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Unit 7 Lesson 1 Geometry

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Guided Math Kit Grade 3

Common Core Geometry.Unit #7.Lesson #1.Dilations

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Developed by Reagan Tunstall, a nationally-recognized speaker on guided math, this essential classroom resource has everything you need to successfully plan, organize, implement, and manage Guided Math. This Third Grade unit kit contains detailed and differentiated lesson plans, activities, games, and cards for your Guided Math whole group and small group lessons! This is Unit 7 out of 9 units for Third Grade. It includes 19 detailed whole group lessons, small group lessons with activities, as well as an end-of-unit assessment.

The standards covered in Unit 7 are: focuses on exploring 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes. Students are first exposed to vocabulary terms and then incorporate their vocabulary to correctly identify and describe shapes. The unit also hones in on special quadrilaterals, teaching students how to differentiate among the quadrilaterals and what makes each one special.

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