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How To Know If You Have Chemistry With Someone

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Naturally Open & Comfortable

How Do You Know If You Have ‘Chemistry’ With Someone?

When theres chemistry with a person, you feel like youve known them for far longer than you actually have!

Theyre easy to talk to, you feel like you can be yourself around them, you feel comfortable and so naturally, its usually a little easier to open up to them.

This doesnt mean that you have to pour your heartfelt life story out to them! It just means that the conversations that you do have, arent just surface level.

The Ability To Connect On Every Possible Level

Good chemistry between a man and a woman doesnt involve only sexual attraction. Good chemistry is also about the ability to connect on every possible level: it is about the feeling that you are understood, supported, and accepted for who you are.

Moreover, its about the freedom to show vulnerability without the fear of being rejected.

When you are in love not only with your partner but also with the person you become when you are around them you may be sure that you have good chemistry with this person.

  • This person feels like coming home. You have a feeling you have known your partner for years: she simply sparks your soul.
  • You could stand in the rain with him. You and your partner enjoy spending time together.
  • There is a deep emotional connection. From the very beginning of your relationship, you feel close and connected to each other.
  • There is strong sexual chemistry. You feel a strong physical attraction and simply cant get enough of each other.
  • Chris Armstrong

    Certified Relationship Coach

    I love this question because it opens the door for people to understand the three types of chemistry that come into relationships: Physical, Intellectual, and Emotional.

    Because there are three types of chemistry, it is paramount that people ask themselves if they have all three types, this instead of settling for one or two of them.

    There are three signs that people have true chemistry that encompasses all three types:

    #1 They have true comfortable silence.

    Caleb Backe

    Locking Eyes Is Really Awkward

    When you have chemistry, you can make eye contact with someone for a very long time without it feeling weird. Its natural. Theres nothing strange about it and, if anything, it just feels great.

    This is just not the case when you have no chemistry with someone. Eye contact is uncomfortable, awkward, and you just want to look away more than anything. How could a relationship with someone like that ever work?

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    Time Flies When You’re Together

    When youâre on a date with someone who doesnât really interest you, it might feel like it lasts forever. But if youâre hanging out with someone and time just flies, thatâs a good sign you two have great chemistry. âHaving a good conversation and a good connection will make everything else disappear, including the sense of time,â Diana Venckunaite, certified life and relationship coach, tells Bustle. âYouâre captured by the ease of everything unfolding right in front of you, finding things in common, and you have a curiosity to see whatâs next.â This goes back to feeling at ease and comfortable with them. When you can spend time talking for hours, youâll really have an opportunity to get to know each other in-depth.

    Their Body Language Is Very Open

    How Do You Know If You Have

    You might notice that theyre always very open with each other they dont cross their arms or face away from each other very often.

    Instead, their feet and bodies are angled toward each other and theyre very communicative with their hands.

    They might be quite expressive physically with each other, staying close by and really engaging with each other through their body language.

    They may also be giving off certain signs to each other through their body language, like flicking their hair, licking their lips, or finding excuses to lean in closer.

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    You Feel A Huge Sense Of Familiarity

    Forget the unspoken tension or the unspoken mutual attraction for a bit, when there is a magnetic attraction between people, there is a sense of familiarity too. Its as if they have known each other for years. This also shows a high degree of compatibility especially if the interests are similar.

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    The Mysterious Workings Of Love And Sexual Chemistry In Feelings

    You’ve probably wondered why you get along so well with someone in bed, but not in other ways. If this has happened to you, you are surely experiencing what we call sexual chemistry.Sexual chemistry is what differentiates a relationship between friends and a love one That ingredient that makes feelings and sensations different. It is also something that is felt or not by a certain person. What attracts you without being able to avoid it. However, if you try to have chemistry with someone and it is not present, it is difficult for it to arise or produce.Seduction in bed is an energetic reaction and is more related to the unconscious part of the brain, the area that activates the primitive impulses of the human being. In this case, it makes you feel that tingling in your stomach, it speeds your heart and stimulates the production of hormones, allied warriors in this kind of attack.Want to know more about sexual chemistry? Keep reading and find out everything there is about our best Allie in bed!

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    They Talk About Each Other A Lot

    It might be when one of them has gone to the bathroom, the other instantly talks about how great they are!

    It might be sending texts to you while youre all in a group, letting you know how much they fancy the other person.

    Whatever it is, they cant stop talking about each other and how excited they are about how things are going.

    Theres obviously some strong chemistry between the two of them if theyre on each others minds all the time!

