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Algebra And Geometry Practice Problems

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Geometry Word Problems Involving Similar Triangles

Math Practice Problems – Basic Algebra and One-Step Equations

Indirect Measurement Using Similar Triangles

This video illustrates how to use the properties of similar triangles to determine the height of a tree.

How to solve problems involving Similar Triangles and Proportions?


  • Given that triangle ABC is similar to triangle DEF, solve for x and y.

  • The extendable ramp shown below is used to move crates of fruit to loading docks of different heights.When the horizontal distance AB is 4 feet, the height of the loading dock, BC, is 2 feet. What is the height of the loading dock, DE?

  • Triangles ABC and ABC’ are similar figures. Find the length AB.

  • How to use similar triangles to solve a geometry word problem?

    Examples:Raul is 6 ft tall and he notices that he casts a shadow thats 5 ft long. He then measures that the shadow cast by his school building is 30 ft long. How tall is the building?

    Geometry Word Problems Involving Perimeter

    Example:A triangle has a perimeter of 50. If 2 of its sides are equal and the third side is 5 morethan the equal sides, what is the length of the third side?


    Let x = length of the equal sides Sketch the figure

    Step 2: Write out the formula for perimeter of triangle.

    P = sum of the three sides

    Step 3: Plug in the values from the question and from the sketch.

    50 = x + x + x+ 5

    Be careful! The question requires the length of the third side.

    The length of third side = 15 + 5 = 20

    Answer: The length of third side is 20.

    Geometry Word Problems Involving Angles

    Example 1:In a quadrilateral two angles are equal. The third angle is equal to the sum of the two equal angles. The fourth angle is 60° less than twice the sum of the other three angles. Find the measures of the angles in the quadrilateral.

    • The question requires the values of all the angles.Substituting x for 35, you will get: 35, 35, 70, 220

      Answer: The values of the angles are 35°, 35°, 70° and 220°.

    Example 2:The sum of the supplement and the complement of an angle is 130 degrees. Find the measure of the angle.

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    Overview Of The Sat Math Test

    The SAT Math Test consists of two sections: No calculator and Calculator. The No calculator section asks you to answer 20 questions in 25 minutes and the Calculator section asks you to answer 38 questions in 55 minutes. Your scores in both these sections are combined and scaled to be out of 800, or half of your total SAT score.

    There are four categories of questions on the SAT Math Test:

  • Additional Topics in Math
  • Geometry questions fall under the fourth category, and constitute around 10% of the SAT math test, or around 57 questions. The SAT expects you to know basic geometric concepts, like the properties of angles, shapes, and solids. But, you are given a few formulas to help you out with these problems:

    However, we recommend having these formulas memorized. This will not only save you the time of flipping back and forth through your test booklet, but will also give you an idea of where to start when encountered with an unfamiliar problem.

    Algebra Practice Problems And Answers

    Algebra Practice Problems Worksheets

    Here are some free practice algebra problems and answers to help you study. Go to the links at the bottom of the page for more problems.

    1) Expand the following:

    2) 31 2/3x > 27, then x < ?

    3) Factor using the greatest common factor: 4a2 + 16ab + 24b4 8

    4) If 5a + 3b = c, then a = ?

    5) Solve for x: 10 3x = 5x + 2

    6) What is the value of the following expression when x = 2 and y = 2 ?

    7) 3 4 = ?

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    Geometry Math Problem Involving The Perimeter Of A Triangle

    The following two videos give the perimeter of a triangle, a relationship between the sidesof the triangle, and use that information to find the exact value or values of the required side or sides.

    Example:Patricks bike ride follows a triangular path two legs are equal, the third is 8 mileslonger than the other legs. If Patrick rides 30 miles total, what is the length of the longest leg?

    Example:The perimeter of a triangle is 56 cm. The first side is 6 cm shorter than the second side.The third side is 2 cm shorter than twice the length of the first side. What is the length of each side?

