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What Can You Do With An Associate’s In Psychology

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If you like the idea of using your background in psychology to help law enforcement bring justice to survivors of crimes, consider a career in forensic science. Forensic science technicians collect and analyze evidence to understand how and why an event occurred and who was responsible. Their tasks include interpreting blood spatter, collecting fingerprints, and tracing substances in bodily fluids, just to name a few.

While much of the role involves laboratory science, a background in psychology helps technicians understand the motivation behind a crime and assist in criminal profiling.

You can apply your associate degree in psychology toward a bachelor’s in the same subject or in chemistry, physics, or biology. With a four-year degree in one of these areas, law enforcement agencies and crime labs will consider you for technician positions. While you will receive on-the-job training, applicants familiar with using laboratory equipment will have a competitive edge.

Psychiatric Technician Or Aide

While psychiatrists seem to get the spotlight, patients with mental illness and developmental disabilities are cared for by psychiatric technicians and aides who are crucial to psychiatric hospitals, residential mental health facilities, and other healthcare settings that serve people with mental health issues. It takes a lot of education to get there, but an associates degree can be the first step in the journey to the high-paying field of Psychiatry.

Psychiatric technicians and aides earn an average of $33,000 per year.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Pursuing An Associates Degree In Psychology

While the terminal degree in the field of psychology is a doctoral degree and the more lucrative jobs tend to be on that end of the spectrum, there are many opportunities for people who want to get into the field but still dont have the money or time to pursue such a high educational level.

For these people, starting with an associates degree is the best course of action. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider starting with an associates degree in psychology:

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Taking The Next Step With A Graduate Degree

It’s helpful to explore the educational options after earning your bachelor’s in psychology to advance your career or open doors to a variety of other professions. You can enter or advance in many fields with a master’s degree in psychology, including forensic or industrial-organizational psychology.

In addition, a psychology degree is a great background for graduate degrees in counseling or social work.

School Counselor

School counseling is a field that lends itself to those with a psychology background but almost always requires a master’s degree in counseling and licensure.

School counselors work with students to help them achieve a range of academic, personal and social goals. For example, at the high school level, a school counselor might advise students applying to college and be a conduit between the student and school. Counselors can also intervene and work with parents of students with behavioral problems, as well as students who need extra resources to learn efficiently despite learning or physical disabilities.

School counselors make a median salary of $51,517, according to Payscale.

Social Worker

Becoming a licensed social worker generally requires a master’s degree in social work, as well as meeting state licensure requirements. The field does lend itself to many of the skills you develop studying psychology.

In 2020, social workers made a median salary of $51,760, and the profession is projected to grow by 12% by 2030, according to BLS.

Awesome Jobs You Can Get With A Psychology Degree

What Can You Do With An Associates Degree In Psychology

Are there many jobs you can get with a psychology degree? Yes. And they are probably more diverse than you think. After all, the human mind plays a starring role in most aspects of our lives. It shapes our behavior, which in turn shapes our world. And that makes psychology far more than just a fascinating area of science. It provides a way to see the reasons behind our actions, which lets us understand and improve upon those actions for the betterment of our individual selves, our families, our organizations, our communities, and our whole society.

There are all kinds of jobs for a psychology degree holder, including opportunities in fields like human services, business, and education. For example, here are 10 of the top careers for psychology graduates based on their projected employment growth between 2018 and 2028, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook :

  • Addictions counselor: 22 percent
  • Average annual salaries are based on May 2019 data from the Occupational Employment Statistics program. Job growth projections are for the decade between 2018 and 2028 and are based on data from the OOH.

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    Financial Aid For Psychology Students

    There are several different types of financial aid available for students seeking an associates degree. The first step is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid , which determines how much assistance the U.S. government thinks youre eligible to receive. This can come in the form of loans, grants, or work-study stipends. You can also apply for private loans through banks and other institutions.

    You may also qualify to receive scholarships or grants based on academic merit or other criteria. These might be available to all types of students, or you might find ones designed for particular people based on things such as ethnicity, background, military service, and more.

    Are You Ready To Discover Your College Program

    Do you have a passion for analyzing the world through the lens of psychology, but you don’t want to spend a decade in school to become a licensed therapist? You can still make a meaningful impact in individuals’ lives. People with associate degrees in psychology find jobs in many settings, including in healthcare, social services, and business.

    In this article, we give you ideas for what you can do with an associate degree in psychology. Then, we cover continuing education paths you might consider pursuing after completing your two-year degree.

