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How Hard Is Ap Psychology

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AP Daily: AP Psychology (1.1)

I learned half of the information the weekend before the test and got a 5. The Barrons book and the crash course psych videos should be all you need to self study this course. Good luck! AP Psychology Score: 5

I self-studied this course in literally 2 days before the course, using Barron, and got a 4 on the exam. Honestly, I dont recommend cramming until the very last day unless you have the determination and memorization skills for this exam. Although Psyc is an easy course, It has a lot of material and you need good memorization skills to go well on the exam. During the exam, I felt that the multiple choice was easy and the written response was moderate. AP Psychology Score: 4

Self-Discipline is the key to a good score. AP Psychology Score: 4

Super easy to self-study AP Psychology Score: 5

How Hard Is It To Pass An Ap Exam

Earning a passing score on the AP test proves that you mastered the material and are able to study for a college-style cumulative exam. Doing well on the AP exam can help you get college credit and give your college applications a boost.

It’s important to think about how hard an AP exam might be for you before signing up for the class. The average passing rate is around 65%, so your odds of passing an AP exam are generally good. However, just because the odds are in your favor, that doesn’t mean you can slack offfar from it, in fact!

The odds of passing with a 5the highest scoreare quite low on any exam: between 10% and 20% for most tests. They are even lower for popular tests, such as AP English Lit and AP Environmental Science, which have 5 rates below 10%. This is likely because a wider pool of exam takers results in more less-prepared students taking the test.

Check out the table below to see the 2022 passing rates for all AP exams:

Exam Name
43% 8%

College Board. For language rates, “Total” includes all students, while “Standard” includes only those students who didn’t indicate they speak this language at home or spent more than four weeks studying it abroad.

Note that a lot of AP classes self-select for motivated students or students with experience in a subjectespecially the ones with very high pass rates, such as Chinese, Calculus BC, and Spanish. Even though these exams have high pass rates, they’re often viewed as some of the hardest AP classes to pass.

Should I Take Ap Psychology

High schoolers considering which AP class to take should weigh the course material, expectations, and the test difficulty. AP Psychology ranks about average in terms of difficulty according to test scores. Students interested in human behavior, psychological disorders, and the social sciences may enjoy the class.

Before enrolling, ask teachers and past students about the AP Psych class at your school. The difficulty of the class varies depending on the school. If you decide to take AP Psychology, make sure to invest time and energy into studying for the AP Psychology exam to increase your chances of earning college credit.

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How Do You Revise For Psychology Last Minute

A great way to revise for AP Psychology is to start as early as possible. A study guide suggests that students take at least four practice exams. Then, they can concentrate on weaker sections and focus on the key terms they might encounter on the test. For example, they can look for unconscious or perception on the multiple-choice questions to help them understand the content better.

If youve got plenty of time before the exam, you can still do some last-minute revision. You should avoid difficult questions and slow down while reading the questions. You can also take another practice test and review your content and strategies. If youre worried about time, you can take as many practice exams as you need to feel comfortable and reach your target score.

The AP Psychology exam is a multiple-choice test that covers topics related to mental health. There are two sections, the multiple-choice part accounts for 67% of the final score. The free-response section accounts for the other 33%.

Quotes From Students That Have Taken Ap Psychology

AP® Psychology

“AP Psychology was truly insightful as it opened the door to secrets about me that I hadnt yet discovered, teaching me how my mind works and thinks. The course allowed me to understand why certain parts of my brain and body functioned in various ways. I was fascinated!” Meghna P.

“AP Psych, by all means, was worth it! Personally, what I loved most about it was that everything we learned was so directly applicable to real life.” Mishika G.

“AP Psych was more than worth it. It had a unique curriculum that incorporated science, history, and language all in one. I usually forget content after taking the test, but the information I learned in AP Psych has truly stuck with me.” Lillian M.

“AP Psych is not related to my major, but it taught me so much about culture, how people behave/interact, and how to communicate well with others. It taught me people skills, how to have a good school-work-life balance, proper eating/sleeping/studying habits and cultural differences!” Colleen B.

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How To Study For The Ap Psychology Exam

The AP Psychology exam is one of the shortest AP exams , but can be a challenging test for students, as it contains highly specific theory and has a strong emphasis on vocabulary. Unlike other exams, the AP Psychology exam relies less on intuition and fluency, and more on specific content that students will need to memorize and recognize. Fortunately, with a little bit of preparation, the AP Psychology exam can be easily tackled for a great score.

The AP Psychology exam is one of the shortest AP exams , but can be a challenging test for students, as it contains highly specific theory and has a strong emphasis on vocabulary. Unlike other exams, the AP Psychology exam relies less on intuition and fluency, and more on specific content that students will need to memorize and recognize. Fortunately, with a little bit of preparation, the AP Psychology exam can be easily tackled for a great score.

