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How Can I Find My Biological Father With No Information

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The Background Bonnies Story Looking For Biological Father

Trying to your Father with little or no information? (Yes, its possible!) | FinderMonkey

The other family member, who we will call Bonnie, knew almost nothing about who her father was. Apparently, many, many years ago, Bonnies mom, Jennie*, and her husband, George*, split up temporarily.

Jennie moved in with a charming new boyfriend, Nicholas*. Jennie soon became pregnant, and briefly considered making a new life with Nicholas.

The problem was that Jennie and George already had four kids together! And Nicholas, as sweet and charming as Im sure that he was, insisted that if Jennie wanted to be with him, she was going to have to leave the other four kids behind with George.

He wanted to get married and raise their baby together.

Its easy to judge Jennie for what she did, or didnt do, in this situation. But there is a lot you dont know yet.

For example, the reason that George and Jennie split up temporarily in the first place. George had a bad drinking problem, and Jennie might have been suspicious that he was abusive to some of their children.

And that might be why she decided that she couldnt leave the five children with George and run off with Nicholas to start her new family. So instead, she went back to George and he promised to raise her baby, Bonnie, as his own.

George did just that, and to his credit, Bonnie went through almost her entire childhood not knowing that he was not her biological father. He did, indeed, for all his faults, raise her as his own.

Pulling It All Together: Johanness Story

A great example of using family trees, ethnicity, and some Googling and social media to find birth parents is the story of MyHeritage user Johannes Nielson.

Johannes discovered through his ethnicity results that he was half-Korean and half-West-European. Based on this information, he correctly guessed that his father was an American soldier and his mother a native of Korea whom his father had met while stationed there. This allowed Johannes to narrow his search to American males who were 1825 years old in 1974, and when he received a DNA Match with a family tree, he identified his father on the tree using those details.

He Googled his fathers name and found an obituary that mentioned the small town where he lived. Then he found a Facebook group for that small town, joined it, and asked the group members for information about his father and one woman replied that she was that mans niece.

It turned out that Johanness birth parents had never meant to place him for adoption. Theyd been forced to leave him with a family friend while he recovered from tuberculosis, and when they returned to bring him to the United States, he had vanished and they were told he had died.

Thanks to Johanness skillful leveraging of his DNA ethnicity results, DNA Matches, family trees, Google, and social media, he was reunited with the mother who thought shed lost him forever as well as his 3 biological brothers.

Find My Dad: Birth Parents Finding Service From Origins Genealogy

The area of genetic genealogy is a thriving, dynamic world that is continually changing and expanding. While not all family mapping will necessitate the services of a professional genetic genealogy company to fill in the gaps, most people experience tremendous benefits by doing so.

Origins Genealogys service for finding birth parents has a 100% success rate to date on all cases we have accepted. Our professional genealogists are skilled in both genetic genealogy as well as traditional forms of genealogical research that can break through the brick walls of your own research efforts and get results faster than you ever imagined.

As one customer said in an ,

Finding my biological father was something Ive longed for since my teensI truly felt nobody could discover who my biological father was, but they said they were confident they could find himI cant believe they found out and especially so fastI had a hole in my heart the size of my father that is now filled!

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How To Find Your Birth Father

Nancy Patterson – June 21, 2019

Maybe you were raised by a single mom, and you want to find out about your dad, or perhaps you are adopted, and just want to know who your birth father is. It is not pleasant, no matter the specifics, living life feeling like something is missingor someone in this case.

There are several other reasons why you might want to find your birth father. For instance, to know if there are any hereditary medical conditions, to learn about their history, to see if you have other family, to know your paternal relatives among many other reasons.

If you have decided to take things into your own hands and look for him, its hard to know where to start. Below are suggestions as to how you can begin your search.

Using Additional Clues And Tools To Find Your Birth Parents

Traveling to South Africa with Children (Birth Certificate ...

Sometimes, contacting the DNA Match may not be enough. You may not be able to reach them, or they might not have the information you need. In those cases, you can leverage additional MyHeritage features to help with your search:

Family trees: On MyHeritage, when a DNA match has been associated with a family tree, you will be able to view that tree and locate the match on it. You will also usually be able to view the names of deceased family members on the tree, and this may help provide some clues that could lead you to your birth parents. Even without a DNA test, if you have some basic information about your birth family, you may be able to learn more about them by building a family tree on MyHeritage. Smart Matches may lead you to other family trees built by relatives of theirs, who you could then contact. Thats what happened to MyHeritage user Danielle Rogers, who found her birth father thanks to a Smart Match.

