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What Does Double Mean In Math

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More Advanced Doubles Facts Examples

What Do Double Arrows Mean in a Math Problem?

For more advanced kids, these doubles examples might be useful.

29. 10 boys were collecting leaves at a park. 10 girls were also collecting leaves at the park. How many children were collecting leaves in total?

30. Mary has 5 cookies and Emma has 5 lollies, how many food items do Mary and Emma have in total?

31. Half of X is the double of 5. What is x?

32. Lily has 20 t-shirts in her cupboard. She decides to give 10 to charity. How many t-shirts does Lily have left in her cupboard?

33. Write out double and near double facts that equal 10.

34. Write out double and near doubles facts that equal 20.

35. Emma and Bill found 5 shells each at the beach. How many shells in total do Emma and Bill have combined? Use images and words to explain your doubles fact.

36. What is the sum of 5 + 6? If a child knows the double facts for 5, then they know the answer will be doubles plus one. 5+5 = 10 and then 10 + 1 = 11, so the answer is 11.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our doubles facts for kids and parents, then why not learn more with these spinosaurus facts and these hot air balloon facts.

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Real Numbers And Logic

The real numbers are most often formalized using the ZermeloFraenkel axiomatization of set theory, but some mathematicians study the real numbers with other logical foundations of mathematics. In particular, the real numbers are also studied in reverse mathematics and in constructive mathematics.

The hyperreal numbers as developed by Edwin Hewitt, Abraham Robinson and others extend the set of the real numbers by introducing infinitesimal and infinite numbers, allowing for building infinitesimal calculus in a way closer to the original intuitions of Leibniz, Euler, Cauchy and others.

Edward Nelson‘s internal set theory enriches the ZermeloFraenkel set theory syntactically by introducing a unary predicate “standard”. In this approach, infinitesimals are elements of the set of the real numbers .

The continuum hypothesis posits that the cardinality of the set of the real numbers is i.e. the smallest infinite cardinal number after 0 } , the cardinality of the integers. Paul Cohen proved in 1963 that it is an axiom independent of the other axioms of set theory that is: one may choose either the continuum hypothesis or its negation as an axiom of set theory, without contradiction.

What Does The ** Maths Operator Do In Python

What does this mean in Python:


I know what sock is, and I get the gist of the recvfrom function, but what the heck is 2**16? Specifically, the two asterisk/double asterisk operator?

It is the power operator.

From the Python 3 docs:

The power operator has the same semantics as the built-in pow function, when called with two arguments: it yields its left argument raised to the power of its right argument. The numeric arguments are first converted to a common type, and the result is of that type.

It is equivalent to 216 = 65536, or pow

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The Complete Ordered Field

The real numbers are often described as “the complete ordered field”, a phrase that can be interpreted in several ways.

First, an order can be lattice-complete. It is easy to see that no ordered field can be lattice-complete, because it can have no largest element .

Additionally, an order can be Dedekind-complete, see § Axiomatic approach. The uniqueness result at the end of that section justifies using the word “the” in the phrase “complete ordered field” when this is the sense of “complete” that is meant. This sense of completeness is most closely related to the construction of the reals from Dedekind cuts, since that construction starts from an ordered field and then forms the Dedekind-completion of it in a standard way.

But the original use of the phrase “complete Archimedean field” was by David Hilbert, who meant still something else by it. He meant that the real numbers form the largest Archimedean field in the sense that every other Archimedean field is a subfield of R R } is “complete” in the sense that nothing further can be added to it without making it no longer an Archimedean field. This sense of completeness is most closely related to the construction of the reals from surreal numbers, since that construction starts with a proper class that contains every ordered field and then selects from it the largest Archimedean subfield.

Generalized Stirling Numbers Expanding The Multifactorial Functions

What Do Double Arrows Mean in a Math Problem?

A class of generalized Stirling numbers of the first kind is defined for > 0 by the following triangular recurrence relation:

1 . ^}& :=\prod _^\left=\cdots x-1-\alpha \\& =\sum _^\left^^\\& =\sum _^\left_^x^\,.\end}}

The distinct polynomial expansions in the previous equations actually define the -factorial products for multiple distinct cases of the least residues x n0 mod for n0 .

The generalized -factorial polynomials, n where n n, which generalize the Stirling convolution polynomials from the single factorial case to the multifactorial cases, are defined by

! . !_& =\sum _^\sum _^}}^\alpha ^!_\alpha -1!_\times _\\& =\sum _^\sum _^}}}^\alpha ^!_\alpha -1!_\times !.\end}}

The first two sums above are similar in form to a known non-round combinatorial identity for the double factorial function when := 2 given by .