Which Ap Classes Do Students Find Hardest And Easiest

The percentage of students who earn a passing score on the AP exam is an indicator of how hard or easy an AP class is, but it doesnt tell the whole story. Consider that classes commonly thought of as the most challenging AP classes have high passing rates while classes often considered easier are among the classes with the lowest passing rates.

There are a number of factors that can skew pass rates. For example, Chinese attracts a small, highly specialized group of students, many of whom have prior familiarity with languagejust 13,122 students took the exam in 2021. Compare that to a class like Human Geography, which saw 211,735 test-takers in 2021. Additionally, its not uncommon for classes with higher pass rates to have more stringent prerequisites at some schools, which filters out unqualified students.

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Is Ap Psychology A Fun Class

If youre considering taking AP Psychology, you may be wondering whether it is fun or not. This class is challenging, but youll be able to enjoy it if you prepare well for it. Though the content is often challenging, the course is usually well-paced, and students who are struggling in other classes will find it to be a good choice.

AP Psychology is a popular Advanced Placement course, with more than a quarter-million students taking it each year. Its an advanced course, and many colleges will give you credit for your score if you pass it. Some schools will even allow you to skip an introductory psychology course entirely.

AP Psychology is not as challenging as other AP courses, and the content doesnt cover as much as other AP classes. However, you can still benefit from its lower pass rate, especially if youre comfortable memorizing facts and formulating logical arguments. The class is also less demanding than other AP classes, so its easier to manage the time and effort required.

Is Ap Psychology Hard A Complete 2022 Guide

How to Self Study for Any AP: cramming, getting a 5, and time management

AP Psychology awards college credit for passing test scores. But how hard is AP Psychology? Our in-depth look helps students make an informed decision.

  • AP Psychology introduces high schoolers to the study of human behavior and mental processes.
  • The College Board reports that over 70% of AP Psych test-takers earn a passing score.
  • Based on test scores, AP Psychology ranks about average in difficulty.

What are the hardest AP classes? High schoolers considering AP classes often wonder which class to take and whether a certain course might be too difficult. In 2020, nearly 300,000 high schoolers took the AP Psychology exam, and over 70% earned a passing score.

Students interested in human behavior, psychological disorders, and data analysis often thrive in AP Psychology classes. Before enrolling, though, make sure you understand the expectations for AP Psychology. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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Was The 2021 Ap Psychology Exam Hard

Anyone who’s already taken the exam thsi year have any specific topics you think I should focus on more or any tips?

I took the paper version and I thought it was fairly easy. I’d suggest taking practice tests and working on time management so you don’t run out of time

How is it in comparison to Barrons practice exams?

barely studied and it was easy but my teacher has 75% of the 5s in my state

i would just work on your content and vocab. as long as you know the concepts, frq wont be bad.

Tbh just know ur vocb and The names of famous psychologist and what theory they worked on . Hopefully u know how to write an frq. Other than that ur good.

It felt pretty much like every practice exam I’ve taken until now. Focus on the units that CB says are thrown around the highest and you’ll do fine.

Was there a lot of content application? i.e. having to know all of Piaget’s developmental steps and Kohler’s 6 stages of development.

Tbh just know ur vocb and The names of famous psychologist and what theory they worked on . Hopefully u know how to write an frq. Other than that ur good.

Also how long were your typed / written FRQs?

It wasnt bad!! There were a few terms on the FRQ that I knew but blanked on. Definitely review those terms!!!

It felt pretty much like every practice exam I’ve taken until now. Focus on the units that CB says are thrown around the highest and you’ll do fine.

really try and nail the different psychologists and their perspectives/contributions

When Do Ap Psychology Scores Typically Come Out

According to the latest update from the College Board exam season timeline, students will receive their AP® scores in July 2022. Historically, the College Board typically releases AP® scores early in the month of July.

Youll be able to access your AP® scores online with your College Board account username and password

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Overview Of The Ap Psychology Exam

If youve never taken an AP exam before, the anticipation can be tortuous. The pressure of standardized testing situations the flickering lights, the test administrator, the eerie quiet of your peers can cause some students to perform poorly. It is important to remember that an 5 on an AP exam does not determine if you will get into college, it only determines what courses you may take once you get there. Use this stress to encourage more studying, but dont overwork yourself. The AP Psych exam is one of the more common tests so there are a lot of public AP Psych questions to study.

Do You Offer A Shorter Duration Or Custom Packages

Psychological Perspectives for AP Psychology

We do not offer custom duration or combination packages other than those outlined on the website. Please refer to our purchase page for currently available subscriptions .