    Plus Each One Comes With An Answer Key

    Basic algebra problems worksheet and answers. Also the answers to most of the proofs can be found in a free online powerpoint demonstration. There are elementary algebra worksheets pre algebra worksheets algebra 1 worksheets algebra 2 worksheets algebra word problem worksheets and intermediate algebra worksheets. Use a form to generate unlimited fractions whole numbers and order of operations worksheets.

    Other math worksheets you may be interested in. Answer key is at the end of each worksheet so even parents can check the answers after student has solved the algebric equations. This page starts off with some missing numbers worksheets for younger students.

    Basic algebra involves a number of essential concepts which are covered in this printable quiz and worksheet. Read the basic problems think hard and solve for x. These algebra 1 equations worksheets will produce distance rate and time word problems with ten problems per worksheet.

    Free algebra 1 worksheets created with infinite algebra 1. Word problems distance rate time word problems mixture word problems work word problems. Test and worksheet generators for math teachers.

    Factor trinomials worksheet functions and relations. R elations function in math domain range also listed under f. I also have an algebra calculator for you to use while you solve the algebra problems.

    Can you answer them all. You may select the numbers to be represented with digits or in words. All worksheets created with infinite algebra 1.

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    Geometry Word Problems Involving Area

    Example 1:A rectangle is 4 times as long as it is wide. If the length is increased by 4 inches and the width is decreased by 1 inch, the area will be 60 square inches. What were the dimensions of the original rectangle?

    • We get two values for x.

      Since x is a dimension, it would be positive. So, we take x = 4

      The question requires the dimensions of the original rectangle.The width of the original rectangle is 4.The length is 4 times the width = 4 × 4 = 16

      Answer: The dimensions of the original rectangle are 4 and 16.

    Example 2:This is a geometry word problem that we can solve by writing an equation and factoring.The height of a triangle is 4 inches morethan twice the length of the base. The area of the triangle is 35square inches. Find the height of the triangle.

    Do You Know How To Improve Your Profile For College Applications

    TASC Math – Practice Problem (Step By Step)

    See how your profile ranks among thousands of other students using CollegeVine. Calculate your chances at your dream schools and learn what areas you need to improve right now it only takes 3 minutes and it’s 100% free.

    Angles, triangles, solids, and more are bound to show up on the math portion of your SAT Test. So, while studying for the SAT, you should make sure you have a strong foundational knowledge of geometry. Since these problems are often more conceptual than calculation-heavy, knowing basic geometric properties will allow you to quickly answer these types of questions, earning you easy points towards your total score! In this post, well go over some important geometry concepts on the SAT, along with some tough practice problems, so you can test your geometry skills.

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    Algebra Question Types And Tips

    We hope these algebra practice problems and answers have helped you.

    The algebra questions on your examination will usually include three main types of problems.

    Substituting Values

    Performing operations with algebraic expressions and formulas, like in this example.

    What is the value of the following expression when x = 2 and y = 2 ?

    In these algebra practice problems, you need to substitute for x and y and answer.

    Rational Numbers & Radicals

    There will also be computations on equations with integers, rational numbers, and radicals.

    Integers are whole numbers. In other words, they are not fractions or decimals.

    You may have to simplify an equation that contains only integers.


    Two negative signs together make a positive.

    Complete the operations inside the parentheses first.

    Remember to be careful when multiplying the negative numbers.

    Equations, Inequalities & Practical Problems

    Problems on solving equations, inequalities, and practical problems like those provided at the first link below

    Geometry Worksheets For Practice And Study

    Here is a graphic preview for all of the Geometry Worksheets Sections. You can select different variables to customize these Geometry Worksheets for your needs. The Geometry Worksheets are randomly created and will never repeat so you have an endless supply of quality Geometry Worksheets to use in the classroom or at home. These Geometry Worksheets consist of Angle Worksheets, Circles Worksheets, Coordinate Geometry Worksheets, Quadrilaterals and Polygons Worksheets, Perimeter and Area Worksheets, Pythagorean Theorem Worksheets, Surface Area and Volume Worksheets, Triangle Worksheets, and Trigonometry Worksheets for your use. Our Geometry Worksheets are free to download, easy to use, and very flexible.

