choice for keen scientists, but if you want to pursue a career in this area, for example in healthcare or research, youre likely to need to go on to further study. If you want a career in biology, however, youre likely to need to undertake further study after you graduate.

Teaches Concepts On Basic Living

Why learn Biology? – Studi Biology

Despite being a small-scale concept, the basic way of how human beings live is also covered by the importance of biology. It teaches people how to plant for food consumption. Furthermore, it tells what food is appropriate to consume and what is not.

In some cases, biology has provided useful concepts and ideas in building shelters effectively. It may seem an obvious factor, but it is only through comprehending and interpreting the temperature of the human body and how it mainly works that everyone can know what he or she needs to eat and how to sleep comfortably.

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So What Can You Do With A Biology Degree

Biology degrees are extensive, so as you might expect, careers for biology graduates are equally as wide-ranging. Careers you could pursue with a biology degree include:

Biology careers can lead you to study living organisms to help develop biological knowledge and understanding of living processes for a number of different purposes, including treatment of disease and sustaining the natural environment.

Many biology degree graduates choose to study at postgraduate level within a specialization or related field, in order to further their expertise and help career progression, although further study often isnt necessary for many.

Read on to find out more about the selection of typical and less typical biology careers available for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

You Can Use Its Principles To Answer Big Questions

People often think about the sciences as being all facts and figures, yet it is these evidence-based subjects that help us to question all else in this world.

By understanding facts surrounding what is physically and anatomically possible, budding scientists can apply these principles again and again as they begin to question things that intrigue them: for example, if an afterlife truly exists, whether the Big Bang Theory could ever be a reliable concept, or if the story of Adam and Eve could be biologically possible.

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Biology Has Contributed Much In Research

Biology is a subject of a great deal in research. Most space explorations and landing use animals to do their research. The engineering and biometric studies of drugs have been successful due to the knowledge of biology. Surprisingly, the testing of a capability of destructions of powerful bombs such as atomic and nuclear was done by the use of animals.

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Society Needs Biology And Those With Biological Knowledge

What Are Some Important Reasons for Studying Biology?

So much of what we know about the natural world and how we interact with it has come from scientific research. Scientists are a cornerstone group of contributors to our society. Their work is international and affects each human.

Biology is particularly useful to us as humans because it teaches us how life is created, how it is sustained, and how it responds to external factors like the environment.

Biology also has an impact on our production and implementation of medicines that can be used to treat harmful conditions.

The field of Biology needs fresh, talented biologists to continue to drive the scientific work forward and aid researchers in the development of treatments for terminal illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

The impact you can have on human health with a life dedicated to learning and producing work in the field of biological science is a major reason that so many students decide to find a University course that can work for them and enter into the field.

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Why Is Biology A Good Subject

Referred to as the science of life, Biology is an exciting, practical science that explores all living things, including humans, animals and plants. Biology allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of all living organisms on our planet, i.e. how they function as well as how they rely on one another to survive.

You Can Explore The Food Chain In An Ecosystem

Biological interactions explain the effects that one organism has on another living thing. In the natural world, all organisms interact with the environment and eachother in order to survive.

Biology teaches about the interdependency between animal and plant species in particular, and the energy supply required to feed growth and cell division.

Lessons will help pupils to identify which species are producers and which are consumers, and lay out the interconnecting food chains in an ecosystem.

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Careers In Biology And Life Sciences

There are many practical ways in which a degree in biology and life sciences can be applied. These include, but arenot limited to:

Research biologists use the latest scientific tools and techniques in both laboratory settingand the outdoors to study the natural world and understand how living systems work.
Health care
Biologists might work to defeat illnesses such as tuberculosis, AIDS, cancer, and heartdisease. Others might work to prevent the spread of rare, infectious diseases such as the Ebola virus.
You might choose to impart your knowledge to others, whether in a college or universitysetting, primary or secondary school, or science museum, zoo, aquarium, park, or nature center.

A degree in biology will open up innumerable doors to you, if you have the dedication and skill to pursue it.

The Many Branches Of Biology

Creativity break: why is learning biology important? | High school biology | Khan Academy

Although there are only four unifying principles, biology covers a broad range of topics that are broken into many disciplines and subdisciplines.

On a high level, the different fields of biology can each be thought of as the study of one type of organism, according to “Blackie’s Dictionary of Biology ” . For example, zoology is the study of animals, botany is the study of plants and microbiology is the study of microorganisms.

