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Mitty High School Summer Geometry

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Lynbrook Elective Program Information

An Inside Look at the MAAs Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program

Lynbrook boasts a thriving elective program with a variety of options to help foster student’s interests while allowing them to explore and discover new ones. Below are some highlights for prospective students to enjoy.

Required for high school graduation.

Support classes available for those who need them.


Required for high school graduation.

Geometry Enriched offered for advanced students at some sites.

Algebra 2

Required for 4-year college eligibility.

Algebra 2/Trig offered for advanced students.

Advanced Placement Calculus AB

Two quarters of college-level calculuscredit granted at the discretion of college/university.

Weighted grade-point in UC system.

Advanced Placement Calculus BC

One year of college-level calculus

Most freshmen take one of the following courses in 9th grade:

  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry or Geometry Enriched
  • Algebra 2 or Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Fremont Union High School District does not offer any pre-Algebra course options. However, we have a variety of interventions designed to support and accelerate learning for students who struggle with Algebra in 9th grade.

Linear Algebra And Multivariable Calculus Honors Grades 11 12 Yearlong Course

Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus is a year-long elective course designed to give students a third year advanced course in mathematics, covering linear algebra, multivariable calculus, ordinary differential equations, and graph theory. This is a college level mathematics course, covering differential and integral calculus of multiple variables, including the geometry of space, vector functions, partial derivatives, multiple integrals, vector calculus and first- and second- order differential equations. A survey of advanced topics and projects in advanced topics will be explored. The course is intended to give students experience in the topics listed above through a strong foundation in proof- based mathematical reasoning. Students will use computers to solve complex systems and to visualize graphs in more than two dimensions.

The course will begin the year with a study of linear algebra and vectors. Class discussion will then build on these ideas to develop student understanding of multivariable calculus and applications. During the second semester, students in the course will continue to study multivariable calculus and its applications. Finally, the course will include a study of advanced topics in mathematics including a study of first order and second order linear ordinary differential equations and an introduction to graph theory.

UC/CSU approved course

NCAA Core Course

Ap Computer Science Principles

Computer science is everywhere, from our smartphones and video games to music, medicine, and much more. AP Computer Science Principles can help students understand how computing and technology shape the world around them. AP CSP is an introductory-level course meant for all students.

This course emphasizes the Beauty and Joy of Computing curriculum, which is an introductory computer science curriculum developed at the University of California, Berkeley. Students will create programs using the Snap and Python programming languages, they will learn how the internet functions, understand how a computer operates, and discuss the social implications of computing, thinking deeply about how students can be personally active in promoting the benefits and reducing the possible drawbacks associated with the increase in technology use.

Students enrolled in this course are required to take the AP examination in May. There is a College Board fee assessed for this examination that will be added to the students’ tuition.

UC/CSU approved course

NCAA Core Course

Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra II Honors with an A- or successful completion of Introduction to Computer Science with B. This course may be taken concurrently with another mathematics course.

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Summer Academic Courses By Category

First Semester: June 13 – July 1, 2022Second Semester: July 5 – July 22, 2022

Classes are held Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. with the exception of the Semester Finals day with an early release at 10:00 a.m. See “Upcoming Events” for more calendar details

Contemporary Authors

Contemporary Authors is designed to review and practice skills taught in English 1 and 2. Emphasis is placed upon close-reading and reading comprehension writing various types of responses and essays learning and application of new vocabulary polishing grammar and usage knowledge and editing proficiency. This includes review and practice of MLA format in various writing assignments. The student will be reading and writing daily in both class and for homework. Goals of the course are for students to improve as a reader and as a writer, and to become knowledgeable about one novel. Once a novel is determined, it will be posted on the textbook list. Students successfully completing the English course will earn 5 credit hours.

Pre-Algebra Skills See Enrichment Program Information

Algebra 1- Rising 8 -10 Grade

Online Registration Opens: March 7th, 8 amLast Day to Register: June 6th, 7:59 am

UC/CSU approved course

Prerequisite: Completion of Pre-Algebra 1 or equivalent Common Core elective.

Geometry- Rising 9-11 Grade8:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon$1,360 + $225 Registration Fee

UC/CSU approved course

Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra 1, Algebra 1 Accelerated, or equivalent Common Core elective.

Th Grade Course Selection Nights

Course selection occurs in February. Students and parents/guardians will be provided a brief overview of our courses and an opportunity to ask questions. Please review courses available prior to the evening using the online course description guide. It is very important that both students and parents attend the information meeting!

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Ap Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism

AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism is equivalent to a second semester of college physics taken by engineering and physical science majors. The course is designed to provide each student with the necessary content, laboratory experiences, and problem-solving skills that are stressed in the Physics Advanced Placement C: E& M exam offered each May. The course utilizes differential and integral calculus to describe complex physical situations as necessary. Students are required to have completed or be currently enrolled in AP Calculus BC to take this course. The course uses guided inquiry and student-centered learning to foster critical thinking skills. Over 20% of the instructional time is devoted to hands-on laboratory work. Students are required to maintain a laboratory notebook throughout the year with all observations, data, and analysis for each lab. Classroom time is divided between instructor-led lectures, internet-based simulations, and student-centered worksheets to promote peer-to-peer learning and critical thinking skills.