    These Geometry Worksheets are a great resource for children in the 4th Grade, and 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, and 8th Grade.

    Click here for a of all the Geometry Worksheet Sections.

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    Quick Link For All Geometry Worksheet Sections

    This section contains all of the graphic previews for the Angles Worksheets. We have classifying, naming, and measuring angles worksheets, reading protractors worksheets, finding complementary, supplementary, vertical, alternate, corresponding angles and much more angle worksheet for your use. These geometry worksheets are a good resource for children in the 5th Grade through the 10th Grade.

    This section contains all of the graphic previews for the Area and Perimeter Worksheets. We have area and perimeter worksheets for triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, regular polygons, quadrilaterals, and a formula worksheet for your use. These geometry worksheets are a good resource for children in the 5th Grade through the 10th Grade.

    This section contains all of the graphic previews for the Circle Worksheets. We have identifying radius and diameter for circles worksheets, calculating circumference, area, radius, and diameters worksheets, arcs and central angles for circles worksheets, arcs and chords worksheets, inscribed angles worksheets, graphing of circles worksheets and much more circle worksheets for your use. These geometry worksheets are a good resource for children in the 5th Grade through the 10th Grade.

    How Will My Sat Score Impact My College Chances

    Math Problems Online

    Your SAT score, along with other statistics is used to calculate a metric called the Academic Index . Many selective colleges use AI to determine an applications strength. In fact, some colleges will even automatically reject applicants with too low AIsthough this has changed in some cases due to COVID-19 and test-optional policies.

    If you want to see how your SAT score impacts your chances at the schools youre interested in, check out CollegeVines free Admissions Calculator! This tool will not only show you how you stack up against other applicants, but will also give you tips on what aspects of your profile might need improvement.

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    Solutions To The Algebra Problems

    Solutions and explanations for each of the answers to the algebra practice problems are provided in this section.

    Solution 1:

    Polynomials are algebraic expressions that contain more than one term.

    You will definitely have questions on your algebra exam about multiplying polynomials.

    When multiplying polynomials, you should use the F-O-I-L method.

    This means that you multiply the variables two at a time from each of the two parts of the equation in the parentheses in this order:

    First Outside Inside Last

    So, the first variables in each set of parentheses are 2x and 2x


    The variables on the outside of each set of parentheses are 2x and 3y


    The variables on the inside of each set of parentheses are -3y and 2x


    The last variables in each set of parentheses are -3y and -3y


    Then we add all of the above parts together to get:

    Solution 2:

    Algebra practice problems usually include inequalities problems and answers. Inequalities contain the less than or greater than signs.

    In order to solve inequalities, deal with the whole numbers on each side of the equation first:

    31 2/3x> 27


    2/3x > -4

    Then deal with the fraction:

    2/3x> -4

    Geometry Math Problem Involving The Perimeter Of A Rectangle

    The following two videos give the perimeter of a rectangle, a relationship between the length and width of the rectangle, and use that information to find the exact value of the length and width.

    Example:A rectangular garden is 2.5 times as long as it is wide. It has a perimeter of 168 ft. How long and wide is the garden?

    Example:A rectangular landing strip for an airplane has perimeter 8000 ft. If the length is 10 ft longer than 35 times the width, what is the length and width?

    Examples of perimeter geometry word problemsThis video shows how to write an equation and find the dimensions of a rectangle knowing the perimeterand some information about the about the length and width.

    Example:The width of a rectangle is 3 ft less than its length. The perimeter of the rectangle is 110 ft.Find the dimensions.

    Perimeter Word Problems

    Example:The length of a rectangle is 7 cm more than 4 times its width. Its perimeter is 124 cm. Find its dimensions.

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