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Geometry Dash Eric Van Wilderman

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Post By Timelink On Aug 11 2016 1: : 42 Gmt

EVW CHALLENGE ~ Geometry Dash Eric Van Wilderman FANMADE Levels (8)

Hi there, my Name is TimeLink, but just call me Time. Or Link. Whatever you prefer. Feel free to contact me about anything you like, I’ll gladly answer. Sadly can’t be as active here as I would like to anymore, but I will try my best to go online every now and then.Also proud Admin of Qualia and Co-Owner of PAE.

Favorite Level: Phobos/The Hell FactoryHardest Demon: f00404Mini-Profile Background: f82902

Geometry Dash Bloodbath By Riot 100%

Descargar canciones Geometry Dash BLOODBATH by Riot 100% desde EricVanWilderman gratis. Canción Geometry Dash BLOODBATH by Riot 100% desde EricVanWilderman puede descargar haciendo clic en el botón de descarga de arriba.

Si la cancion Geometry Dash BLOODBATH by Riot 100% no se puede configurar, busque el archivo de descarga a continuación que se genera automáticamente.

Geometry Dash extreme demon BLOODBATH by Riot 100%.I was finally able to complete this yesterday, but it took me a whole month once I started practicing it seriously. This made me a lot better at the game, and in the future I’ll continue to try to challenge myself and maybe even complete harder levels.To explain what happened in the video in more detail, I died to a 98% bug that rarely triggers, but when it does it kills you on the blue jump pad. I ended up fixing the bug in an exact copyable , and recompleted the level. I did this all on stream and if necessary to prove that it’s legit, I will make the stream public.Riot popped into stream and said that he will fix the bug.–MY OTHER CHANNELS–

Michigun Of Geometry Dash Fame Has Died

Yesterday , Viprin, fellow Geometry Dash player and best friend to Michigun, announced on Twitter that Michigun had died.;

Viprin described his passing as unexpected ;indicating that he didnt know about any previous health conditions. Michigun was one of Viprins best friends and an idol for the community for several years.

Michiguns brother apparently contacted Viprin with the news three days before the Twitter post , with a request that they keep it quiet from the public until now.

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