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Ways To Remember Geometry Formulas

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Sample Gre Geometry Formula Practice Questions

A Silly Way to Memorize Math Formulas

Those are it in a nutshellthe GRE geometry formulas youll need on test day! However, memorizing formulas and putting them into practice are two very different things.

So that you can see the difference, weve pulled two problems from the Magoosh GRE prep course so you can try your hand at them.

Question 1: Multiple Choice1. The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 16 ft longer than the length of the shorter leg. If the area of this triangle is exactly 120 ft2, what is the length of the hypotenuse in feet?

A. 26

Check your answer and view the video explanation here!

Question 2: Numeric Entry2. In the diagram, point D is the center of the medium-sized circle that passes through C and E, and it is also the center of the largest circle that passes through A and G. Each of the diameters of the small circles with centers B and F equals the radius of the medium-sized circle with center D. The shaded area is what fraction of the largest circle?

Understand How The Formulas Came About

Still thinking about how to remember formulas? Before trying to cram any formula, try to understand how the formula was proven, each formulas elements, and why they make sense together. Understanding the workings of any given formula makes it a lot easier to remember.Lets test this with something simple. Consider the area of an isosceles triangle as ½bh, where b is the triangles base, and h is the height of the triangle. If we split the triangle vertically down the middle into two equal parts, itll form two right-angle triangles. Place the hypotenuses of these triangles together such that they form a rectangle. Youll find that the rectangles width is the same as half the base of the isosceles triangle, while the length of the rectangle is the same as the perpendicular height of the triangle.So essentially, the area of the rectangle and that of the isosceles triangle are the same. So if the dimensions are identical, as we stated in this example, then the ½bh of an isosceles triangle is the same as the L×B of a rectangle.Do you see how understanding the fundamentals of these shapes makes it easier to understand these formulas? This ultimately works in other areas of math beyond geometry.

The 28 Critical Sat Math Formulas You Must Know

The SAT math test is unlike any math test you’ve taken before. It’s designed to take concepts you’re used to and make you apply them in new ways. It’s tricky, but with attention to detail and knowledge of the basic formulas and concepts covered by the test, you can improve your score.

So what formulas do you need to have memorized for the SAT math section before the day of the test? In this complete guide, I’ll cover every critical formula you MUST know before you sit down for the test. I’ll also explain them in case you need to jog your memory about how a formula works. If you understand every formula in this list, you’ll save yourself valuable time on the test and probably get a few extra questions correct.

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Understand And Not Cram

You can easily forget what you crammed, butnever what you truly understand. Instead of having a myopic focus on thenumbers and symbols, try to understand what that particular formula actuallysolves. Once you have a semblance of a real world issue being solved by aformula, you are unlikely to forget it ever in your life.

What Is A Math Formula And Why Is It Important

What is the best way to memorize math formulas?

In mathematics, a formula is a word equation that defines how to find the unknown variables within the equation in terms of other known values. It is commonly used to describe data that is being graphed or plotted.

Mathematical formulas are important because they help us visualize data and get a better understanding of the concept. They can also be used as a step-by-step guide to solving problems in different areas.

There are many different types of mathematical equations. The most common ones are linear, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric equations.

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Volume Of A Rectangular Solid

  • l is the length of one of the sides.
  • h is the height of the figure.
  • w is the width of one of the sides.
  • $r$ is the radius of the circular side of the cylinder.
  • $h$ is the height of the cylinder.
  • $r$ is the radius of the sphere.


  • $r$ is the radius of the circular side of the cone.
  • $h$ is the height of the pointed part of the cone .


  • $l$ is the length of one of the edges of the rectangular part of the pyramid.
  • $h$ is the height of the figure at its peak .
  • $w$ is the width of one of the edges of the rectangular part of the pyramid.

Law: the number of degrees in a circle is 360

Law: the number of radians in a circle is $2$

Law: the number of degrees in a triangle is 180

Gear up that brain because here come the formulas you have to memorize.

How To Use Memory Tricks To Memorize Math Formulas

Have you ever found yourself stuck while solving a math problem because you couldnt remember the required formula? Its right there, dangling on the edge of your memory but just out of reach enough for you to not recall it.If you have any educationand most of us doyou probably know what this feels like. But this doesnt happen only to students. Classroom teachers, online tutors, and more have come up with a blank too on many occasions.Math is an essential science subject. As Erica Sunarjo of essay writing service review outfit, Best Writers Online puts it, many times, mathematical formulas can express a solution clearer than any words in the dictionary.Her sentiment is echoed in how mathematical formulas are used across many fields of endeavorbusiness, financial analysis, woodwork and construction, interior design, research, technology, and a lot more. As crucial as math is, keeping track of the plethora of formulas involved can be overwhelming.Its worse if youre preparing for a big test, have a bunch of finance numbers to crunch, have a tutorial session coming up, etc. Weve outlined a few memory tricks in this post that will show you how to memorize formulas in a way thats easy to retain and recall.