Self-Assessment exam subscriptions are for 14 days each. Subscribers whose active subscription have not expired can purchase renewals from 7 days or more at any time before their active subscription expires. Please refer to the respective course description page for renewal options.

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Is Ap Psychology Worth It

There are a variety of reasons why many students feel that taking the AP® Psychology exam is worth their time and effort. First, AP® courses in general provide a glimpse into college level classes and the workload associated with them. Also, students who do well in AP® courses feel better prepared and more confident about their upcoming college experience.

Second, for students who plan to attend college, having AP® classes on your resume can assist you in the admissions process, especially at the more competitive colleges. According to the National Society of High School Scholars, College admissions professionals like to see that you have challenged yourself and are also prepared for college-level curriculum. Doing well in AP® courses can show college admissions staff that you are ready to succeed in college.

Third, and probably most importantly financially, are the potential savings you could realize when using AP® courses for college credit. Students who enter college with credits through AP® courses can see big savings by paying for fewer credit hours.

Below is a chart that shows these savings for a few select colleges that accept the AP® Psychology exam for college credit.


Determine Whether Psychology Is Your Kind Of Subject

You should also think about whether you tend to succeed in classes that require similar skills to AP Psychology. AP Psychology is memorization-heavy, so you’ll probably do well in it if history or biology classes have been your strong suit in the past. You might find it more challenging if you’re not great at memorizing facts and instead gravitate toward classes for which the ability to use logical reasoning takes precedence over memorization .

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Whilst Some Students Found Ap Psych Time Consuming

If youre self studying, it can be very time consuming if you start late, but as long as you read the Barrons book thoroughly and take notes, a 5 is pretty much guaranteed. AP Psychology Score: 5

Only reason this course was time consuming for me was that we had a huge textbook and I read and took notes on every page, and Im a very slow reader. 100% couldve just paid attention in class and taken no notes outside of school and wouldve likely received a similar mark. AP Psychology Score: 5

DO YOUR WORK! While the class can feel really slow and time consuming practice is extremely helpful AP Psychology Score: 4

Theres A Lot Of Memorisation Required

The Human Eye & Color Blindness [AP Psychology Unit 3 Topic 3] (3.3)

Being able to memorize is key AP Psychology Score: 5

This class is mostly just memorizing facts, but I found it easy because the concepts were interesting to me. It also incorporates a mini portion of statistics, and taking AP stats with this class works great . AP Psychology Score: 5

I self studied this over the course of one weekend before the AP test. It wasnt hard- just time consuming due to the sheer volume of memorization the test requires. However, make absolutely sure you know the structure and location of the parts of the brain as well as the sensation and perception unit before you take the exam. AP Psychology Score: 5

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Who Should Take Ap Psychology What Sort Of Students May Like It More Than Others

AP® Psychology is a course that can be a good choice for a large number of students. The subject matter is easily accessible and relatable for many students. If you are interested in how the human brain works and have a good ability to memorize terms and concepts, AP® Psychology would be a good choice for you. You can find more information about AP® Psychology in the course overview.

Of course, no AP® exams are required. If psychology as a subject does not interest you, or if you struggle with memorizAtion, you might want to choose a different AP® course that is more aligned with your skills and academic strengths.

AP® Psychology can also be a really good choice for students who want to achieve high scores on all of their AP® exams. This exam has a higher than average passing rate. In 2019, 64.5% of the students who took this exam passed with a score of 3 or better.

If your goal is to score a 5 on your AP® exams, then AP® Psychology is also a good choice. In 2021, 14.1% of students who took this exam scored a 5. This is one of the higher percentages of perfect scores among all of the AP® exams.

Of course, you should not take an exam just because you have a better chance of scoring a 5 on it. If psychology is not interesting to you, you may struggle engaging with the content, which could hurt your exam score.

Where Can I Find Past Ap Psychology Exams

Past AP® Psychology exams for the last 20 years can be found on the AP® Central website.

You should take the time to review the free-response questions for the last few years. Reviewing these questions can help you understand what kinds of questions have been asked in the past. You can also see examples of answers that have received full points in the past. This information will allow you to better prepare for these difficult and rigorous questions.

Below you will find links to the free-response questions for the AP® Psychology exam for recent years:

You can also prepare in advance for the multiple choice portion of the AP® Psychology exam. The College Board has provided a few multiple choice questions in their AP® Psychology Course and Exam Description. This guide only provides a few multiple choice questions, however, so it wont cover all of the concepts that will be covered on the actual exam.

You can get more multiple choice practice on Alberts AP® Psychology exam prep page. This page provides hundreds of additional multiple choice questions that are aligned with the learning objectives of the AP® Psychology course.

To fully prepare for the AP® Psychology exam, you should explore all of the resources available on the AP® Central website. The College Board has compiled a wealth of useful information that can help you boost your score.

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