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How To Become An Online Math Tutor

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Choose Between An Agency And Independent Online Tutoring

Math Help : Becoming an Online Math Tutor

There are several options to choose from when becoming an online tutor. Some tutors decide to work as a direct-hire for an established tutoring organization others create a profile on freelance tutoring websites to showcase their abilities and attract students. Still, others decide to work independently and start their own online tutoring business.

Direct online tutoring hire

Most tutoring companies are dedicated to tutoring both in-person and online, that work with young students and adults. As a direct-hire, tutors are assigned students based on their area of expertise.

Tutoring through a dedicated website

Besides private tutoring companies, there are also websites dedicated to matching students both adults and children with dedicated tutors. These sites act as an online tutoring platform where tutors can create a profile listing their areas of expertise, their hourly rate, and their availability. Individuals looking for tutors can connect with various professionals and compare prices, teaching styles, and experiences. Once they match up with online tutors, they can negotiate rates and set up an agreement for services.

Independent Online Tutoring

Get Help From An Online Math Tutor

Hiring an online math tutor offers countless benefits. Some of the most important advantages are a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, improved study habits, and higher test scores. If you want to help your child get a better handle on math, hiring an online tutor is an excellent solution.

Receiving customized, one-on-one instruction from online math tutoring is the best way to help you or your child improve in the subject.

How Much Does Being An Online Math Teacher Pay

As you saw with the numbers I listed above, pay varies from place to place.

Some sites pay higher than others.

So giving an exact income figure can be tough.

That being said, lets take a look at the income reports on PayScale from online tutors.

According to figures listed on there, online tutors earn $19 an hour on average.

But, pay can range anywhere from $15 to $20 an hour.

Now, you saw above that some of the websites I mentioned, like Manhattan Prep for example, pay far more than $20 an hour.

So it really does depend on the website youre working for. Theres no reason you cant make a part-time or even a full-time income from teaching math online.

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Best Free: Learn To Be

Learn To Be

Learn To Be is a nonprofit organization that was founded on the belief that all students deserve an equal opportunity to thrive. The company offers one-on-one tutoring to students across the country.

The process starts with the student who needs math help filling out an application form detailing their needs. After about a week, a tutor will respond to arrange a time to meet virtually.

Students can expect sessions to happen in an online classroom on the Learn To Be website. Learn To Be also lets other organizations that have tutors use the online classrooms. The tutoring lasts for as long as students need help with math.

Learn To Be welcomes donations, and as a volunteer-run organization, it guarantees that every dollar goes directly to tutoring. If students cannot afford the service, using Learn To Be is free.

How Do You Become An Online Math Tutor

How to become an online math tutor? A Complete Guide

To become an online math tutor, you need at least an associate degree or tutoring certification for math, though some positions require a bachelors degree in mathematics or a related field. You must have a clear understanding of math beyond the grade level you tutor and be able to explain how to calculate answers in a variety of math problems in a way that your clients understand. Online math tutors typically work with a tutoring company, but some may be independent tutors who work with students remotely through live streaming. Certification is not required, but becoming certified may increase your chances on the job market. To become a certified math tutor, complete the tutor training courses offered by national tutoring groups, such as the American Tutoring Association or the National Tutoring Association .

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Maths Insights For Online Tutoring

Finally, let’s take a look and what we’ve learnt from 1.5 million hours of online tutoring on Bramble.

Maths accounts for 30% of all tutoring on Bramble in 2021. This broadly matches what we see in the number of pupils chosing to sit maths at A-level in the UK. It is the most popular subject for online tutoring.

In addition to Smart Subject detection, maths sessions on Bramble can be broken down by topic and subtopic. The following maths topics are most commonly taught:

  • Ratio & proportion

The remaining percentage is not specific to a particular topic and may comprise maths for the younger years which is less differentiated into topics.

We can break the main maths topics down further and see how popular particular subtopics are.

Above shows the subtopic data for major maths topics tutored on Bramble.

You can see that numeracy is the the most commonly tutored subtopic in number. It’s possible that this also represents some of the younger students taught on Bramble. Other popular subtopics include, structure and calculation , fractions, ratios and percentages and measures and accuracy.

Algebra is the next most common maths topic taught on Bramble. From the subtopics that can be differentiated within algebra, exponentials and logarithms accounts for 19% of algebra covered during online tutoring. This is closely followed by graphs , solving equations , notation and manipulation and sequences and series .

Modern Technologies Always Come To Help

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of working with a live tutor. Sometimes, its hard to find a specialist who is available at a time that works for you. Thats where technology comes in! Many online Math tutoring platforms offer live sessions with tutors, and some even have video chat capabilities. This allows students to get help from anywhere in the world, at any time of day.