UC/CSU approved courseNCAA Core Course

Students enrolled in this course are required to take the AP examination in May. There is a College Board fee assessed for this examination that will be added to the students’ tuition. No final exam is administered in this course in the spring semester.

About Minnesota Institute For Talented Youth

MITY offers much more than rigorous curriculum its educational philosophy is to develop students not only academically, but physically and socially as well. Students enjoy fun recreational activities that foster friendships, build teamwork and generate opportunities for peer support and leadership development. Students are free to embrace their true selves, take risks, and experience the true joy of being a part of the MITY family.

In-Person Your Extraordinary Saturday

A New Adventure Every WeekendUpcoming Dates

Your Summer of Discovery AwaitsUpcoming Dates

In-Person Expand Your Mind

Learn on a College CampusUpcoming DatesSession A: June 20 – July 1, 2022Session B: July 11 – July 22, 2022

Online Your Extraordinary Saturday

Upcoming Dates

Online Expand Your Mind

Upcoming DatesTBA: Check back soon!

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I Want To Play A Musical Instrument In High School What Do I Need To Know

Are you a beginner? In order to participate in instrumental music at LHS, you must have been playing the same instrument consistently for two years. We do not offer a beginning instrument program.

Are you interested in Marching Band & Concert Band? To be in Concert Band in 9th grade, you must also be in Marching Band. You cannot just be in Concert Band. Concert Band is taught during the school day and Marching Band practice is after school. A student can earn elective credit for participating in Marching Band.

Are you interested in Orchestra? You must have played the instrument for 3 years.

Are you new to LHS but not an incoming 9th grader? As above, you will need to have consistently played the same instrument for 2 and 3 years. If you are interested in one of the ensemble groups: Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble or Chamber Orchestra, you will need to audition.

If I still have questions and/or need to audition, who do I contact? Please contact Mike Pakaluk at . He will not respond to e-mail during summer break.

Can I Take Two Classes In The Same Subject In One Year For Example: Can I Choose Two Science Classes Or Two World Language Classes

2022 Stark County Summer Math Academy

Yes and no. The district policy is that you cannot ‘double-up’ in anyone subject area in your first six classes. In your first six choices, you cannot choose two Science classes or two World Language classes, etc. However, you can choose a second Science or World Language class as a 7th class choice, which, as stated above, is not guaranteed. Due to space limitation related to limited school funding, we rarely have space available for a student to take two of any subject area in any one year. You are more likely to get a 7th class if you are not choosing two classes in the same subject area. Again, a 7th class is not guaranteed.

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Ap Physics C: Mechanics

AP Physics C: Mechanics is equivalent to the first semester of a college physics course intended for scientists and engineers. This calculus-based course covers kinematics, dynamics, energy, and momentum for systems of particles in translational and rotational motion. One of the primary goals of this class is to achieve the level of understanding of physics that is assumed in the top universities for incoming students majoring in the physical sciences. Another very important goal of this class is to complete the AP Physics C exam in May.

UC/CSU approved courseNCAA Core Course

Students enrolled in this course are required to take the AP examination in May. There is a College Board fee assessed for this examination that will be added to the students’ tuition. No final exam is administered in this course in the spring semester.

Prerequisite: Overall GPA of 3.75 or better with concurrent enrollment in AP Calculus AB or higher level math course and B or better in previous AP science course, or B+ or better in all previous honors science courses, or A in all previous college preparatory science courses

What Does It Mean To Establish Residency

In late January, a parent of every 8th & 10th grader within the Lynbrook attendance area must come to the Lynbrook High School Library with the original and copies of the required documents in order to establish that you do live within the Lynbrook attendance area. If you cannot attend Residency Day, you must register at the Fremont Union High School District office. You must establish residency by the second week of February in order to receive the Welcome to Lynbrook packet. For additional information is available on the please visit the Residency Verification page of Fremont Union School District website.

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As A 9th Grader Can Participation On A Lhs Athletic Team Exempt Me From Pe Or Earn Pe Credit

PE for 9th grade is a state requirement and students cannot earn PE credit through athletics to satisfy this requirement. No 9th grade student can be exempt from PE. Students in 9th grade are strongly encouraged to go out for an LHS athletic team, and, depending on how many classes he/she is taking , a student could earn five elective credits for each successfully completed season of a LHS athletic team. However, in the 9th grade year no PE credit can be earned by being on a LHS athletic team.

What Happens To Students Who Over

It is very important to make careful choices when requesting your ninth grade courses, because getting it wrong can make it difficult to find the classes you want after school starts.

If you do need to change your math class, there is a very real possibility that you will have to change your entire schedule and enter new classes with new teachers several weeks into the school year. You may also be required to drop an elective class that you originally chose.

