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Introduction To Sequences Common Core Algebra 1 Homework Answers

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Common Core Algebra 1 Unit : Linear And Exponential Sequences

Common Core Algebra I.Unit #4.Lesson #12.Introduction to Sequences by eMathInstruction

The Linear and Exponential Sequences unit begins with a video introduction to sequences, notations, and graphs. Viewers use full sentences to describe the sequence and how to get from one term to the next without writing an expression for the sequence. A second video explains how to create a recursive formula based on a sequence of numbers. Learners find out how to determine whether a sequence is geometric or arithmetic and then practice creating recursive formulas, identifying the type of sequence, and justifying their decisions. The third video provides instruction on finding the term of a sequencewithout writing down all the previous terms. Scholars create explicit formulas for arithmetic and geometric sequences. All three resources provide pupils with worksheets to practice their new skills. For the Unit 6 review, learners work through 21 problems dealing with sequences. They must identify the type of sequence, write a recursive and explicit formula for each sequence, find a specific term, and describe the graph of several sequences.

Interactive Video Lesson Plan For: Common Core Algebra Iunit #4lesson #12introduction To Sequences By Emathinstruction

Activity overview:

In this lesson we introduce the concept of a sequences, give various examples of their notation, and discuss how they can be defined recursively. To access the worksheet used in this lesson along with an associated homework, click on:http://www.emathinstruction.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/CCAlgIU4L12IntroductionToSequences.pdf

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Connections To Expressions Equations Modeling And Coordinates

Determining an output value for a particular input involves evaluating an expression finding inputs that yield a given output involves solving an equation. Questions about when two functions have the same value for the same input lead to equations, whose solutions can be visualized from the intersection of their graphs. Because functions describe relationships between quantities, they are frequently used in modeling. Sometimes functions are defined by a recursive process, which can be displayed effectively using a spreadsheet or other technology.

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