Ethnicity: Some of our users have found the ethnicity results helpful when searching for their birth parents, especially if their parents were of two distinct ethnicities. Learning your own ethnicities might give you insights as to where your parents were from, and may also help you hone in on DNA Matches that could be most helpful to you. For example, if you know your mother was African and your father European, a DNA Match with African ethnicity could be from your mothers side.

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How To Find A Biological Father That Hasnt Tested Dna

Many people in the world havent taken a DNA test. These persons wont show up on databases. Yet, it is still possible to locate your biological father even though he hasnt taken a DNA test.

We will show you how you could locate your biological father using a combination of your DNA results, family trees, and a little bit of detective work using these techniques.

If a parent hasnt tested on any DNA database, it is likely, that you will only receive DNA matches from far distant relatives on your test. Dont be discouraged when your closest match is a cousin who only shares 3% of your DNA. With this information, you could still be able to locate your biological father through them.

Contact Your Closest Dna Match

When you test your DNA with the goal of finding your biological parents, you might strike gold and find them right away. Thats what happened to MyHeritage users Faith Loftnesness and Becky Skousen, for example.

Its more likely, however, that youll receive matches to more distant relatives. But dont be discouraged: even if your closest match is a cousin who shares only 3% of your DNA, you still might be able to locate your birth parents through them. Susana Boggs from Texas, Erna Rusi from Finland, and Anne Angot from France all found their birth fathers by contacting a 3% match.

Contacting a DNA Match is the best way to learn more about them and figure out how they may be connected to you.

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How Do I Go About Finding My Biological Parents

Though Im not adopted myself, Ive been blessed to have many adult adoptees in my life who have shared their stories with me. These are stories that Ive been honored to share with others and stories that have inspired and educated me to know how to support my daughter should this be a journey that she decides to embark on one day.

People have their own reasons for finding their biological parents and family members. Whether it be to connect with family, to learn more about their heritage, to get answers they feel they need, or to get genetic information for a better understanding of medical background, many adult adoptees seek to find their birth parents and biological siblings later in life.

If youre one of those people interested in this search, here are some ideas and information to get you started!

How Do I Find Birth Parents Without Their Names

How To Find Your Biological Father – How To Find Lost Persons in UK – FinderMonkey Television

May 01, 2018

In a closed adoption, all identifying information for both parties is sealed by the state the adoption took place in. Many adoptees put off adoption searches for birth family because they have so little to go on. For that reason, DNA testing has become an extremely popular search tool for adoptees. Many think the specific person they are looking for has to have been tested. Thankfully, that is not the case. You can use cousin matches to find your birth family. There are other options and tools you can use as well.

I have been reunited with my biological family. I have also participated in both my sisters searches. Additionally, I am a member of many adoption groups. Based on my experience, here is what I recommend.

Ashley Foster is a freelance writer. She is a wife and mother of two currently residing in Florida. She loves taking trips to the beach with her husband and sons. As an infant, she was placed with a couple in a closed adoption. Ashley was raised with two sisters who were also adopted. In 2016, she was reunited with her biological family. She advocates for adoptees rights and DNA testing for those who are searching for family. Above all, she is thankful that she was given life. You can read her blog at .

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Did Bonnie Find Her Father Using Dna

This story has the best possible ending. Bonnie immediately reached out to her first cousin match. The first cousin was so excited to hear from her because it turns out that everyone in the whole family had always known about her.

It is a close-knit family, and all of the aunts, uncles, and cousins always knew that Bonnie was out there somewhere, but they just didnt know how to go about looking for her.

Bonnie now gets to travel and meet her fathers entire extended family. She has seen photographs of her father, her grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

Its a sweet, sweet ending for a long life of looking for where she came from. I couldnt be happier for her!

* Names have been changed in this story to protect privacy

What People Say About Us

” This organization changed my life forever. I have been looking for my birth family my whole life, 36 years. I called other places to see if they could help, money was the first thing they talked about. Not with Birth Parent Finder, they actually asked me questions first Im forever grateful and blessed by the owner, Jay and his team I wish there was a stinger word for thanks. “

– C. Bella

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Get Expert Help Finding Your Birth Father

Searching for a birth father can be a difficult and lonely process. Expert help is available! Read 4 steps to discovering your birth roots, and explore more do-it-yourself resources from Your DNA Guide that can help you in your search.

