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College Algebra Course Number Hcc

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Mat107 General Calculus And Linear Algebra

College Algebra Full Course

Prerequisite: MAT104 with a C or higher or Assessment

This course provides an introduction to calculus and linear algebra concepts that are particularly useful in the study of economics and business administration. The course will cover the basic theorems and concepts of differential and integral calculus and linear algebra and will emphasize working problems with applications in economics and business.

Mat1: College Algebra/functions 4 Credits

Analysis and interpretation of the behavior and nature of functions including linear, quadratic, higher-order polynomials, rational, exponential, logarithmic, power, absolute value, and piecewise-defined functions systems of equations, using multiple methods including matrices, and modeling and solving real world problems. Note: Students may receive credit for only one of the following: MAT150, OR MAT151, OR MAT152, OR MAT155, OR MAT156. Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in MAT095, or MAT096, or MAT114, or MAT115, or MAT12+, OR an appropriate district placement for MAT15+, OR permission of Department or Division Chair.

General Education Designations: MA

Course Title: Mathematics For Teachers Ii

Prerequisite Required:Search for MATH 1351 classesCourse Number: MATH 1414

MATH 1414 is a 4 credit hour lecture course. MATH 1314 is a 3 credit hour lecture course. Either course will meet degree requirements. A student may receive credit for MATH 1414 or MATH 1314 but not for both.

Course not offered this year on any campus of Dallas College.

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Solve The Equation For Success In Tomorrow’s Workforce With A Solid Foundation In Mathematics

Career growth in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics remains above average and competitive, especially in Maryland with proximity to key national agencies and a high concentration of professional and technical positions. In STEM education, mathematics courses are the entryway into understanding and solving the issues and challenges in all of these fields.

Math literacy has also become a survival skill in our daily lives, from calculating an interest rate to balancing finances to calculating how many tiles to buy for a new floor and mathematics plays a role in building and enhancing the work of every career field, from manufacturing to entertainment to finance to sports, and more.

Whatever your career or life goal, HCCs Mathematics Division includes academic courses, programs, support services, and resources to help you get there from here, including:

Developmental Courses

Assessment of entering students mathematics skills for accurate course level placement into either a sequence of developmental math courses, or eligibility to register for college-level classes. Successful completion of courses in the developmental sequence are required to enroll in the college-level credit courses, but do not fulfill requirements for any HCC degree or certificate programs and are non-transferable,

College-Level Mathematics

Math Support Services

Undergraduate Research

Associate Transfer Degrees

Mat104l College Algebra With Lab

How We Partner

Prerequisites: Assessment

College Algebra with Lab involves the study of the fundamental concepts of algebra algebraic equations and inequalities functions and graphs exponential and logarithmic functions systems of equations and inequalities. Apply the above concepts to realworld situations. The course consists of three hours of lecture plus three hours of laboratory work per week. A graphing calculator is required for this course.

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Expectations For Student Use Of Computers In Courses

Expectations for Student Use of Computers in Courses

Any Housatonic Community College course may require substantial computer based learning including use of the Internet, e-text books, instructional software, Blackboard, research data bases, online assignments, etc., for the completion of class assignments, homework, research and assessments.

Computer- based learning experiences may be used in place of or in addition to traditional lectures for some lessons. All students have access to computer laboratories in both Beacon Hall and Lafayette Hall. Computer access is also available in the college library.

Adopted by the Housatonic Community College Academic Council, February 2014

Mat090 Fundamentals Of Math

Fundamentals of Math precedes the algebra sequence of courses. This course is designed to develop skills in the four fundamental mathematical operations using whole numbers, fractions, decimal fractions, ratio, proportion, and percent. Business and consumer applications are also included. If time permits, applied geometry and an introduction to algebra will be included.

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