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Is Floating Point Math Broken

  • 175Floating point variables typically have this behaviour. It’s caused by how they are stored in hardware. For more info check out the Wikipedia article on floating point numbers.Feb 25 ’09 at 21:41
  • 75JavaScript treats decimals as floating point numbers, which means operations like addition might be subject to rounding error. You might want to take a look at this article: What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point ArithmeticFeb 25 ’09 at 21:42
  • 6Apr 11 ’10 at 13:01
  • 11Because JavaScript uses the IEEE 754 standard for Math, it makes use of 64-bit floating numbers. This causes precision errors when doing floating point calculations, in short, due to computers working in Base 2 while decimal is Base 10.May 7 ’18 at 4:57
  • 4

Binary floating point math is like this. In most programming languages, it is based on the IEEE 754 standard. The crux of the problem is that numbers are represented in this format as a whole number times a power of two rational numbers whose denominator is not a power of two cannot be exactly represented.

For 0.1 in the standard binary64 format, the representation can be written exactly as

  • 0.1000000000000000055511151231257827021181583404541015625 in decimal, or

In contrast, the rational number 0.1, which is 1/10, can be written exactly as

  • 0.1 in decimal, or
  • 0x1.99999999999999…p-4 in an analogue of C99 hexfloat notation, where the … represents an unending sequence of 9’s.

Side Side Note: Working with Floats in Programming

Rounding Errors In Other Operations: Truncation

Another cause of the rounding errors in all operations are the different modes of truncation of the final answer that IEEE-754 allows. There’s truncate, round-towards-zero, round-to-nearest , round-down, and round-up. All methods introduce an element of error of less than one unit in the last place for a single operation. Over time and repeated operations, truncation also adds cumulatively to the resultant error. This truncation error is especially problematic in exponentiation, which involves some form of repeated multiplication.

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Doubles Strategy For Addition

Using doubles to add is one of the quickest ways to help your child understand addition facts better and become more automatic when adding single digit numbers.

15. There are basic doubles addition facts that will help your child use doubles to add.

16. Near doubles are also very helpful to use when teaching grade one and grade two students doubles addition.

17. If a child knows 9 + 9 = 18 then using this knowledge, they will understand that 9 + 8 will be one less. 18 – 1 =17.

Active Learning: Sizing A Canvas Box

Doubling – find doubles of numbers – easy math lesson for 2nd grade

In this exercise, you will manipulate some numbers and operators to change the size of a box. The box is drawn using a browser API called the Canvas API. There is no need to worry about how this works just concentrate on the math for now. The width and height of the box are defined by the variables x and y, which are initially both given a value of 50.

Open in new window

In the editable code box above, there are two lines marked with a comment that we’d like you to update to make the box grow/shrink to certain sizes, using certain operators and/or values in each case. Let’s try the following:

  • Change the line that calculates x so the box is still 50px wide, but the 50 is calculated using the numbers 43 and 7 and an arithmetic operator.
  • Change the line that calculates y so the box is 75px high, but the 75 is calculated using the numbers 25 and 3 and an arithmetic operator.
  • Change the line that calculates x so the box is 250px wide, but the 250 is calculated using two numbers and the remainder operator.
  • Change the line that calculates y so the box is 150px high, but the 150 is calculated using three numbers and the subtraction and division operators.
  • Change the line that calculates x so the box is 200px wide, but the 200 is calculated using the number 4 and an assignment operator.
  • Change the line that calculates y so the box is 200px high, but the 200 is calculated using the numbers 50 and 3, the multiplication operator, and the addition assignment operator.

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What Is Double Data Type

double: The double data type is a double-precision 64-bit IEEE 754 floating point. Its range of values is beyond the scope of this discussion, but is specified in the Floating-Point Types, Formats, and Values section of the Java Language Specification. For decimal values, this data type is generally the default choice.

The Key To Using The Half And Double Strategy Is Choosing When It Makes The Problem Easier Here Is A Guide:

  • Is one of the sides 5? If so doubling will give 10 which is easy.
  • Is the side I need to halve even?
  • Does one side include a half or 0.5? If so doubling will remove it.

And that’s it. A handy little multiplication strategy to add to your “maths toolkit.”

I’m Ged, Co-founder of Komodo, ex-maths teacher and dad. If you have any questions please get in touch.

About Komodo Komodo is a fun and effective way to boost primary maths skills. Designed for 5 to 11-year-olds to use in the home, Komodo uses a little and often approach to learning maths that fits into the busy routine. Komodo users develop fluency and confidence in maths without keeping them at the screen for long.

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It’s All Numbers To Me

Let’s quickly play with some numbers to reacquaint ourselves with the basic syntax we need. Enter the commands listed below into your developer tools JavaScript console.

