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How To Become Biologically Younger

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Meet The Men Who Claim They Can Make You Biologically Younger

Can you Hack Your Biological Age? | Ben Greenfield

The trainers behind Super-A aim to help your body clock turn back its chronological age. And they’ve already won over Sarah, Duchess of York

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? asks celebrity trainer Wayne Lèal, peering intensely from my laptop during our interview over Zoom. I tell him I wish I could stop evening snacking. He instructs me to get a rubber band and place it around my wrist. The next time you want to snack in the evening, ping that band against your skin to remind you not to, he says.

OK, Ill try that, I reply. No, he shoots back, firmly. When people say theyre going to try and lose weight or try and stop snacking, theres an implication of failure. Either you will do it or you wont. Whats it to be? he asks, fixing me with a stare. When youre in the Super-A tribe, youre accountable.

The Super-A tribe Lèal, 62, is referring to is the new fitness concept he has created with fellow trainer Josh Salzmann, 64. Their latest recruit is none other than Sarah, Duchess of York, who Salzmann has worked with for over 30 years. He has also trained her former husband, Prince Andrew , as well as Angelina Jolie , Kate Winslet, Kenneth Branagh, Paul McCartney, John Cleese and Pierce Brosnan.

Running a 40-plus body is like running a business: if you work too hard youll burn out. You have to slow things down, and be smart and mindful.

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Can We Reverse Aging In Humans

Previous studies were done in mice. The approaches we just mentioned are currently being developed to also be used in humans, but this will take many years .

So, the ultimate question is, is it possible to partially reverse aging in humansnow?

Some studies have shown that it could already be possible to reverse aging in humans. At least when measured by epigenetic clocks.

Epigenetic clocks try to measure our real, biological age so, how old you really are. One can be 50 years chronologically, but if you eat unhealthy and dont exercise a lot, you can be biologically 58 years old. This is what epigenetic clocks try to measure.

Epigenetic clocks look at the methylation patterns in our DNA. One way that the epigenome works is by putting small molecules, called methyl-groups, on the DNA. The more the DNA is covered with these methyl molecules, the less active the gene is . Learn more about epigenetic clocks here.

One study showed that giving growth hormone, metformin and DHEA reversed the epigenetic clock a little bit, making the participants younger again. During the year that the study lasted, they reversed aging by 1.5 years .

Other studies show that lifestyle interventions, including diet, exercise and supplements can reverse aging measured by epigenetic clocks.

In one study, patients were put on a healthy diet, had to take specific supplements and exercise. After 8 weeks, their epigenetic age was reversed by almost 2 years .

Helpful Tips To Look Younger And Lower Biological Age

Avoid certain types of behaviors. Some habits that people get into are ones that can cause the skin to age at a faster level. Smoking is known for being a major cause in that it causes an increase in the bodys amount of free radicals that can impact the skin.

Avoiding excessive sunlight is another useful thing to do. A major part of sunlight is that its ultraviolet qualities can cause the skin to crack and become damaged. If you are going to be out in the sun you will need to use a good amount of skin protection to help with keeping these rays from impacting your skin.

Using treatments on the skin that feature moisture can be a very useful thing for you to do. Moisture is known for being capable of giving hydration to ones skin. By using moisture you will be able to help keep your body looking its best and to help with keeping your skin from becoming too dry.

Glucosamine is a popular type of material for helping you to look younger. Glucosamine has become a very popular supplement over the years because of how it works to improve on the regeneration capabilities of ones cells. This works to not only improve joint functions in the body but also to prevent wrinkles from forming in the skin by helping to get the skin to become more durable and flexible.

As always, it is advised to use Biological Age Test on a regular basis to verify the effectiveness of the above and track your biological age progress.

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Take Charge Of Your Own Health

People who are pro-active about seeking good quality medical care can have a real age many years less than their chronological age. Have a thorough annual medical check up to detect functional problems before they manifest themselves as diseases. You should do this even if you feel extremely well. For example a slightly high fasting blood sugar level can detect the very early stages of diabetes, before full-blown diabetes with all its complications sets in. Similarly slightly elevated or intermittently high blood pressure levels can be intercepted before your blood pressure becomes permanently elevated and causes hardening of the arteries. This enables you to change your diet & lifestyle before permanent damage to the blood vessels and bodily organs has been sustained.

Know your blood pressure, as a person with low blood pressure is as much as 20 years younger than a person with high blood pressure . Knowing your blood pressure is more important than knowing the amount of money in your bank account, as it buys you time in the investment of life on this planet.Always get several expert opinions before committing yourself to major surgery or long-term drug use. Consult a doctor who practises holistic medicine and you may find that nutritional medicine can solve your problems. Take charge of your own health and ask your doctor plenty of questions about alternative treatments.

