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How Much Do Math Teachers Make

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The Significance Of Stem

How much Money do Teachers Make a Week- The Funny Money

Every aspect of our daily lives is impacted and influenced by STEM. We won’t belabor the obvious by citing online shopping statistics or the prevalence of social media – two aspects of modern society wholly dependent on technology. Instead, we point to the road you take to work, the conveyance you arrive in, be it your own car or the tube…

Did you listen to music or perhaps an audiobook on the way?

Without the study of science and engineering, none of those conveniences would exist for us to enjoy, and without maths, technology, and engineering, would dare we say not exist?

Just last weekend, at a forum held in Dubai, the Global Education and Skills forum discussed, among other topics, the need for more and better teachers who could make the subject material come alive for their students.

What’s the point of studying maths and science? – a common student complaint.

The point is that the science, engineering, and manufacturing sectors estimate a shortfall of 80,000 qualified workers in the next two years – a terrifying statistic!

Outreach projects to attract more female students to STEM have not been wholly successful. Still, organizations such as STEM Learning work hard to promote interest and awareness of STEM in schools across the country.

They work directly with students, but their main function is to support STEM teachers, through continuing education, by helping develop teaching strategies and by disseminating new information as soon as it becomes available.

Math Teacher Requirements And Common Tasks

Becoming a math teacher usually requires a bachelors degree in mathematics or secondary education and completion of a teacher preparation program. Instructors also must earn state teacher certification through a traditional or alternative pathway. Math teachers may be required to supervise study halls, homerooms, extracurricular activities, or field trips. They may also provide academic and career advising to students. Most math teachers will participate in workshops and conferences to keep their own advanced math and math education skills current. Teachers commonly also tutor students after hours who are struggling in their subject.

Mathematics teachers should possess strong math skills and knowledge and be able to communicate math principles effectively to their students. Math teachers need patience and understanding in order to promote students critical thinking skills and ability to utilize math in everyday life. Math teachers jobs can be very rewarding as they play a vital role in encouraging intellectual development.

Do Math And Science Teachers Earn More Outside Of Education

The urgency of improving American students skills in math and science is hardly in dispute. Performance in these subjects is increasingly critical to individual and national economic success, yet far too few of our students graduate from high school equipped for post-secondary work in technical fields. For example, the ACT reports that just 46 percent of high school graduates taking its college entrance exams in 2012 met college-readiness benchmarks in math fewer than one in three did so in science. Among all 17-year-olds, the most recent data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress shows that as many as 36 percent lack even a basic level of math proficiency.

Improving the caliber of our math and science teachers is essential to changing this picture. A large body of evidence confirms that teacher effectiveness is a key determinant of students academic progress. Indeed, it is likely the case that, as President Obama has said, The quality of math and science teachers is the most important single factor influencing whether students will succeed or fail in science, technology, engineering and math.

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High School Math Teachers

High school mathematics teachers are responsible for more advanced courses than their middle school counterparts. Because they generally teach students at different grade levels, high school math teachers enjoy opportunities to expand their students knowledge. For example, teachers who specialize in trigonometry or calculus might teach these subjects to high school juniors and seniors, whereas teachers who specialize in intermediate algebra or geometry will probably handle freshman and sophomore math classes.

At the secondary level, math teachers are responsible for preparing students for careers in science, technology, and engineering, as well as other jobs that require a solid foundation in mathematics. State testing and graduation requirements are more often in the forefront of curriculum development and student assessment for high school teachers. Appropriate placement and advancement of students is important.

Disparity In Teachers Pay Scale

How Much Do Private School Teachers Make?
Teacher Level
min: $ 62618.42 max: $ 153740.81

As illustrated in the table above, there is substantial earning opportunity for teachers in our country.

Depending on which part of the USA you work in, your starting annual salary as a newly certified teacher in a primary school will range from$32851.37 to $55913.81and from $30737.91 to $49040.23 in a Secondary school, depending on your educator experience.

By contrast, salaries for Head Teachers at primary and secondary schools across the country cap off at over $153740.81per year. In and around New York, the ceiling is even higher.

The average salary data for an entry-level professor with less than five years of teaching experience in higher education or Post-secondary institution throughout the US indicates $92575.22per year. Lecturers with five to ten years of experience stands to earn up to $105257.34 per annum, including bonuses and overtime.

If that Professor amasses twenty years of higher education lecturing experience, s/he would see yearly compensation upwards of $124646.85per year, including any bonuses for research or mentoring graduate students through their dissertation.

While it is true that higher education teachers can earn bonuses for research or taking on extra responsibilities such as SAT maths revision or AP Math classes, primary and secondary school math teachers can also profit financially by teaching students with special education needs or by taking on diverse other responsibilities.

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Salary Range And Employment Projections For Math Teachers

Salary ranges for math teachers can vary depending on the state, school district, experience, and degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a math teacher is $60,320. The lowest 10% earn less than $39,740 and the highest 10% earn more than $97,500.

