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Whodunnit Algebra 2 Answer Key

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Common Core Algebra II.Unit 1.Lesson 3.Common Algebraic Expressions
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2 Name: Six contestants on a reality TV show were stunned to find their lowest scoring colleague was murdered. They must figure out the crime before the bell rings. The question is Whodunnit? And how The Player, Last Known Whereabouts and Method that are left unaccounted for — is the solution

3 Who is the Killer? The Last Known The Players The Method Whereabouts Dr. Alpha Atrium Chemical Poisoning Miss Beta Gym Drowning Mrs. Gamma Kitchen Electrocution Professor Delta Library Firearm Assault Mr. Epsilon Movie Theater Mauled by a Cougar Coach Omega Pool Venomous Bite

4 Clue #1 FFFFFFFFFFFF 35xx 2 15xx 5x A venomous snake did not bite the victim. 5 A cougar did not maul the victim. 5x Mrs. Gamma was preparing a snack in the kitchen. 5 Dr. Alpha was listening to music in the atrium. Clue #2 FFFFFFFFFFFF 12xx 2 + 4xx x 4x 4x The murder was not an assault with a firearm. Miss Beta was watching a movie in the theater. Professor Delta was using her ipad by the pool. 4 The victim did not have a venomous bite.

5 Clue #3 FFFFFFFFFFFF 40bb bb b Chemical poisoning was not the cause of death. 8 Professor Delta was rearranging the equipment in the gym. b 8b Coach Omega was tanning by the pool. A venomous snake did not bite the victim. Clue #4 FFFFFFFFFFFF 51cc 3 34cc c 17c c 17c Dr. Alpha was drinking tea by the pool. The victim did not drown. A cougar did not maul the victim. Miss Beta was painting in the atrium.

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