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Ncea Level 2 Algebra 2016

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Exam Process And Marking

NCEA Level 2 Algebra 2016 NZQA Exam – Worked Answers

Grade Score Marking was also introduced in 2011, along with the realigned Level One standards. Like the realignment, GSM was phased in so that only Level One externals were marked with GSM in 2011. Under GSM each question earns up to 8 marks, with two marks per each of the grades . N0 also exists for “no response, no evidence”. The Grade Score Marks for each question are totalled and the overall mark for the standard is determined from that total, based on NZQA determined cut-scores. However, candidates would still ultimately receive one of four marks whether or not the standard was out of 8 or 32 . The rationale behind the change was threefold: it would clarify marks for candidates, motivate them to improve and improve consistency in marking.

According to NZQA, NCEA is the only secondary school qualification worldwide where marked examination papers are returned to students. After the examination papers have been returned, a student can apply for certain papers to be reviewed if a marking or clerical error has occurred , or they can apply for certain papers to be remarked if they feel they have not been assessed correctly.

Extensive online resources for standards can be found on NZQA’s website.

Students Faced Mistake In Ncea Level 2 Maths Exam

NZQA has identified an error in the design of an NCEA Level 2 maths question, but says that wouldn’t have prevented students from attempting it.

NZQA deputy chief executive of the assessment division, Kristine Kilkelly, said the error was found in the Algebra paper .

“To identify the error, students would have had to complete workings which markers will be able to consider.

“Those workings will have demonstrated Excellence to the markers, so we do not expect any students will be disadvantaged.”

She said there were also procedures in place for markers to address the problem and ensure students were not at a disadvantage.

“NZQA will review its quality assurance procedures to find any improvements for this kind of question.”

An error was identified with this NCEA Level 2 algebra exam question. Photo: Supplied / NZQA

However, some high school students have taken to social media saying the NCEA Level 2 maths exam was far too hard.

One student, Oliver Wright, said many did not expect to pass.

“I walked out after an hour and a half, and then when I walked out all my mates walked out and heard several walking out at that time as well… It was just a weird vibe, like everyone thought it was hard,” he said.

It’s not the first time an NCEA maths exam has faced complaints and problems. Last year, a review panel found an impossible-to-answer question in a 2016 Level 3 statistics exam was a late addition that was not checked independently.

Ncea Maths Exam Mistake: National Party Calls For Independent Review

Former Education Minister Nikki Kaye is calling for an independent review of how NCEA exams are set after another mistake was found in a maths exam. Photo / File

The National Party is calling for a review of how senior school exams are set after yet another mistake emerged in a maths paper.

The latest mistake in an algebra question in the Level 2 exam for the National Certificate of Educational Achievement follows five mistakes in maths and statistics exams in 2016 and a 2017 exam that was so difficult that 118 maths teachers signed a letter of protest.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins said through a spokesman that he would also ask the NZ Qualifications Authority to explain how the latest mistake occurred.


Many students said they were “in shock” after sitting the Level 2 exam on Thursday because the calculus questions did not follow the format of exams in the past few years and the students said they “didn’t know where to start” in answering them.

A Year 11 Epsom Girls’ Grammar student who was doing extension maths this year and went into the exam expecting to get merit or excellence said she “left after 45 minutes because there was no way I would be able to answer any of the other questions”.

“This has really impacted my confidence as I know level 2 results do matter and I’m now thinking whether I should sit level 2 again. NZQA needs to have another look at the level 2 maths papers this year,” she said.

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How Hard Was That Ncea Level 1 Maths Exam

While students glow or wallow in the wake of learning their exam results on Tuesday morning, the NZQA has released the provisional results of the tricky NCEA Level 1 exam that left some students and teachers “angry and frustrated”.

As students emptied last year’s exam halls “stressed” and “close to tears”, browbeaten teachers and parents criticised the exam for its difficult questions.

It prompted the NZQA to release the exam to the public, and now the authority is taking the extra step to share the exam outcome before the consolidated results are released in April.

“NZQA has taken the unusual step of announcing these provisional results early so we can respond to the concerns teachers raised with us in the open letter,” said NZQA deputy chief executive Kristine Kilkelly.


“Provisional results for the NCEA Level 1 Mathematics and Statistics examinations in November show the majority of students who sat the examinations gained an Achieved or better grade for each standard.”

Much of the concern centred around difficult questions on investigating relationships between tables, equations and graphs.

The 2017 results were lower than previous years: 71.2 per cent of students gained an Achieved or better grade compared with 80.5 per cent in 2016.

The mark was also significantly lower on the past range of performance – exam results measured over the previous five years – of 78.1 84 per cent.

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