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Coryxkenshin Plays Geometry Dash World

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Coryxkenshin Is An American Social Media Star And Comedian Best Known For Creating The Youtube Channel Of The Same Name Which Has Amassed More Than 45 Million Subscribers Cory Created His Channel On April 26 2009 And Uploaded His 1st Video On May 25 2009 In The Beginning He Discussed Dating And Girls In General Spoke Of Romantic Comedies Such As Hitch And Talked About His School And College Life He Took A Break From Youtube Between Late 2011 And April 2013 After Which He Returned With A New Genre Of Content After Cory Played A Short Survival/horror Video Game Named White Finger Around October 2013 And Received Positive Feedback He Continued Uploading Gaming Videos

LOOK, I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THESE LEVELS | Geometry Dash World Gameplay

The 1st gaming series that he showcased was the sports game from 1994 titled Super Punch-Out. After getting help from a fellow YouTuber TwistedFalcon in 2015, Cory became a verified creator on YouTube, and by July 2016, reached 700k subscribers. He also promised he would sign up his millionth subscribers as a samurai, which happened on November 19, 2016. In 2017, he began focusing on a variety of both well-known and indie horror, slasher, sports, and action games. On May 8, 2019, he completed his 100 Upload Days In a Row challenge video series successfully. Cory also has a large social media fanbase consisting of more than 600k followers on Instagram and more than 500k followers on Twitter.

Google Play Geometry Dash World

No, Geometry Dash has nothing in common with free to play games. Its a causal action game for a single player.Q11. What is the price of Geometry Dash on Steam?A11. Current Steam price for Geometry Dash is $3.99.

It may get cheaper during the holidays.Q12. Can I buy Geometry Dash on mobile app stores?A12. Yes, Geometry Dash is available for purchase on Google Play and App Store, as well as on Microsoft store.Q13. Is Geometry Dash for sale for consoles?A13. No, unfortunately, you cannot play Geometry Dash on consoles.Q14. How much does the game cost on Microsoft store?A14.

Currently, Geometry Dash costs $1.99 on Microsoft store.

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Geometry Dash World Steam

" The Music is just.."

Moreover, there is a practice mode available which allows you to save checkpoints and go back to them when youre dying instead of starting over again. If you complete a level, you will get diamonds and orbs that can be used to purchase various in-game bonuses. Controls 4/5There are 20 levels in the game in total, and youll not complete them shortly. You will need to have a good reaction and make a lot of attempts to learn the track. Despite the complex gameplay, the controls are easily managed with only one button. It is fine if you get lost whenever you see small platforms with a huge distance between each other. Just keep in mind the fact that this distance doesnt change, so you simply need to figure out a right time to start your jump and click a button on the mouse.

You cant control the speed of the icons moving, only if you dont have a special changing portal. So you will have to train your reaction and a clicking speed for the first time. Replay Value 3.5/5As I mentioned above, Geometry Dash is for patient people because playing it will likely make you nervous rather than relaxed. Endless dying and starting over, again and again, isnt a favorite playing model for most of the people.

Can I play Geometry Dash online?A4. No, Geometry Dash is not an online multiplayer, but you will need to go online for updates.Q5.

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Levels He Participated In

  • Berserk – A collaboration with TrusTa, for which TrusTa made the gameplay, verified it, and uploaded it. Zylenox decorated the level.
  • Flop – A mega-collaboration hosted by Technical and Indigo67 that is still in the works.
  • Calculator Core – A superbuffed and extended rebirth of Artificial Ideology hosted by Walroose.

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