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What Is The Difference Between Psychology Ba And Bs

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What Is The Difference Between Ab And Bs Psychology

BA vs BS in Psychology | My Experience

artium baccalaureus

. In respect to this, what is the difference of AB and BS Psychology?

Both are undergraduate degrees, and both are offered in the field of psychology. A Bachelor of Arts entails psychology-focused courses students earning a B.A. will take more courses in the social sciences. A B.S. degree has a course load emphasizing technical studies in science, math and statistics.

Also, what is AB Psychology? The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is a four-year degree program that helps students understand human behavior and different thinking processes through the use of basic scientific principles and psychological theories.

Subsequently, one may also ask, is it better to have a BS or BA in psychology?

While one degree is not necessarily better than another, some educational experts suggest that students who earn a B.S. degree in psychology have greater flexibility and more opportunities. For example, you might want to study psychology but also take a lot of courses in an area such as nutrition and health.

What does AB and Bs stand for?

The A.B. is an abbreviation of the Latin name for the Bachelor of Arts degree artium baccalaureus. The S.B., Latin for scientiae baccalaureus,is the Bachelor of Science .

How Are The Degrees Similar

The online psychology degree curriculum that is covered in these two programs is often quite similar. Most online psychology programs will address a core curriculum that outlines the theoretical framework of psychology. The curriculum typically evaluates the history, study and practice of both historic and modern psychology. The vast majority of modern psychology programs, in both BA and BS programs, approach the study of psychology as a science. These programs will use the scientific methods as the basis for scientific exploration and study.

While there are several differences between the BA and BS degree, there are also a notable number of similarities. Most colleges or universities will offer either one degree or the other, but not both. This means that students must take into consideration what degree is offered by the school they plan to attend and how that may affect their academic career. It is important to choose an online psychology program that offers a degree with the ability to help you achieve your career goals.

Good Schools For Bachelors Degrees In Psychology

The number 1 school to get a bachelors degree in psychology in the U.S. is Purdue University in Indiana. The school offers degrees in both arts and science when it comes to psychology. These degrees require 14 psychology classes and a total of 120 credits to complete. In both cases, Purdue University has an honors program, and students in that program or who transfer into it need to maintain a 3.5 GPA to remain in it, making it one of the most demanding undergraduate programs in the country in any discipline.

Harvard University, which is No. 2, also requires a 3.5 GPS from students who pursue the cognitive psychology track. Studying how people learn is necessarily a highly demanding field, and the GPA requirement is more than reasonable. The university also allows students to choose a secondary focus for their degrees without having to declare a full minor. Instead, they take five courses from a selection available for that secondary focus.

Other colleges and universities, such as Berea College and the University of Georgia, have mathematical requirements for their psychology students. This caters to the bachelor of science students, mostly, because theyre the ones who are doing the research, collating the data, and drawing inferences from the mathematical data.

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To Open Up New Career Paths

An estimated seven out of 10 jobs will require a degree beyond high school by 2030 , according to a report by the Georgetown Public Policy Institute. With a bachelor’s degree, you may be able to explore new careers.

As of 2015, one in three adults earned a bachelorâs degree, making it increasingly likely that you will be vying for a job alongside other applicants with this level of education . Earning a four-year degree can enable you to become marketable to a wider range of fields or industries.

Can You Choose Between A Ba Or Bs Degree In Certain Fields Of Study

What is the difference in a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in ...

Yes, a number of universities allow you to choose between a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in certain degree fields. For example, its common to see universities offering both a BA/BS in Business, Psychology, and Economics, to name a few.

Many students find that a Bachelor of Arts offers more flexibility and elective courses, so it might be considered one of the easiest degrees depending on your major. That being said, math and science are a breeze for many technically-inclined students. For that reason, choosing between a BA or BS degree is largely a personal choice, especially if you feel that you are strong in the social sciences/humanities or math and science .

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For those of you who want to get college credits fast, a BA degree may be a better option as it generally offers more elective courses with no pre-requisites.

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A Typical Bachelor Of Science In Psychology Degree

Students in a bachelor of science program wont just study theory but will also study and perform research on memory, perception, and cognitive development. They will learn about cutting-edge research techniques and will also study the use of technology to analyze brain function. Further, theyll perform experiments regarding the brains internal processes. A good example would be studying subjects brain patterns while performing meditation.

Students studying these various disciplines will have the opportunity to delve into the psychology of health, consumer psychology, and physical psychology. Although many students with this kind of degree go on to be practicing therapists, more often, they perform research in clinical settings. A few become neuropsychologists and might even pursue a medical degree in graduate school to become psychiatrists.