Not so much a do-it-yourselfer? If you want free help finding birth parents from volunteer search angels, reach out to my team at DNAngels.org.

Searching For Your Birth Father

Trying to Find Your Birth Parents starterpack " types name ...

Finding your biological father can be a strenuous and complex process. Sometimes even with a name, it can be difficult finding people through social media networks or directories. This is why here at adopted.com, we use an innovative search process that gives you the best results while respecting your father’s and your privacy at every step.

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What You Might Find

You may have already thought about the following surprises. But just in case

You father may

  • have established another family who doesnt know about his past and he may not want them to find out
  • have done his utmost to forget you, and wont want to be reminded of the past
  • not be mature enough to see the wonderful opportunity to heal your wounds and his and your mothers
  • insist he never knew your mother.

Theres also a very real possibility that you may have built him up and, despite all your best intentions, you may feel disappointed if he doesnt meet your expectations after all.

The Third Step Build A Test Family Tree On Ancestry

Since we knew a first name and the basic gist of a last name, a city, and an ethnicity, I felt that we had enough information to try to start researching Nicholas.

I was able to find a man named Nicholas who was from the same city in New Jersey, and had the same not-too-common last name as our Nicholas. I found tons of census records with information about him.

Note: I found all of these records on Ancestry using my account which has a subscription to records like census, birth, and marriage records.

There was one other person that I found born in the same decade, with the same name, but he was a couple years older than Nicholas and was from Massachusetts .

The Nicholas from New Jersey was born two years after Jennie. Bingo! I felt confident that I had found the right Nicholas.

On Ancestrys website, once you start adding names to your family tree, you will get record hints, which show up as a little leaf by your family members name on your tree.

I immediately checked and realized that one of the hints was a very well-researched family tree, which was built by one of Nicholas cousins.

Or at least, the person who I believed to be our Nicholas.

This was great, and I was able to determine with relative confidence that this was indeed the family of Nicholas. I found the names of Nicholas parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

So dont forget to attach your results to your family tree or your test family tree.

Only DNA will tell!

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Request Your Original Birth Certificate

Depending on what US state you were born in, you may be able to request your original birth certificate. See a breakdown of the laws of each state. This typically only works for those who were adopted. In our experience, it rarely has both the birth mothers name and the birth fathers name. Its one possibility, so we list it here. Born in the U.K.? Read Finding Birth Parents in the U.K.

Its Never Too Late To Find Your Biological Father

I found my biological father!!!

Its never too late to reconnect with a loved one. Whether through accessing records or taking DNA test, finding your biological father IS a possibility when you take the steps forward it requires to make it happen.

You may have missed a lot of connection in the past, but there is still time for a future of connection to your dad and other biological family members.

Some may want answers but arent interested in building relationships with their birth dad and other family members. Thats okay too. The important thing is to get the answers to the questions you need and to then take each step, each day, one at a time.

Being realistic about your expectations is healthy. But having true knowledge about your family, instead of many unknowns and imaginings, puts you, your present family, and your future family on stronger, healthier ground.

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Why Partner With Origins Genealogy For Find My Dad Services

Our services for locating biological fathers, as well as finding birth mothers, are second-to-none and provide you with the confidence you need in the results we uncover. Having genetic genealogy confirmed, matched, and authenticated by a professional genetic genealogist paves the way for a smooth reunion between all family members involved.

Origins Genealogy is so confident in our ability to find birth parents that we promise our clients that if we dont find yours, you pay NOTHING. Our high success rate and a money-back guarantee give you peace of mind that your investment with us is solid.

With our researchers around the world, let us help you find your origins. Contact one of our friendly, expert genetic genealogists at Origins Genealogy today at 500-0900 to get started. Your birth parents could be just a few weeks away!

DNA doesnt match father? Read our most recent article that discusses the turmoiland discoverythat can ensue when you learn that your dadisnt your dad.s

Hope And Support For Adoptees

Many stories show happy reunions of biological families through DNA matching, but not all stories end in the same way. Many adoptees wishing for a similar story of their own may be disappointed with how their search for their biological family ends.

If you are looking for support after not having an ideal reunion, learning that your birth family doesnt want to connect, or discovering an unknown parent, many community groups can help, including the following:

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