All you need is a device with a steady Internet connection. So whether youre on your laptop, desktop, or mobile phone, you can get help with your Math tutoring from the comfort of your home.

Several winning options will enhance tutors online teaching experience by several times. For instance, a platform like LiveBoard opens access to fascinating and innovative teaching tools. Have you ever imagined a platform with a built-in whiteboard that will be accessible by both sides of a conversation? Well, your prayers are heard! LiveBoard is a super-easy and highly professional teaching platform. Tutors can create several boards for various groups and lessons, share them with the public to hold open classes, or invite a limited number of students to participate.

Sounds perfect to you? Dont hesitate to get started with LiveBoard today!

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How To Become An Online Tutor With No Teaching Experience

Even if you have no experience with tutoring, its still possible to find work with online tutoring.

Whats important is to use what knowledge, experience, and qualifications you do have, and to present them in the best way to the platform you are planning to tutor with. Like a job interview, its about proving the quality of what you can bring to the job.

In this section, well show you how to become a tutor with no experience.

How To Become An Online Math Tutor: The Basics

What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Math Tutor (Mathematics Tutor)

Math tutoring is a growing industry. Its estimated that there are now over 2 million tutors worldwide. If youre looking to get into the field, heres a quick guide to becoming an online math tutor.

Here are some ways to get started.

1. Learn what students need to learn

Before you start offering lessons, you should first figure out what subjects you would want to teach. Do you want to focus on algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus?

If you can narrow down your subject area, youll be able to find resources that will help you teach these topics.

2. Find the right platform

There are many different platforms available when it comes to learning new things and sharing them with others. You may decide to use YouTube as a means of delivering tutorials.

Or maybe you prefer using video-chat software like Skype or Google Hangouts so that you can interact directly with your students. Whatever method works best for you, make sure it allows you to create videos easily.

3. Create content

Once you have decided which topic you want to cover in your tutorial series, youll need to come up with lesson plans.

This step requires research into the material you plan to teach. If possible, try to watch other teachers do this same type of thing.

You might also consider creating a free resource page where you post all of your materials. Then, link back to each individual lesson from there.

4. Get paid

5. Promote yourself

6. Start earning money

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Online Tutoring Saves Money And Time

Lastly, online tutoring saves plenty of time and money. You dont need to wait for a teacher because theyre late. You dont have to get to their house or overpay for their precious time. Our maths tutor will always be at your fingertips. All your child needs to begin the lesson is a few clicks on their computer.

The Skills You Need To Become An Online Maths Tutor

In order to successfully tutor Maths, youll need to have in-depth knowledge of a number of mathematical concepts, so that you are able to teach students of varying levels. Some of the subject areas youll need to know are:

  • Trigonometry
  • Integration
  • Beyond your Maths ability, youll also need the following skills to be able to tutor online:

    IT Skills – You dont need to be an IT expert to teach online, but its important that you feel comfortable navigating your way around online teaching platforms, sharing documents and sharing your screen with students. It’s also useful to have an online whiteboard that you feel comfortable using. This being said, most of the skills youll need can be learned easily, and there are lots of guides online to help you, should you need it.

    Teaching Skills As youre likely to be teaching students of all ages and abilities, youll need to be able to communicate effectively with students at all levels. Moreover, each student learns in their own way for example, some may be more visual learners, whilst other may be more auditory so youll need to be able to adapt your teaching style to each student. With online tuition, it is also key that you know how to incorporate a range of learning materials into your lessons, such as videos and documents, in order to keep your students attention.

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    Teach Math Online & Get Paid

    Here are the best online math tutoring jobs where you can make money teaching math.

    Tutor.com is a website where students can get tutoring in a variety of subjects, including math.

    Its looking for math teachers particularly in these subjects:

    • Statistics and College Level Statistics
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Science professionals/experts
    • Computer science experts

    Now to be accepted as one of the sites tutors, youll need to meet the following criteria:

    • Currently reside in the U.S.
    • Have a valid Social Security Number.
    • Be eligible to work in the U.S.
    • Be an expert in math.
    • Be available to tutor a minimum of five hours a week
    • Be a college sophomore or higher or have a degree from an accredited U.S. or Canadian University.
    • Have strong verbal and written communication skills, and fluency in the English language.

    Youll be paid a set amount per hour. Since the sites tutors can teach subjects other than math, this rate depends on the subject you teach. There are even incentives on offer for high-quality tutoring.

    Youll be provided with more information about the sites pay structure after you have successfully completed the initial application and subject exam phase of the application process.

    According to reports from the sites students on Glassdoor, Tutor.com pays $12 an hour.

    Online Math Tutoring Involves Technology To Facilitate Learning

    How to decide on the Best Online Math Tutor

    In-person tutoring implies that a teacher comes to you, or you come to the teacher. This setup limits teaching methods to old-school notebooks and pens.