Within those broader fields, many biologists specialize in researching a specific topic or problem. For example, a scientist may study behavior of a certain fish species, while another scientist may research the neurological and chemical mechanisms behind the behavior.

What is a scientific hypothesis?

There are numerous branches and subdisciplines of biology, but here is a short list of some of the more broad fields that fall under the umbrella of biology:

Biochemistry: The study of the chemical processes that take place in or are related to living things, according to the Biochemical Society . For example, pharmacology is a type of biochemistry research that focuses on studying how drugs interact with chemicals in the body, as described in a 2010 review in the journal Biochemistry.

Ecology: The study of how organisms interact with their environment. For example, an ecologist may study how honeybee behavior is affected by humans living nearby.

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You Can Benefit From A Clear Career Path

Naturally, Biology leads the way to a career in Medicine as well as jobs as a Teacher or Scientist. But while Biology is fundamental to those seeking a career in the teaching or healthcare sectors, it also offers numerous other routes.

There are various branches of Biology which can open up many alternative professional doors, including Ecology, Marine Biology, Zoology and many more. Some job options for Biology graduates are Microbiologist, Pharmacologist and Znature Conservation Officer.

Meanwhile, Biology can additionally be useful for those dreaming to work as a Dentist, Acupuncturist or even a Writer of science-related content. As you can see, a wide range of employers recruit those with qualifications in Biology.

You can hire a Biology tutor to help you to secure the marks you need in the subject.

Some online tutoring biology can also help you out with that all-important Biology revision.

Biology Is At The Forefront Of Ecological Issues

Biologists are also at the cutting edge of ecological conservation research. By studying biology, students become much more aware of ecological issues, and better able to debate situations where exploitation of the environment clashes with conservation objectives, or where we need to develop more sustainable ways of using our natural resources .

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Its Fun To Study Biology

It is always exciting to learn the essential components of your existence and that of other living things around you. Part of the excitement is due to the broadness of biology since there is a lot to know about life. Again, much of what you learn is practical from visiting a lab or local river for samples, to taking part in growing and managing certain organisms, everything is hands-on. You also participate in adventures in woods or other natural habitats to learn about new living things.

There are constantly new discoveries being made in the field of biology, to such an extent that no single person can know all there is to even a tenth of biology. Itll be really fun to always have to deal with new things in a subject you have passion for.

Wide Selection Of Disciplines

Why study science

Biology is among subjects with the broadest fields of study. As a lover of biology, youll find there are so many interesting branches of biology that you might be fussy about which one to choose. A long list of choices means youll also face less competition when seeking admission. As is seen in this Biology Online article, there are as many as 50 or so different branches of biology. Ill briefly describe a few of the most popular choices, but you can explore each discipline further to see what it entails.


Biotechnology is the study of technology for use in modifying living organisms to improve their productivity to humans. This study is employed in the fields of animal domestication, plant cultivation, and the use of genetic modifications to create new better breeds for certain purposes. Biotechnology sees a wide range of applications in genetic engineering and cell or tissue technologies.


Biology is the study of life and living organisms in terms of physical structure, evolution, physiological mechanisms, chemical process, development, and molecular interactions. Basically, as a Biologist, thats what youll be doing. It is a very broad subject that employs various other sciences, like mathematics, physics, and chemistry in understanding some complex realities. Biotechnology, Biology is also a research-intensive field.

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Learn Basic Concepts Of Living

We all know how to stay alive because it is instinctive to us as living things. However, Biology can explain all the events that come together to keep living organisms alive.

Biology teaches us how to plant food that we can later consume to carry on living healthy prosperous lives. Biology underlines the importance of concepts such as hydration and nutrition and explains to us why humans need to maintain their physicality and sleep well to perform at their best.

How Is Biology Used In Real Life

People consume biological products both to survive and for enjoyment. Livestock provide food for humans, and those animals in turn need their own food to survive. Other biological processes aid in food production. Compost made from decaying plant and animal waste serves as a natural fertilizer for organic crops.

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What Are Examples Of Biology

An example of biology is one aspect of science a person would study in order to become a Forensic Scientist. The science that deals with the origin, history, physical characteristics, life processes, habits, etc. of living organisms, as plants and animals, and of viruses: it includes botany, zoology, and microbiology.

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