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Specialized Body Geometry Xct Lock On

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With over 17 years experience offering quality bikes and service, you can rest assured we have deeply considered the quality of the products we sell and have the technical skills to assist if any possible problems arise.

Along with being the local bike store to many riders in Auckland, we also have an extensive customer base of riders nationwide. Believe it or not we even have riders from overseas come to us for our quality products and expertise!

Lastly, we are riders ourselves. We are in this business because we are genuinely passionate about riding all types of bikes and are here to share our knowledge to help enhance your riding experience.

Material Innovation For Rider Benefit

The Body Geometry ethos started with saddles in 1997, and were far from done. Weve introduced MIMIC, a multi-layer cushioning system that creates equilibrium and reduces pressure on sensitive soft tissue. Developed Elaston, which replaces traditional foam with thousands of foam beads for unrivaled support. And we pioneered the future of the saddle with Mirror Technology3D printing liquid polymer to support sit bones with a hammock effect.

Performance Riding Position: Mimic Vs Traditional Saddle

Our saddles use innovative shapes and materials like MIMIC to dramatically reduce pressure in soft tissue, seen here as blue. Designed to solve soft-tissue issues for women, MIMIC has been widely adopted by men as well.The traditional saddles rounded nose creates high pressure in soft tissue, seen here as red and yellow, resulting in pain, scar tissue, and real medical issues like erectile dysfunction and swelling and numbness in the labia.

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Upright Riding Position: Bg Cup Gel Vs Traditional Saddle

Featuring a supple honeycomb gel padding, even in an upright position, our wide and supportive saddles, like the Cup Gel, dramatically reduce sit bone pressure points.With an upright position, traditional saddles create massive pressure on the sit bones, resulting in discomfort that can keep you off your bike, even for short trips around town.

About The Specialized Sirus 10

Specialized Body Geometry Contour XCT Black/Gold Grip

You have places to go, people to see, and fitness goals to achieve. We get itlife moves pretty fast, so it’s a good thing we made Sirrus to help you with all of it. Wherever you’re heading, Sirrus will take you there. Sirrus features an alloy frame and steel fork construction, as well as reliable Shimano components that are built to withstand years of daily abuse on the world’s pavement. Comfortable, ergonomically designed Body Geometry touch points are there to take the sting out of longer rides. So, as you push yourself to reach your goals, you’ll feel more connected to your bike and know that you have the perfect partner with Sirrus.

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