    Why not use modern technology like math games? In this regard, online tutoring will fit your requirements to the fullest. Online tutors have enough time and resources to incorporate digital math activities interactive games, graphs, 3d models, video assets, etc.

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    How To Be A Tutor As A Teenager

    There are two main ways to become a teenage tutor:

  • Find Online Jobs: A few companies hire tutors under the age of 18, so you can apply for open positions to find online work.
  • Try Freelancing: This is the best way to become an online tutor as a teenager in my opinion since youre not restricted by your age and you can usually earn more money if you find your own clients.
  • Freelancing takes more time to get started, but I really think this option is best for teens since most tutoring companies require you to be 18 or older.

    Decide Your Target Audience

    Since the tutoring industry has moved online, it doesnt matter where youre based while doing remote tutoring jobs, but it matters where your pupil is based. Defining your target audience is important so that you develop a sound knowledge of the local curriculum. If you want to target students following the US K12 system, you need to know what subjects/topics are taught in each year. You also need to be up to date with any curriculum changes. As you can imagine, K12 would be significantly different from the UKs 1st to 6th form system. Take US math for example which progresses from Algebra to Geometry to Trigonometry, and so on. Whereas in the UK, high school students learn a bit of everything every year .

    There could be a Math expert in Russia taking up online math tutor jobs for students from the US and the UK. Now, if that Russian math tutor isnt adequately prepared with the curriculum differences between the US and the UK, hes bound to be met with a scowl from his pupils. Normally, individuals who have first-hand experience with a school system are better positioned to address the tutoring needs of the students.

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    Best Overall: The Princeton Review

    The Princeton Review

    After being acquired by the established company Tutor.com, The Princeton Review has become the premium organization in the tutoring market. Now, the company’s offering includes help with homework and test preparation.

    Better grades are guaranteed with the assistance of online tutors who are available at all times, and there’s an option to send in questions online and have them answered. Plus, The Princeton Review offers a free session to prospective students. Upon sign-up, there is the option of a subscription or more flexible one-time offers, which grants access to tutoring over the course of a few months.

    The Princeton Review has monthly subscriptions for learners who need regular tutoring that cost about $40 for one hour per month, around $80 for two hours per month, roughly $115 for three hours per month, and about $340 for 10 hours per month. For students who prefer more flexibility with tutoring hours over a longer access period, there is one-time pricing: roughly $350 for 10 hours, about $950 for 30 hours, and approximately $1,450 for 50 hours, all over six months.

    There is the option to cancel at any time, and there is a money-back guarantee on improved grades for students who attend tutoring two hours a month for at least three months consecutively. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why The Princeton Review is leading the pack.

    How To Find Online Maths Tutoring Jobs

    Math Basics : How to Become a Private Math Tutor

    The next step in setting up your online tutoring business is to market your services and find students. This can be one of the most challenging aspects of tuition, so it might be helpful to have a read of our post, 7 Steps to Effectively Market Your Tutoring Business Online, which will give you some useful tips on how best to spread awareness of your online business.

    Ideally, once youve established your online tuition service, students will find you, but until then, you may want to keep an eye on tutoring jobs boards like the one we have at The Tutor Website. Finally, in order to maximise your chances of being found in your local area through online searches, you should think about signing up to our private tutor directory.

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    How Tutoring Works Online

    Many companies are abandoning expensive buildings or home visits in favor of online tutoring. Online lessons are becoming so popular, and there has certainly been an increase in the number of online tutoring jobs out there. While there are numerous online tutoring jobs to explore, there are a few things that many companies will require. All online tutoring services require that tutors have a computer and access to high-speed Internet.

    Each person who wants to become an online tutor will need to undergo extensive training so that she can learn how to transfer her teaching skills into a virtual environment. Of course, since online tutors must teach using the Internet, they must feel comfortable with technology. Most online tutoring services use a variety of multimedia tools, including electronic whiteboards, VoIP , and other methods to teach students in an effective manner.

    Have Deep Knowledge Of Your Subject

    Whether your plan is to tutor for languages, engineering, or something hobby-related, its essential to have a deep understanding of your chosen topic. Even without a bachelors degree to back up your knowledge, youll have to use what you know to showcase your expertise.

    The trick is finding a way to convey what you know and then proving to your students that you can be a rockstar tutor for them.

    If you want to start teaching English online, then being a native speaker is already a huge plus. Even without experience or training in education, teaching your mother tongue to others is valuable in itself.

    For other subjects, try to leverage how you became so knowledgeable and add this to your tutor profile. Use your work experience in that field, even if you werent teaching others. A former software engineer will have a lot of practical knowledge to share, even in their first-ever class.

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