  • First of all, let’s declare a couple of variables and initialize them with an integer and a float, respectively, then type the variable names back in to check that everything is in order:
    const myInt =5 const myFloat =6.667 myInt myFloat 
  • Number values are typed in without quote marks try declaring and initializing a couple more variables containing numbers before you move on.
  • Now let’s check that both our original variables are of the same datatype. There is an operator called typeof in JavaScript that does this. Enter the below two lines as shown:
    typeof myInt typeof myFloat 

    You should get “number” returned in both cases this makes things a lot easier for us than if different numbers had different data types, and we had to deal with them in different ways. Phew!

  • What Is A Double Caribbean

    What does double bracket mean in any set, how tell whether ...

    And theyre the best Caribbean sandwich youve never heard of. Doubles are a staple in the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, a street food snack often eaten for breakfast. All that is sandwiched in hot, fried flatbread, and then rolled up in wax paper, because these little beasts are as sloppy as they come.

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    Converting To Number Data Types

    Sometimes you might end up with a number that is stored as a string type, which makes it difficult to perform calculations with it. This most commonly happens when data is entered into a form input, and the input type is text. There is a way to solve this problem passing the string value into the Number constructor to return a number version of the same value.

    For example, try typing these lines into your console:

    let myNumber ='74' myNumber +=3 

    You end up with the result 743, not 77, because myNumber is actually defined as a string. You can test this by typing in the following:

    typeof myNumber 

    To fix the calculation, you can do this:


    Arithmetic operators are the basic operators that we use to do sums in JavaScript:

    % Remainder

    Returns the remainder left over after you’ve divided the left number into a number of integer portions equal to the right number.

    8 % 3 .

    ** Exponent Raises a base number to the exponent power, that is, the base number multiplied by itself,exponent times. It was first Introduced in EcmaScript 2016. 5 ** 2 .

    Note: You’ll sometimes see numbers involved in arithmetic referred to as operands.

    Note: You may sometimes see exponents expressed using the older Math.pow method, which works in a very similar way. For example, in Math.pow, 7 is the base and 3 is the exponent, so the result of the expression is 343. Math.pow is equivalent to 7**3.

  • First try entering some simple examples of your own, such as
  • num2 + num1 /8+2 

    What Does Twice A Number Mean In Math

    4.3/5Twice a numbermeansTwice meansnumbermeantwicemeans

    Similarly, what does twice as much mean in math?

    “As many” means the same number. Twice as many means two times as many. From there we pretty much the number followed by ” as many”, Like “15 times as many” is a=15b.

    Secondly, what does 5 more than twice mean? Next, “twice a number” means to multiply the number by 2 giving: 2×n or 2n or 2n. Then, “five more thanmeans to add 5 to what follows or: 2n+5.

    In this regard, how do you write 5 more than twice a number?

    Solution: Let g represent the number of groups in Ms. Jensen’s class. Then 2 · g, or 2g can represent “g groups of 2 students”. Search form.

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    Doubles Facts For Kids

    Young children often use their fingers when learning how to add and subtract.

    As they get older and you look to make them more proficient at doing sums automatically, doubles facts are an incredibly useful tool. Double facts in math are strategies that can help students learn to count like pros in no time.

    The goal of doubles is that children will gain a real understanding of doubles maths and be able to use the facts flexibly to solve a range of problems.

    These facts are great for grade one and grade two students to get their heads around adding and subtracting.

    If you’re looking for more great educational facts like this list of doubles facts for kids and parents, why not have a look at our water conservation facts and these African elephant facts.

    Increment And Decrement Operators

    What Does FOIL Mean in Math? (Binomial Multiplication)

    Sometimes you’ll want to repeatedly add or subtract one to or from a numeric variable value. This can be conveniently done using the increment and decrement operators. We used ++ in our “Guess the number” game back in our first splash into JavaScript article, when we added 1 to our guessCount variable to keep track of how many guesses the user has left after each turn.


    Let’s try playing with these in your console. For a start, note that you can’t apply these directly to a number, which might seem strange, but we are assigning a variable a new updated value, not operating on the value itself. The following will return an error:


    So, you can only increment an existing variable. Try this:

    let num1 =4 num1++ 

    Okay, strangeness number 2! When you do this, you’ll see a value of 4 returned this is because the browser returns the current value, then increments the variable. You can see that it’s been incremented if you return the variable value again:


    The same is true of — : try the following

    let num2 =6 num2-- num2 

    Note: You can make the browser do it the other way round increment/decrement the variable then return the value by putting the operator at the start of the variable instead of the end. Try the above examples again, but this time use ++num1 and –num2.

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    Simple Doubles And Near Doubles Facts Examples To Get Started

    Creating visual math concepts that show the number doubles concept is a great way to help children understand these double factors in math. Doubles facts are easily represented using pictures. Using pictures or visual aids when teaching your child doubles facts can be incredibly helpful and will allow them to understand and apply the more easily. Get them familiar with these examples to begin with.

    21. 1 + 1 = 2

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