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    Core Concepts And Coursework

    Associate in psychology degree programs provide a broad overview of the field of psychology, teaching students concepts such as applied psychology, theory and practice, quantitative and qualitative research, and historical trends in the field. Associate degrees usually include basic courses in a broad range of subjects, such as English, writing, science, and algebra. Around 60 credits are usually required to graduate with an associate degree in psychology. Courses will vary from institution to institution, but coursework may include:

    • Experimental Research Methods in Psychology
    • Group Behavior

    Georgia Military College

    Georgia Military College offers both an Associate of Arts and an Associate of Science degree in psychology that can be completed entirely online. GMCs psychology program is based on a liberal arts foundation and focuses on applying principles and concepts in psychology to real-world situations as well as applying the scientific method and using critical thinking to solve problems. Graduates should be well-versed in historical and modern concepts of psychology and be able to use APA format and the scientific method.

    What Does A Clinical Associate Psychologist Do

    What is a Clinical Associate Psychologist? A new route to the Clinical Psychology Doctorate?

    A Clinical Associate Psychologist is a specialist mental health professional whose duties include assessing, formulating, and treating clients within specified ranges of conditions and age, either in primary care/adult mental health settings or in a range of areas involving children, young people, and their families. Clinical Associate Psychologists also work closely with local communities to ensure services are accessible and equitable.

    As part of your role you will complete an MSc in either: Psychological Therapies in Primary Care or Applied Psychology for Children and Young People. The standard MSc programme usually takes around one year to complete, and will incorporate a mix of theoretical, research-based, and practical/applied study.

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    What Is The Highest Paying Job With A Psychology Degree

    Highest Paying Psychology CareersPsychiatrist. Average Yearly Salary: $216,090. … Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. Average Yearly Salary: $102,530. … Neuropsychologist. Average Yearly Salary: $93,440. … Engineering Psychologist. … Psychology Teacher. … Clinical Psychologist. … Counseling Psychologist. … School Psychologist.More items…

    What Does A Psychology Associate Do

    On This Page

    Provosts have a hefty set of educational requirements, including a master’s degree in an educational field, tenure as a college or university academic professor, and, in some cases, the prerequisite of a doctorate: all necessary for the $151K yearly salary. Those who choose this career path will be called upon as the university’s chief academic officer under the president to create and implement academic priorities as well as allocate resources that will support those priorities.

    Take a few minutes to create or upgrade your resume.

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    What Do Higher Education And Career Advancement Opportunities Look Like After An Associate Degree In Psychology

    This table demonstrates how advanced education in psychology can increase your annual income and employment opportunities. Some schools allow candidates to transfer the credits from an associate degree in psychology to their bachelors in psychology programs, halving the time spent on a bachelors degree.

    Reasons To Pursue An Associate In Psychology Degree

    What Can You Do With A Associates Degree In Psychology

    1. To get a job. Some students get an associates degree in psychology to begin employment in the field. Jobs requiring an associates degree include entry-level or administrative positions like psychiatric technician or aide, social services assistant, or mental health technician.

    2. To explore the field of psychology. Another reason to pursue an associates in psychology degree is to explore the field. Immediately following high school, it can be difficult to know your desired career path. Getting a two-year degree in psychology provides a good introduction to the field for students who are not yet ready to commit to a higher degree. Associates degrees also tend to be a less expensive way to explore the field than other degree types, since they typically require 60 hours of study rather than 120 hours required for a bachelors degree, for example.

    3. To prepare for a higher degree in the field. Graduates of associate degree programs may be able to transfer the majority of their credit hours to a bachelors program later on. For students who are not yet ready to commit to a four-year program, an associates degree can provide a solid foundation for further study.

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    Best Jobs With A Psychology Degree

    Psychology ranks among the top three majors at the undergraduate level, and with good reason. Psychology students can go on to have lucrative careers in a variety of fields, from clinical practice to business, education, sports, and more. Careers in psychology are highly competitive, which begs the question: what job can you get with a psychology degree?

    The best psychology degree jobs are dependent on your passions and interests, as well as which degree you pursue. In some professions, you can get started with just an associate or bachelors degree, while others require a graduate degree or higher. So, what can you do with a psychology degree? Lets run through some of your options.

    Select your highest level of schooling below to navigate to a list of careers in psychology

    My highest level of schooling:

    Jobs In Human Services

    If you’d like to work with youths or the elderly, take a look at open positions at local child welfare agencies, social services agencies, juvenile detention centers, group homes and vocational rehabilitation centers. These organizations often have positions that are ideal for someone with an AA in Psychology. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics also hire people with an associate degree as aides and paraprofessional counselors. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get a job as a social worker or therapist without a more advanced degree however, you can work as an aide or assistant, helping clients while under supervision.

    Many of these jobs, such as aides working with seniors, aides to social workers or state-level correctional officers, may only require a high school diploma. For these positions, having a degree could help you stand out from other applicants. Pay can vary widely. As an example, the median income of correctional officers in 2017 was $43,540, according to the BLS. The median income for social and human resource assistants was $33,120.