According to, average pay for math teachers by state varies from $35,439 to $50,012.

Here is a snapshot of average math teacher salaries:

  • $49,450
  • $46,343
  • $45,696

The BLS states that the employment of teachers is projected to grow 4% from 2018 to 2028. Employment growth for public school teachers may depend on state and local government budgets. Many teachers will be needed to replace those who retire or leave the profession for other reasons.

Many schools report difficulty in filling teaching positions for certain subjects, including math. As a result, math teachers have better job prospects.

How Much Does A Teacher Make By Specialization

Postsecondary teachers have higher salaries than other educators. Law teachers make the most money, with a yearly mean wage of $126,230. However, the variations for postsecondary law teachers salaries are astonishing: the bottom 10 percent earns less than $42,150, while the top 10% can earn more than $170,000. They are followed by Health Specialties teachers, with a mean wage of $114,510 per year, and economics teachers with $106,980 yearly on average.

The 87,610 math and computer science teachers who activate in postsecondary education earn $80,140 per year on average and can go as high as $138,290. The starting point, however, could be lower than $36,790

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Math Teacher Job Description

Mathematics teachers must have a solid foundation in multiplication, division, fractions, algebra, geometry and measurement, data analysis, and probability. They are expected to implement lessons that build on their students existing knowledge of problem solving while inspiring them to make practical connections between abstract concepts and real-world applications.

Typical Duties:

  • Work with colleagues and administrators to coordinate instructional best practices and teaching goals
  • Plan lessons, lectures, multimedia demonstrations, and other presentations appropriate to math
  • Assign classroom lessons and homework
  • Grade student assessments
  • Stay current with state and local math standards and testing requirements
  • Work with students individually to assess progress, improve learning performance levels, and achieve overall education success
  • Prepare students for grade advancement through subject-specific assessments
  • Conduct open classroom sessions and schedule parent-teacher conferences
  • Attend professional advancement seminars, presentations, and professional development conferences

Math teachers also have a multitude of media at their disposal and are often delegated the responsibility of proper implementation of these resources within the curriculum. Real-time audio, videoconferencing, graphing calculators, and document cameras are a few examples.

Math Teacher Jobs & Job Description

How Much Does An Elementary School Math Teacher Make – DISCOVER the numbers!

Teaching math to students at the elementary and high school levels involves introducing and reinforcing students’ understanding of many foundational concepts that students will use throughout their lives. In addition to higher mathematics, students learn financial literacy, word problems and logical thinking. The job does vary in scope and depth between math taught that the elementary level – math taught in high school below is a typical job description for each of the panels.

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See Community College Math Teachers Salaries In Other Areas

What Do Teachers Do

Teachers of all specialties spend an abundance of their time developing lessons, grading assignments, measuring success, and seeking room for improvements.

Most grade levels require standardized testing in the United States, and preparing students for these tests is an important factor of education. They may work in private , public, and religious schools.

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In Articleshow Much Does

How much does a teacher make? Teachers earn a good salary after they are established in their industry for a number of years. Once teachers reach a high number of years teaching their salary can be excellent. Teachers work hard, often putting in after hours grading papers and attending or supervising school events. Teachers typically have good benefits and a good amount of scheduled time off during school vacation times and summer vacation.

Teachers help foster social and intellectual development of children during their formative years. The education that students acquire is key to determining the future of those students. Teachers teach children to write, do math, read, learn correct social behavior in class, explain information while teaching and more. Teachers use a number of devices to help children learn, including computers, games and videos.

Public school teachers are licensed to teach, requiring a bachelor’s degree and completion of a teacher education program. Private school teachers must also have a bachelor’s degree but do not need to be licensed to teach in private schools.

How much does a teacher make per hour? shows hourly rates for teachers in 2010 from grammar school to high school as follows:

Elementary School Teacher $13.18

Special Education Teacher $15.14

How much does a teacher make per year? lists the median salary of teachers with number of teaching years experience:

K-12 Teacher 1 Year Experience $34.443

Frequently Asked Questions About A High School Math Teacher Salaries

How Much Do High School Math Teachers Make In California ...

The national average salary for a High School Math Teacher is $57,131 per year in United States. Filter by location to see a High School Math Teacher salaries in your area. Salaries estimates are based on 1359 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a High School Math Teacher employees.

The highest salary for a High School Math Teacher in United States is $79,063 per year.

The lowest salary for a High School Math Teacher in United States is $41,282 per year.

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Private Schools And Online Schools

Private or online schools are often pay to attend schools and may have extensive rules for hiring beyond what may be needed for public school. This simply means that a private Catholic school may have the right to hire only Catholic teachers as a private school. Online schools or classes may also require extensive computer knowledge or in the least, a secure and continual Internet connection.