Hen Heuer In 1990 He Earned A Bachelor Of Science Degree As A Nutripath Which Was A Nutritional Correspondence Course Much Like The Naturopathic Doctor Correspondence Courses Just A Slightly Different Name

How To Become Biologically Younger

Many people are under the general misconception that intelligence is a fixed value that’s set when they are young, and that it has no chance of changing as they grow older. Tom ashton and phil In this video, he explains how he discovered what went wrong in his personal health goals and what he. It has been shown to improve mood, improve brain function, improve the body’s antioxidant defence mechanism, decrease pain and reduce depression. We are beginning to understand biological forces that affect behavior . Become a life long learner because those who remain intellectually active throughout their lives have a biological age several years less than their years. Research shows that improving our intelligence is possible at any age. Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to reduce your biological age. A lot of young girls are totally. Become the older man women can’t resist. Mind wins over matter when it comes to aging, because studies show that people who thrive in old age think younger. Biologically, we have all inherited a brain that is more or less the same size, configured in slightly different ways. All of these activities can weaken the body and mind and as a result can cause your biological age to increase.

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Bend The Rules Of Time

To lower your bodys age you need to stay supple, says Lerwill. Dynamic flexibility training in your warm-up or before breakfast is great use yoga, dynamic flow or animal flow exercises to keep your hips and joints open.

Sitting at a desk is terrible for our posture but these exercises fight the bad habits which age you.

Try doing stretches throughout your working day: University of California research found that routinely sitting for ten hours a day increases your biological age by eight years.

Epigenetics And Our Environments

Multiple scientists are researching how to use epigenetics to help heal the body. Others seek to determine how physical or emotional scars from ones environment or early years, along with our lifestyle and habits, can affect our biological age and outcomes as we grow older.

For example, NIA-funded Researcher Morgan Levine, Ph.D., of the Yale University Department of Pathology, has made major strides in applying modern computational analysis to finding biomarkers that connect to differences between calendar and biological age. Biomarkers are signatures in the body that can help measure natural processes or disease, infections, or toxin exposure. Levine used a machine learning approach to find patterns in big longitudinal studies like the CDCs National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey to identify a set of nine biomarkers that were accurate predictors of future disease risk, functioning, and mortality when combined with participants calendar ages.

A lot of times well define biological age in one dimension, but we know aging itself is multidimensional, so we want to better understand personal aging, not just the rate but the diversity of experiences, plus different risk factors based on lifestyle or background.

Morgan Levine, Ph.D.

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What Is Chronological Age

Chronological age is the number of years you have been alive – When you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, youre celebrating your chronological age. Your chronological age determines when you can vote, purchase your first martini at a bar, or drive a car. Milestones like your 18th birthday and your big 5-0 describe your chronological age and hard as we may try, chronological age cannot be changed.

Mike Pompeo: How I Lost Nearly 100 Pounds In 6 Months

How to reverse your biological age: Kara Fitzgerald, N.D. | mbg Podcast

Jeff Bezos makeover from scrawny to strapping was highlighted again over Christmas, as the Amazon founder flaunted his shirtless muscles while in St. Barts with girlfriend Lauren Sanchez. The worlds second-richest man has long claimed that healthy eating including, he has said, ditching his habit of eating an entire can of Pillsbury biscuits for breakfast and sleep habits led to his transformation. But experts suggest Bezos is, like many other A-listers and tech titans, probably a fan of biohacking.

Access to biohacking tools such as stem cells and hormones is allowing men to look, perform and think better, cosmetic dermatologist Jessie Cheung told Town & Country. Im pretty sure hes gotten a taste of some good stuff.

Bezos has also invested millions of dollars in Unity Biotechnology, a startup that reportedly aims to make the debilitating consequences of aging as uncommon as polio.

And who wouldnt want to look a little younger, have fewer wrinkles and feel more energetic and a little less creaky? The bookYounger You: Reverse Your Bio Age and Live Longer, Better by Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, out Jan. 18, aims to show what you can do to look and feel younger longer, in as little as eight weeks.

Instead, her plan focuses on DIY hacks.

The eating plan is plant leaning and similar to the popular keto diet in that the goal is to move your body into ketosis the state where it makes ketones for fuel from fat instead of burning glucose.

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Getting Biologically Younger 5 To 15 Years And More

I am 65 years old, however, my biological age ranges between 39 and 42 depending upon what physiological protocols are used.

Most of us can easily be biologically younger 5, 10, 15 years and more. This is not a cruel joke to say this, it is science.