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    What Is A Psychiatric Aide

    Under the direction of nurses, doctors, and mental health counselors, you’ll assist mentally ill patients with feeding, bathing, and dressing . You may help them with daily programs and activities or be called upon by a supervisor to be present during testing and examinations. Other duties can include:

    Developing Skills And Career Prospects

    Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (Or NO degree)

    Apprentices will study within a vibrant, stimulating and internationally-recognised research environment, where members of the teaching team have first-hand experience within the clinical setting.

    The learning experience will be enriched by nationally-recognised, innovative, clinical teaching approaches, designed to develop apprentices within their terms.

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    Best Jobs For Psychology Associate Degree Graduates

    An associate psychology degree is an excellent option if youre looking to get some entry-level experience while deciding what career you ultimately want to pursue, or before entering a higher degree program. Though most psychology jobs require at least a bachelors degree, there are several career options for students with an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree in psychology.

    Here are a few ideas of what to do with a psychology degree at the associate level.

    Is There A Difference Between An Aa And As In Psychology

    There are two different types of associate degrees: Associate of Arts and Associate of Science . Although these degrees are similar, and often designated by a school according to the department they fall within, the focus between the two may be slightly different.

    Both degrees take about two years to complete, have an emphasis on psychology, and qualify you to transfer into a full undergraduate program at a four-year school.

    However, you will often find that an A.S. degree, as the name implies, focuses more on math and science, including biology, physics, and chemistry. A.A. degrees, on the other hand, may deal with fields associated with social science or liberal arts, such as philosophy, English, and history.

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    What Are The Three Approaches To Psychology

    Later, three main approaches to psychology were founded. One was psychoanalysis, founded by Sigmund Freud, which placed importance on understanding the unconscious motivations in someones mind. There was also behavioralism, which did not place emphasis on the unconscious, but rather on conscious thoughts.

    Trainee Associate Psychological Practitioner

    What Can You Do With A Psychology Degree?

    This is a new role providing psychological training for psychology graduates and allowing them to build relevant working experience. The job is at a similar level to the Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner roles, although the PWP roles are exclusively within IAPT addressing mainly mild-moderate anxiety and depression. The TAPP roles instead are across a range of different specialities and aim to fill a gap in provision of support between IAPT and secondary care where patients are not suitable for these services. The TAPP roles are only suitable for Psychology graduates and the course aims to build directly upon graduatesâ BSc or MSc giving them greater psychological training than they would receive as a PWP.

    These roles can also form a good basis for getting onto the clinical doctorate/ working in clinical psychology.

    For vacancies please see the NHS job site

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    Aa In Applied Psychology: Florida Techs Program 100% Online

    Florida Techs Associate of Arts in Applied Psychology provides students an understanding of major concepts in applied psychology including methods that identify, understand and develop practical solutions for individuals facing a variety of challenges. The curriculum features principles of effective research, critical thinking and personal development.

    Even Home Care Aides Sometimes Hold An Associate Degree In Psychology

    Home health care is an exploding market in the United States. An aging population combined with skyrocketing healthcare costs mean that many people are going through significant health and rehabilitation at home. They need help with everything from getting groceries to changing dressings, and thats where home care aides come in.

    But home care is far deeper than just running errands. You find yourselves in close contact with people as they live their lives each day. Thats where psychological training comes into play. You can help deal with the inevitable issues that rise with disability, loss of independence, and many related problems that come with being home-bound or disabled.

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    What Is An Associates Degree In Psychology

    Associates degrees are entry-level degrees. Those with a desire to help others overcome personal and professional challenges may find themselves drawn to a psychology degree. These programs teach students how to evaluate and create treatment plans for those dealing with issues such as family problems, substance abuse, stress, depression, and much more. With higher degrees, youll also focus on conducting research to advance the understanding of human behavior in the field.

    Though they may have similarities, an associates in psychology is different from the degrees for fields such as social work, human services, and other related areas. Each field has its own distinct focus and methodology. For instance, students in social work will study how to identify the programs and services that individuals need, while a psychology degree teaches you to act as one of those specific services.

    How Can I Earn An Associates Degree In Psychology And What Type Of Jobs I Can Pursue

    Is a Psychology Degree for You? | CAREERS IN PSYCHOLOGY!!!

    Well, in order to earn an associates degree in psychology, you will need to enroll in a technical school or community college. Some accredited colleges and universities offer associate programs, but most do not. The majority of associates degree psychology programs take between 18 and 24 months to complete. And, most, if not all, do not require you to complete an internship in a psychological field. It is important to note that you will not be able to provide services to clients and patients with an associates degree in psychology. However, you will be able to assist psychologists and psychotherapists as a mental health technician. You will also not be able to work as a teacher most primary and secondary instructional jobs require a bachelors degree or higher.

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