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Revised 2015 Geometry Honors Semester 1 Review Answer Key

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Honors Geometry A Semester Exam Review Answers

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1 Hnrs Gemetry A

2 Unit 1, Tpic 1 1. pint, line, and plane. angle bisectr cnstructin 3. Cnstruct segment BC, then cnstruct the perpendicular bisectr f CC. C B C 4. Draw a line thrugh pint H, then cpy the angle frmed s that its vertex is at pint H. 5. Each pint n the perpendicular bisectr is equidistant frm pints A and B. 6. Each pint n the angle bisectr is equidistant frm the sides f the angle. 7. Each crrespnding pair f pints are the same distance frm each ther.

3 Unit 1, Tpic 8. A 4, 9. A y C B E O C A x F B D a. A translatin five units t the right and three units dwn. xy, x5, y 3 c. Triangles that underg rigid transfrmatins preserve bth distance and angles, therefre the triangles are cngruent. d. See graph abve fr the transfrmed triangle. x, y x, y 10. a. x, y x, y c. x6, y d. y, x e. x, y f. yx, g. x, y h. x, y

5 Unit 1, Tpic AE BC FG 18. cngruent 19. RS TS, RW TU 0. RSW TSU, RS TS r W U, RU TU 1. RSW TSU, W U. RT, W U r R T, RSW TSU 3. N, since SSA is nt a cngruence therem. 4. The crrespnding 500 ft. sides are cngruent. The crrespnding 450 ft. sides are cngruent. The vertical angles included between the 500 ft. and 450 ft. sides are cngruent. Therefre the tw triangles are cngruent, and by CPCTC the ther crrespnding sides are cngruent, making the length f the pwer line 65 ft. 5. SAS 6. AAA cannt be used t prve tw triangles cngruent. 7. ASA 8. SSS 9. SSA cannt be used t prve triangles cngruent. 30. AAS

Geometry Honors Semester 1 Exam Review Answers

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