With the right actions, practices and habits, you can do a great deal to reverse youre physiological aka your biological age.

Programmed Theories Of Aging

Programmed aging theories say that people are designed to age and that our cells have a predetermined lifespan thats encoded into our bodies.

Also called active, or adaptive, aging theories, they include:

  • Gene theory. This theory suggests that specific genes turn on and off over time, causing aging.
  • Endocrine theory. According to this theory, aging is caused by changes in hormones, which are produced by the endocrine system.
  • Immunological theory. Also called the autoimmune theory, this is the idea that the immune response is designed to decline. The result is disease and aging.

Programmed theories have many supporters. However, they suggest that habits linked to longevity, like quitting smoking and exercise, are useless. This is likely inaccurate, as research has continuously proven that these habits affect life expectancy.

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Testing Your Biological Real Age

The Biological Age Test can help you find out in moments what your biological age is and how your age is changing. For some, this might mean they are aging too rapidly. For others, good habits may show that their biological age is moving downward, making them healthier and more youthful. Its never too late to make changes in your life either. No matter what the results, being able to track ones biological age will help you find out whether you are heading in the right direction for health or if you need to turn around and ask for more directions.

How Our Behaviors Affect Our Genes And Lifespans

It is possible to beat ageing: You may not be able to ...

When scientists first created a map of our genes in 2003, they hoped to uncover single genes that caused the diseases that limit our lives, like cancer or heart disease. Instead, they found that the answer was more complex. A whole host of genes have to come together to influence these and other diseases, Dr. Fitzgerald says.

This led to an effort to understand not just the genes that influence disease and health, but the factors that make them turn on or off, a field thats become known as epigenetics.

They discovered that a key way that genes do this is with molecules known as methyl groups, which exist in the millions all over the body. Remove methyl groups from strands of DNA and you activate that gene. Add methyl groups and you deactivate it. When it comes to healthy aging, its especially important that genes that can cause problems are deactivated.

So how do your behaviors influence how methyl groups are interacting with your genes?

Nutrition turns out to be an important way of affecting this methylation, as summarized in a review from the International Journal of Molecular Science in November 2018. This was also demonstrated in a mouse model study published in Molecular and Cellular Biology in 2003, where pregnant mice with a gene that makes them obese and makes their fur yellow were given nutrients that promote methylation. The gene causing the weight and color was tamped down so much that their babies were born thinner and browner.

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Ways To Reverse Your Real Age

Your chronological age is your age in years, whereas your real age is how old your body cells are in terms of their physical and functional state of health. Your real age is also known as your biological age. In those people who follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, the biological age can be as much as 20 years less or younger than the chronological age wouldnt it be nice to get mistaken for a 40 year old if you are really 60!

Most people want to look as good as possible, but its also important to feel good and have a good quality of life. Feeling energetic and optimistic sleeping well and having good cognitive function all help to make your life more enjoyable and productive. Maintaining muscle strength, flexibility and not suffering with aches and pains are other signs that you are young for your chronological age.

Here are my top strategies for delaying aging:

Evolutionary Theory Of Aging

Natural selection refers to the adaptive traits of an organism. These traits can help the organism adjust to their environment, so theyre more likely to survive.

According to evolutionary theories, aging is based on natural selection. It says that an organism begins aging after they have reached their peak of reproduction and have passed down adaptive traits.

Evolutionary theories include:

  • Mutation accumulation. This theory presumes that random mutations accumulate later in life.
  • Antagonistic pleiotropy. According to this theory, genes that promote fertility early in life have negative effects later on.
  • Disposable soma theory. The theory claims that when more metabolic resources are directed toward reproduction, the less is put toward DNA repair. The result is cell damage and aging.

These theories are still being researched and require more evidence.

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Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

These could feature in a top 10 in many fields of medicine, but induced pluripotent stem cells have particular potential in the field of ageing biology.

These cells are made by taking normal body cells and using a cocktail of four different genes to allow them to turn into any kind of cell researchers can dream up or, hopefully in the not-too-distant future, any kind of cell a doctor needs to replenish cells lost due to accident, injury, or the ageing process.

Probably the most advanced finding is turning iPSCs into fresh eye cells to replace those lost in a disease called age-related macular degeneration, but it might not be long before were using them against Parkinsons, arthritis, thymus shrinkage and even to make new teeth to replace those lost to decay over our lifetimes.

Metabolic Pathways Involved In Ageing

RESET Your Age, LOOK Younger and Live FOREVER (Seriously!) | David Sinclair

There are three main metabolic pathways which can influence the rate of ageing, discussed below:

It is likely that most of these pathways affect ageing separately, because targeting them simultaneously leads to additive increases in lifespan.

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