    Ultimately, youll be able to just tell if theres chemistry between two people. Therell just be a tension in the air and a clear sign that theyre into each other. They might not tick every box on this list, but youll be able to tell very quickly if there is something going on between two people. Youll know it when you see it

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    The Bottom Line: You Can Still Tell If You And Your Partner Have Chemistry Through Video Chat

    3 Ways To Tell If You Have Chemistry With Someone

    Video chat dating is growing at a rapid pace, and many are curious about their dynamics in an online dating scene. Fortunately, you can tell when a person is interested in you by observing your video chats dates. Hopefully, the list above can shed some light on your chemistry woes and even improve your online dating game.

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    You Already Behave Like A Couple

    If you already behave as if youre a couple, thats an obvious sign that there is good chemistry.

    This could mean anything from going to parties together or having your friends tease you two because youve told them about what you are.

    Whatever it is, if you two are acting as if youre officially together, its a good sign that youre well on your way to becoming an actual couple.

    You Find Them Attractive

    It might be kind of a no-brainer, but if you can’t help but gawk and swoon at your match’s photos, that’s a pretty positive sign that you’ll be just as into them in real life, too.

    “There has to be a basic attraction to get very far,” Brianna Rader, relationship and sex educator and founder of the Juicebox Sex & Relationship App, tells Bustle. “However, I wouldn’t dwell on the details too much. Photos can give you a general idea of how someone looks but it might not show their confidence or the way they laugh at a joke.”

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    Hes Expressive When He Talks To You

  • 1Notice whether he shows his feelings around you. Studies show that even though guys tend to be less expressive overall, their faces and voices show more emotion toward people theyre attracted to.XResearch source Take note of how he speaks to you compared to other people. If you can see that he looks and sounds more excited with you, chances are he feels comfortable around you. Thats chemistry.
  • Positive emotions are probably what youre hoping for, but any emotion you see or hear could be a sign that he feels like he can be vulnerable in front of you.
  • Teasing In Front Of People

    How To Tell If You Have Chemistry Over FaceTime, According ...

    Teasing is a childish behavior, and although it’s not exactly one of the signs of the existence of strong chemistry, it certainly indicates that you have someone’s attention. Admit it, we are no longer children, and in this new phase of life teasing also acquires a new meaning.Now, this act has the purpose of getting someone’s attention and challenging them for a reaction. You use cute nicknames. You push each other around, trying to show physical affection for each other somehow in front of people. You two imitate each other. All these are obvious characteristics that you like him and he likes you, and that there’s strong chemistry between you two.

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    Theres A Sense Of Familiarity

    Another sign of good chemistry is when you feel like youve known each other for a long time, even when youve just met.

    Theres a sense of familiarity that comes with being with a person that you find a good connection. It feels like youre meant to be with them somehow.

    It doesnt feel awkward or like youre forcing something to happen it feels like something thats always been there thats only now been uncovered.

    Having this sense of familiarity helps break that ice and get to know the other person better because you dont have to constantly be thinking about whether theyll judge you if you feel as though you havent just met, youll be more open to trusting them.

    Times Flies At Light Speed

    When youre in a high-chemistry situation time flies.

    You might even find yourself missing important meetings or forgetting how late it is until you look around and see that the suns already set.

    No matter how long youve known this person its like theyre a time accelerator because when youre around them or talking to them the clock seems to simply stop existing.

    Its kind of like being in a simpler state of being:

    Time flies

    Relationship expert and matchmaker Talia Goldstein explains it perfectly:

    Good matches are people you have good conversation with, and time flies. At the end of the day, youre with this person for a really long time, and you have to have enough to talk about.

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    A Sense Of Anticipation

    When theres real chemistry there, you feel genuine excitement and anticipation about the person and what could happen.

    In some cases, chemistry may actually make you feel nervous You want to make sure they feel the same way

    You have the desire to make it something more. Because you feel like what you have could be something potentially very special.

    What Is Meant By Chemistry Between Two Persons

    Do We Have Chemistry? How To Tell

    Simply put, the chemistry between people can be defined as a combination of physical attraction, desire, emotional connection, passion, and crave you cant control. All in all, the best way to look at the chemistry between two people is by considering it as an enormous potential for a great long-term relationship.

    According to relationship experts, there exist more types of chemistry : intellectual chemistry, the chemistry of love, and sexual chemistry but all of them together form true chemistry, which is one of the most intense things youll ever feel.

    Its the first step toward something that could be amazing if there is compatibility between people who share, if they have really connected with one another when it comes to all these types of chemistry and if they are willing to work toward a relationship from that great chemistry from the beginning by putting in a mutual effort.

