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Algebra And Trigonometry Enhanced With Graphing Utilities 6th Edition

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Using The 6th Edition Effectively And Efficiently With Your Syllabus

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To meet the varied needs of diverse syllabi, this book contains more content than expected in a college algebra course. This book has been organized with flexibility of use in mind. Even within a given chapter, certain sections can be skipped without fear of future problems.

Chapter R – Review

This chapter, a revision of the old Chapter 1, has been renamed to more accurately reflect its content. It may be used as the first part of the course or as a just-in-time review when the content is required in a later chapter. Specific references to this chapter occur throughout the book to assist in the review process.

Chapter 1 – Equations and Inequalities

Primarily a review of Intermediate Algebra topics, this material is prerequisite for later topics. For those who prefer to treat complex numbers and negative discriminants early, Section 5.3 can be covered at any time after Section 1.3.

Chapter 2 – Graphs

Features In The 6th Edition

  • Section OBJECTIVES appear in a numbered list to begin each section.
  • NOW WORK PROBLEM XX appears after a concept has been introduced. This directs the student to a problem in the exercises that tests the concept, insuring that the concept has been mastered before moving on. The Now Work problems are identified in the exercises using yellow numbers and a pencil icon.
  • Optional Comments, Explorations, Seeing the Concept, Examples, and Exercises that utilize the graphing calculator are clearly marked with a calculator icon. Calculator exercises are also identified by the icon and green numbers.
  • References to Calculus are identified by a calculus icon.
  • Historical Perspectives, sometimes with exercises, are presented in context and provide interesting anecdotal information.
  • Varied applications are abundant both in Examples and in Exercises. Many contain sourced data.
  • Discussion, Writing, and Research problems appear in each exercise set, identified by an icon and red numbers. These provide the basis for class discussion, writing projects, and collaborative learning experiences.
  • An extensive Chapter Review provides a list of important formulas, definitions, theorems, and objectives, as well as a complete set of Review Exercises, with sample test questions identified by blue numbers.

Hardcover 1152 Pages Published 2012

ISBN-10: 0-321-78483-9 / 0321784839ISBN-13: 978-0-321-78483-4 / 9780321784834 Normal 0 false false false Michael Sullivans time-tested approach focuses students on the … more »fundamental skills they need for the course: preparing for class, practicing with homework, and reviewing the concepts. The Enhanced with Graphing Utilities Serieshas evolved to meet todays course needs by integrating the usage of graphing calculator, active-learning, and technology in new ways to help students be successful in their course, as well as in their future endeavors. « less

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Sullivan Sullivan Precalculus: Enhanced With Graphing Utilities 6th Edition

Dependable text known for its accuracy, precision, depth, strong student support, and bundant exercises.

Preparing for This Section provides just-in-time review of previously presented concepts and skills.

Are You Prepared? problems support the Preparing for This Section feature so students can identify what they need to review and where to review it.

Step-by-step, annotated examples with detailed intermediate steps conclude with directions to Now Work a similar problem to practice the newly learned skills.

Things to Know Section at the end of each chapter details important theorems, formulas, identities, definitions, and functions from the chapter.

Course is available in MathXL® for School, the online homework and assessment supplement, and MyMathLab®, the fully digital course complete with eText, online assignments, multimedia, and more.

Visit, or for more information.

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New To The Sixth Edition

Real Mathematics at Motorola

Each chapter begins with Field Trip to Motorola, a brief description of a current situation at Motorola, followed by Interview at Motorola, a biographical sketch of a Motorola employee. At the end of each chapter is Project at Motorola, written by the Motorola employee, that contains a description, with exercises, of a problem at Motorola that relates to the mathematics found in the chapter. It doesn’t get more REAL than this.

Preparing for This Section

Most sections now open with a referenced list of key items to review in preparation for the section ahead. This provides a just-in-time review for students.

Chapter R Review

This chapter, a revision of the old Chapter 1, has been renamed to more accurately reflect its content. It may be used as the first part of the course or as a just-in-time review when the content is required in a later chapter. Specific references to this chapter occur throughout the book to assist in the review process.


  • The Appendix, Graphing Utilities, has been updated and expanded to include the latest features of the graphing calculator. While the graphing calculator remains an option, identified by a graphing icon, references to the Appendix occur at appropriate places in the text for those inclined to use the graphing calculator features of the text.
  • The Area of a Sector is now included as part of the section Angles and Their Measure.
  • A discussion of combining waves was added to the section on Harmonic Motion.

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