How Much Do Math Teachers Make

Becoming a teacher can be one of the most rewarding careers possible. Depending on your interests and skills, there are many subjects you can choose to teach, at every different grade level. One of the most common questions related to becoming a teacher is how much you can make. We’ll answer that in this article, as well as other questions on how to specifically become a math teacher, and we’ll explore requirements as well as rewards to being a teacher.

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Who Makes A Good Math Teacher

Great math teachers are:

  • Fascinated by abstract ideas and concepts, naturally inclined to analyze data sets, compare statistics, and use mathematical equations as reasoning tools to find unambiguous answers
  • Well organized, yet flexible, about allowing students to ask questions and figure out answers
  • Personable and capable of motivating students to analyze data by placing numbers in context and encouraging them to inquire about procedures for how to solve problems
  • Patient and willing to explain problem-solving steps to students at all knowledge levels
  • Challenged by real-world problems and intrigued with scenarios that can be applied to mathematical solutions everything from balancing budgets to surveying land to analyzing weather patterns
  • Capable of using numerical expressions and mathematical symbols to communicate rational concepts
  • Intellectually curious, committed to gathering facts and data to support accuracy

How Much Do Math Teachers Earn

A DAY IN THE LIFE: Behind the scenes of a high school math teacher

Are you ready to find your fit?

Whats a typical math teacher salary? This question is probably on your mind if youre interested in getting a job helping others to understand and appreciate this challenging subject. Lets take a close look at math teachers typical earnings and the factors that influence them.

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College Math Teacher Salaries

In 2016, median annual earnings for all post-secondary level mathematical sciences teachers computed to $69,520 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The mean annual salary was $82,650. Colleges and universities paid their teachers the best salaries. Mean annual compensation for this group was $84,380 overall. Technical and trade schools offered far less attractive rates of pay. Mean earnings for math teachers in these schools were only $52,630 annually.

Teacher Salary Based On Seniority And Tenure

Full-time Permanent Posts, or Positions what is referred to as ‘tenure’ in other countries, meant that a university professor had life-long job security, even if s/he brought shame to the institution or to him/herself, or became incapacitated and could no longer function in his/her position.

In the film Educating Rita, a professor proudly announces his attainment of a Position, bragging that he could not be fired, no matter what.

He then engages in a series of misdeeds that should have seen him removed from his position instead, he is sent on sabbatical to Australia. He did not get expelled from his position, even when he assaulted his superior.

These permanent posts were few and far between, highly coveted and stingily awarded.

Soon, such appointments will be a thing of the past. As the last of the Positioned Professors retire or withdraw from academic life, their posts will be filled by teachers on contract with no possibility of gaining tenure at their institution.

The Reform Act changed the nature of post-secondary schools from mere institutes of higher learning into businesses. That, in turn, altered the relationship of Professors with their domains.

No longer would schools vie for especially talented teachers nor would genius be particularly cultivated.

Everyone signs a contract: permanent, indefinite, or school year to school year.

1992 saw a further narrowing of the gap between the two types of schools: all polytechnic colleges became Universities.

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Mathematics Is A Universal Language

Did you know mathematics is a universal language? Wondering how? Well, it’s one of the few languages understood across various countries, languages, and cultures.

For example, a simple arithmetic problem such as “3+3= 6” is similar regardless of country or culture.

Whether you’re Russian, British, French, or American, the proofs, equations, theorems, and other complex math problems are solved similarly what matters is the know-how of the mathematical concepts.

How Much Does A Teacher Make By Location

Math Test

Massachusetts is the most generous state with its 230,430 teachers, with a mean pay of $34.26 per hour which translates to $71,250 on average. Of course, salaries vary in terms of specialization and experience. The lowest-paid 10% teachers from Massachusetts earned less than $30,300 in 2018, while experienced postsecondary teachers income surpassed $119,010.

New York is the second best place for teachers to work in, with an hourly mean pay of $30.58 and $63,610 per year. The worst-paid 10% NY teachers earn less than $22,220 per year, but can surpass $117,550 when they become the top 10% of 684,170 teachers in New York.

Alaska gets the bronze medal when it comes to best paid teachers in the U.S. Its almost 21,500 educators earn a mean hourly wage of $30.34 and $63,110 per year. A beginner will earn about $30,840 per year, while an experienced teacher can earn close to $100,000 if he or she is one of the top 10% in the branch.

The lowest wages for teachers can be found in Idaho, Oklahoma, and Mississippi, with less than $20 per hour.

The yearly mean income of 40,540 teachers in Idaho revolves around $39,110, with a minimum of $17,500 for starting educators and more than $64,070 for experienced postsecondary teachers.

In Oklahoma, a teacher usually starts with less than $17,830 per year, reaches the median wage of $40,940, and can surpass $66,360 with the right specialization.

Hourly and yearly mean wages in every U.S. state are portrayed in the following table:


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