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    Having A Genuine Friendship

    In the words of the Duke of Hastings from Bridgerton:

    To meet a beautiful woman is one thing, but to meet your best friend in the most beautiful of women is something entirely apart.

    More than getting to know them as someone you want to date, good emotional and intellectual chemistry is getting to know someone on a deeper level as friends, too.

    Theres a different kind of bond that friends share that some romantic connections cant live up to.

    For example, youd always want to touch base with your friends and catch up sometimes to update each other on the things that have happened in your lives.

    In romantic relationships, it can get buried under all of the grand gestures and skirting around each others feelings so as to avoid a fight.

    With friends, communication is easy you just say what you want to say and go from there.

    With your partner, you could come to conclusions that the other person doesnt understand you when youve both been making each other guess.

    Finding chemistry in a person both as a friend and as a romantic partner makes the connection between you two stronger.

    You Look Forward To Seeing Each Other

    You spent time with the other person, and now it is time to leave. On the way home, you have this smile on your face and a stomach falloff excitement. Next thing you know, you get a text from your date saying that they feel the same way. Sounds familiar? But the kicker is you have been dating for months, and the feelings are still there. You are eager to see your special someone again and cant wait to make plans. At times you ask a question you know the answer to just to hear their voice. Or you decide to drop something off at their place so you can see that person, even for a few minutes. The best part is, they know what youre doing, and they allow it because they want to see you too.

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    If Youre Just An Onlooker Or You Want To Know If You Have A Connection With Someone Knowing The Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People Is Essential

    Its not always obvious when two people have a connection. And if youre one of those two people, that can make it a bit frustrating. Sure, you know you like a person but how you be sure they like you too? Knowing how to read if theres chemistry between two people can be a lot more beneficial than you probably think.

    However, chemistry is a very odd thing because its not very obvious. You cant really look at it from a distance and see it. It also feels different to different people, too.

    Why chemistry is really important for a budding romance

    If youre not sure what chemistry is, Ill explain quickly. Its basically when two people naturally vibe well together. Their personalities match up and they get along very, very easily. You naturally have great chemistry with your friends. Its why you can spend so much time with them and not get annoyed.

    Romantic chemistry, on the other hand, is a little different in the sense that it accompanies lustful feelings. You still feel a natural connection but you also feel like you like them, even after first meeting.

    And that connection is really important in a relationship because without it, your feelings wont remain. Everything will be forced and it wont feel like a natural progression if that initial chemistry is absent.

    How to tell if theres chemistry between two people

    Attention They Give To You

    How To Tell If You Have Chemistry Over FaceTime, According ...

    Attention is one of the most important signs of chemical attraction. When two individuals pay attention to each other in a crowd, it means they are interested.

    When you are close to that person, you feel a kind of physical magnetism, it is as if your body is expressing the inner passion. Two people with chemistry feel good in the proximity zone. While two strangers have greater body distance, on the contrary, when there is physical attraction, the protagonists seek contact almost unconsciously. The search for contact is the answer to the law of desire since the body seeks its complement.

    They will also appear closer than other people present in the room during the time you are at the same place. To seek the attention of the other, they might even try to disturb them, so be aware of this very important sign!

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    Light Tension Between You Two

    This characteristic of chemistry in love is directly linked to the previous paragraph. When you tease each other, sometimes you may get mad or overly excited or affectionate in front of people, if one of you goes too far and loses control. So it is very important to pay attention to the words used when you’re teasing each other.If these words are slightly offensive and hurt you, instead of putting a smile on your face, then it’s not chemistry, just a lame effort to attract attention. These kinds of people are not worthy of your thing. Friendly and flirty teasing is one thing, but there’s no need to be offensive and rude.

    You Connect On A Deep Level

    The ancient Greeks used to believe that finding someone you clicked with strongly was finding the second half of the original unified soul that you were created as with that person.

    Its a nice thought.

    When you meet someone with strong chemistry youre going to connect on a deep level.

    This means fascinating conversations, naturally-flowing jokes and a general desire to be around each other and find out what the other person is about at their core.

    The only thing to be careful of here is a fake deep connection.

    What do I mean?

    When you are so physically attracted to someone or in the moment that you mistake your interest in their body and the situation for a real fascination with what theyre saying and who they are.

    I recommend moving slow. If a deep connection and lasting chemistry is there with someone then it is going to emerge to the surface no matter how long it takes.

    As husband-wife clinical psychologists and marriage therapists Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot note:

    Feeling profoundly connected to your spouse can affect both of you on a spiritual level, in addition to the benefits youll feel emotionally and physically. Take time to learn more about one another. If theres something your spouse feels passionately about, ask questions to learn more. Or if they love or enjoy something deeply, show curiosity about it.

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