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College Algebra Sample Test Questions

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Clep College Math Practice Test

CLEP college algebra Practice Test

Basic courses can be one of the main hindrances for a college student. Many students find the non-major related courses to be redundant and dont want to waste the time or tuition money on taking the class. In order to meet this desire the CLEP tests were created. These tests allow students to gain credit for the corresponding course, without having to take the actual class.

One such test is the CLEP College Mathematics Exam. This is a 60 question exam that covers seven main content areas. These content areas are as follows: Numbers Logic and Sets Geometry Financial Mathematics Data Analysis and Statistics Counting and Probability as well as Algebra and Functions. With the aid of our CLEP College Mathematics Practice Test, passing this test should be a breeze.

Clep College Algebra Practice Test

The CLEP College Algebra exam allows students to gain college credit without having to take the class. This test covers basic algebraic operations like linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, and graphs. It contains 60 questions with a time limit of 90 minutes and includes pretest questions that are not scored.

The questions are split into four sections algebraic operations , equations and inequalities , functions and their properties , and real number systems . The vast amount of information you are required to know and apply for this test can be intimidating. We at Mometrix have created a free practice test specifically for the CLEP College Algebra exam in an effort to assist students like you who want to succeed on test day.

Free Clep College Algebra Practice Test

Welcome to our FREE CLEP College Algebra Math practice test, with answer key and answer explanations. This practice tests realistic format and high-quality practice questions can help you succeed on the CLEP College Algebra Math test. Not only does the test closely match what you will see on the real CLEP College Algebra, but it also comes with detailed answer explanations.

For this practice test, weve selected 20 real questions from past exams for your CLEP College Algebra Practice test. You will have the chance to try out the most common CLEP College Algebra Math questions. For every question, there is an in-depth explanation of how to solve the question and how to avoid mistakes next time.

Use our free CLEP College Algebra Math practice tests and study resources to ace the CLEP College Algebra Math test! Make sure to follow some of the related links at the bottom of this post to get a better idea of what kind of mathematics questions you need to practice.

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Very Poor Quality Not Worth Paying For App Should Be Free

If I would have known how cheaply made this app was, I would have never decided to spend money on it. I have found multiple problems that are completely wrong. The correct answer is labeled as the wrong answer. Luckily I am not a beginner and can spot these things. If I were barely learning algebra I would be in deep trouble since some of the se simple slope problems are teaching you the opposite thing. Aside from the problems giving incorrect answers I also found many grammar issues. That was my first flag since I noticed these issues before going into solving problems but decided to give it a chance since I know it was a real person that created this app. Shortly after this is when I noticed there were problems with incorrect answers. I should have followed my initial instinct. If the creators of this app were careless over their grammar then of course the rest of the app would be of low quality. This should be free.

More Clep College Algebra Study Resources

5 CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests: Extra Practice to ...
InstantCert Academy

The website looks like it was made before the internet, but its legitimately the single most useful study guide Ive found yet. Basically its a series of flashcards that help you study in a fast paced and fun way.


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Free College Algebra Practice Tests

Varsity Tutors Learning Tools provides access to several free Full-Length College Algebra Practice Tests as well as more than 60 shorter concept-specific College Algebra Practice Tests. These practice tests are valuable tools in assessing your skills and ability. Whether you are looking for college algebra study help on exponential and logarithmic functions, graphs, polynomial functions, or any other essential algebra concept, you will find comprehensive resources available on Varsity Tutors Learning Tools website.

Begin your study session by taking one of the Full-Length College Algebra Practice Tests to determine your current skill level. Each test is labeled with a difficulty rating to allow you to pick the starting point that you feel most comfortable with. At the end of the test, you will receive immediate feedback on your performance. Each question will show step-by-step solutions to the problem and a detailed description of how to achieve the solution. This allows you to see the moment where you veered off course if you attempted to solve a practice problem and arrived at an incorrect solution. Each question is tagged with the concepts utilized in the problem so that you can search out the specific concepts that you need to review.

The Absolute Best Book To Ace The Clep College Algebra Test


Time to refine your Math skill with a practice test

Take a CLEP College Algebra test to simulate the test day experience. After youve finished,score your test using the answer keys.

Before You Start

  • Youll need a pencil, a calculator and a timer to take the test.
  • For most multiple questions, there are five possible answers. Choose which one is best.
  • Its okay to guess. There is no penalty for wrong answers.
  • Use the answer sheet provided to record your answers.
  • Calculator is permitted for CLEP College Algebra Test.
  • After youve finished the test, review the answer key to see where you went wrong.

Good Luck!

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Fast College Algebra Study Guide

If you’ve previously studied algebra during high school or through extracurriculars, you’ll likely find this test pleasantly fast. If not, you can study through it in no time and be up and running. It’s probably one of the easiest Mathematics CLEP exams but be careful to not underestimate it!

The exam will be divided into four major chunks:


Algebraic operations are at the core of Mathematics. Everything you do in Mathematics will involve algebraic operations, which shows the importance of this section. This section is relatively easy and will set the foundation for the following ones. Here, youll learn how to apply the algebraic operations to various forms of algebraic expressions.

Youll first learn about polynomials and how to factor them, i.e. express them as a product of other expressions, and expand them, i.e. construct them from that product. Then, youll look into expressions involving concepts such as real numbers, rational numbers, fractions, exponents, scientific notation, roots, radicals, denominators and rationalization, rational expressions and compound fractions, and how to simplify those expressions, all while keeping in mind the order of operations. Finally, youll understand logarithms, how to use their properties to expand and simplify logarithmic expressions, how to change the base of logarithms and how they relate to exponents.


Accuplacer Placement Testing Elementary Algebra

ACCUPLACER College Algebra Practice Questions

There are three categories of questions on the Elementary Algebra test .

  • The first category, operations with integers and rational numbers, includes computation with integers and negative rationals, the use of absolute values, and ordering.
  • The second category is operations with algebraic expressions. It tests your skills in evaluating simple formulas and expressions, and in adding and subtracting monomials and polynomials.

Both of the preceding categories include questions about multiplying and dividing monomials and polynomials, evaluating positive rational roots and exponents, simplifying algebraic fractions, and factoring.

  • The third category tests skill in solving equations, inequalities, and word problems. These questions include solving systems of linear equations, quadratic equations by factoring, verbal problems presented in algebraic context, geometric reasoning, the translation of written phrases into algebraic expressions, and graphing.

NOTE:Not every student will take the Elementary Algebra test.

Solve each problem and choose your answer from the alternatives given. You may use scratch paper to work problems, but no calculators are allowed on the Elementary Algebra test.

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