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Algebra 1 Escape Challenge B Answer Key

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Algebra 1 End of Year Escape Activity A

Trust me, it is hidden somewhere in the room. You will see a clue that says Christopher Columbus Birthday, or Date of the First Space Launch, or even My Daughters Name. Look around the room because the answer is certainly hidden in there somewhere. Either in one of those encyclopedias or maybe it is on the news bulletin or newspaper clippings! As tempting as it may be DO NOT GOOGLE THE ANSWER! I promise you will find it if you search. Like the others, this is a very simple puzzle that anyone can recreate and personalize to the room theme!

What Can Be Used

Microsoft OneNote provides a good digital tool to set up the activity since it can have multiple sections, each of which can have a passcode applied, so that instructions, clues and activities are only revealed when the passcode is entered on a digital device, whether a computer tablet or smartphone. The clues can be very simple or require quite a bit of problem solving on the part of the learner the teacher creating the activity chooses how easy or how hard the activity will be to suit the class and the timescales in which the activity will take place. And of course they can relate to whichever area of the curriculum is being taught at that time. It can be used as a form of revision or consolidation or testing of understanding the teacher setting the tasks to suit the need.

Breakout activities encourage critical-thinking skills, collaboration, and offer students a new way to engage in curriculum! Learn how to design a digital escape room using #OneNote in this blog from . #edtech#elearning

OneNote Education

Heres Step By Step Guidance For Teachers Using Onenote Through Glow

OneNote is part of Microsoft Office 365 and is available to all staff and pupils in schools in Scotland with a Glow login. Heres how to set up your Breakout/Escape Room/Crack the Code activities using OneNote with your Glow account:

  • Log into Glow
  • Give your OneNote Notebook a name and click create

  • The notebook you have now created will open in OneNote Online

  • On the left-hand navigation menu right-click on Untitled Section and choose Rename to give your section a name, such as Task 1 or Puzzle 1.

  • Add as many sections as you will require, one for each task/puzzle, by clicking on + Section at the bottom left of your screen and naming each section such as Task 2, Task 3, etc.

  • 8. In each section there will be a page where you add a title for the page and add the text with the task/puzzle instructions. As well as simply adding text any OneNote page can, if you wish, also have pictures, links, video, or embedded content. Each section page will have a puzzle or task to solve which ends up with an answer which will be what unlocks the next section .

  • Add the passcode answer from the previous section for each task on each section in turn . Dont put a passcode on the first section so that your pupils will be able to access that right away.

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    Assigning Numbers To Tasks

    Each task answer has a corresponding number. As teams move around the room solving the tasks listed on their Escape Room Direction sheet they will collect the numbers that will help them open their lock box. In order to assign a number to each task for each team, type in arbitrary numbers in each team column of the Escape Room Spreadsheet and use the spreadsheet sum function to total up the numbers to get a combination number for each teams lock.

    With answers and numbers designated for each task for each team, fill in the Answers for Task template for Tasks AG. Each team answers and their corresponding number should be placed in random order on each Answers for Task sheet to ensure teams have to solve each task. Each Answers for Task sheet also has two fields where teachers need to provide false answers and numbers.

    Place each Answers for Task sheet in the area where teams will go to solve that task. For example, the Answers for Task A sheet would be taped to the desk where teams will go to solve Task A.

    Here is an example of what could be taped to a desk where students are solving Task Awhat word is defined by this definition?

    Putting The Lock In The Escape Room

    Algebra 1 Escape Challenge B Answer Key

    The goal of an Escape Room is clearly to escape. However, chaining classroom doors shut is not a good idea . So, instead substitute with two toolboxes with a hasp of locks on each of them. Each team has to unlock their lock and, if the entire class manages to unlock their locks, the toolboxes could be opened to find small stickers, candy, homework tickets, buttons, and/or bookmarks inside as prizes!

    I had gotten the idea of using toolboxes from a colleague in a neighboring school district and was able to find a few by sending out a group email. I then purchased two hasps at $5 each and ten numbered Master Lock 175D 2″ Resettable Brass Combination Padlocks. The Master locks are the greatest expense, as each one is about $10, so the total cost to buy ten locks online in bulk is about $175. However, I would ask your tech department if they have extra locks. You could also ask your department chair for funds, or see if people have extra luggage locks you could borrow/keep. Luggage locks can be less durable and it can be harder to change the combination, but you still get the same effect.

    Another, completely free option, is to have each group turn in their final number to you or another gatekeeper. If all groups turn in an accurate final number, then the box of prizes can be pulled out from wherever it has been hidden and the celebration can ensue.

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    Symbol Substitution With A Key

    Symbol substitution is generally a simple task of comparing provided symbols to a key and matching them up to the letters or numbers they correspond to.

