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Trek X Caliber 7 Geometry

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Trek X-Caliber

The X-Cal 7 packs quite a few expert specs that are particularly beneficial to a biking enthusiast who is just entering the game.

For starters, it comes loaded with the new range of big 29-inch wheels. This means that you have more traction on the road, additional comfort and confidence whenever you hit the rough local trails. This explains why the Trek X-Caliber 7 is the perfect point of entry for fast cross-country riding.

Beginners in the world of cross country racing will find these 29ers to be quite appealing. The shallower, better attack angle means that the wheel can roll over objects on the road more easily providing the rider with easier control of the bike in the bumpy terrains.

Average Price For Crosscountry Bikes

If you want an acceptable Crosscountry bike you should know that the average price its 1830$. However, even if your budget is less than the average, you might still be able to get a top-quality Crosscountry bike. In conclusion, always check bike reviews and their components before making a purchase to make sure you dont overpay.

Durable Lightweight Alloy Frame

When you hit the trails at a competitive level, one key motivation is always to win. With its lightweight frame and build quality, the X-Cal 7 has been built to make it easy for you to win the bike is built with performance and speed in mind.

The X-Caliber 7 boasts Treks proprietary Alpha Silver Aluminium that has been continuously cold extruded to a single thickness to guarantee the much-needed durable performance. This choice of alloy and the technology allows for the forming and shaping of tubes into a lightweight final product the frame.

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Crosscountry Bikes Average Price

Our math shows that the average cost of a dependable Crosscountry bike is 1830$. However, even if your budget is less than the average, you might still be able to get a top-quality Crosscountry bike. To sum up, when you purchase your bike, make sure to check if it has reviews, and also do some components research.

When Trek released this model in 2017, its price was 929 USD. Doing a quick comparison, we notice that X-Caliber 7 price its 96.99% lower than the average cost of a Crosscountry bike.

Treks Smart Wheel Sizing

Trek X

Trek likes to emphasize that riding their brands means riding the fastest wheels with the best possible fit. The reason for this is, the company pairs the right wheel size with each of their frame sizes ranging from extra small to double extra-large.

While this strategy ensures that everyone, regardless of how tall or short they are, gets to have their best fit in bike size it further means that everyone is able to get the fastest wheel that fits their bike.

The right wheel size paired with your frame size gives you the perfect combination of responsiveness and control. Thats one beautiful thing about Trek X-Caliber 7.

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Your Complete Guide To The 2021 Trek Mountain Bike Range

Trek has had a long-standing presence in the mountain bike world with a vast range of bikes to back it up. The brands offering ranges from featherweight cross country bikes right through to downhill thoroughbreds. If you’re in the market for a Trek bike and wondering which will suit you best, read on for our complete guide to their 2021 range.

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  • It gets you into the world of cross-country riding and racing at a great price, and it’s a mountain bike that can grow with you as your skills advance
  • The sleek internal cable routing gives you clean looks, protects your cables and makes it easy to upgrade to a dropper post for even more capability
  • Smart Wheel Sizing means you’ll get the fastest wheel that fits
  • The RockShox air fork has a rebound adjust and can be tuned to the riders weight, and its way higher quality than what youd normally get on an MTB at this price
  • The 1x drive train delivers a wide range of gearing with the simplicity of a single shifter
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    Understanding Trek’s Naming System

    Trek’s naming system follows a similar style to how Canyon names its bikes. Each bike’s name is suffixed with a number, with higher value numbers corresponding to pricier and better-kitted bikes. Once we get to 9, Trek adds decimals to the suffix to denote changes in the bike’s suspension package. All bikes with a 9 in the name get carbon frames but a 9.7 might get its suspension from Fox’s Rhythm range for example, while a 9.8 will get better something from higher in the range. Also, you’ll see that a lot of kit on the bikes come from Bontrager, for the uninitiated that’s Trek’s in-house component brand.

    At the ‘9’ level, we also see XT, XO1, and GX finding their way into the names. Yep, you’ve guessed it, that’s the drivetrain the bike comes kitted with.

    Another thing that’s definitely worth mentioning is that a small selection of Trek’s bike range is available through what the brand calls Project One. Project One offers the opportunity to have your bike personalised and custom painted with special, exclusive colours. This will mean you have to part ways with a heap of cash but in return, you’ll get a bike that’s unique to you.

    As with the brand’s range of bikes, the price range is vast with bikes starting from £440, right up to £9,200 and that’s not even considering the Project One options. There’s also a comprehensive range of gravel bikes and e-bikes.

    Dropper Post Internal Routing

    Trek X-Caliber

    There is even a port for internally routed dropper post. Dropper posts allow you to be more efficient, faster and safer equally when riding downhill and when climbing uphill.

    With the dropper post, you will have full leg extension when climbing and as soon as you start descending, you can quickly push the lever to drop the saddle out of your way for more maneuverability.

    The X-Caliber 7 frames are equipped with the right exit and entry points to accommodate internal routing of your stealth seat post. The sleek internal routing of the cables also ensures that the cables are protected from premature wear and tear, in addition to accommodating any dropper post upgrades.

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    Average Weight For Crosscountry Bikes

    Crosscountry bikes weigh an average of 12.31 kg . It is a good advantage to have a lighter bike than the average. However, a heavier bike is more efficient on descents.

    X-Caliber 7 weighs 13.97 kg and is considerably heavier than the average. In short, the average Crosscountry bike weight is 13.48% lower than this one.

    G2 Geometry For Superior Handling

    Added to the tough trail-ready parts, the X-Caliber 7 frame is built with Treks race inspired G2 geometry to give the bike nimble handling, superior climbing, cornering and descending. Even more importantly, the geometry ensures that the rider has great stability at high speed descent, even while winding the tightest single tracks.

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