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How Do You Say Biology In Spanish

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What Does Tampa Mean In Seminole

How to Pronounce Biology? (CORRECTLY)

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Biology And Spanish Student Makes The Right Connections

Melissa Edgar remembers one important detail about visiting Viterbo University before she was completely sure it was the right school for her.

Edgar is now a junior, majoring in biology and minoring in Spanish and ethics. But back then, as a recent high school graduate, she wasnt fully sure where shed end up and had visited Viterbo once, along with a larger public school. Shed spoken briefly to a professor on her Viterbo visit and when she returned for an accepted student event, she met him again.

He referred to me by name when I saw him he had remembered me from when I came the previous time, and the idea that the professor remembered my name, who Id never had for class, and only had met once, that was pretty distinct and special for me and that made me think OK, this is definitely a good school to come to, Edgar recalled.

It was that sense of connection, of being viewed as an individual rather than another face in the crowd, that Edgar was seeking, and she found it at Viterbo.

Edgar is president of Viterbos student-led Spanish Club, serves on the Student Government Association, and is part of the Tri-Beta National Biological Honor Society. Shes both enjoyed those experiences and picked up useful skills along the way.

Theres tons and tons of clubs that have so many opportunities to make connections, she said. You also really learn how to plan events and build people skills.

Spanish Vocabulary For Science Class

The subject we refer to as science in elementary school includes multiple areas and topics.

In this post, I focus on 3 natural sciences:

No te olvides de agregar agua.Dont forget to add water.

Podemos medir la cantidad.We can measure the quantity.

Tenemos que investigarlo.We have to research it.

Tenía que observarlo durante dos semanas.I had to observe it for two weeks.

Primero, tienes que pesar los ingredientes.First, you have to weigh the ingredients.

Reduce el fuego.

Tienes que probar la hipótesis.You have to prove the hypothesis.

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Explosive Science Class Vocabulary In Spanish

Giving a science class in Spanish as part of your homeschooling curriculum is a fantastic idea. Youre not only teaching science, but also boosting your childs Spanish language skills.

Interdisciplinary teaching is the way to go. Take advantage of any Spanish knowledge your student already has and introduce science vocabulary in Spanish.

Teaching science words works best in context .

Read this post to get equipped with the basic terms that young scientists need to know for their science classes in Spanish.

Editing And Generation Of Subtitled Quicktime Movie

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Work with InqScribe to edit and generate a QuickTime movie with subtitles. as described in iBioTutorial for transcriptions.

  • Copy and paste the excel column with Spanish text into the InqScribe text panel.
  • Drag downloaded movie into the InqScribe image panel.
  • Using the InqScribe tools, add a time stamp before and after the Spanish title of the movie. In this way, the title in Spanish will appear and disappear at the same as the as the English one.
  • Go to the end of the text and add a time stamp to coincide with the end of the audio and the add following text with associated time stamps.
  • Ve más en

  • Generate a subtitled movie. For iBiology talks, we chose the Verdana font at 36 . Save as a self-contained movie.
  • Play the movie and check Spanish subtitles while listening to English audio, paying special attention to the doubts specified in the translated text in the excel sheet. I suggest that in this first run, you make sure the translation is accurate. Edit in InqScribe text panel as necessary. Also make sure time stamps allow for enough time to read the subtitles. Edit time stamps if required.
  • Generate a new corrected movie as described above, and turn audio off. Read the final text for a final check.
  • To avoid confusion, when the speaker corrects himself within the same line, only translate the corrected sentence.
  • To avoid confusion, delete translation of mannerisms like you know you see well , that may be confusing to the reader.
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    Empower Your Learner To Speak Spanish

    Working on your childs Spanish is a potent investment in their future. Spanish is an important subject that many kids start learning in elementary school. In high school, they could even take AP or SAT Spanish subject exams. Preparing for these exams will be less stressful with strong Spanish foundations. And taking science classes in Spanish will help them on their way to fluency.

    Sign your child or student up for a free Spanish class with one of our professional, native Spanish-speaking teachers from Guatemala. See for yourself how quickly your child can use their newly learned science vocabulary in Spanish and start speaking in their very first class.

    Sign up for your today!

    How To Use Science Vocabulary In Spanish

    Interdisciplinary teaching is effective because it broadens students horizons and opens new perspectives.

    Helpful teaching aids for science vocabulary include posters, flashcards, songs, and memory games. Keep in mind that the best way for kids to learn new vocabulary is to see it used and to use it themselves.

    Do you know the Netflix show, Emilys Wonder Lab? In Spanish, its called El Fascinante Laboratorio de Emily. It talks about science in a fun and comprehensible way. Consider switching the language to Spanish and turning on the Spanish subtitles.

    Check out Language Learning with Netflix: How to Use the Chrome Extension to learn how to use the show to learn new vocabulary.

    Depending on your childs Spanish level, you could repeat the experiments from the show and describe them in Spanish or make drawings with the experiment stages and label them in Spanish.

    On Youtube, the Smile and Learn Channel in Spanish has an interesting playlist with science videos. Choose a topic that interests your kids and watch the show during a science class in Spanish. Its an ideal way to see vocabulary in action while helping your child improve their Spanish comprehension skills.

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    School Subjects In Spanish

    This free audio lesson is on school subjects in Spanish. Discover how to pronounce all of your school subjects in Spanish and wow your classmates!

    Schools in Latin American countries tend to study almost exactly the kinds of school subjects that you are already familiar with. These subjects tend to have names that are very similar to English words, which makes them easy to recall–but dont get tricked up with all the accents that are added.

    If you want to find out what someones favorite school subject is, you ask, ¿Cuál es tu curso favorito? The respondent would then say, Mi curso favorite es ______. Pretty straightforward isnt it? See how easy it is to start using meaningful language structures in Spanish.

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