    While a fairly easy puzzle to solve, something like this at the beginning of a game can give players an early win and the confidence and motivation to tackle more difficult puzzles later.

    To make a symbol substitution puzzle more challenging, you can place the symbols in one room and the key in another, thus requiring players in separate rooms to work together to solve it.

    Idea 19: Substitute Morse code signals, braille, or hieroglyphics with letters.

    Idea 20: Substitute letters for numbers, or vice versa.

    Assembly Of A Physical Object

    Many rooms include objects that obviously go together and require players to combine them to either create a new object or to activate a switch.

    Idea 28: Require players to insert money into a money-counting machine.

    Idea 29: Require players to run a credit card through a credit card reader.

    Idea 30: Reward players with a clue if they put beer in a fridge.

    Idea 31: Activate a switch if players attach a prop to a statue, such as inserting a fishing rod into a fisherman statues hand.

    Idea 32: Require players to place a model car on a map.

    Idea 33: Require players to place a book on a shelf.

    Idea 34: Activate a switch if coins are deposited in an old public phone.

    Idea 35: Dispense a clue if coins are deposited in a vending machine.

    Idea 36: Reveal a clue if players set a laptop on a table.

    Idea 37: Give players a jigsaw puzzle to assemble. Include one extra piece, which can be used as a clue or a tool elsewhere in the room. We have seen this puzzle at one of the Manchesters escape rooms.

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    Look At The Logistics

    Next, decide on how many students you want on each Escape Room team, the order in which tasks must be completed, and where each task will be located in the classroom.

    As I thought about my classroom Escape Room plans, I knew I wanted to have ten teams, and I didnt want all of the teams trying to complete the same task at once, or students would swarm to one area at the same time and create chaos. I decided, therefore, that each task would be a stand-alone task and would not need to be completed in any specific order. I labeled my tasks AG and changed the order of the tasks for each group so that while one group might start on task A, another would start on task F, and so on.

    I also tried to decide how the students would use each solved task in the larger picture of escaping. I decided that at the end of each task a number would be provided to the team in some way, and then they would add up all the numbers in the end to get the combination to a lock box..

    Vocab Gal’s Classroom Escape Room

    Algebra – Represent Functions as Rules and Tables – Lesson 1.6 Practice B

    By: Vocab Gal

    Research shows that students learn best when learning feels authentic. They want to figure out information rather than have it handed to themand working together as a group to solve complex problems is a vital skill set for future jobs. In this article youll find instructions and resources that will help you set up an Escape Room classroom activity for students to learn literacy skills, such as building their vocabularies in a fun and novel way.

    Hurry, we have to solve this before the time runs out!

    Quick, get to the research databases!

    Ive got to know where this book is right now!

    Hearing the urgency in students voices as they rushed to complete puzzles for my library orientation Escape Room was as exciting for me as the tasks were for them. Creating this series of missions hadnt been easy, especially because I originally wanted to create ten sets of tasks in order to keep each groups size to two to three students maximum.

    This post provides several templates for planning a classroom Escape Room and suggests materials to use so you can benefit from my hard workand trial and error.

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    End Of Year Review Escape Room Activities

    Youre in the final stretch. State tests and final exams are done and now you have a week left to engage your students. What are you going to do?

    Ive been there! My choices have usually been the traditional poster project or teaching an additional unit. Poster projects scream I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO, SO WE WILL PLAY WITH MARKERS! It is too much unstructured time for me and students can tell its a waste of time and dont put in much effort. And then, youre stuck with a stack of mediocre posters to end your school year. Ive taught extra units after the final and that has worked well, but just seems like torture for all, like the nail on the coffin. What I do enjoy is engaging activities that contain content learned throughout the year but delivered in a fun, interesting, and creative way. If youre looking to switch up your end of year routine, these End of Year Escape Room Activitiesmight be exactly what you need!

    Here is a photo of Lindsays activities in action:

    Lindsay has gone even further with this and opened up Math Escapes Membership Site where you can gain access to her end of year Math Escapes, plus all of her future math escape activities. This also includes access to templates and a support forum to share ideas of how to use these activities in your classroom. You can find more information about that here!

    Th Grade Math End Of Year Escape Room Activity

    About this resource :This escape room style activity provides students with a collaborative way to review 8th Grade Math skills. Included are eight challenges that require students to use skills from each group of standards to find codes that will unlock each puzzle.

    This escape room is NOTEven though this is an End of Year escape it is not a comprehensive, complete review of all the 8th grade standards. Math escapes do focus on content but the primary focus is on the collaboration and the problem solving. This activity should not be used for a year end test review but should be used as a fun way to wrap up the year or an engaging way to start 9th grade by reviewing old skills!

    What makes this escape activity different?This activity does not require the challenges to be completed in any particular order. In order for students to escape they simply have to find all 8 codes. This allows for differentiation, removal of challenges for time and the ability for you to only make one copy of each challenge because as groups finish one challenge their next one can be whatever is available.

