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Discovering Geometry Practice Your Skills

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Discovering Geometry An Investigative Approach Practice Your Skills With Answers

Teacher Tidbits: Discovering Domino Math with Ms. Dajczak


1 iscovering Geometry n Investigative pproach ractice Your Skills with nswers

3 ontents Introduction vi hapter 1 Lesson 1.1: uilding locks of Geometry Lesson 1.2: oolroom Math Lesson 1.3: What s a Widget? Lesson 1.4: olygons Lesson 1.5: riangles Lesson 1.6: Special Quadrilaterals Lesson 1.7: ircles Lesson 1.8: Space Geometry Lesson 1.9: icture Is Worth a housand Words hapter 2 Lesson 2.1: Inductive easoning Lesson 2.2: Finding the nth erm Lesson 2.3: Mathematical Modeling Lesson 2.4: eductive easoning Lesson 2.5: ngle elationships Lesson 2.6: Special ngles on arallel Lines hapter 3 Lesson 3.1: uplicating Segments and ngles Lesson 3.2: onstructing erpendicular isectors Lesson 3.3: onstructing erpendiculars to a Line Lesson 3.4: onstructing ngle isectors Lesson 3.5: onstructing arallel Lines Lesson 3.6: onstruction roblems Lesson 3.7: onstructing oints of oncurrency Lesson 3.8: he entroid hapter 4 Lesson 4.1: riangle Sum onjecture Lesson 4.2: roperties of Isosceles riangles Lesson 4.3: riangle Inequalities Lesson 4.4: re here ongruence Shortcuts? Lesson 4.5: re here Other ongruence Shortcuts? Lesson 4.6: orresponding arts of ongruent riangles Lesson 4.7: Flowchart hinking Lesson 4.8: roving Special riangle onjectures iii

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