Courses You Might Take:

PSYCH 4998:Undergraduate Research in Psychology

As a psychology student, you have the opportunity to work in a research lab under the supervision of a psychology faculty member. Research experience strengthens an undergraduate degree and is strongly recommended for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in psychology, as well as for students desiring to develop research skills as part of their career preparation. Participation in research opportunities can help you test your interest in research and interact more closely with faculty members who share your interests. Students can earn academic credit for assisting with research by enrolling in Psychology 4998.

PSYCH 3331:Abnormal Psychology

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A Typical Bachelor Of Arts In Psychology Degree

A Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology will focus on general psychology classes. This will include classes on animal learning, human cognition, sociology and human relationships. For example, students may study the history of behaviorism and classical conditioning, while a Bachelor of Science student would actually design and conduct a simple lab-based experiment. Students will be exposed to the popular fields of social, clinical, cognitive and developmental psychology. In fact, students will learn the basics of all the major psychology branches, including forensic, education, personality, abnormal and cross-culture psychology.

A Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology will focus on general psychology classes. This will include classes on animal learning, human cognition, sociology, and human relationships. For example, students may study the history of behaviorism and classical conditioning. A student earning a bachelor of science would instead design and conduct an experiment that seeks to test a hypothesis about the various psychological theories. Students will receive instruction regarding the fields of social, clinical, cognitive, and developmental psychology. Students will also learn the basics of all the major psychology branches, including forensic, education, personality, abnormal, and cross-culture.

Which One Is Better


One degree is not necessarily better than the other they are just different pathways towards a Bachelors degree in psychology. The differing degrees offer the opportunity to choose which one is best-suited to the individuals unique interests, goals, and skills. Some educational experts have recommended that students earn a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology for greater professional opportunity after graduation. However, there are career options derived from each of the degrees.

Students who choose to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree will have many open doors. They can decide to go on for further study in psychology or subjects including law, journalism, education, political science, and even business. Because of the large variety of liberal arts courses along with the basic understanding of psychology, these students are very marketable. The degree program will prepare students for the workforce by helping them develop desired communication skills and knowledge.

Graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree will have just as many open doors, but they will be different. Their degree program prepares them well for any career in science through extensive laboratory study in biology and research methodology. Many students with this degree go on to graduate school for further study in psychology or other related areas. A masters or doctoral degree in Psychology can lead to a wonderful career as a clinical, counseling, research, or school psychologist.

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Difference Between Psychology Ba And Bs

Psychology BA and BS are two degrees of Psychology, which can be studied with two respective streams that is the arts and science stream. Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior or the mind. This subject can be studied and can be pursued further by both arts and science students. It has a lot of scope from both streams. It is a newly emerging subject that has taken a great pace in recent years. Even though both the streams can study psychology but there are slight differences between them. Both the streams involved, practical as well as theoretical studies. Both studies involve a three-year-long period.

Understanding The Difference Between Ba Psychology And Bsc Psychology

Programme Details

BA Psychology and BSc psychology are undergraduate programmes offered by various colleges and universities.

  • The duration of both programmes is three years.
  • The primary difference between the two disciplines lies in the coursework and syllabus BA Psychology as a discipline is oriented towards liberal arts while BSc psychology is more technical and scientific with a focus on maths and statistics.
  • BA Psychology is ideal for students who have a liberal arts background and wish to pursue a career in fields like counselling, education, social work, journalism, law while BSc in Psychology is for students with a science background who wish to enter the medical profession or study neurosciences.
  • As a BA psychology major student, you are more likely to get electives from the Art stream while as a BSc psychology student, you will get science subjects as electives.
  • Both the degrees are well-respected, valuable as well as marketable. Whichever programme you choose should depend on your interest and preference.

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What Is A Ba Degree

Simply put, the B.A. degree definition is a Bachelor of Arts degree. More broadly, a Bachelor of Arts degree is typically designed to provide students with a comprehensive education balancing major courses with a general education focused on the liberal arts.

Out of the usual 120 to 180 required credits for a B.A., your major will likely only comprise of around 36 credits.

Other required credits for a B.A. may be through courses in:

  • Writing
  • Engineering
  • Psychology

Bachelor of Science degrees are generally offered in science or technology fields such as computer science, biology, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science, and mathematics.

Bs In Psychology Sample Career Paths

Sociology vs. Psychology: Which Bachelors Degree?

You may have different options with a BS in Psychology. Some of the jobs you may qualify for include these.

Social and Community Service Managers

Social and Community Service Managers typically oversee a group of people. They likely help supervise programs in organizations. Some may work in nonprofit organizations. Others may also work in for profit social service companies. They may often provide community and social services.

2019 Median Annual Pay: $67,150

2019 to 2029 Growth: 17%

Rehabilitation Counselor

A rehabilitation counselor typically helps people with disabilities. This includes those with physical and mental limitations. It may also include developmental conditions. They may work in community rehabilitation centers. Some may work in senior citizen programs.