    What is included?

    This is part of the Math Escapes Membership!

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    Add Sections Between Locks That Extend Or Enhance The Escape Room Experience

    For example,

    • Throw in extra content questions. These can be your short answer questions that can not be used for key codes. Students do not need to get them right to move on, but it will give you some data about how well they are learning, or remembering.
    • Reflection questions or opinion questions work well for this too.
    • Maybe add something completely different! A challenge! Solve a riddle. Decode a cipher .
    • Ask another student a question and record the answer in the Google Form.
    • Instruct them to do something silly and take a picture of it!

    For them to upload a picture to the Google Form, add a question and choose file upload as the question format.

    Again, none of these extras are necessary, but they can make the Escape Room a lot more fun and interactive!

    **Teaching Tip!** Always use the view button to try out your Google Form BEFORE you give it to your kids. I have caught SO many mistakes before hand by doing this! This is especially true when making complicated Forms like an Escape Room!

    Plan Classroom Escape Room Tasks

    Geometry Escape Room Answer Key Challenge B  Waltery ...

    For most of the Escape Room tasks, you want students to be able to complete them by themselves and by using as similar directions as possible.

    For example, in my library orientation Escape Room, I wanted students to understand how to look up and locate nonfiction books, so I provided each group with the same directions, to find a nonfiction book, but gave each group a different book to locate on the library shelves. This became Task A. To solve the nonfiction task, the students had to locate the specific nonfiction book and then find the number taped inside the book.

    In the same way, an English teacher might want all students to know the weeks vocabulary words, so would need to assign a different word to each team. To solve the vocabulary word task, the teacher could have a sheet of definitions at a table, and each definition would have a different number. Each group would need to write down only the number that corresponds with the correct definition to their word.

    To keep everything straight in regard to the tasks and logistics, fill out an Escape Room Spreadsheet with all your Escape Room information. In column A, write the lesson goal for each task. Then, in column B, write in the actual directions for each task.

    Below is an example of a completed Escape Room Directions sheet. When you download theVocab Gal’s Escape Room Activity you will get the Escape Room Directions templates!

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    For The Love Of Escape Room Puzzles

    My name is Viola, and I love escape rooms and all things escape room related! I have been working on this blog this year and I have learned a lot throughout my adventure. The value of the knowledge I have acquired through my research pales in comparison to what I have learned as a game guide while interacting with people solving escape room puzzles.

    A couple of very important things Ive noticed is that there is an algorithm to solving escape room puzzles, and even after solving a million Morse-code puzzles, it never gets old! That may surprise you but, thats because doing escape rooms is not about the puzzles. Instead, escape rooms are actually so great because of the quality time you spend with your loved ones. The puzzles give that to us!

    Hardly anything can compare to being with your loved ones with a common goal and common effort. It gets people together more than anything other activity in a way you would have to experience to understand. Time spent around a dinner table with your loved ones is so valuable, but when you have a common goal and collective effort, time FLIES and you bond on a completely different and indescribable level. Youll gain loads of memories and tons of hilarious experiences.

    Searching For Objects In Images

    Depending on your theme, you may have paintings, diagrams, photographs, posters, and other decorations on the walls around the room.

    Why not add some puzzles to your set decoration?

    Idea 26: Encode clues or messages in a map.

    Idea 27: Require players to recognize a famous person and use that information elsewhere in the game.

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    Linear Equations Review Escape Activity: Digital Version

    Also included in

  • All Things Algebra® – Digital Activities Bundle for Google Slides – VOLUME 3This bundle contains the 25 Google Slides activities from my store listed below. Algebra 1 EOC Review Escape Room Activity Geometry EOC Review Escape Room Activity Algebra 2 EOC Review Escape Room Activity Pre-Algebr25
  • This is a digital version of my Linear Equations Review Escape Room Activity compatible with Google Slides.

    This Linear Equations Review Escape Room Activity designed for Google Slides is a fun and challenging way for students to review concepts taught throughout the Linear Equations unit in Algebra 1. This particular activity includes 6 challenge puzzles, each revealing a 3-digit, 4-digit, or 5-letter code.

    Topics Included:

    Challenge A: Slope

    Challenge B: Graphing Linear Equations

    Challenge C: Writing Linear Equations

    Challenge D: Identifying Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

    Challenge E: Linear Equation Word Problems

    Challenge F: Linear Regression

    This purchase includes a document with directions on how to download this activity to your Google drive. You and your students must have a free Google account in order to access this activity. Once you download the activity to your Google drive, you can share it with your students. Students can share their completed activity back with you to review. Also included are an optional Google Form for students to check their codes on their own and a video that explains how to complete each challenge.

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