Often when students request a transfer to another math class after the start of the year, all math classes at the school are already full. Should this happen to you, you should work with your Guidance Counselor or Assistant Principal to consider what options are available to you.

Remember, you can avoid this by making careful choices during the course selection process!

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Justin Karrtechnical Director And Performing Arts Facilities Manager

Justin received his BA in Theatrical Performance from Purdue University. While he started off as an actor, he slowly gravitated to the less applauded area of backstage work. He is thoroughly enjoying the challenge and reward of his new duties. He has experience in stage management, production management, technical direction, and compiling sound effects for various productions. He has managed theaters for the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and Serra High School. Other local technical credits include Broadway by the Bay, Hillbarn Theater, Foothill Music Theater, and Santa Rosa Summer Repertory.

Mr. Karr lives in San Jose with his amazing wife, Amanda Folena, and his children, the apples of his eye, Felicity and Hunter.

If I Take Algebra 1 In Ninth Grade Will I Be Able To Take Advanced Math And Science Courses And Get Into College

Yes. Colleges are looking for students who take rigorous coursework in high school, and are emphasizing the importance of four years of math so that students have a strong foundation for college-level mathematics. But it is important to know that many students do not take Advanced Placement math classes in high school and are accepted to four year colleges and universities. These students typically take a course sequence that looks like this:

  • Ninth grade: Algebra 1
  • Tenth grade: Geometry or Geometry Enriched
  • Eleventh grade: Algebra 2 or Algebra 2/Trigonometry
  • Twelfth grade: Math Analysis, Pre-Calculus Honors, or Applications of Advanced Mathematics

However, no matter what math class you take as a ninth grader in FUHSDs schools, if you work hard and demonstrate that you understand course standards, you will be able to progress through FUHSDs math and science course offerings and meet college eligibility requirements.

You will want to consult with your ninth grade Algebra teacher and your Guidance Counselor to determine how you should consider your math and science pathway progression in relation to your achievement level and goals, your interests, and other courses you are thinking about taking.

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Do You Know The Secret To Free Website Traffic

Use this trick to increase the number of new potential customers.

Welcome look forward to seeing you in June. Welcome and thank you for your interest in < strong> Archbishop< /strong> < strong> Mitty< /strong> < strong> Summer< /strong> < strong> School< /strong> . Our summer school offers an exciting and diverse curriculum aimed at enhancing any students education. We offer academic courses for students entering either junior high or high school. Academic classes are designed for students wishing to improve their academic standing or for those wanting to accelerate their present course of study. With our knowledgeable and experienced instructors along with the depth and variety of our courses, AMHS has created a summer school program that is second to none. We look forward to seeing you in June. Remember to register early as classes will fill quickly. Sincerely, Josh Walker < strong> Archbishop< /strong> < strong> Mitty< /strong> < strong> Summer< /strong> < strong> School< /strong> Principal < strong> Archbishop< /strong> < strong> Mitty< /strong> < strong> Summer< /strong> < strong> School< /strong> 5000 < strong> Mitty< /strong> Avenue San Jose CA 95129-1897 < strong> Archbishop< /strong> < strong> Mitty< /strong> < strong> Summer< /strong> < strong> School< /strong> Academic Courses June 14 July 23, 2010 8:00 A.M. 12:00 P.M. Grades 7-12

Introduction To Design Thinking

What Teachers are Saying About Fog Stone Isle Math Program

Design Thinking is a process of observing deeply, being empathetic, identifying problems, and creating innovative solutions. We will practice user-centered design and so we will spend lots of time thinking about, discussing, and practicing empathy. Taking another personâs point of view and understanding how different perspectives may lead to very different design problems and solutions is a central theme. Over the course of the academic year we will study how design thinking can be a key skill for success in the 21st century learn the theoretical underpinnings of the design thinking process practice the design thinking process familiarize ourselves with many universal principles of design discuss and identify âgoodâ and âbadâ design and explore and develop our capacities for innovative & creative thinking and problem solving.

UC/CSU approved course

Prerequisite: Completion of Biology and Chemistry

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Ap Computer Science A

The purpose of the class is to introduce students to object-oriented programming using JAVA. Students will study concepts such as classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and code reusability. Hands-on programming is always emphasized, and students will complete at least one functional program component each class such that they have immediate feedback for their work. Students will be asked to employ critical thinking in searching for multiple solutions or for the most efficient solution. Students will be given the tools and time to explore numerous challenging problems from not only programming, but math, economics, and game theory. In addition, students will have the opportunity to propose, outline, and develop an independent, long- term project that will be presented to their peers. This course teaches students to use the standard Java library from the AP Java subset in the AP Computer Science A Course Description. Students enrolled in this course are required to take the AP examination in May. There is a College Board fee assessed for this examination that will be added to the students’ tuition. No final exam is administered in this course in the spring semester.

UC/CSU approved courseNCAA Core Course

Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra II Honors with an A- or successful completion of Introduction to Computer Science with B. This course may be taken concurrently with another mathematics course.

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