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Geometry Rules: Isosceles Triangles

One geometry rule related to this last fact concerns one elite category of triangles: the isosceles triangles. These are triangles with two equal sides.

The angle between the two equal sides may be

an acute angle , as in triangle ABD

a right angle, as in triangle DEF, or

an obtuse angle as in triangle KLM

If two sides are equal, then we know the opposite angles are also equal: in triangle ABC, angle A = angle C in triangle DEF, angle E = angle F and in triangle KLM, angle K = angle M. In fact, Mr. Euclid pointed out that this geometry rule works both ways: if we are told two sides are equal, then we know two angles are equal, and if we are told two angles are equal, we know two sides are equal.

The line down the middle of an isosceles triangle is special:

As long as we are told that JKL and PQR are isosceles triangles, then this midline has some special properties:

it is perpendicular to the base: angle KML = angle QSR = 90°

its lower point bisects the base: JM = ML and PS = SR

it bisects the upper angle: angle JKM = angle MKL, and angle PQS = angle SQR

These are all good geometry equations to associate with isosceles triangles.

Super-technically, an isosceles triangle is one that has at least two equal sides. This means that a very special case of isosceles is the equilateral triangle.

Circumference Of A Circle

How to Remember Geometry Formulas


  • d is the diameter of the circle. It is a line that bisects the circle through the midpoint and touches two ends of the circle on opposite sides. It is twice the radius.
  • l is the length of the rectangle
  • w is the width of the rectangle
  • b is the length of the base of triangle
  • h is the height of the triangle
  • In a right triangle, the height is the same as a side of the 90-degree angle. For non-right triangles, the height will drop down through the interior of the triangle, as shown above .

$$a^2 + b^2 = c^2$$

  • In a right triangle, the two smaller sides are each squared. Their sum is the equal to the square of the hypotenuse .

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On The Occasion Of National Mathematics Day Here Are 8 Ways By Which You Can Easily Memorise Math Formulas

Most students are afraid of mathematics due to the long list of formulas. But, mathematics is not only limited to learning from textbooks, it is about solving and understanding problems.

Mathematics formulas are the best way to make this subject a fun subject. Therefore, learning maths formulas will help students to gain confidence and enhance their problem-solving skills.

But, it is very tough and confusing to memorize all the maths formulas in one go. So, here are 8 ways to memorize maths formulas in an easy way.

Sat Math: Beyond The Formulas

Though these are all the formulas you’ll need , this list doesn’t cover every aspect of SAT Math. You’ll also need to understand how to factor equations, how to manipulate and solve for absolute values, and how to manipulate and use exponents, and much more. These topics are all covered here.

Another important thing to remember is that while memorizing the formulas in this article that aren’t given to you on the test is important, knowing this list of formulas doesn’t mean you’re all set for SAT Math. You also need to practice applying these formulas to answer questions, so that you know when it makes sense to use them.

For instance, if you’re asked to calculate how likely it is that a white marble would be drawn from a jar that contains three white marbles and four black marbles, it’s easy enough to realize you need to take this probability formula:

$$\text”Probability of an outcome” = /$$

and use it to find the answer:

$\text”Probability of a white marble” = /$

$\text”Probability of a white marble” = 3/7$

On the SAT math section, however, you will also run into more complex probability questions like this one:

Dreams Recalled During One Week

C) $79/164$

D) $164/200$

There’s a lot of information to synthesize in that question: a table of data, a two-sentence long explanation of the table, and then, finally, what you need to solve for.

This is a probability question, so I’ll probably need to use this formula:

$$\text”Probability of an outcome” = /$$

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Ways To Memorise Math Formulas In Easy Way

Most students are afraid of mathematics due to the long list of formulas. But, mathematics is not only limited to learning from textbooks, it is about solving and understanding problems.

Mathematics formulas are the best way to make this subject a fun subject. Therefore, learning maths formulas will help students to gain confidence and enhance their problem-solving skills.

But, it is very tough and confusing to memorize all the maths formulas in one go. So, here are 8 ways to memorize maths formulas in an easy way.

Practice Questions Using Coordinate Geometry Formulas

Algebra leren
  • Find the distance between two points and .
  • Calculate the slope of a line with coordinates and .
  • Calculate the area of a triangle ABC whose vertices are at A, B and C.
  • Calculate the midpoint of the line segment joining the points P and Q
  • Keep visiting BYJUS and get more such maths formulas and concept explanations for free. Also, download BYJUS- The Learning App to get video lessons on different maths topics.

    Put your understanding of this concept to test by answering a few MCQs. Click Start Quiz to begin!

