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4.1 Puzzle Time Geometry

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4.1 Puzzle Time

What is the key to computational fluency? Practice. Lots and lots of practice. What about reasoning skills? Practice. What about number sense? Practice. What about every important skill I can think of? Lots and lots of practice! I am a strong believer that none of us have destinies or skills or abilities that are fixed. Our country was built on the belief that if you work hard and do what’s right, you will get ahead. I think this is particularly true when it comes to school and math. My Tangy Tuesday and Wordy Wednesday worksheets give students the opportunity to practice and improve their skills in a thoughtful and systematic way. By the end of the year, kids who solve all 5 of my puzzles every week will have done thousands of problems designed to help them become better in math.But that’s not all. My ultimate goal is for kids to enjoy solving problems – especially challenging ones. Students who solve my puzzles will struggle, learn to persevere, and ultimately become better, more creative thinkers. Through their own hard work, they will become smarter more successful students. In conclusion, to be good at anything, kids need to practice. In math, this means doing thousands of problems to develop conceptual understanding and fact and procedural fluency. My goal is to make practicing so enjoyable that kids look forward to solving my weekly puzzles and problems. I hope you will give them a try!

Puzzle Time Answer Key

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Text Of 81 Puzzle Time

  • Big Ideas Math Green Copyright Big Ideas Learning, LLC Resourcesby Chapter All rights reserved. 278

    Puzzle Time

    Name _________________________________________________________Date _________

    What Do You Get When You Cross An Elephant With A Fish? Writethe letter of each answer in the box containing the exercisenumber.

    Identify the solid that is described.

    1. One pentagonal base and five lateral faces that aretriangles.

    2. One rectangular base and four lateral faces that aretriangles

    3. Two parallel, triangular bases and three lateral faces thatare rectangles

    4. Two parallel, pentagonal bases and five lateral faces thatare rectangles

    5. Two parallel, square bases and four lateral faces that aresquares

    6. Two parallel, rectangular bases and four lateral faces thatare rectangles

    7. One triangular base and three lateral faces that aretriangles

    Determine the correct number.

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Fantastic But One Thing

I really liked using this app, it helped me a lot on hard questions I first did not understand but now I do! But only one problem which isnt that big of a deal for someone like me but for others it probably would! If you ask a simple question like a multiplication it would just tell you the answer and not how to do it and the only way to know how to easily do the question is to pay for a 7 day trial and then you pay monthly. Other than that this is a very interesting and smart app and will be using it a lot now! Thank you for marking this app creators!

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