2019 Median Annual Pay: $35,950

2019 to 2029 Growth: 10%

Probation Officers

Probation officerstypically work with people who are law offenders. They may work with those in custody. You also work with those who are reentering life after incarceration. They may help with managing stress. Those working in this field tend to help people to stay on the right path. They may also provide mental health support as needed. So work strictly to require previously incarcerated people to get a job and maintain it.

2019 Median Annual Pay: $54,290

2019 to 2029 Growth: 4%

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An Overview Of The Two Degrees

A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology usually features courses in social psychology, psychology and ethics, and cognitive psychology, as well as a number of humanities and social sciences courses. These might include subjects such as comparative literature, sociology, anthropology, or foreign languages. In turn, the coursework allows students to build a broad knowledge base. Some BA in Psychology programs, such as , also include a social science research sequence and a senior project within the curriculum. These aspects of a program can provide students with experience applying skills learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios. Depending on a students professional goals, a BA can lay a solid foundation for further study or lead to a position directly within the field of psychology.

A Bachelor of Science in Psychology typically will include core psychology courses as well as additional coursework that emphasizes math and science skills. BS in Psychology programs often focus on biology and research methodology and include courses like statistics. Required courses may include more extensive work in math, science, and quantitative research, and students may be required to conduct a research project and/or write a thesis. With this experience, graduates may be able to start work in the field immediately, although many choose to pursue further education.

Which Degree Is Best

Before deciding which option is right for you, review your university’s requirements for each degree and talk to an advisor within the psychology department for further advice.

  • You are planning on going straight into the workforce after completing your undergraduate degree.

  • You plan on going to graduate school in a non-psychology field such as business, law, counseling, social work, or management.

  • You are interested in taking a wider range of humanities courses, including foreign language classes.

  • You are interested in a more science-oriented curriculum.

  • You plan to earn a graduate degree in psychology.

  • You plan to go to medical school.

  • You are interested in taking a wider range of science-related courses.

The American Psychological Association suggests that there is often little difference between the degree options. Instead, they suggest that the most important consideration should be taking classes that will prepare you for graduate school or a career.

Whether you earn a BA or BS degree, an undergraduate degree in psychology can open up a range of career opportunities. Some careers you might consider include social services, public relations, human resources, case management, criminal justice, life coaching, as well as many other entry-level career options.

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Ba Vs Bs In Psychology: Which Is Right For Me

Both BA and BS degrees are extremely useful and comprehensive. The degree that is right for you will depend on your future education and career goals.

Students should consider a BA in psychology if they:

  • Prefer a course load that is focused more on the arts and humanities.
  • Are interested in working as a counselor, psychologist, social worker, or therapist
  • Want to go into the workforce right after completing their undergraduate degree.
  • Are planning on pursuing a graduate degree in a non-psychology field.

Students should consider a BS in psychology if they:

  • Prefer a course load that focuses more on the science-oriented curriculum.
  • Want to continue their career and studies in the medical field.
  • Are interested in behavioral health, neuroscience, psychiatry, and similar areas of study.
  • Are planning to earn a graduate degree in psychology.
  • Are planning to go to medical school.

Ready To Take The Next Step

How to pick between the B.A. and B.Sc. in Psychology | uOttawa Future

When choosing between a BA and a BS in psychology, consider resources like the ones below, which offer information about programs, careers, and opportunities. Students interested in psychology should explore schools’ curricula before entering a program. They also should factor in how a bachelor’s degree meets their personal and professional interests and goals.

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What Are The Career Opportunities For Bs Psychology And Ba Psychology

Earning a BS Psychology degree can lead to careers such as Psychometrician, Psychologist, Guidance Counselor, or Psychotherapist, among other fields. A BA in Psychology is a great option if you have are interested in psychology but want to try other disciplines, too. Students in this degree have the option to pursue education, law, journalism, social work, counseling, and business.

A Ba Degree In Psychology Is A Good Fit For Students Who Are:

  • Interested in related topics beyond general psychology
  • Looking to go directly into the workforce immediately after college
  • Interested in pursuing psychology-adjacent careers such as law, journalism, political science, counseling, social work, or business

Many schools offer only one bachelors program in psychologyeither a B.A. or B.S. depending on the focus of the school.

Some schools, like The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, combine the best of each degree by offering required and elective courses that will expose students to a variety of topics in addition to building research and analytic skills.

At The Chicago School, the B.A. in Psychology program is specifically designed to prepare students for future careers and help build a bridge for undergraduate students to graduate programs in psychology. The Chicago School offers the following B.A. in Psychology programs:

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