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Beginning And Intermediate Algebra 3rd Edition James W Hall

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Word Problems: Study Hall Algebra #2: ASU Crash Course
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Lecture Guide Beginning And Intermediate Algebra

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Hardcover 991 Pages Published 2010

ISBN-10: 0-07-735004-9 / 0077350049ISBN-13: 978-0-07-735004-8 / 9780077350048 Beginning and Intermediate Algebra: The Language and Symbolism of Mathematics emphasizes what great … more »mathematicians had identified for generations – mathematics is everywhere! Authors James Hall and Brian Mercer believe active student involvement remains the key to learning algebra. Topics in the text are organized by using the principles of the AMATYC standards as a guide, giving strong support to teachers using the text. The book’s organization and pedagogy are designed to work for students with a variety of learning styles and for teachers with varied experiences and backgrounds. The inclusion of the “rule of four” or multiple perspectives — verbal, numerical, algebraic, and graphical — has proven popular with a broad cross section of students. A key supplement for the text are the Lecture Guides. This supplement by the authors, with the assistance of Kelly Bails of Parkland College, provides instructors with the framework of day-by-day class activities for each section in the book. Each lecture guide can help instructors make more efficient use of class time and can help keep students focused on active learning. Students who use the lecture guides have the framework of well-organized notes that can be completed with the instructor in class. « less

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