    Select the correct answer and click on the Finish buttonCheck your score and answers at the end of the quiz

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    Geometry Formulas: Special Parallelograms

    There are three categories of special parallelograms: rhombuses, rectangles, and squares. The BIG FOUR parallelogram properties above apply to all of them.

    A rhombus is an equilateral quadrilateral, that is, a quadrilateral with four equal sides.

    Most diamond shapes, such as those on playing cards, are simply rhombuses turned sideways, like the one on the right above. If the side is s, then the perimeter is always just 4s. The diagonals of a rhombus are always perpendicular. In fact, any rhombus can be subdivided into four congruent right triangles.

    As with a general parallelogram, A = bh, where the b is any side and the h is the length of a perpendicular segment: as with a general parallelogram, the Pythagorean Theorem may play a role in finding one of the lengths that you need.

    A rectangle is an equiangular quadrilateral, that is, a quadrilateral with four 90° angles.

    Each angle is 90° and the two diagonals are always equal in length: its an old carpenters trick to verify that a doorframe has four right angles simply by checking the lengths of the two diagonals. Of course, its usually easy to find the length of a diagonal using the Pythagorean theorem.

    The area of a rectangle is simply A =bh, where the base & height are simply lengths of any two adjacent sides. The perimeter is P = 2b + 2h.

    \\ \

    Use Established Mnemonics Or Make Up Your Own

    Ideally, you can use both. There are some mnemonic devices that we all know and love already. We all know BODMAS or PEMDAS . We also know the rule of finding the sine, cosine, and tangent of angles in a right-angled triangleSOH CAH TOA.There are many of these mnemonics that have made solving many math problems easier. Embrace them, and always use them when needed.Also, you could come up with your own mnemonics.Say your name is Elaine. You could memorize the formula E = mc² with the mnemonic Elaine loves meerkats and cats too. Here the t in too represents the power of 2 in the formula.You can also use a visual picture to store the formula. Using items that make sense together works best for this tactic. For instance, if you want to remember the formulas 2r or r², you can consider a pie and a rolling. So in the case of 2r, visualize 2 pies and a rolling pin. And for r², picture a pie and 2 rolling pins. Im sure you can see how these make sense.If the visual clues you adopt are rooted in real memories, they tend to stick more.

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    How Can I Learn Geometry Easily

    The best way to truly master geometry painlessly isnt rote memorization: its looking at principles in practice.

    It can be tempting to sit down with a basic list of geometry formulas, memorize them, and brush off your hands. However, to really master geometry, its not just about learning the formulasits about putting them into practice.

    With that said, the easiest way to learn geometry is to see how formulas apply to a wide variety of question types. The key to this is to use high-quality materials to do a lot of geometry questions, then reading the answers and explanations after youve answered themeven if youve answered them correctly!

    Why would you want to read question explanations if youve answered a question correctly? Because there may be a way to answer the question more quickly and efficiently than you didand yes, this includes the use of geometry formulas!

    P.S. If youre looking for a shortcut for solving geometry equations, click here!

    Easy Way To Learn Geometry Formulas

    How to Memorize Math Formulas | Math Formula Memorization

    Geometry, dating back to 3000 BC, is thatbranch of mathematics that helps in giving shape and dimension to the otherwiseflat world around us. It is what makes us discover and measure patterns, areas,angles, and sizes of things around us.

    Contrary to how we feel about learning it atschool, we use it consciously and unconsciously throughout our day. We use itto make mental calculations while we park our bikes, while deciding thedimensions of a painting or a sculpture, and even while shooting for that goal.

    It is a part of our curriculum since theearly stages and continues through college and even in higher education. Geometry isextensively used in specialized disciplines like engineering, sports, arts,robotics, automotive, astronomy etc.

    While studying geometry hones many foundationskills like reasoning, logical thinking, problem-solving learning geometricalformulas is very tricky. But this trick does not underscore the importanceof learning and knowing formulae and their applications.

    Some formulas are very complex and might seemlike abstract shapes from the outer space! The question is how to memorizeformulas and remember them for life?

    So, here are some few tips –

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    Faqs On Geometry Formulas

    1. Where do you get all formula of Geometry?

    You can get the Geometry Formula for Classes 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 from our page. Access the quick links available here in PDF format and know the formulas for all the topics.

    2. Can you give some important formulas on Geometry?

    Students of Class 8 to Class 12 will find information related to basic and important formulas of geometry that will help you score better grades in the exam from here.

    3. How to download Classwise Geometry Formulas PDF?

    Check out the direct links available on our page, tap them to view or download the Geometry Formulas for the concerned Class. All of them are organised as per the classes which can be quite handy to ace up your preparation.

    We wish the data shed as far as our knowledge is concerned regarding the Geometry Formulas has been beneficial to you. For more information and if you feel any formula is missing feel free to leave us your suggestions via comment section. Stay in touch with our site to avail information on all formulas.

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