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Lesson Practice Domain 4 Geometry

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Math 10-C Unit 4 Lesson 4 – Domain and Range (Part 1)

In todays lesson, youre going to play the name game. You and your partner have been given a game board and a set of cards. Each large square on your game board has four smaller squares. Information about a function is given in the first square. In one of the squares, you are asked to produce some kind of information about the function. The last two squares will come from finding cards in your deck to match the function. By the time you finish a set, you will have filled in all four squares and each large square will have the following information:

  • The given function

  • The domain of the function and whether the function is discrete or continuous

  • Another representation of the function

  • The type of the function and the type of growth

  • To identify the type of function, you will need to understand the defining characteristics of linear and exponential functions:

  • Linear functions grow by equal differences over equal intervals.

  • Exponential functions grow by equal factors over equal intervals.

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